SOTUS, Rule 5: You should understand the seniors’ difficulties.

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 5: You should understand the seniors’ difficulties.

“Has anyone ever taught you what ‘unity’ is?”

… We have

The answer is yes, who doesn’t know a simple word like that when you’re in faculty. But at four o’clock in the afternoon, standing in the middle of the stadium and scolding them, the hazer could not agree, in his eyes, the intelligence of these freshmen was on a par with that of the kindergarten class, another one of nature’s creations.

“You’re never all together for a meeting, we’re always lining up and we’re always getting ready to be punished! Don’t you know what ‘unity’ is, or don’t you care at all!

The freshmen were yelled at from the top. Today, everyone happens to be dressed in Cheer activity clothes and sweatpants, as if everyone had predicted that the next step was to be a” big fight” and at the moment when the hazer announced the punishment, everyone was impressed by their divination power.

“No matter, if you forget, I’ll teach you myself. But I’ll make it clear to you how I’m going to teach it, so if any of you are weak and delicate and think you can’t handle it, then step out!”

It’s a basic humanitarian concern to take out the sick, the old and the pregnant in advance, to avoid any unnecessary danger. Because punishment from seniors can be as brutal as boot camp. So to avoid punishment, many freshmen had been poking their heads in the sand but this next speech put an end to the small fire they had been trying to keep alive.

“But…if you opt out, don’t forget that those who stay will be educated in solidarity because of you!”

…having said that, who dares to quit? If one chooses to quit for his own selfish reasons at this moment, then he will have to take the blame for those who stay behind. No one dared to reveal their selfish nature in public, so they were at the mercy of Arthit. Arthit scanned the orderly queue and found no sign of anyone raising his hand to request to leave, so he praised Arthit with great satisfaction.

“Yes! I’d like to commend you for your spirit, for finally starting to have a sense of unity but it’s still not enough! Turn around and see my friends on the other side of the field… You have three minutes to get there and get back in line. If you’re late, you’ll be punished by a few seconds.”


They answered with a resignation to death, their voices sounded certain but their white faces betrayed their hearts. Because this playground is no joke, it’s just like a standard football field. And since the seniors are standing in a straight line between two soccer goals, given only 3 minutes, it’s too late to run like hell. In our hearts, we all said no but when we think of the hazer, who has no mercy, we don’t even have the courage to say no.

“Ow! Move if you understand! What are you standing there for? I’ve started the clock, run for your lives!”  yelled the hazer.

As soon as they said that, it was like seeing a swarm of bees coming out of a hive, spread out all over the stadium, in order to reach the stadium in three minutes, everyone seemed to be running towards the opposite side of the stadium with a strong wind. Although the stadium is so big that it would take a cow a day to walk it, it’s impossible to reach it in 3 minutes

(Yoki sauce time: the length of an international soccer field is between 100-110m, a normal person should be able to crawl it in 3 minutes). After many checks, it was confirmed that the Thais thought that the distance between the two goals was really far away…)

In the end, they had to be punished with hundreds of squats, not to mention that they had to line up again under the supervision of Phii Arthit until they were in order. It was an impossible task.

After running back and forth, their bodies seemed to be hollowed out and already some freshmen were pale, sweating and panting but once Arthit’s glaring eyes caught them, they had to seal their tiredness and straighten their backs to keep still. Except for one girl in the back row, who, if Arthit’s eyes had been a machine gun, would have been riddled with holes but she was still breathing hard with her head down and her back stretched.

…uh, wait, why does it feel like she’s breathing at an unusual rate? Is it…

Fortunately, Arthit’s eyes never left her and as soon as it happened, Arthit was the first to reach the girl’s body, using his own body as a cushion to avoid her head from hitting the ground. But unfortunately, they were now on the other side of the pitch and the medical team was unaware of the situation, so Arthit had to shout for help from the other side.

“Nurse! Where’s the nurse! Come see this girl!”

Arthit’s cry for help succeeded in attracting the attention of all the freshmen, who were shocked and turned around, even though they were stopped by other seniors.

“No looking back! Who gave you permission to look back! Turn your faces back now!”

The tone of the command was not to be disobeyed but to control the chaos and suspend the fear that was spreading among the freshmen. The freshmen were forced to turn around and look straight ahead, though they were still curious to know what was going on behind them but for Kongpop, who was punished for not having a nametag and was carried out alone in the back row, it didn’t matter that he turned around, so he witnessed what happened when the three nurses, who arrived in a hurry to check the patient’s symptoms first, were directed by the human cushion senior with a quick and decisive tone.

“She’s hyperventilating, don’t put her to sleep, put a paper bag over her mouth and nose so she can breathe and if that doesn’t work, get her to the hospital immediately.”

Concise, to the point, to the point. He was able to maximize the time he had to save the patient in the heat of the moment. Kongpop saw the nurses’ nod and carried the patient out of the playground, leaving the hazer to follow him with his eyes until he was sure everything was in order, then he turned around, walked straight to the front of the line and began a very serious speech.

“I’ve made a deal with you beforehand, if you don’t think you can handle the intensity, then trouble yourself and get out now, I can’t be held responsible for your lives and if anyone else messes up this time, then not only will I turn a blind eye and let it go but I’ll have the rest of you punished instead!”

Threatening their friends like the first time but this time to get them out of line. The freshmen had been running for almost an hour and some of them couldn’t run even if you ran after them with a whip. Even though they still wanted to keep going, about two dozen of them raised their hands and asked to be excused for safety reasons, most of them girls and after the hazer agreed, the rest of them started running again, until the sun went down and night fell, when the freshmen finally heard their long-awaited order.

“Well… that’s it for today, I think you’ve got a better idea of what unity is, so don’t forget it next time and if you do, then I’ll teach it to you all over again, from start to finish!” Dismissed!”


After the traditional thank you, the freshmen scattered like drained robots. The worst of all was Kongpop, who had to do more squats than anyone else because he had double the punishment order and had to catch up with everyone else as fast as he could to get to the other side of the finish line. So, Kongpop was like he was just plucked out of the water, his clothes were soaked with sweat and stuck to his body, his stomach was rumbling with hunger and he wanted to fly back immediately to take a shower and find something to fill the emptiness in his stomach. Immediately turning around, he came to his friend’s side and asked him with concern.

“M, what’s wrong with you, does your foot hurt?”

“Well…it should be a sprained ankle.”

My buddy from junior high faculty doesn’t look so good right now but he seems to be in a lot of pain. One minute he tells you to run, then he asks you to do squats and if you’re not careful, this is what you see now.

“Go have the nurse look at it, or it’ll get worse.”

Kongpop made a suggestion and got a nod of approval. Kongpop then picked up M and walked out of the playground…in fact, Kongpop’s own foot was aching, so let’s go get some medicine for it, it should heal faster.

At the tables by the playground, all the seniors from the medical and recreation teams, with a few juniors left to coordinate, including the sweet-looking one they were going to ask for help next.

“Sister, my feet hurt.” M started the conversation first.

“Ow… your foot hurts, sit down, I’ll take a look at it later.”

She first asked ME to take off her socks, then applied pressure on her ankle in plantar flexion and gently turned it inward or outward to diagnose the pain.

“Well…fortunately it’s not a sprain, it will be fine in 2-3 days with anti-pain ointment but now the ointment just ran out, my friend from the faculty is going to buy it, can you wait for a while?”

The unexpected answer made M turn his head to look at Kongpop who was standing far away, as if to ask Kongpop’s thoughts with his eyes and leave the decision to him. Because if we wait, we won’t know how long we’ll have to wait and they’re already hungry, so there’s no point in staying here just for an ointment since the injuries aren’t that serious.

“In that case, I’ll go buy it for him later, thanks Phii.”

Kongpop answered for M. She was surprised when she saw who was accompanying the injured student.

“Hey! So it’s Kongpop…just now, my friend was just looking for you to talk about the Campus Moon and Star competition, my senior sister wants to recommend you as the faculty’s representative to the competition, can you wait here for a moment for my friend, do you have any urgent business to take care of later?”

Kongpop blinked his eyes, he was only here to ask for a medicine, how come he’s participating in the Campus Moon and Star competition, in fact he didn’t have any problem with letting him participate in any of the faculty’s activities but now he has a problem with his stomach that has been in a loud uprising, so Kongpop can only truthfully excuse himself.

“That…we’re going to dinner later.”

“Oh…then you guys don’t go, just have lunch with the seniors, wait a minute ha, I’ll call my friend over first.”

She nodded her head in agreement as she walked to the table where there were a lot of lunch boxes. I left Kongpop and M looking at you with a confused look on my face, until the senior sister’s call was finished and turned around to see these two people still standing blankly but frowned in puzzlement.

“Aw, why don’t you go get your lunch box?”

“Let’s eat together. Is that really good?”

Kongpop asked, embarrassed, because he knew that the food was bought for the seniors, so that they would have the energy to continue working at night. Although the freshmen had gone home to their mothers, the seniors had to stay here to clean up the mess and prepare everything for tomorrow. Nevertheless, the answerer said with a relaxed face, not caring.

“Oh…it’s okay, we over-ordered, in case your seniors in training don’t have enough, they always like to ‘over-deliver’, a box is never enough.”“

It’s good that it wasn’t explained but it was explained to someone and M shuddered and his craving for food was immediately halved, because…

“If this is a lunch box for seniors, we won’t dare touch it.”

The fearful expression on M’s face was obvious to Sister Fang, who couldn’t help but smile.

“Haha, don’t be scared little brother, these seniors aren’t really that tough, they’re just doing their job. The punishments you’ve been subjected to, they’ve already done them before you, so they’re not just doing them for their own pleasure. They’ve had months and months of training to qualify to train you, because not only do they have to learn to control their emotions but they also have to have the ability to handle emergencies without putting you in danger.”

Kongpop quietly listened to the many stories the older sister told him that he never knew and maybe they were all true.

Today, he saw Phii Arthit without any hesitation, making quick and accurate judgement and guiding the nurses. He was so calm and clear in every situation, it completely changed Kongpop’s impression of him. Brutality. Even if what the freshmen did was right, the hazer would say it was wrong and then he’d punish them all without hesitation.

So it’s not surprising that Kongpop’s pals have gone from fearing him to hating and hating him and like to talk about him behind his back.

It wasn’t really news and the seniors were well aware of the negative repercussions that would result from their lack of understanding, so, as an experienced student, Fang warned Kongpop about them.

“Actually, the seniors who train you don’t want to annoy you or be annoyed by you but since that’s their job, they’re responsible for you, so it can’t be helped. And more importantly, you know, they’re the ones who actually care about you the most.”

This short speech is like a sword to Kongpop’s emotional center, causing Kongpop to question his previous behavior.

…Is it true that the seniors care for him? From the very first day, because of his mouth, he has offended someone and the person he has offended is the Phii Arthit, who seems to hate him and always gives him ‘special treatment’. Is it true that he cares for him?

He admitted that it was his own fault for making such an insulting remark in front of the senior but he had been so eager to save his friends that he hadn’t thought about the consequences of what he’d said and he’d ended up making the head of the faculty angry and he’d been punished so badly that he’d wanted to give up several times but even so, the seniors hadn’t shown any consideration for him.

…so how could he believe that the seniors really cared about him, because it all looked like the seniors were taking revenge for their own personal desires.

Before the doubts in their minds could be concluded, they were cut off by the clear voice of Fang’s senior sister, who was shoving her lunch box into their arms as she spoke.

“Here, take your rice, sit here and eat it, by the way, there are oranges, I’ll bring them later and give them to you, we’ve got kilos of them, we can’t finish them all. We can’t finish them all.”

Kongpop and M took the box lunch that was forced into their hands, along with two oranges each. Even if they still wanted to refuse, it probably wouldn’t help, so they just sat down and ate the plain basil and egg rice bowl. Although this bowl of boxed rice was not very filling, it was a temporary relief from hunger.

They were about to peel an orange and rinse their mouths but before they could begin, they heard a familiar voice from behind them.

“Fang, did the girl who was just sent to the infirmary go home? I didn’t see her even when I went to look for her. Oh yes… the anti-pain ointment you told me to buy, there are hot and cool types, I didn’t know which one you wanted to use so I used both…”

The voice suddenly died away, for the speaker suddenly realized that in addition to his friend, there were two other unexpected visitors sitting here, one of whom was the last person he wanted to meet.

“What are you doing here?”

Arthit shouted. The tone of his voice and his attitude seemed to be like a sudden change of the head hazer’s script, which was totally different from the previous one. The man who was yelled at jumped out of his chair and stood up straight.

Thanks to Fang, she explained the misunderstanding to Arthit right away.

“Oh, I’m the one who asked Nong Kongpop to stay here to talk about the Campus Moon and Star selection, to recommend him as a representative.”

Despite having heard the explanation, Arthit’s attitude not only did not improve but he threw a scornful look at the faculty representative, saying carelessly.

“Why are we sending this brat? Sending him and it would be a loss to our faculty, no face value, no manners, what a disgrace to our faculty.”

Kongpop felt his face burning at the mockery but even then he couldn’t open his mouth to defend himself, because Kongpop hadn’t forgotten that his opponent was not only a senior but also a hazer who could punish him as he pleased.

I’m afraid that the silence of the younger brother did not make the senior feel relaxed and happy, so the person concerned no longer bit the bullet, a dashing turn towards his friend and reached out and handed over the bag.

“The pills you told me to buy.”

“Thanks, I’m just waiting to use it.”

Fang thanked her and took the bag but the second part of her sentence made Arthit’s pupils dilate in shock, what? The medicine that he had worked so hard to buy ended up in the hands of the very person he had just scolded for being so comfortable with.

“Kongpop do you want one? I thought your feet hurt too.”

“Yes! Thanks.”

Kongpop accepted the offer without any hesitation, when he saw the look on Arthit’s face, he looked as if he had eaten a big fly, he wanted to curse but couldn’t. Kongpop smiled inwardly, he was almost broken inside, when he cursed just now, he didn’t expect this revenge to come so fast but he didn’t have time to say anything yet. , was interrupted by a sharp, greasy voice.

“Where is it, Fangggg! The representative of the freshmen, show it to the palace!”

Fang’s friend came over but then silence ensued, because they didn’t expect Fang’s friend to be a man with the heart of a young girl but he was even more flirtatious than a woman, despite his unkempt appearance. I don’t have to wait for Fang’s reply, that guy immediately locked onto the target and rushed over with a whoosh and couldn’t hold back the excitement in his heart.

“Oh no, no! Why didn’t you say earlier when you had such a good handsome boy, where you were hiding it before, there’s no need to think about other candidates anymore, Mini is going to make you the representative of the Faculty, winning is a must, I swear.”

Kongpop laughed dryly, letting the other man turn himself over to inspect every part of his body and while being turned around, he caught sight of Phii Arthit looking irritated and ready to go to the other side with his lunch box, as if he didn’t want his noble ears to be sullied by some obscene words and let them continue to talk in the same place.

I don’t think there’s much to say about Mr. Facultyyard but Mini is a very articulate person who can talk about everything from mountains to water to rocks. The sun was setting, the moon was shining, the seats were lit up and Mini realized that she had talked long enough, so it was time to stop the bus and let the boys go home.

“OK, I’ll call you then and set up a photo appointment, Kongpop and wait for your sister’s call.”

“It’s business, my friend and nothing else.”

Miss Fang did not forget to make fun of her friend, causing her to immediately raise her flag.

“Meh…you can totally rule out that possibility, make sure the conversation is about business, after all, a person of my sister’s high level, how can she be satisfied with just hearing the sound, it has to be the sight of naked flesh to feel it okay.”

This disagreement caused the table to burst out in lascivious laughter but not for a few seconds before the laughter instantly fizzled out into silence, as a fierce little monster named Chabibei complained.

“Why are you laughing so loudly, can’t you consider the feelings of the person working next to you!”

The man put on the air that he was the only one in charge and long after the racket had passed, Arthit still came up, as if he had swallowed an entire hornets’ nest alive.

“Fang, we do not want to let you go after him. As for you freshmen, you can go home if you’re ready.”

Thus Arthit tore apart the discussion group, Kongpop and his friend got up and tried to flee the scene before they were punished for some inexplicable reason but it seemed to be too late.

“Hey, slow down!”

They were stopped by a voice from behind them, they immediately stopped as ordered, turned around and saw the man coming at a gallop and stopping right in front of them.

“Give me your hand!”

The direct recipient of the order is Kongpop and although he doesn’t know it, he can guess that it’s another new type of punishment and maybe, this time, Hazer wants to cosplay the teacher and experience the thrill of beating the palm of a student’s hand with a whip or some other torture device.

Finally, when Kongpop was ready, he stretched out his hands, closed his eyes tightly and prepared for the torture but there was no pain for a long time, because all he had in his hands was…

…four oranges.

“Take it, my friend brought it specially for you and since you’ve received it, don’t forget to take it!”

After that, he turned to get another box of lunch and then quickly walked away and disappeared from Kongpop’s sight, leaving him and his friend still dazed and confused by what had just happened, until M breathed a sigh of relief that nothing terrible had just happened.

“Ho-ho-ho… scared the baby to death, thought I’d be punished again.”


Kongpop was talking absent-mindedly but his eyes were focused on the four oranges he had received from someone… the oranges he had forgotten about, which he could have pretended not to see and then just floated past but he had chased after them just to give them to him. I don’t know why but as he watched, Kongpop remembered the words.

‘The people who care about you the most, in fact, are them. ‘

…people who care about us?

Kongpop laughed out loud just by imagining Arthit’s cold face, fierce eyes and vicious words with” someone who cares about us”, because the hazer’s image quality was so out of place in comparison but even so, Kongpop felt a warm current in his heart and the corners of his mouth turned up involuntarily.

Maybe it’s like this… if” the person who cares about him the most” and” the person who treats him the most cruelly” are the same person, then he shouldn’t be able to win, he shouldn’t be able to hate the other person, Because there was always a feeling in his eyes…

…hard-hearted people, even when they’re hard-hearted they’re cute.


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