SOTUS, Rule 24: The waiting time depends on the senior

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 24: The waiting time depends on the senior

 Arthit opened his eyes, blinked and saw first the unfamiliar ceiling, then the sound of what must have been a shower coming from the bathroom. He moved his body and sat up to doze off again. The light shining through the curtains indicated that it was already morning. But Arthit’s mind was still in a daze, completely out of tune with the new day. Just as he was about to go back to sleep, Kong opened the bathroom door and came out.

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit, are you awake?” The sleepy-eyed man nodded his head and asked while yawning…

Arthit said: “Well, what time is it?

Kongpop said: “8:30.” Arthit frowned when he heard the time. On Sundays he usually slept until noon but today he was awakened by the sound of a bath. The sleepy man in the bed mumbled as he prepared to lie down.

Arthit said: “It’s only 8:30, still so early, where are you rushing to?”

Kongpop said: “I’m going to my niece’s birthday today.” This explanation brought Arthit to his senses and he remembered what had happened. Yes, he had gone with Kong to buy her a birthday present yesterday. When he came back, he found that his room had been flooded because of a burst pipe. He had to stay in someone’s room for the night and then he found out Kong’s balcony was across the hall from his. So he decided to ask the question that had been nagging at him for so long, until he finally heard those words.

Words that made his heart tremble. Although he tried to fall asleep with his eyes closed, so as not to think too much, he almost didn’t fall asleep until morning, which made him sleep-deprived.

Now everything began to come back, not only the consciousness but also the sensations… the confused feeling that he could be sure that someone was thinking something about him hit him, until something strange happened to him. He sat there calmly, behaving badly, not daring to look someone in the eye again.

 Kong came to see someone who was still tired and mentioned generously that….

Kongpop said: “Arthit, don’t worry, I’ll leave you the spare key now so you can sleep a bit longer.”

Arthit said: “No, I’m going to take a shower now, then I’m going back to the hostel.”

Arthit said this and quickly got up from the bed, ran to get a towel and went to the bathroom. He went straight to the wash basin, turned on the tap and washed his face, he accidentally saw his face in the mirror, which was very haggard due to lack of sleep. He tried to calm himself down again.

Nothing, just do what you normally do, take a shower and then go back to the dorm, wait for someone to come and fix the plumbing, that way you can get rid of the determined man, take a deep breath and get on with your business. But when he gets out of the shower, the guy who is dressed asks him…

Kongpop said: “Are you hungry, Phii Arthit? I went to get some fries and soy milk this morning, you can eat before you go.”  Arthit looked at the hot soy milk and fritters on the table.

Kong was in the shower when he woke up, indicating that he had gone to buy them before that. In other words, Kong had to get up early and wait for the market to open. As much as he wanted to hurry back, he felt like he was letting Kong down if he didn’t eat and it didn’t look natural. Well don’t think too much… It’s just breakfast… Arthit went over and picked up a bag of spiced soya milk, while looking for something….and looking for something.

Arthit said: “Where do you put the glass?

Kongpop said: “it’s right next to the fridge, I’ll go get it for you. Kong volunteered. When he went to get the cups, Arthit opened the bag of soy milk.

Kongpop said: “Here you go, Phii Arthit.”

Arthit reached for the glass, in the same time as the other man. The result was that he touched Kong’s hand directly, though only lightly, which made Arthit startle and let go of his hand. Kong caught the glass falling from Arthit’s left hand but the soy milk he was holding in his right hand fell to the floor and spilled.

Arthit said: “Hey, I’m sorry, I’ll wipe it up.”

The frightened man apologized. It’s a good thing the hot soy milk didn’t stain the other guy’s clothes but it did stain a large area of the floor. Despite this, Kong just turned around and shook his head, calmly saying…

Kongpop said: “It’s okay, Arthit, just open a new bag. Someone didn’t seem to mind and then went to the balcony to get a mop to clean it. Aunt Arthit looked calm on the sidelines but inside she was in shock. Because he admits that right now, no matter how hard he tries, his body and heart are not normal [Lap-Dub-Lap-Dub] big [Lap-Dub] big followed by even bigger [Lap-Dub-Lap-Dub] big [Lap-Dub] interrupted the silence with the ringing of Kong’s phone. Kong stopped scrubbing the floor and took the phone out of his pocket to answer it. A familiar name is displayed on the screen.

Kongpop said: “Hi. Mom, um. I’m going out… and I’ll call you when I get there.”

Arthit said: “I have to go.”

Before Kong hung up, Arthit interrupted him.  Arthit picked up the backpack and walked out without saying goodbye. Even though Kongpop said he would call back later, it was too late. Because when he hangs up the phone with his mother, opens the door and walks down the corridor, there is no sign of another person. The man left behind went to his room alone, closed the door and looked at the untouched soy milk and fritters alone on the table.

He had gone to buy them for Phii Arthit since early morning but now he might not have the chance to make his wish come true. In fact last night he could hardly sleep, because he was troubled by his doubts. He was hesitant, not brave enough to tell Arthit and afraid that it would affect the relationship between them. Although he was relieved to a certain extent by telling them secretly, when he woke up in the morning and saw the person sleeping beside him, he was even more uncontrollable.

There are feelings that seem clear even if they are vague but vague feelings can hide clear meanings. Clearly. The Phii was a special person to him. But now this special person is back. He doesn’t know what he’s thinking, because he ran away from him before. Did he accidentally do something to upset Phii Arthit?

Kong sighed softly, confused and unable to answer the question. He gathered his bags, ready to put the soy milk and fries in the fridge for another breakfast. When he opened the fridge, he remembered that someone had forgotten to take the books… Arthit hadn’t taken the books he had put in the fridge to restore them to their original state. If he calls now, Phii Arthit might not have left the building yet but he might have time to come back. As he thought, he quickly picked up his cell phone and called the phone number of Phii Arthit in his address book. But he waited for a long time, until the signal went dead but there was no answer.

He frowned and tried again but the result was the same as before. He thought there might be a signal problem or Phii Arthit didn’t have the phone in his hand. But he didn’t have time to wait, because he had to hurry up to celebrate his niece’s birthday.

In that case, the book will be on Monday. Kong put the dried and normal book on the table and picked up the box of gifts he’d picked out with someone. He smiled when he remembered the person he’d agreed to go shopping with.

Okay… what he wanted to say last night was what he thought of Phii Arthit. He didn’t dare to say it now but he wanted to say it clearly someday. But nothing can go back as expected.

When Kong tried to call Arthit on Monday morning, there was no answer. He didn’t call back and didn’t pick up the phone, it was as if he had completely lost contact with Arthit. What happened to Phii Arthit? Why did he just disappear without saying anything? Did he accidentally do something to make Phii Arthit really angry? But what kind of problem would make Phii angry if he didn’t say that their balcony was facing this problem? Or was it a question that Phii Arthit had asked? Kong was startled by the sound of a text message from his phone. He picked up the phone hoping it was from the person he was waiting for. But he found only a text message from M to meet him somewhere to discuss the project

< SMS>M said: “Where are you?

Kongpop said: “At the last table in the South Building of the Academy.

Kong quickly typed a reply. When he logged in to line, an application he rarely used, he noticed that there were new friends added in his friend list. He didn’t know if Arthit=s seniors played Line but at least it was another way to communicate with them. Kong clicked” Add new friend” and decided to send an offline message.

<Line> Phii Arthit, it’s Kongphop. You left your book in my room. What time are you free today? I’ll bring it over to you.

Kong pressed” send”, hoping the message would go offline. He stared at the screen, until he heard his friend talking next to him.

M said: “Hey, what are you doing hiding here? Kong, it took me so long to find you. I was trying to copy your homework and I didn’t do any. Last night I was playing DOT, totally engrossed in the damn tower mission. I’m so bored!” M complained about his love of games. Kong had gotten used to the behavior of his friend from high school. He opened his backpack, took out his chemistry homework and put it on the table, then continued to listen to his morning’s latest news.

M said: “By the way…I just saw Arthit, too. I didn’t recognize him at first. Shit, he’s got a nice new haircut.”

When he saw May and the others around the table, they were so excited about their chemistry homework that they paused and Kong looked up and asked M…

Kongpop said: “Where did you see him?”

M said: “In front of the college, by the garden.

Kongpop said: “I’ll be right back. Despite the confused looks from his friends, Kong stood up immediately and rushed to the empty space in front of the college building where the student motorcycles were parked. He looked from side to side looking for someone, glancing at his friends who were still standing there in a circle, discussing. But there was no one here he was looking for. He came closer. A girl with glasses saw Kong’s dizzying pride and greeted him. May: Ow! Where are you going in such a hurry, Kong? It’s early in the morning and you’re panting. May: Ow!

Kong said: “May, where’s Phii Arthit?

May said: “He’s supposed to be in class, he just went upstairs…”

He missed him by a few minutes but maybe it’s not too late for him to follow him upstairs but he doesn’t know which floor or classroom Arthit is in. Kong decided to get out his mobile and call him. The call went through but there was no answer, as before. He hung up, opened the application Line and looked at the message he had sent to Arthit’s senior. The end of the message was already read.

Kong gripped the phone tightly in his hand and felt his heart shaking. What does Arthit mean by this? It’s as if Arthit is going to leave him alone. He didn’t know exactly why. But he won’t let the cut end like this. He wanted to find out why Phii Arthit refused to talk to him during lunch break, the canteen was crowded with students. Since there were more students from the engineering college than the other colleges, most of the students in the canteen were from the engineering college. The cafeteria has almost become the exclusive cafeteria of the engineering faculty. A group of junior engineering boys, fresh out of class, came over to eat. But one of them seemed to be in a trance, until his best friend woke him up. But one of them seemed to be in a trance, until his best friend woke him up.

Nott said: “Did you hear me calling you?”

Arthit said: “Ah! What happened?” The absent-minded man was startled and hurriedly turned around to see the frowning man asking him

Nott said: “Are you okay? You’ve been too quiet all morning.”

What Not really wanted to ask was about Arthit’s strange behavior. When someone called on Arthit’s phone, instead of pressing the answer button he turned the phone off and puts it on vibrate mode, leaving it ringing all the time. When the phone doesn’t ring, he sits there distracted. He didn’t say a word during the whole lesson. Not knowing that something must have happened to Arthit but Arthit never talks about it. Even if you ask him now, he’s avoiding it.

Arthit said: “Well… I’m sleepy… I was late watching the game last night.”

Nott said: “Which game?”

Nott said: “I didn’t see any plans to broadcast it live last night?” Nott tried prodding some more and saw Arthit withdraw his wandering eyes. Arthit quickly changed the subject…

Arthit said: “Well, it’s a small thing. I’m hungry. I’m hungry, what should I eat?”

Arthit hurried to the front, pretending to look for food to cover up his lie. In fact he was really sleepy, not because he was late watching football but because he hadn’t slept well for two nights in a row. Since the repairman had fixed the tap at ten o’clock yesterday morning, he went back to his dormitory to sleep last night. But then Arthit remembered that he forgot to take the books that were chilling in the fridge in Kong’s dormitory.

It was his own carelessness that kept him away from Kong and around him instead. As expected, Kong called him yesterday but he didn’t want to answer the phone. He didn’t even know why but he was sure that he wasn’t ready to face Arthit yet. He sighed and tried to chase away his anxiety. But he looked up and froze for a moment. Kong saw a group of seniors shopping on the other side of the cafeteria and seemed to see the person he’d been looking for in the crowd. He wasn’t sure but he hurried over anyway. But the distance was so far and the number of people in the cafeteria so large that he couldn’t get a good look until he saw one of the juniors. He immediately put his hands together and asked.

Kongpop said: “Hello, Phii Not. Have you seen Phii Arthit, Phii Not? Oh…where did he go?”

Nott said: “Have you guys seen Arthit? He was with us a while ago.”

Nott looked confused but he didn’t see any friend who was with us just now. Kong wasn’t surprised but his eyes were fleeting, as if he hadn’t guessed. Kong’s gaze went back to normal. He moved on to another question.

Nott said to Kongpop: “ “I’m going to the lab later, class ends at 6pm….”

Kongpop said: “Okay, thank you.” After that, the freshman left. The third year was confused because both his friend and his freshman were acting strangely. But it seems that something is starting to connect. Maybe he understood why Arthit was behaving strangely. Today’s lesson was over and the students finally waited for the teacher to announce the end of the lesson. When Arthit was about to put his things and his books in his bag, he heard an invitation from his friends.

Nott said: “Want to eat with us?”

Arthit said: “I want to go back to the dormitory, I want to get some sleep.” Arthit rejected Nott’s proposal. Because he didn’t understand a lot of what was said in the class today, he dozed off all the time and almost fell asleep on the table. And he didn’t feel like going with them. He wanted to get some rest, so that the strange feeling would go away. Nott saw Arthit’s bad state and didn’t want to ask for any confirmation. He did not go out of the classroom first but to his surprise he stopped, turned around and said to the person who was in a bad mood behind him.

Nott said: “Arthit, someone is looking for you.” Nott should get out of the way, so that the person who is called can look up and see. This is the second time that Arthit tried to walk back to the dormitory but he was too late. Although he had been avoiding the presence of Kong today but now that person has appeared in front of him, as if he has been waiting for him……and he was waiting for him.

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit.” Kong called him by his first name politely as usual. But somehow he could feel the atmosphere around him getting serious. Especially the way Kong looked at him, filled with emotions.  Arthit pretended not to see his eyes and tried to act normal, asking briefly in a distant manner….

Arthit said: “What are you doing here?”

Kongpop said: “I came to return the books to Phii.”Kong took out the library books, the textbooks and the comic books. They were already dry and not bulging. Arthit, who was prevented from leaving, tried to take the books and leave as soon as possible but when he took them, the other man’s hand wouldn’t let go.

Arthit had to order angrily.

Arthit said: “Let go…

Kongpop said: “I’ll let go but I have some questions for the seniors first…

Arthit said: “I have nothing to say to you.” It wasn’t just the tone of his voice but also his indifference and refusal to make eye contact that made Kong feel scared. But Kong was stubborn and tried to call the other person with a pleading tone instead.

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit….”

Arthit said: “If you don’t give it back, I don’t want it.” Arthit has no patience for another human being. He interrupted the conversation, let go of his hand holding the book and turned away, going straight to his friends who were waiting for him in front. The Kong-person who was left behind stood there quietly. Those who witnessed what happened nearby couldn’t help but ask.

Nott said: “What were you and the younger brother arguing about?”

Arthit said: “Nothing, nothing at all.” The blank refusal was clearly different from his usual appearance. It makes Arthit feel so bad, he can hardly breathe

Nott said: “Hey, I don’t believe it. From noon till now, it seems like the younger brother has a problem to solve with you. Why are you avoiding meeting him?”

No said exactly what Arthit was thinking.  Arthit tried to find an excuse to contradict his friend but he couldn’t say anything because it was the truth. Every time he saw Kong’s eyes, he only got more stressed and couldn’t act normal like before. He feels pain and discomfort, like he’s suffocating. He tries to run away, tries to stay away from Kong.

Maybe far away. This feeling won’t shake him.

Arthit said: “Nott, where did you just talk me into going? I want to go.” Arthit suddenly changed his mind. He looked at his friends who turned to look at him but didn’t say anything else. Arthit and Nott spent a lot of time having dinner.

 Afterwards they bumped into Prem and the others. They didn’t go for a drink, they went to a cafe and had a cold drink with the girls. They chatted there until the rain started pouring out of the window. Arthit came back to the hostel on Nott’s motorcycle in the rain. It was almost 9 o’clock. The soaked man went to his room. He was feeling a bit tired and wanted to go to sleep. To prevent himself from catching a cold, he planned to take a shower. When he was about to open the glass door and step out of the balcony, he saw Kong on the opposite balcony through the curtains and the rain.

 At first he thought that the person standing on the opposite balcony was smoking. But after a while, the person across the balcony was still standing absent-mindedly, not knowing what he was thinking about. He hesitated to look at the image before him. At this moment his heart was filled with mixed emotions.

Phii Arthit might have returned. Kong was still standing. He saw the light on across the room…didn’t know what time it was…and didn’t know what to do now. The only thought that came to his mind was that he couldn’t accept it. The fear of losing Phii Arthit.

Why didn’t he notice that Phii Arthit had refused to meet him face to face not today but since Sunday morning? Or did it all start on Saturday night when he didn’t answer Phii Arthit’s question? Or maybe Phii Arthit has guessed his answer and is angry because he doesn’t want to accept his feelings.

But if he was angry for that reason, he should have just said so. Or maybe he felt it was better not to say anything. But he couldn’t stand the fact that Phii Arthit was avoiding him and he still didn’t understand what he was saying and the pressure inside made him want to light a cigarette. But he realized that when he had promised Arthit that he wouldn’t smoke anymore, he had already thrown it away. Although the two balconies were only 15 meters apart, he thought they were further away than they actually were… Kong sighed.

His eyes couldn’t help but look across the room to reveal that he should take a shower to release his anxiety with cold water. He turned around and entered the room. The phone in his pocket started vibrating and making sounds. When he saw the caller’s name, he stared at the phone and couldn’t believe that the person was calling him. He hurriedly pressed the on button, ready to talk to the person who had been hiding from him all day.

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit…”

Arthit said: “I’m asking you to return my library books. As for the comics you took, I’ll pay the bookstore for them. That’s all.” The senior spoke fast, as if he was about to hang up. Kong had to speak quickly.

Kongpop said: “Wait! Is Arthit mad at me?

Arthit said: “No…”

Kongpop said: “If not, why won’t Phii Arthit talk to me?” Except for the sound of rain hitting the ground, there was no sound from the other end of the phone. He knew it would affect their relationship but he couldn’t think of anything else.

Kongpop said: “If you still want to know the answer, I’ll tell you.” Kong is still looking straight at the other side of the balcony. He hoped that these words would convey his feelings to that person.

Kongpop said: “I don’t know when it started and I don’t know how it started. Even if you’re a man, I’m a man but I can’t control my feelings.” The whole world was silent, even the sound of the listener’s breathing seemed to disappear. Kong thought about all his feelings and gathered the courage to say….

Kongpop said: “Phii Arthit, I’ve been trying to tell you for a long time…me!” There was no signal before I could finish my sentence. Kong watched his phone being disconnected. He tries to call back, then after a wait he hears the disconnected sound again. He tries to call back and then there’s an incoming call alert.

This means the caller’s phone is off. Although he didn’t confess, he was rejected without a fight. Kong looked up at the blurred balcony across the street in the rain and a hollow feeling came over him. What he had been afraid of all this time came true at this moment. He was going to lose Phii Arthit. What Kong didn’t know was that… as the rain pelted the floor, it was as if a complex mix of emotions had struck Arthit’s heart. Behind the other side of the balcony, Arthit fell to the floor, exhausted and let go of the phone he had just turned off. It wasn’t hard to guess what Kong was going to say. But he didn’t want to hear it now, because he wasn’t ready to face it and he wasn’t ready for how he would react to what he thought of Kong?


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