SOTUS, Rule 25: Keep your distance from the senior

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 25: Keep your distance from the senior

…this went on until the next day and not just the person who called him but everyone looked over at Kong, because they were now sitting in the library. The atmosphere in the library should be quiet but it’s ruined by the ringing of the phone.




“Ai Kong…”

The absent-minded man sitting there doesn’t realize the phone is ringing, until M touches his arm to alert him. Kong rushes to find his phone in his rucksack. As soon as he got the phone, it stopped ringing, as if it had been disconnected. Kong sighed deeply, stood up and said briefly to his friend.

Kongpop said: “I’m going out to return a call.”

M said: “Okay, you go ahead but are you sure you’re okay?”

M asked his friend worriedly.

Mr. Kong, the campus moon, looked like he hadn’t slept at all. Part of the reason might be that he’s been working hard on his homework. He was elected the main leader of the group and had to work hard to complete the group assignments. He didn’t mind doing the presentation in addition to the essay…he didn’t see any problem. But there were seven people in the group, not a lot of people and he needed to make use of everyone’s strengths, so he had to gather the members together and find information together.

But the one who should be making the effort is so out of it, that he doesn’t even know when his phone is ringing M said: “Really, you can go take a break, go get a coffee. We don’t mind

Tiw said: “Hey! I’ll go too.”

M said: “You don’t want to get involved. Hey, Tiw, have you finished your topic yet?”

Kong heard M turn around and complain about Tiw’s voice, then stood up from the table full of books. Actually, from 3pm to 5pm, he’d already spent about 2 hours working on the case he was going to use next. He admitted that he’d been busy, or tried to be busy because he didn’t want to worry about what had happened three days ago.

In just three days, he felt as if three months had passed.

That night, Phii Arthit hung up the phone before he could say what was on his mind.

This can only be summarized as. Arthit probably didn’t like him. That’s not surprising at all. Because Phii Arthit is a man and he is a man. He never thought of straying from the norm. But when he met Phii Arthit, some special feelings arose and gradually puzzled him. One thing he was sure of, his heart yearned to be closer to Phii Arthit, not just as a senior and a junior. The way he looked at him was beyond that relationship and beyond anyone else before him.

He wanted to be close to Arthit and take care of him. He often laughed at Phii Arthit’s natural lack of pretension. But now the mere absence of the other made him feel painful. Just like now, although he told himself that it’s okay but in reality, he couldn’t sleep for the past few nights and his lost soul was noticed by his friends. Although he tried to stop himself from thinking about it, his eyes were still staring at the balcony of the dorm across the hall, making him not want to go to bed.

Every time he looked at his phone, he remembered what happened before, so he had to put it in his bag. That’s why he missed the calls. Kong took out his phone and scrolled up the list to see who was calling. He didn’t walk out of the library, he just stands on the stairs, looking for the previous missed call. It wasn’t anyone else but Pleng, sophomore 0062, who didn’t wait long for the call to come through before answering.

Kongpop said: “Hello, Pleng. I’m sorry I didn’t answer the phone just now. Pleng said: “That’s okay, I’m just calling to ask you something. It’s Fon’s and Tum’s wedding this Sunday. Will nong  Kong come with me? I’m driving from school.  Nummi, Pak, Tat and Lin are going with us. Kong is hesitant to take the bus after hearing that. He was planning to go to Phii Tom’s wedding and he didn’t know where it would be held, so he agreed to go.

Kongpop said: “If it’s convenient for you, I’d be happy to hitch a ride with you.

Pleng said: “In that case, I’ll pick you up at 5 p.m. that day. What dormitory are we waiting for you in?

Kongpop said: “The junior building.:

Pleng said: “Okay. So I’ll see you Sunday when Kong hangs up on Pleng. He hasn’t done anything for the wedding yet because he’s been so busy with the reports he’s been working on for so long. It’s nice to be busy, so he doesn’t have time to think but it takes a lot out of him. Kong touched his face, feeling tired again. He should probably go downstairs and get a cup of coffee like M had said. But before he could go down, he caught a glimpse of the man coming down from the fourth floor.

He greeted him quickly.

Kongpop said: “Phii Nott, hello…”

Nott said: “Uh, hello. Not accepted his brother’s salute, as if he was used to it. He didn’t have time to return the salute, because he was looking down at the book in his hand. When he saw the familiar fellow, he didn’t know what to say, he just kept walking. But he was stopped…

Kongpop said: “Phii, wait a minute, I have something to ask you.” Before Nott could say yes, Kong rushed upstairs and quickly disappeared to the third floor. After a while, Kong came out, with some books in his hand. He was going to give them to Nott, to ask for his help….

Kongpop said: “Phii Not, please return these to Phii Arthit.” Not looked down at the pile of books in front of him. It was like a solid mechanics textbook for third year students and there were scribbles in the textbook. It was his friend’s handwriting, if he remembered correctly but he didn’t know why his friend’s books were with the first years. He doesn’t know why but he’ll say yes anyway.

Nott said: “I’ll bring it to him later…

Kongpop said: “Thank you.” After Phii Nott took his books, Kong went downstairs and left. Later Kong went back to the library, sat at his desk and did his homework with his friends. At least this would make Phii Arthit happy and ease his pain. Maybe…

Prem said: ““How much are you going to give for Phii Tum’s wedding ceremony?”

Arthit: “How much are you going to give for the wedding?”

Prem said: ““Damn it! The end of the month, I don’t have much money! Ah, Arthit, how much do you want to give?”

Arthit said: “I’ve already prepared a gift for Tum.

Prem said: “Gee, it would be nice to buy him a gift. He’s your dear Phii.”

Arthit listened to his friend for a long time. The library is a quiet place but it’s not quiet when it’s full of people. He was sitting on the first floor in the coffee and drink area. It’s a place for those hard-working students to buy a cold drink to wake up.

They’re third-year engineering students, here on a whim with their books, easily finding and occupying a large table at the back of the shop. But don’t expect them to memorize their books, they’ll probably just move on to another place to chat, although Arthit had his book open on the table but his head was bowed down by sleep.

He studied very hard, because he had a quiz the next day. Phii Tum’s wedding was also approaching. He had hardly slept at night, so he had to sleep during the day. He didn’t have to look for other reasons, because he doubted himself.

Even if he pretended he didn’t care, the events of that day were still recurring in his mind. That day…he felt something was wrong, so he hung up on Kong. It might have broken Kong’s heart. But under the circumstances, he had to do it. Because until now he can’t answer himself… what does he think of Kong?

Someone he’d only known for three months. In fact, as he sat and thought about it, he realized he didn’t know Kong very well. Kong was just a fellow student who challenged him, bothered him, made fun of him, pissed him off and always liked to get him in trouble. And now to have such a difficult problem put in front of him, gave him a headache and brought him to the brink of collapse.

Arthit’s hand was on his head and the more he thought about it, the more his head hurt. He leaned over the table, wishing he could sleep and rest his head. But someone pushed him and he had to open his eyes.

“Here, it’s yours.”

Arthit saw Nott handing him a stack of textbooks. The books looked familiar. It’s like the one that got wet and went to someone’s fridge for solid mechanics. He’d carelessly forgotten to retrieve it but now it was in front of him. He sits up straight.

Arthit said: “Where did you get this?” He knew it was a stupid question but he asked anyway. The book received by hand was normal, not wrinkled from being wet and not broken. At the same time he heard the expected answer

Nott said: “Nong Kong brought it. How did your book end up at junior’s?”

Arthit said: “Not important.” Arthit muttered something softly, looking absentmindedly at the textbook in his hand.

Yes… he had forgotten that the book was not important. What mattered was the behavior of the person he was still in contact with. Kong had a tendency to cause trouble and give him headaches. But there were times when Kong was incredibly warm, especially when he was gentle and thoughtful.

He never actually asked for anything.

Like yesterday, when he went to the comic book store to pay for the damage. The owner said someone had returned the books, explained that they were wet and was willing to buy the damaged ones. On the other hand, he found out that the book he borrowed from the library was also returned on Tuesday and although he tried to distance himself from Kong, he avoided meeting him several times but he was still haunted by him. And what hurts the most, comes from himself because the more he doesn’t think about it, the clearer he knows.

It’s after 7:00. Kong had finished his search for topic report data at the library and had left his friends. All he had left to do was to memorize the parts he needed to explain and he promised to rehearse his presentation for the next day. He also volunteered to do the PowerPoint, so tonight he had to organize and edit everyone’s data.

It might take him a long time to go through the huge amount of data, even until dawn the next day. Before returning to his dormitory, he parked his motorcycle near the grocery area, looking for something to eat, especially something to give him energy and not make him sleepy, in preparation for the night’s battle. The closer he got, the more he noticed that the queue in front of the stand was even longer than usual.

This is probably because the vendor sister was the only one here today and the usual helpers were missing. So, the vendor sister asked the vendor to write down a request for new customers to order their drinks. I will make them one by one in order. It may be a little slow but I’ll make sure that everyone’s drink is ready. Paper and pens are placed in front of the stand. Kong picks up a pen and paper and tries to order an iced coffee he hasn’t had during the day. A drink might bring back some energy. Just as he’s about to finish writing, a thought races through his mind and forces him to stop. He hesitated for a moment, finally crossed out the coffee and wrote another drink.

It seemed pointless. But for him, it seemed to be the only thing that kept him working through the long night.

Kong handed the peddler’s sister the paper and the menu, so she could make them in order. Then he left the drink stand to get something to eat to fill his stomach. Within minutes of Kong’s departure, a man approached the stall irritably.

 Imagine 7 or 8 people waiting in line in front of the stand at the same time, it’s like getting a freebie. However none of this prevented the man named Arthit from walking through the line and speaking intimately to the sister vendor.

Arthit said: “Phii, I want a glass of pink milk, I’ll come back later.”

 Arthit doesn’t need to write down his drink order on a piece of paper, because he is like the VIP customer of the shop, she recognizes him immediately when she sees him and comes here to order the same thing almost every day. She also knows his name through conversation. She didn’t mind the trouble (not remembering his name) because the helper had gone home to do his work and was short of staff. But even though Arthit is a customer of VI P, the vendor girl still took the first-come, first-served basis.  Arthit knows that the pink milk he ordered may take a long time to finish, so he was going to buy something to eat first.

Although he had spent a lot of time in the library this afternoon, his mind was so confused that he could remember very little. So he had to fight for tomorrow’s test tonight and the food was prepared accordingly. Arthit bought Thai fried noodles, sticky rice, grilled pork skewers and a bag of fruit. He reckoned that his order was almost ready, so he walked back to the drinks shop with both bags in hand. There seemed to be fewer customers than before and only a few people standing in line. He went straight to ask for what he’d just ordered.

Arthit said: “Sister, my frozen milk…”

He had not finished its sentence when Arthit saw someone standing nearby waiting for him. The one he had been trying to escape from. He had no time to compose himself before he bumped into the person again. It wasn’t what he had hoped for and Kong looked stunned. The look in his eyes showed he was surprised. But, he quickly regained his composure. He turned to face the drink vendor’s sister and didn’t say anything.

On the other hand, Arthit remained silent. Since his recent meeting with Kong had been so bad, he now felt awkward. He wanted to run away in the other direction but instead heard the vendor’s sister interrupt and say to the vendor: “The pink frozen milk is ready.”

Arthit reached for his drink to get away from the situation as soon as possible. But before his hand could touch, the sister of the vendor intervened and stopped him.

The vendor sister said: “Ah, this is not Nong Arthit’s drink. This is Nong Kong’s. He ordered this before you did. I was trying to tell you Nong Arthit but I couldn’t find you. We’re out of the red syrup for the pink milk. This is the last one.”

Arthit was silent after the vendor’s sister’s explanation. He turned around and looked at the person who had ordered the same thing as him, looking shocked.

On the contrary, Kong remained calm and collected. He told the vendor’s sister.

Kongpop said: “It’s okay, let him take it. I’ll come back next time. Sorry,”

 Kongpop said in a concerned tone, voluntarily giving up his frozen milk. He didn’t wait in line to order another drink, or even look at the person next to him, he just turned around and left.

Although Kong was always a caring person, for some reason Arthit felt very different at the moment. He was distant and frightening.

The vendor said: “In that case, this one is for my brother. 15 baht, please.”

The sound of the conversation startled someone who was distracted.

Arthit quickly paid for the frozen milk, then left the drink stand and went to his dormitory without a word but somehow, every step was heavy, as if his heart was in turmoil? Wasn’t this what he wanted?

Wasn’t this the distance between Kong and him that he’d thought he wanted? No confrontation, no worries, no one to make him angry, no one to make him think too much. Just like a normal college relationship between seniors and juniors. Arthit took a sip of the frozen milk.

 His tongue felt the taste of it. Strangely, his throat felt bitter, not as good as before. When his vision became blurred, how could the pink milk taste good? Frozen milk mixed with tears, he knew now, it wasn’t sweet at all.


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