SOTUS, Rule 3:Strictly follow your senior orders

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 3:Strictly follow your senior orders

“Give your name and faculty number!”

“P…Prepaillin, No. 0744.”

The girl was terrified but still tried to answer the question with a trembling voice and her grape-like eyes were filled with tears, which made people feel sad and wanted to protect her immediately.

How could Arthit, who was so soft at heart, be indifferent to the protective beauty in front of him? So he lowered his voice as much as he could but kept his hazer’s sexually aloof face on.

“Is there anything you need me to help you with?”

“I…I…I’d like to ask the seniors to sign for me.”

Prepaillin then handed out a small book that had been turned over to a specific page and filled with the names and numbers of the engineering seniors. This is one of the tasks that the new students have to do to reach the goal, which is to collect 1,000 signatures from the seniors.

As a senior majoring in Industry in the Faculty of Engineering, Arthit is not immune to being hounded for autographs by the freshmen, especially since he wore his identification uniform to the cafeteria today and will undoubtedly be the number one target of the new faces on campus.

Normally, not many students would ask for Arthit’s autograph, because if he and his friends get together, it’s like a criminal gang of robots who just got out of BangKwang prison. But today there was someone who dared to enter the lion’s den without risking his life and who had beautiful skin and was petite and cute, which Arthit loved, so Arthit was very generous.

“But before I sign your autograph, you have to do something for me first.”

Don’t think it’s easy to get autographs from seniors, it’s gotta be a little test of love, to show these kids that everything’s been earned. You have to show a lot of sincerity to get a rare autograph from Hazer. As for what Arthit might have to offer, the difficulty factor varies from 1 to 10 stars. Prepaillin’s face went white and her voice faltered as she asked.

“To…to do what?”

The girl was acting like Arthit was going to drag her into the forest and dump her body next.

…my God… little sister, the senior isn’t so cruel and perverted, that Arthit is a 100 percent gentleman of knowledge and refinement in front of children and beautiful ladies. And, the lovelier a girl is, the more special she should be treated. So, in exchange for Arthit’s signature only…

“You have to shout three times ‘I love Phii Arthit, the best looking guy in the universe’.”

As soon as the words were out of their mouths, the cyborg gang exploded into a frenzy and the Prepaillin girl across the street went from fear to dismay.

…what are you looking at me for? This is the most generous offer I’ve ever given you and I’ve made you a special offer, so why don’t you just thank the Lord?

“Come on, I’ll eat when you’re done, I’m hungry and I get angry easily.”

Arthit’s threat was the best deterrent, it startled the girls who were still confused and Arthit could see that Prepaillin was embarrassed, hesitant and confused. As it was 12 o’clock, there were thousands of students from different faculties in the cafeteria. Whatever you shouted would have been the center of attention but when the girl’s big, innocent eyes met Arthit’s sharp gaze, which could not be challenged by anyone, she couldn’t resist the pressure and shouted as her boss had instructed…

“Arthit, the most handsome man in the universe, I like you! Arthit, the best in the universe, I like you! The handsome Arthit, I love you!” It’s a loud shout but the voice is still sweet.

“Oh ho!!!”

The whole table was boiling with people cheering, applauding, whistling but it wasn’t a big deal to watch, the restaurant was a ready-made reverberation room, which increased the effect of all kinds of sounds. The more his friends started to make noise, the more satisfied Arthit was and he was already smiling like a daisy inside. Arthit pretended to be calm and continued to be proud of himself. He said to Prepaillin in a particularly gentlemanly manner.

“Thank you for liking me and considering your affection for me, I’ll just leave your number.” It sounds so righteous but in reality, it’s just a way to beg for a girl’s number.

Besides, if a girl confesses her love so loudly, Arthit should give someone else a chance.

Prepaillin, who was on the run, was forced to do as Arthit said. Satisfied with the phone number, Arthit returned the notebook to Prepaillin with a neat signature and a wink. The faculty girl’s heart was pounding and she fled the scene with her friend. Arthit was left to enjoy the joke of her friends.

“You’re such a bad-ass, getting your sister’s number like this.”

“Aw, that’s for sure, I’m a total chick magnet.”

Arthit didn’t hide his pride, after all, it was his skill that no one else could learn.

“Don’t you want to try to provoke that one over there?”

The speaker pointed to the back row of seats, everyone immediately followed his direction, afraid that some innocent faculty girl won the bid again, indeed, someone was going to win the bid but this time compared to just now, the nature is completely different.

Because in the crowd of freshmen walking towards them, Arthit could only see one person, who had disgraced him twice and made him a sworn enemy of the crowd. Although Arthit could only bury his hatred deep inside his heart, sooner or later, he would have to pay back Kongpop for this debt.

…you son of a b-tch!!!

“0062, Kongpop!”

As soon as they saw it was the seniors, Kongpop bowed to them according to the rules. At this time, the hazer, already ready to stir up trouble, only to hear him ask the question in a relaxed manner.

“Have you got my autograph?”

“Not yet.”

“Show me your autograph book.”


Kongpop obediently followed the head hazer’s instructions and took the autograph book out of his bag and handed it to him for review.

…ohhhh… looks like you’ve got a lot of signatures already, at least 500 to 600 signatures just for this random person… uh… wait, some of them are weird, not only do they have names and numbers but they have 10 digits….ho! It’s a phone number and not only that, it’s some other nasty stuff too!

‘Sister is single oh, remember to call me when you’re lonely, I am online 24 hours, mmmm.’ ‘

I know you’re handsome, I know you’re cool, women are calling you, they’re all over you. I want a girl’s number and I have to lie about it and they don’t even want to call me. The world is changing.

I’ve seen that Korean drama guy, I’ve seen him before, he smells like a real pain in the ass!

Arthit wanted to tear up the autograph book on the spot but he had to refrain from doing so, because this is a public place and there are so many eyes watching him, so he couldn’t lose his identity. So Arthit took a deep breath to calm himself down, while his brain was racing to figure out his next plan of action. All set, Arthit continued.

“You’ve got quite a few signatures, so will you do something for me?”


“Did you see the empty table in front of the restaurant that sells barbecued pork and rice?”

Arthit pointed about five tables away from where they were now, right in the middle of the restaurant.


“You go over to the chair, yell three times what you’re about to say…”

Arthit deliberately stopped for a beat, smiled wryly and then said…

“…I like getting my a-ss kicked by men…”

As soon as the words came out, he saw the listener’s face swish and change, even more so than that of the girl. Obviously, such words were an insult to a straight man. But for Arthit the fire wasn’t hot enough, he had to throw some more wood to start the fire.

“Don’t worry, it’s not over yet, after that, you have to find ten more guys, ask them out loud, ‘Will you f-ck me in the -ss? ‘ and when you’ve asked all ten, I’ll give you back the book.”

The speaker waved the notebook in his hand as a demonstration but the listener could only watch the notebook being used as a bargaining chip to threaten him but he didn’t dare to say anything. In fact, Arthit knew very well that there must be thousands of **** roaring in his heart but even if his teeth were broken, he could only swallow blood in his stomach, because the order of the head hazer is like a holy decree, which must be carried out unconditionally. Seeing that the man in front of him was still silent and had no intention to carry out the order, Arthit started to use provocative methods.

“Why don’t you say something and do what I say, or are you afraid to…”

The moment their eyes met, Kongpop finally prepared himself and walked towards the direction of the barbecued rice restaurant, standing on a chair and shouting out the words as Arthit had said before.

“I like getting my a-ss f-cked by men! I like to get f-cked by men! I like getting my a-ss f-cked by a man!”

Everyone looked at the man standing in the middle of the restaurant with a look of long life but what was even more unbelievable was that this handsome looking man jumped down from his chair and walked towards the line of men who were buying food and asked one by one.

“Would you like to f-ck me in the a-ss?”

…the person who was asked the question was confused… and the whole restaurant was confused, except for one person, who was already on a high.

I’ll let everyone know you’re a guy who likes to get laid and that you’re a guy who’ll make all those pretty girls shy away from you. Now you’re not just a guy who’s gay, you’re a guy who likes to get his a-ss f-cked.

I’ll never forget when you said you’d be my man and you played with my words to make me look bad in front of everyone. Now that it’s your turn, you know what it’s like to be the laughing stock of the world.

…deserved it, damn Kongpop!

Arthit’s eyes never stopped following the freshman, until he came back to himself after asking the tenth person, there were still a few scattered eyes following Kongpop’s figure in the restaurant.


“Well, it’s loud enough, so I’ll give it back to you.”

Threw the book back to Kongpop as he spoke and was about to return the plate with his party to the afternoon class. But before Arthit and the others could get out of the restaurant, the person who had just taken the book came running to catch up with them.

“Wait a minute, Phii you haven’t signed me yet.”

Kongpop handed the book to someone who had forgotten to sign it but Arthit didn’t want to take it, he asked Kongpop back.

“When did I tell you I’d sign it for you?

A short sentence is like a stone thrown into the heart of the listener.

…Kongpop’s order just now was already hurting but that just made Kongpop’s damage level go up to 10,000 points.

It is only now that the victim realizes that the hazer never promised to sign for him and that what he had just done, thinking he was following orders, was in fact a big hole already dug and what’s worse is that he jumped in without knowing it.

“Ah but there is one thing I can do for you.”

Hearing that Arthit was so kindly offering to help him, Kongpop looked up at him, Arthit grabbed Kongpop’s tie and pulled him towards him, slightly frightening the freshman, Arthit whispered in Kongpop’s ear.

“I could f-ck you in the ass.”

The tie was loosened, the hazer then laughed in triumph, turned and walked out of the restaurant, leaving the loser aghast.

Battle of the Gears, Game 2, Hazer vs. Freshman… draw, 1:1.


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