SOTUS, Rule 23; Confess your feelings to the senior

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 23; Confess your feelings to the senior

It’s time to go home and right now I just want to go home.

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit, don’t you have anything else to buy?” The person who was asked the question suddenly turned around and saw that the person who had been following him was still full of energy but with a confused face. How irritating! After they left the barber shop, Kong’s answers and the look in his eyes, left him at a loss. He had to hurry to the bus stop in front of the shop, to calm his confusion. He didn’t know what was wrong… when Sister Naen had complimented him earlier, he hadn’t felt any better. But when he noticed Kong looking at him, he felt different. Even though the compliment didn’t sound like other boys, he let it go. He’s getting more and more affected by Kong. It’s like they’re out on a date. If he stays here, the situation will only get worse. It’s best for him to leave the other guy.

Arthit said: “I’m going back to the hostel.” When everything was done, it was almost five o’clock. It was time for both of them to go their separate ways. Kong rushed to Arthit’s side and offered to go back too.

Kongpop said: “In that case, I’ll go too…that’s it.  In the end, Arthit couldn’t hide, because the way back was in the same direction. Arthit could only wait patiently for the bus. When the bus came, he got on it and sat down. The traffic on the way was very heavy. It took him a long time to reach his college. He got off the bus without saying goodbye to his fellow commuters and walked straight to his dormitory, which was not far from the main street. But, the more he walked, the more he felt that there was someone following him closely. He couldn’t help turning around and cursing.

Arthit said: “You don’t have to come with me to take me back, I can do it myself, I’m not a girl.”

Kongpop said: “No, I’m just going back to my dorm, I live in the Katchit Dorms building.” A short answer and suddenly he knew the truth. Well, the Katchit Dorms building was right behind his dorm… and he’d often run into Kong at the lunch counter. Kong didn’t always start by telling him the truth but by giving him the wrong impression. Or rather, he didn’t want to tell him in the first place? Because when he looked back, Kong was smiling, laughing at his own assumptions and asking him back in an irritating tone…

Kongpop said: “Why did Arthit think I’d take you home?”

Arthit said: “No I didn’t!”

Kongpop said: “But if Phii Arthit wants me to walk you back to your dorm and I’m happy to…”

That ambiguity is also a problem. If there were more hidden meanings, it wouldn’t be a problem. But he wasn’t ready to find out yet. He chooses not to argue and walks back to his dorm…and if Kong has to go that far, then so be it, it’s unlikely he’ll follow him to his dorm anyway. As soon as he returned to his hostel, the madness would be over and Arthit hurried towards the nearest destination but what happened next didn’t make him relax as much as he had expected. As soon as he stepped on the front steps of the hostel, the aunty of the hostel management quickly rushed to him and said: “Arthit brother you’re back, I was just about to call you… I was about to call you…”

Arthit said: “What is it, Aunty Pon?” Arthit quickly asked the almost 50 year old boarding house aunty. In fact, the aunt was a very nice person, who cared a lot about the people in the hostel. Most of them were students, like grandchildren of Aunty. But now, as if in shock, Aunty Pon rushes to explain.

Aunty Pon said: “I was told that the entire 6th floor corridor was flooded with water and that the water was coming from room 618. That’s Nong Arthit’s room, right? Nong you should go up and see, I am afraid the pipes have burst and your whole room is flooded.”

Arthit said: “What? The pipe burst!” Arthit’s eyes widened and he screamed at the top of his voice. He immediately rushed to the elevator and pressed the button for the sixth floor. Soon, the sixth floor was reached. He didn’t wait for the elevator doors to open completely and went straight to his room. He felt his heart stop beating when he noticed that the corridor was filled with water, because the water was coming from his room. Arthit quickly took out the room key from his pocket and opened the door of his room. The water gushed out from inside and quickly spread over Arthit’s ankles. Every inch of the floor of the room was covered with water and the water was still rising. Arthit quickly waded into the room to look for the cause of the outbreak and soon discovered that the water was gushing from a pipe under the washbasin. He quickly turned off the valve and slowly looked for the damage. It looked so bad, the only way was to get a new one…

Arthit said: “Aunty Pon, could you please follow up on the repair work for me, please?”

And it’s late now, the shops selling plumbing parts are closed. In the morning, I’ll follow up on it. Anyway, you can sleep at your friend’s place tonight. At the end of the conversation, Aunty Pon nodded to someone behind him. Arthit just observed Kong coming to his room, probably heard what Aunty Pon said to him and wanted to help. Kong looked worried and offered to talk to Arthit….

Kongpop said: “That’s it, till it’s done, Arthit, come sleep in my dormitory. My dormitory is near here and tomorrow morning he will come back to see your room. Arthit nodded his head. At this time, whoever asked him for help, he would accept. Honestly, he had no more energy to think about anything else. Because the more he looked at the mess, the more stressed he felt……

Usually, Arthit’s room was not neat and orderly. But this flood had left his room muddier and more messy than before. All the books he had piled up on the floor next to his bed, including textbooks, comic books he rented from the store and books he borrowed from the library, were soaked in water. His phone charger and laptop cord were also soaked in water. Fortunately, he hadn’t plugged it in, so there was no fire in the room. The desk fan tilting bag, shoes and un-ironed clothes he had put in the basket this morning were also victims of the flood. Arthit took everything out of the water one by one and put it on the table, then swept the water from the room and the hallway with a mop into the bathroom and balcony drains and went next door to apologize. Most of the people were very friendly, understood that it was an accident and that it hadn’t caused them much damage. On the contrary, it was his own room that suffered the most damage. He had to clean and tidy his room thoroughly and Kong was ready to help.

Kong looked at Arthit and said: “Phii, what should I do with the clothes in the basket? Do you want me to go down and wash them again?”

Arthit said: “No, I washed them once before. Now take the wet ones outside and dry them, no need to wash them again.”

Kongpop said: “In that case, let me iron the clothes that are not wet.”

 After that, Kong put down the ironing board and took the ironing board to iron. This was not the first time Kong entered Arthit’s room to iron, so everything seemed familiar. Arthit didn’t think that it would happen again. But Arthit had to put the past behind him. He took the 3 or 4 wet clothes to the balcony to dry, then came in to take care of the books that were piled up there soaked in water. The more he looked at the condition of the books, the more he got a headache. He could borrow a copy of the textbook from a friend. Soaked comic books, he could buy them from the bookstore. But what about the books he borrowed from the school library for his report? Hopefully he’ll just get a scolding from the librarian and a fine. But who’s to blame? Shouldn’t he blame himself? Because the table is full of stuff and there’s no space, so he piles the books on the floor by the bed. On the whole, his bad habit of not tidying up, as his mother used to complain, led to this trouble….and most importantly, he was going to lose a lot of money at the end of the month. Kong ironed the clothes and put them in the wardrobe, then made a suggestion.

Kongpop said: “I’ve heard that if you put a wet book in the fridge, it helps it heal and doesn’t crumple.”

Arthit said: “Really?” Arthit seemed to see a glimmer of hope beckoning him, so he quickly asked again. Kong nodded his head. But when Arthit opened the fridge, the light disappeared. He forgot that his fridge was very small, that it would be full if he put in another bottle of water and that there were many desserts in it. How could he put books in there?

Kongpop said: “Since you’re staying in my dorm for the night, Arthit can put your books in my fridge until they’re ready.  Can we leave now? I can help you with your things.”

This is the second time Kong has suggested this.

  Arthit realizes that he still needs help and it’s a little late to be afraid of bothering him. Calling his friends and asking for help wasn’t feasible either because No had posted on Facebook yesterday that he had returned home and Prem’s dormitory was in the opposite direction from his. Arthit reluctantly stuffed some clothes into his backpack and went to stay at Kong’s house nearby. Kong led the way with his wet books. They took the elevator up to the sixth floor and went straight to room 608. Kong opened the door and let the guests in Although the rooms were not much different in size, the interior was very different. Everything was organized, clean and tidy, showing the owner’s character.

Kong went over to turn on the air conditioner, turned back to Arthit who was standing quietly and said: “Make yourself at home Arthit, I’ll be downstairs for a while.”

After Kongpop said that, he hurriedly closed the door and left the confused guest in the strange room. Since the owner said it would be useful, Arthit started to dispose of his soaked book and according to the theory he had just heard, he needed to put it in the fridge. He looked at the fridge and found that it looked much bigger than his own but when he opened it he found only three bottles of water inside and the rest of the fridge was empty, as if it was plugged in just to waste electricity.

Arthit realized how different their lifestyles were. As he got to know Kong better, he began to see him in a new light, surprisingly, every time he tried to move away from Kong, he found himself getting closer and closer to him. Arthit tried to get rid of these confusing thoughts. Now, instead of worrying about how to keep someone away from him, he put the wet book in the fridge and spread it out. Soon, it was as if he heard the door open and understood why the person had suddenly disappeared…

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit, I bought you dinner.”

Kong raised the aroma of the boxed lunch, so that someone with an aroused appetite realizes how hungry he is. Because he didn’t eat anything else from noon to 8 pm….

Kongpop said: “I didn’t know what Arthit would like to eat, so I ordered what I like.”

Kong handed Arthit the rice box and asked him to open it. Arthit frowned when he saw that Kong’s favorite rice was fried rice with meat and egg.

Arthit said: “You got the omelette with meat and rice? Sometimes you have to order something else, something more complicated. Do we have to eat the omelette?

Kongpop said: “Well, because I don’t cook it as well as they do, it always gets burnt….”

Arthit said: “Ha, haven’t you grown up yet? You can even scramble an egg. Shit, are you a man of your age?” Hehe. Arthit suppressed himself from laughing. He probably knew why the fridge was empty, because its owner had grown up and was still not a good cook. Even so, the one who was teased didn’t complain but handed him the stuff he had just bought…

Kongpop said: “but I know you’ll like this one.”

One pink milk drink from the store Arthit used to go to. If it was before. He would’ve thought Kong was buying the pink milk drink to make fun of him. But now, he doesn’t think so anymore, because he can feel that Kong cares about him just like today when he doesn’t know when his worries about the flooding at home will go away. Kong helped him to find a way to help him out, to make his burden lighter somehow. He gradually realized that the flood was just a small problem and that’s why he was able to smile again.

Arthit said: “Thank you.” Arthit whispered his thanks as he took the pink milk drink and began to eat his meal. While Kong went over and turned on the TV and then sat down beside Arthit to eat although there was no conversation between the two during this time, only the sound from the TV, Arthit was strangely nervous for some reason. He had to ladle the rice faster than usual to finish it before Kong. He put the lunchbox and the cups of pink milk drink in a bag and asked the owner of the house….

Arthit said: “Where’s your trash can?”

Kongpop said: “Put it on the balcony.”

 Arthit stood up and went to pull the sliding door open, then went outside and threw the lunch box….and it was already getting dark outside. He noticed that the distance between the buildings wasn’t hard to see, because he could clearly see the clothes hanging on the balcony of the building across the street. Uh, wait…why do those clothes look so familiar. Like the ones he hung out again this evening. Everything in there looks just like his room really…why didn’t he notice Kong’s room was on the sixth floor when he arrived?

Arthit said: “Kongphop, you know where my room is, don’t you?” Arthit turned around and asked someone in the room. Kong stands up to close his lunchbox and he hears Arthit’s question. He answered with confusion.

Kongpop said: “Oh! I definitely know that. I went to Arthit’s room this evening….in your room.”

Arthit said: “No. You knew before that our balconies face each other, right?” As his hand stopped to pack his lunch box, Kong looked up at the person who was calmly asking him the question. Someone who had just learned a secret he’d been hiding for a long time. Kong could have lied to Arthit that he didn’t know but there are no secrets. Anyway, the truth is the truth. Kong nodded in acknowledgement.

Kongpop said: “Yes.”

Arthit said: “How long has it been?

Kongpop said: “ “I’ve known since 2 weeks into the school year.”

Arthit said: “How do you know?

Kongpop said: “I saw Arthit hanging laundry on the balcony and I saw something else too.”

 After hearing Kong’s reply, Arthit was getting angry. He’s been the head of the family for almost 3 months now. He accidentally let Kong see his real side and learned a lot. Did he intend to do this from the beginning?

Arthit said: “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Kongpop said: “I didn’t want you to know…”

Arthit said: “Why don’t you want me to know? Oh…you want to make fun of me for this with your friends? Right?”

Kongpop said: “No, I’ve never told anyone.”

Arthit said: “And why?”

Kongpop said: “Because I don’t want anyone closer to you than me.” The world fell silent. Arthit went from anger to stunned silence. Arthit went from anger to stunned silence. Kong also paused, as if he had just said it by accident. As soon as the words came out, it was impossible to take back Kong’s words as if he was emphasizing what he had hidden in his heart, especially the question Arthit had wanted to ask all along. He had pretended not to care many times but now he knew that if he didn’t say it clearly, the relationship between the two men would only get murkier.

Arthit took a deep breath and tried to compose the words to ask the truth. “All things considered. Kongpop, I’m asking you directly, before you did it for me…”

Arthit took a deep breath and said: “…what do you think of me?” Just one word and it hit both of them with a buzz, as if the wall between them had come crashing down. The atmosphere around them was crushingly heavy. The silence was endless and there was no response. They stared at each other, as if searching for honesty, gauging each other’s feelings. Kong was the first to move. He averts his eyes and asks back softly.

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit, what are you referring to?”

It’s not an answer, it’s an escape. Although Arthit was determined to be the one to take the initiative, Kong chose to stop everything, leaving this ambiguous statement…

Arthit said: “Never mind, I’m going to take a shower,” and since there was nothing to say now, Arthit ended the conversation between them. He came back from the balcony and took a change of clothes from his backpack and went straight to the bathroom, leaving Kong standing there.

Just now, Kong had missed the chance to make his feelings clear. Kong sighed deeply. He went to open the drawer, got the Marlboro lighter and opened the sliding door to the balcony. He lit the cigarette, intending to smoke his way out of his anxiety knowing that, more often than not, Arthit=s seniors had sort of understood his intentions for what he was doing. Although he tried to hide it, his casual glance and his words, showed more and more that Arthit was a special person to him.

He might have made Phii Arthit feel uncomfortable, so he finally had to ask. But he chose to avoid it. Yes, he did. For a man, it may seem a bit pathetic and cowardly and he may have done wrong, because he was neither brave enough to fight for it, nor ready to hear someone’s rejection. But he’s just afraid of losing what’s important to him and that’s wrong too? The sound of the bathroom door opening indicated that the person inside had washed up. Since he opened the glass door and came outside, he didn’t know how Phii Arthit was feeling. But judging from Arthit’s silence, he must be very angry. Surprisingly, instead of going to sleep, someone came and asked….

Arthit said: “You smoke?”

Kongpop said: “Yeah.” Kong nodded, maybe Arthit senior smelled the smoke on his body. Kong thought the other guy wanted to smoke too, so he took a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. But he gave him a firm order….

Arthit said: “Quit smoking. I feel sorry for your parents. They didn’t pay for your college, so you can smoke to ruin your lungs.”

Phii Arthit is the same Phii Arthit, never really mad at him. He’s still so nice, nothing has changed with him, as if nothing has happened.

Kongpop said: “Okay, I’ll quit smoking,” Kongpop said he would, threw most of the rest of the pack into the trash, then grabbed a towel and clothes and went into the bathroom. He tried to let the water cool his thoughts and control the confusion that still hovered in his mind. Although he spent 15 minutes locked in the bathroom to calm down, it was of little use. Finally, he had to open the bathroom door and go out. He saw Phii Arthit sitting on the bed in a T-shirt and jersey pants, pressing the TV remote, aimlessly changing the channel. Since there was nothing to watch, he finally turned it off. So Kong asked…

“Is Phii Arthit going to sleep?”

Arthit said: “Yes.” Fortunately, his bed was wide enough for both of them to sleep comfortably. He put the extra pillow on the bed for the senior to sleep on.  Arthit chose to sleep on the left side, with his back to the other person. Kong went to turn off the lights, darkened the room and came back to his bed. The quiet atmosphere was a bit uncomfortable. Strangely, although the two men were close enough to touch each other, they were, in a sense, out of reach. Time passed and after a long time, I don’t know what time it was, 9 still couldn’t sleep.

Kongpop looked at the back of the man lying beside him and couldn’t help asking: “Phii Arthit, is Phii Arthit asleep?” Apart from the sound of his breathing up and down, there is no response.  Phii Arthit might have fallen asleep a long time ago but he’s the only one who’s still thinking about it. He looked up at the ceiling and started speaking from his heart….

Kongpop said: “What Phii asked, I don’t know what that means. But if the Phii means the same thing as I think, then I don’t know.” Kong’s gaze dropped from the ceiling to the senior beside him, considering all the meanings of the word.

Kongpop said: “ “…I want to. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.” A soft whisper, overflowing with the feelings Kong is hiding. He didn’t dare tell the person in front of him. He knew they wouldn’t hear him but it was good to hear his inner turmoil.

Kong turned his back to the other man and tried to fall asleep.

At the same time, Arthit, who was supposed to be asleep, opened his eyes in the darkness. Arthit was not asleep at all. He heard every word Kongpop said… Kong’s answer was what he was curious to know but he was trying to avoid it. He could only pretend that he was asleep. But he knew… no matter how hard he tried it was no use because tonight he couldn’t control his heart, couldn’t sleep anymore.


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