SOTUS, Rule 6: Listen to the senior’s explanation.

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 6: Listen to the senior’s explanation.

For these freshmen, the “entertainment team” is a precious green in the yellow sand.

The seniors and juniors in the recreation team are responsible for teaching them how to sing, play games, liven up the atmosphere and act as” full-time nannies” to take care of the freshmen. The seniors are always smiling and in a good mood 24 hours a day, so if they have any problems, they can always ask for help. As a result, all the freshmen were very close to them and loved them as if they were the living Buddha in reincarnation.

A stark contrast to the other group.

…if the seniors in the recreation team are the angels in the seventh heaven, then the seniors are the Satan in the eighteenth hell.

The more the activities of the entertainment team are interrupted by these uninvited birds, the more it seems like the old story of a good angel being hijacked by a vile demon and forced into prostitution.

“Stop! That’s enough! I can’t take this cheer you’re shouting anymore!”

Arthit stepped forward, shouted at the students to stop and frightened the freshmen who were still shouting cheer activity on their shoulders to put their hands down and stand at attention as if they were new recruits. One by one, they bowed their heads as low as they could, to avoid the machine-gun glare of the seniors, for fear of being caught out.

“Is this what your cheer activity is? Shouting like this, with all that noise and confusion, who taught you?”

“It’s me.”

As the number one warrior of the recreation team, the sophomore, the one with dandelion eyes, raised his hand, because the sophomore’s recreation team was in charge of the cheer songs, faculty songs and cheer activity, so if anything went wrong with the freshmen, it was the responsibility of the recreation team, so it was only natural that the recreation team became the target of direct fire from the hazer.

“Then could you please show me how you teach them!”  The hazer’s voice was stern.

Even though the roles and responsibilities are different, they are all higher than the recreation team due to their positions and grades, so in front of the Senior Instructor, the recreation team is only a junior and their orders are still like an imperial decree.

The sophomores had to disperse to clear an open space for the sophomores to come to the center and form a circle, while they themselves sat in the second line in a circle. In the center of the circle, the sophomores hooked their shoulders and started to chant cheer activity. Although there were only a dozen of them, the overwhelming momentum of the sophomores was many times greater than that of the freshmen and many of the freshmen were shocked by their spirit.

…as the hazer crossed his arms over his chest, he was thinking the exact opposite.

“Is that the cheer you shouted, I don’t wonder now why they shouted that crap, because of the incompetence of the teachers!”

The seniors’ conclusion was like a blindfold to the audience, everyone could feel the seniors’ cheer activity was a few notches better than the freshmen but no one dared to stand up and argue with the only judge present. Because we all knew the rules and the first rule was that the seniors were always right and the second rule was that if you didn’t like what you saw, you could go back to the first rule. That’s why you’ll have to accept your punishment.

“You keep shouting until these freshmen learn how to shout! Start!”

Such an ambiguous order, with no indication of how long it’s going to last, would have been better than an order to scream your throats out.

Despite this, the hazers in training’s seniors did not complain, immediately hooked shoulders into a circle to chant the cheer once again, this time the voice is even louder than before. But sitting around the outer circle of freshmen looked particularly distressed, although the cheer is not long but so keep shouting in a circle, it is only a matter of time before you lose your voice. And shouting at the same time to stomp and shake their heads back and forth, so two or three times can easily make you whole blinded but the sophomore seniors have to repeat the cycle of shouting, then the previous freshmen of the training are even more miserable. They didn’t have to take the punishment for the freshmen.

Along with the loud cheer activity over and over again, the freshmen were also feeling a little bit of guilt and some of them were already shivering, unable to bear to look at the scene in front of them and were pleading with the hazer with their eyes but I’m sorry… Arthit isn’t a man who goes easy and besides, punishing the sophomores isn’t his real goal, his real target is the freshmen. Taking advantage of the good relations between the sophomores and the freshmen, he put the sophomores in danger and put pressure on the freshmen, so that the intangible punishment is a thousand times stronger than violence. Therefore, Arthit had to pretend to be cold and stand aside as if the sophomores’ cheer activity were crows in the street, without any intention to stop. But the sound was like a sledgehammer in the ears of the freshmen and every time it was shouted it was like a hammer to their hearts, which would smash their guilt to the core.

…so you can’t bear to listen to it.

“Permission to speak!”

A voice from the group of freshmen caught everyone’s attention and everyone turned around, including Arthit but he wasn’t surprised at all when he saw who was reporting…regular customer, 0062 Kongpop.


Arthit speaks as if he’s a leader and looks to the man who’s getting up and standing.

“I request that the seniors of the hazers in training shout cheer activity instead!” The petition is mingled with the still-continued cheer activity.

Kongpop’s request was within Arthit’s expectation, sometimes Arthit wondered if this brat was too much of a drama addict to think of himself as the hero but where there’s a hero, there’s bound to be a villain and this was the moment for the villain to appear.

“Request denied! No heroes are needed here! Sit down!”

Arthit refused, without any mercy. But Kongpop didn’t give up, he kept on fighting.

“But I…”

“If you don’t want to sit down, then get out, take your pick!!!!”

Both ways look awkward, because Kongpop in deep shit and last time he got a yellow card for breaking the rules and he got kicked off the team. If he gets a red card this time, he won’t be able to rejoin the team, he’ll be kicked out of the year grade.

In the end, Kongpop chose to keep his mouth shut as expected and Arthit was pleased to see Kongpop in this state.

…See, in the end, they didn’t have the guts to risk their own lives…but that’s what these guys with male plots are like!

Arthit turned back to listen to the sophomore’s cheer activity, his voice getting hoarse. He thought that no one would dare to interfere in this matter anymore but before a minute had passed, another voice entered everyone’s ears.

“Permission to speak!”

Arthit immediately turned around to check but the scene in front of him stunned Arthit, because he didn’t think it was the same person who had raised his hand this time.

…not yet afraid of it!

“I disagree!”

He thought that his attitude should be clear enough by now but unfortunately, he was wrong, because the interlocutor did not want to retreat but continued to pursue.

“Permission to speak!”

…f-ck! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

“I disagree!”

“Permission to speak!”

“I disagree!”

“Permission to speak!”


Arthit, who couldn’t stand it any longer, yelled the name of the other man and his eyes were burning as if a fire was burning in them and he looked at the repeater who was smoking a cassette tape but the repeater didn’t show any sign of cowardice and even seemed to want to ask for more.

At the moment when the sword is on the verge of a fight, even the sophomore who is still shouting cheer activity can’t help but stop, looking at these two people who are like fire and water, only to hear the hazer’s stern words.

“You get out of here! Don’t even step half a step into the venue again!”

As soon as the words were spoken, everyone in the room seemed to stop breathing in surprise, for this was the worst punishment they had ever heard, bar none. Even Kongpop himself was startled when he heard the order, although he was prepared for it. But even so, Kongpop didn’t regret what he had done, because he had chosen the path he was going to walk, even on his knees.

And so the punished man turned away from the line and headed straight for the door, though his legs felt like lead and every step seemed heavier than the last. Once outside, it meant that Kongpop was disqualified from continuing in his year grade. But before he could reach the door, a voice broke the silence.

“Permission to speak!”

A sudden sound stopped Kongpop in his tracks and the sound managed to attract Phii Arthit’s attention. Arthit turned around and shouted at the people in the group who had raised their hands.

“What do you want?”

M… Kongpop’s good buddy stood up and despite the dodgy expression, said straight to the point.

“I ask that my friend be allowed to stay and then we will replace the sophomore seniors in the cheer activity.”

M’s fearlessness was worthy of admiration but unfortunately, this feat did not extinguish Phii Arthit’s anger but was like a dry firewood that burned more and more.

Oh yeah… he almost forgot about that, someone would have stepped up as a friend of the hero to protect his heroic aura. But it’s a pity, because he’s not going to change anyway.

“I disagree!”

He repeated what he had already said hundreds of times today, thinking that he was going to implicate everyone who came to plead for mercy but before he had a chance to speak, another freshman followed in the footsteps of the vanguard and not just one but more than a dozen people from different directions.

“Permission to speak!”

“Permission to speak!”

“Permission to speak!”

“Permission to speak!”

The scene became one of petitions floating over the whole place and the hands of the freshmen held high. Arthit was forced to shout.


There was silence but the freshmen were no longer the tearful ones they had been the first time they had been trained, they were now so strong and firm that even Arthit was not allowed to budge.

“Fine, I can promise to let you chant cheers instead of the sophomores but your friend still has to go out.”

…yes… he made a concession but don’t think he’s going to back down, the more he dares to make a scene in front of everyone, the less likely he is to let a friend get away with a few simple favors.

It seemed that there were still some freshmen who were not satisfied with the decision and wanted to keep on trying but Arthit, as if he hadn’t seen them, turned around and urged those who were still standing.

“What are you waiting for, you can get out now!”

Kongpop looked into Arthit’s eyes with resentment.

…there’s no point in pleading anymore, after all, the other side has always been a thorn in his side, this is the perfect opportunity to remove this thorn and the whole world will be in peace.


Kongpop answered, then opened the door and walked out of the meeting without saying a word but… he didn’t go far away but stayed outside the venue, listening to the sounds, at one time he could hear his friends shouting cheer activity, at another time he was scolded by the seniors, then cheer activity again and so on for about ten minutes but no sound came out for a long time, Kongpop had to stick as close to the door as possible in order to hear what was going on inside. Suddenly, the door slammed open and out of the door came a group of juniors and at the end of the group was the hazer of the group. When they saw that they hadn’t gone anywhere and were still here, their voices immediately hardened.

“Why are you still standing here please!”

“I’m waiting here for a friend.”

Kongpop answered honestly that even though he was now out of grade, his relationship with his friends would remain the same as before.

The seniors looked at each other as if they were making eye contact after hearing Arthit’s reply. After receiving a nod from Arthit as a signal, they went towards the freshman, surrounded him and blocked his way. It seems that they are going to beat up this hairless brat. No doubt, Arthit must be the leader of the whole incident and then, to start with the leader’s questioning.

“Do you know why I kicked you out?”

No matter how heated the situation was, Kongpop remained true to himself and spoke up for a reason he already knew.

“Because I make you feel discontented.”

“Discontent with what?”

“Discontent with my request to help the seniors in the hazers in training group.”

“No, I threw you out because I told you, there’s no need for so-called heroes here.”

…no need for a hero?…

Kongpop’s eyebrows were knitted together and the reason was so far from what he’d expected, that he immediately defended himself.

“What do you mean? Or do you have a problem with me always standing out but I’m not trying to stand out, I’m just trying to help my friends.”

“So is your friend going to have to sit around and wait for one of you to come to the rescue or what?

At the seniors’ question, Kongpop was flabbergasted, as if his mind was shaken, as if he began to understand something… Some Phii Arthit tried to explain what they wanted Kongpop to understand.

“If your friends are used to waiting for help, how will they face and solve problems when they encounter bigger problems later on? If they are always looking for someone to lead them and don’t have the determination to solve problems on their own, then they really don’t fit in with our younger siblings.”

…for the first time, the senior was reasoning with him calmly, not giving orders or punishing decisions.

Kongpop now realized that, behind everything the seniors did, there was their own reason and rationale but they didn’t say it directly but showed it in a more violent form but all of this was out of a desire to let the younger siblings understand more about life, of course, including Kongpop.


With the understanding of the younger generation, the other seniors gradually withdrew, leaving Arthit alone who had just turned to leave but was stopped by the others.

“Wait a minute! There’s one more thing I don’t understand.”

“What now!”

Arthit looked impatient…having just gone to the trouble and painstaking effort of talking, how come there is still something you don’t understand!

“I wasn’t being a hero when I asked you for your autograph but why did you punish me?”

…oh… the time he made the kid scream, told someone to f-ck him in the ass, pfft, he’s still laughing even now. The truth is, some of his punishments are really well thought out but others, they’re purely for spite.

“And why do you think that is?”

Arthit threw the question back to the other man, knowing that he must have hated him for a long time and now he wanted to settle the score. Arthit thought that Kongpop would have guessed that he was doing this just for his own pleasure. But he never thought that the yearling’s guess would be different from his own.

“Well…I think…you like me.”

“What did you say!”

Arthit’s voice was loud but obviously trembling, Kongpop smiled and told the reason as if it were a perfectly normal story.

“Because they say…when we like someone, we always try to tease them to get their attention and you always like to tease and punish me, so that means…you’re secretly in love with me, right?”

…Ai… you bastard! What’s this nonsense! You’re crazy, you’re crazy to think you like punishment.

“No! Hey!!!”

As soon as he finished shouting, the doors opened and Arthit managed to attract the attention of a group of freshmen who had just been released.

“What are you looking at! You’re not allowed to look! When it’s over, go home!…and you too, you can go home!” You too, you can go home!”

The rest of the sentence was directed at Kongpop and Kongpop simply echoed it.


That’s it, the other guy turns around and walks away in a huff. Leaving Kongpop staring all the way, he heard M’s voice full of questions.

“What were you and the seniors talking about, shouting so loudly.”

Although to his friends, all they saw was the horror of the head hazer… to Kongpop, even if it was horrible, he would always smile. Because everything the Phii did was for a reason and that reason, he just explained to someone.

Reason being…

“No, nothing, just playing around…”


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