SOTUS, Rule 28: the First Year has the heart of the Senior

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 28: the First Year has the heart of the Senior

The days passed. About a week after Phii Tum and Phii Fon’s wedding, everything started to return to normal, as it should. Since the final exams were only three weeks away, for Kong, that meant a hell of a lot of exams, various group presentations and individual reports and a few other assignments. After the exams were over, the first semester holiday arrived.

Kong ate lunch, returning the books he’d borrowed from the library to prepare for his group presentation. Since there were no classes in the afternoon, he would go straight back to his apartment afterwards. But when he got up from the table to return the dishes, M, who had just answered the phone, turned to him and said, ”Kong, Wad just called me and said that the scores for the Calculus midterm are out and they’re posted on the bulletin board in the South Building by the elevator. Shall we take a look?”

Calculus 1 has a reputation for being tough and brutal and it’s the slowest of all the midterms. For first-year students, the wait for results is long and torturous. Even though he answered most of the test, he couldn’t help but worry. There’s no extra credit for the course, so the midterm is 50 percent and the final is 50 percent. The midterm is 50% and the final is the other 50%. So the midterm results will determine the student’s fate for the next year, whether they will start with an F or not.

Kong immediately changed his plan and went to the bulletin board near the elevator in the engineering school building with his friends. A lot of people were gathered near the bulletin board, as expected. It seemed difficult to squeeze in and check his own score. M volunteered to help his friends check their scores, while Kong stood by himself and waited. But the crowd, not only took up the space in front of the bulletin board but also made it difficult to get on and off the elevator. Until someone got impatient and had to ask the people around here to stop making noise.

Arthit said: “What are you doing here!?” Everyone was shocked. When they turned around and saw the speaker, they all parted to make way for the seniors in their engineering uniforms, who were acting with the authority of hazer.

The leader of the group, Arthit, who had held the important position of Head hazer, had shaved off his beard and cut his hair but his sharp eyes gave the freshmen a strong sense of pressure, as if the fierce head hazer from training had returned. Everyone panicked, except for one person.

Kongpop said: “We’re here to see the midterm calculus scores,” it was not just anyone else but the all-time hero, student 0062, walked up to the seniors and answered. But instead of helping to solve the problem, the explanation irritated Arthit even more.

Arthit said: “Why don’t you stand in order? Or have you all forgotten everything we taught you about order? Should I teach you again? In that case…juniors, line up! Everyone fell silent at this unexpected order. The first years of the engineering faculty were naturally familiar with the command to line up but not the other faculties first years, who were still standing there confused. Before anyone could move, a friend of the head of the department spoke up to ease the tension. He tapped Arthit on the shoulder and said loudly.

Bright said: “Hey, is your head hazer spirit back in you? Can’t you be nice? Look at the boys and girls, they’re all scared of you.

Arthit said: “Ow! I am used to this myself.” In other words, Arthit was not used to turning around and whispering to his friends. He just wanted the freshmen to get out of his way but he was used to being the boss, both in the way he spoke and the way he expressed himself. When the freshmen realized it was just a joke by the senior, they relaxed. But the order worked and the people around the place started to move and spread out, leaving aisles for the passers-by to pass through. And one of the older kids came up to Kong and lamented.

Oak said: ““Hey, Arthit just gave us all a big scare, in fact I almost started lining up.

 The first years’ jokes made the grim-faced instructors laugh out loud – an amazing feeling, considering that at the beginning of the semester, the first years didn’t dare to make eye contact but now they could talk so intimately while maintaining their senior-collegiate relationship.

Arthit said: “So for the Calculus exam, did you guys do well?” Arthit glanced at the bulletin board and changed the subject.

M said: “We have very few failures and there are others who did extremely well.” The seniors were delighted with this news and cheered loudly.

Bright said (to the freshmen): “Very good, that’s what our engineering students are all about.” And he turned to Arthit and said: “The way you just trained the freshmen, I knew they would pass the exam.

Arthit said: “What’s this about training?

Bright said: “Ow! I mean, if they can pass your training, then it must be okay to put them through hell, because there’s nothing more brutal than your training. That sounded a bit strange, whether it was a compliment or an accusation.  Arthit was about to retort when a voice interrupted him…

Kongpop said: “But I also want to try my hand at hazing.” It’s not only the seniors but also their peers who looked at Kong in surprise. The former head hazer also asked again.

Arthit said: “You’ve got it all figured out?

Kongpop said: “Yes, I thought of an exact answer,” a firm, serious look that would make everyone in the discussion feel like he really meant it. The friend who teased me earlier tapped Arthit on the shoulder with delight.

Bright said: “Arthit, you’re happy, the devil has a successor.”

 Although his friend’s words were as ridiculous as before, Arthit didn’t contradict his friend. Since his friend’s words may come true, it’s time to recruit a new person to replace them. If it was Kong he was sure that he would carry on the legacy of the seniors well. In the midst of this friendly, happy atmosphere, Not, who had been keeping quiet, poked at his friends and reminded them of a harsh truth.

Nott said: “Uh, I just saw the teacher get on the elevator.”

Tuta said: “Hey, that’s too bad! We’re going too slow and the teacher is going to lock the door!” When all the seniors remembered that they had to hurry to class, the conversation had to be stopped. There were too many people waiting for the elevator and they couldn’t wait any longer. There were only three floors, they could get there in time if they ran up quickly. Arthit turned around, ready to run up the stairs with his friend. But before he could move, his arm was grabbed and someone called him to stop…

Kongpop said: “Wait a minute,” Arthit who was called looked back at Kong who was approaching him. Arthit then saw Kong’s eyes shining as if he was smiling. In order to be heard only by each other, Kong’s voice was very soft and his words were very short.

Kongpop said: “Study hard na,” This was just a common phrase but Arthit was strangely moved. He had to quickly break his grip. The other man easily let go of his hand, allowing Arthit to speed up the stairs to catch up with his friend. Despite the obvious memories of the trip to the King Rama VIII Bridge, Arthit and Kong were still in a state of shock. But Arthit and Kong still get along like older brothers. They don’t interfere in each other’s lives, nor do they claim ownership, or simply they don’t see each other much and they have to learn.

It seemed as if everything was back on track and yet, Arthit knew more and more that their relationship had started to change and there were no words to explain this change. Because sometimes it just happened naturally and the ordinary was special enough for them and the day of study was over. Arthit went back to the apartment feeling tired after the day’s study.

On this day it was just after six o’clock when he finished the experiment and staggered home. He was so tired that he wanted to fall into bed and sleep. But before he did, he had to stop to buy food to replenish his energy. He also had to order a drink that he always loved. Although the number of people buying drinks* was high as usual, the owner of the drink stall greeted the VP customer immediately on seeing him in front of him.

Nit: Oh brother Arthit, the same frozen milk as before, right?

Arthit said: “Um… I want an iced coffee today. Nit, I’ll pick it up later.” Arthit doesn’t know what motivated him to suddenly stop ordering his previous drink. Either because he is physically tired or because this afternoon, he met someone. Here, he shook his head sadly, because his symptoms were like those of a big-eyed girl in a cartoon who falls in love. He tried to shake off this irritating feeling he was experiencing. He realized how deeply his heart had been affected by Kong. Arthit quickly went to the rice stall and waited for almost ten minutes before his turn came. He bought a box of fried rice with chicken and egg with basil leaves and walked back to the drink stand. By now the crowd was much smaller. He seized the opportunity to go over and ask.

Arthit said: “Nit, I can order something and stop before I finish.” As he squeezed in, he bumped into a person standing there waiting for a drink. When he saw the person, he accidentally called out the person’s name.

The man who was called turned around. Kong realizes it’s the second time today that he’s met someone by accident, as if it’s fate. A big smile on his face, a quick hello. Arthit said: “Kongphop.”

“Phii Arthit, you come to buy food too.”

Arthit said: “Yes. Arthit nodded and replied briefly. He saw the packed rice in his hand and knew that they both came here for the same purpose.

Then he asked. Arthit said: “Yes.

Arthit said: “By the way…how did you do on your calculus test?”

Kongpop said: “It was okay.”

Although Kong only said it was okay, his score was actually the second best. One of the reasons he could answer so many questions was because Arthit told him how to do it. Kong told his friends the truth. But Arthit thought of something else and was worried…

Arthit said: “But if you really can’t keep up, you can change your major. You want to study economics, right? I think if that’s what you want, you should change your major and that’s fine.”

Advice from the head hazer, quite the opposite of a few months ago. That was long enough for Arthit to think it over. He understood that he shouldn’t stop Kong’s dream and that he had no right to stand in the way of what the other wanted to learn. Although he regretted that they wouldn’t be in the engineering school together, at least Kong could learn what he liked. He had to support Kong in what he wanted to do. But the other guy didn’t accept the offer and the first year shook his head no, then explained why.

Kongpop said: “I could study economics in grad school but I’m not leaving now. Because I like it here.” Kongpop said…like it here.

Arthit didn’t know if there was anything else hidden in that statement. But the other man’s shining eyes were still on him and his face burned. He had to avert his eyes and look forward, feeling his heart beating faster than he could control. This was happening more and more and he was acting out of character.

Fortunately, the sister of the drink vendor spoke up and broke the confusion when she said: “Nong Arthit, your frozen milk is ready,” and the vendor handed over the pink frozen milk to the regulars but this time Arthit is quick to retort.

Arthit said: “I didn’t order this. Nit, I ordered an iced coffee,” and now the vendor is confused because the order slip she received also had pink iced milk written on it. She had to ask with a confused look on her face.

Nit asked: “Aw, who ordered the iced milk?”

Kongpop said: “I ordered the frozen milk.”

Kong answered who was the one who ordered the pink frozen milk. Nit turned and handed the frozen milk to Kong who was standing next to her and she said, “I got it wrong. Ow!…I always see you two ordering like this. Are you guys here for a change in taste?”

After hearing the poking fun from the vendor sister, Kong and Arthit turned to look at each other and laughed out loud at the same time. Because it was just as she said, they exchanged orders not just because one of them was affected but because each of them was gradually and unconsciously influenced by the other. Arthit waited for Nit to make himself an iced coffee. Kong stood waiting for him, waiting for the two to walk back to the dormitory and the lighted street, where people came and went. Just before reaching the apartment, Arthit seemed to remember something and said to the other one.

Arthit said: “By the way, I also have something back for you. Hold this for me.” Kong took the coffee from Arthit’s hand and looked at the other man and turned around.  Arthit opened his wallet, took something out of it, put it in his hand, took the coffee back with the other hand and ordered.

Arthit said: “Hold out your hand.” Kong didn’t understand what the Phii was doing but he reached out his hand which wasn’t holding anything. Something landed in his hand…a gear. Kong’s heart sank. He thought Phii Arthit was returning the gear he’d given him. But when he examined it in the light, he realized that it wasn’t the silver gear for his grade but a brown one. The numbers on this gear indicated a grade two years higher than his own. It was Phii Arthit’s gear. Kong quickly looked up at the person who gave him the gear.  Arthit just looked at Kong intently, without saying anything else except an important command.

Arthit said: “Keep it for me. Kong had heard these words before when he got the flag. But this was the most precious thing he had ever heard. He returned it with a big smile, as if he had made a promise.

Kongpop said: “I will keep it with all my heart. —-

—– The End of Sotus—-

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SOTUS: The First Year and the Evil Senior


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