SOTUS, Rule 4:  Don’t forget what the senior says

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 4:  Don’t forget what the senior says

“Where’s your name tag?”

To other people, this might have been a casual question but to the named freshman standing in the middle of the room, such a question was no different from a death warrant. The fierce gaze of the head of the faculty is now holding the boy in a creepy way, as if it has the power to see the truth and this power compels you to tell the truth in the end.

“I… I forgot to bring it.”

At this answer, Arthit sighed deeply. but he didn’t give up yet, he just lost patience with the repeated emphasis on such trivialities.

“Do you think I gave you a name tag so you could play with it? Do you know the importance of a name tag? It’s to tell your new friends who you are but if you don’t bring it, it means you don’t want them to know you at all, right?”

As soon as the reprimanded man heard it, he shook his head in fear and denied it.

“No…no.”  but such puerile words were of no help at all and Arthit began to look the freshman up and down and then to conclude.

“If that’s not it… then you think your friends know you and you don’t need a name tag. In that case, I’m going to have to prove that they all really know you… You guys, look up at him, you know what his name is?”

The hazer turned to the freshmen and said the last words but no one spoke up and the room was silent. Maybe it wasn’t that none of them were silent because they didn’t know the answer but because they were afraid that they would be implicated if they answered, that’s why no one dared to take the risk.

“No one knows him! No one is friends with him is he?”

Arthit’s tone was full of contempt, humiliating the freshman in front of him and even though he was a boy, tears flowed freely under the pressure, as if he were a child who had done something wrong and the freshman slumped his head, ready to be judged by his last judgment. But before Arthit could open his mouth, a voice was heard.

“His name is M!”

This voice came out of the blue, completely disrupting the hazer’s rhythm, he immediately shouted and asked.

“Who answered that?”

“It’s me.”

The answerer raised his hand and stood up to show the hazer. Arthit also stared to see who had the nerve to risk his life… It was the heroic brat again, who haunted Arthit’s nightmares.

…0062, Kongpop!

Despite the fact that he has fought several times before, Arthit doesn’t think that this time he will be cowardly, on the contrary Arthit finds it more challenging than the previous times. He has come to me for abuse. There is no reason not to bully him. Arthit changed his mind.

“You know him, don’t you?”


It’s even more disgusting when you answer with such conviction… Just show off, I’ll see how long you can last.

“Give me your ID.”

As if frightened, M immediately went through his coin purse, took out his ID card and handed it to Arthit. Taking the ID card, Arthit looked at it and smiled provocatively, like a danger signal before the war.

“What’s your friend’s first name?”


“Last name!”



“December 12, 2538 Buddhist calendar year (1995)!”

…f-ck, this guy’s got his civil records in his mouth.

Arthit was numbed with anger… He had asked so many questions but this brat was able to answer all of them correctly… How did he do it!…are they old acquaintances and that’s why this brat is able to answer every question with confidence.

Hey, don’t think that I will let you go so easily, this won’t cure you and my name will not be Arthit.

“You can sit down, your friend seems to know you well but now I wonder if he knows everyone so well.”

By all means, forget the name tag brother should be able to breathe a sigh of relief at the moment but the thought that the next, just came forward to relieve themselves of the little friend is about to face a bloody storm, M cannot help but sweat for Kongpop, especially Kongpop on the first day has been in a relationship with the hazer of the beam, later, the hazer will certainly try to find a way While M was still worried about his friend, everything he feared came true immediately afterwards with a roar.

“Everyone, turn your name tags over to me!”

Although everyone looked like they were at a loss for words, the senior’s word was an edict and everyone had to obey it unconditionally. In a short while, all the new students” swish, swish, swish” over their nametags and then the hazer spoke up again.

“Code number0023, stand up!”

The freshman whose number was called stood up, a cute little girl, who was clutching her coat by the scruff of her neck, her nervousness obvious. But in fact, she didn’t need to be nervous at all, because the real player was that ungrateful brat and she was just an escort.

Arthit walked over to the girl who wasn’t far from Kongpop, turned around, looked straight at Kongpop with his eyes and asked.

“Here, please introduce her to me, what is the name of your friend here?”

Kongpop was blinded by the sudden left hook, he looked dumb for a second but then he realized his boss’s plan, although everyone knew it but Kongpop didn’t even have the right to argue, he had to be a puppet in Arthit’s hands and play the game according to his rules. Standing tall, Kongpop took a deep breath and the answer was on his lips.

“Her name is Maprang.”

Although his voice was not as confident as the first answer, it was so loud and clear that Arthit could not hang on to it and immediately wanted to verify the answer.

“You turn the sign back over so I can see.”

When Lori flipped the name tag over, it was discovered that it really said” Maprang”, exactly as Kongpop had replied.

…well… you got away with it again, kid but don’t think I’m gonna let you off that easy.

“Code number0038!”

This time it was a big, strong man on the left who was called up.

Arthit strode towards the distant student, repeating the same question.

“What is the name of this friend of yours!”


Before Arthit had time to wait for the owner of the name to declare it correct, Arthit’s hand reached for the name tag of his younger brother and turned it over with lightning speed but the clear writing on the name tag made Arthit’s anger level rise as high as two feet.

…what the hell! He can’t answer all of them! There are more than 200 freshmen in industrial engineering, he can’t know everyone and not everyone is a socialite but if there is one person who is not sociable, then that person will be my breakthrough.

“Study number 0151!”

The one who heard the order to stand up was a freshman girl wearing glasses, a ponytail and a clean dress. She stood quietly, expecting her name to be said but all she got was silence.

…this is it! I finally found it.

“Why don’t you answer? What is the name of this friend of yours?”

Once again, Arthit aggravated the questioning tone, staring directly at the obviously pale man in front of him.

…well, in the end you don’t know everything, you had the audacity to shout in front of me before, now you should have learned that for such disrespectful and unruly people, running, squats and push-ups are too small, I Arthit has a way to make them suffer a thousand times more.

“Give me your name tag, please.”

Arthit approached the girl, who was still standing there silently and asked for her name tag. The girl must have felt a little disappointed because her classmates did not remember her name but nevertheless, she gave her name tag to the hazer and let him take it in his hand and show it to all the freshmen.

“I’ve already told you before, the purpose of giving you nametags is to make you pay attention to everyone around you but now you can’t even remember their names, so what’s the point of me giving you these name tags…”

Arthit paused at this point, picked up an orange cardboard nameplate that had been threaded through with cotton thread, held his hands up in the air for all to see and scolded sternly.

“Since you all ignore the importance of this name tag, such a thing has no need for its existence!”

As soon as the words came out, there was a tiny but piercing sound of” stab, stab, stab”, the cardboard was torn to shreds, all the people in the venue were stunned, their dilated pupils showed their doubts about the authenticity of the scene before them and of course, the most startled people in the audience must have been those who stood on the sidelines and witnessed the whole process. Kongpop, he watched as Arthit tore the name tag of a girl he didn’t know, threw it into the air and it fell in pieces, piece by piece, in front of everyone’s astonished eyes.

“…and mark my words, this is what happens when you don’t value your friends.”

Arthit threw the rest of the scraps of paper on the ground as if he didn’t care and turned to the front of the line to prepare for the final closing.

“Today I’m doing my part and tomorrow I want to see each and every one of your name tags but if you’re confident enough that the people in this room know you well enough, then you don’t have to! Is that clear!”


The answer was neat and loud, Arthit nodded his head and without saying anything else, he immediately took his brothers who were in charge of the orientation to the side, in order to make room for the sophomores who were in charge of the red faces, so that they could do some light entertainment with the new students and soothe their hurt hearts. By Arthit’s own admission, he had gone a bit too far. But he had no choice but to do what he did and it was not easy to manage these hundreds of people well. Today, he was just giving a monkey a taste of his own medicine but at least he had established his authority among these hundreds of people and taught them how to spell” fear”.

So, even if you are misunderstood as cold-blooded, heartless or inhumane, you have to hold this position, so that no one will have the opportunity to defy authority and disobey orders.

Moreover, it seems that what he did just now is even better than expected, because the freshman who just enjoyed Arthit’s “VIP care” is still standing there, like a weathered statue, unable to get over it. He knew that it was because of him that his friend had lost his name tag. That’s why Kongpop was stuck in the mud of guilt, not knowing what else he could do to make up for his mistake.

…that’s what happens when you disrespect your seniors, when you molest them and when you deserve to be left alone to suffer the torment of your own heart.

Arthit looked at Kongpop mockingly from the side of the venue but before long, the man he had been watching made a move and Kongpop’s eyes were empty. Arthit saw all this, Kongpop picked up the pieces of paper scattered everywhere and looked up and gently said to the tearful girl.

“Excuse me, what’s your name?”

The person asked was mildly surprised but sobbed in reply.

“My…my…name is…May.”

Kongpop nodded that he had heard, then, he did something that shocked Arthit. He took off the name tag he was wearing around his neck, wrote something with a pen on the back of a piece of cardboard and handed it over with a warm smile.

“Here, this is for you.”

“May” and the student number” 0151″ were clearly written on the back of the name tag. The recipient was astonished and excited at the same time and Arthit was just as astonished as she was but the difference was that Arthit’s heart was screaming, the wind was blowing, the waves were burning and the hot lava was about to erupt.

…how dare this brat do this…how dare he do this!

Arthit whooshed over to Kongpop like a rocket, wrapped his arms around his shoulders and spun the much taller man around, facing him. Arthit questioned furiously.

“What are you doing!? Kongpop!”

“I gave her my nametag.”

“Why did you give it to her? Who told you to do that!!!”

“No one told me to do it. But because I didn’t remember my friend’s name, it’s my fault and I’m responsible for that.”

Arthit was not expecting this answer and now they were looking at each other.

…strangely, in Kongpop’s eyes, Arthit didn’t see any defiance or disobedience, he read only the determination of a man doing his job for himself.

Arthit also calmed down, no longer shouting but in a serious tone.

“You know, if you give up your name tag to someone else, then you don’t have one anymore?


Knowing the rules behind it and choosing to do so, it means that the person in question is ready to be punished, so now it’s time for Arthit, the hazer, to step in and make him pay.

“If you don’t have a nametag, then I’ll count you as having broken the rules of orientation, so, from now on, you don’t sit with your friends, you sit by yourself. If anyone gets punished, then you’ll have to take double the punishment, get it!”


Although the punishment was heavier than ever, Kongpop’s answer was still firm and without hesitation.

Arthit turned and walked away, this time he didn’t go back to his previous position but walked straight out of the meeting.

…he didn’t know why he was like this but he knew that if he stayed in the meeting, he wouldn’t be able to make it. Even though he did everything to fulfill his duty as the head of the hazing team and the decision to punish him was all within reasonable limits but he still felt like he’d lost…to the brat who was hell-bent on helping his friend.

He hadn’t realized until now, besides Kongpop’s mouth that wanted to slap him several times a day… what he hated, was those steely, penetrating eyes.


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