The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 8: Proving yourself to the head hazer senior

“The roasted chicken is burning, the roasted chicken is burning, it’s about to get stabbed with a stick. Ow! It’s about to be shoved with a stick. Ow! Stick it in the left -ss, stick it in the right -ss, it’s really hot, really hot, really hot! Woo-hoo! Whoo!!!”

…light-hearted and happy…that’s what fun is all about under the leadership of the seniors in the hazers in training.

All the freshmen danced hard, just to let off a little steam after being punished by the head hazer for doing the horse stance for five minutes, which made them numb from their ankles to their thighs and completely lose their ability to stand up but that didn’t stop them from dancing to the beat of the drums until dawn, which is called, as bad as you’ve been trained, dance as hard as you can, it’s the only way to live up to yourself. But this enthusiasm was soon stopped by the seniors of the entertainment team.

“Ok, that’s it for today’s training, if any of you guys want to sign up for the Freshman Games, don’t forget to be in the gym at 7pm.”

The last sentence is to remind students not to forget to register, because soon there will be an event that is very important to every freshman and that is the “Freshman Sports Day”. All the facultys have been rehearsing and performing for almost a month for this sports day, which is absolutely brilliant and amazing.

After being dismissed, Kongpop looked at the time, it’s almost 6:30, before Kongpop walks out of the venue, he hears someone calling him.

“Hey! Kong, wait a minute.”

Kong’s buddy M called out to him from behind and he stopped and turned around to wait for M to come over and as soon as he got closer, M couldn’t wait to ask.

“Do you have time, I want to sign up for basketball, you can come with me.”

For M’s invitation to the game, Kongpop was not surprised, because in his old faculty M is also a faculty basketball team, usually when there is nothing to do after faculty, M likes to call his regular friend Kongpop, the two of them go to play basketball together, usually form a team and play with the students for fun but also a regular practice, that level to win all kinds of important faculty games, such as Color Separation Games, should be sprinkling, so Kongpop nodded cheerfully in response.

“Well okay but can we have dinner first, you want to come with me?”

Kongpop’s traditional belief that you can’t go on the road until you’ve eaten your fill and because there will be a little test for you to do when you sign up for the selection process, the two of them sat down together in the canteen to replenish the energy they’d spent on training.

The first day of the faculty year, the students were already in the gymnasium but the first step into the gymnasium, there were already a lot of people there, not only the freshmen but also other seniors and juniors, such as the body and heart of the “beautiful” Mini. Yeah, as soon as he saw Kongpop, he flipped through the sea of people and ran towards Kongpop.

“Ho-ho! Kongpop, it’s been so long have you missed this sister, what brings you here?”

“Hi Mini, I’m here with a friend to sign up for a basketball game.”

Kongpop replied politely as he bowed but his reply elicited a loud scream from Mini.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! You’re signing up for basketball but! We’ll have to enter Campus Moon and Star then, can you juggle all that?”

…well, it’s true, Kongpop forgot that the big event at orientation, besides the sports tournament and the tiered show, is the Campus Star Awards.

He is the one who is going to be the representative for the Campus Moon and Star contest. The reason why Kongpop became the representative is because of the “shady” background and the one who” secretly operated” behind the scenes is Mini. The faculty’s website is the only way for people to find out who is the representative of their faculty, as they saw Kongpop’s picture and interview. After hearing Mini’s words, M also realized that Kongpop was going to participate in the Campus Moon and Star contest, so he immediately changed his mind and said something else.

“Well, in that case, you won’t be entering, I forgot you have a Campus Moon and Star contest.”  but Kongpop shakes his head no and doesn’t want to come all the way here for nothing, so Kongpop turns to Mini and asks her permission.

“So if I just sign up as a substitute, is that okay?”

“Well, if it’s just as a substitute, I think it’s ok, come on and run for a couple of minutes and brush your face…oh yeah, are you ready to show off any of your talents?”

…uh-oh, that’s another thing that Kongpop forgot. Because faculty stars aren’t only judged on their faces, they’re also judged on their talent. So, all the contestants had to prepare a talent show that lasted no more than five minutes but for Kongpop, it was more than five minutes and he couldn’t think of anything else he could do for five seconds besides introducing himself. But under the hopeful gaze of Mini, Kongpop had to tell a little lie to get the ball rolling.

“It’s not ready yet but I’m starting to think about it.”

“Hey! If that’s the case you’ll have to hurry up haha, if you can’t figure it out just come and ask your sister, I’ll help you, this year I’m sure I can help you get to the altar and win the title, don’t worry, trust in my methods!”

It was obvious that the one who was yelled at was upset, so he started slapping the case and didn’t show any respect to the seniors. This also increased Prem’s inner anger level and he started pointing and shouting at him.

“Ho-ho! Show me some respect, I think you’re out of your mind kid, you need to figure out who’s the senior and who’s the junior or do you want to try it yourself!”

“Come on, then! I wasn’t scared, just because you were born early doesn’t mean you’re great!”

“What are you talking about?”

Such provocative words were like a bulldozer, which crushed Prem’s supreme superior dignity and he clenched his fists and rushed out but Arthit was there to stop him and it took him a lot of effort to slow him down, or else he would have been in trouble.

“Hey, take it easy! Prem, you stay here.” Arthit tugged at his friend and talked him out of it.

“But listen to what he’s saying! So impulsive, if he doesn’t get a few lessons, I don’t think he’ll know how high and how thick the sky is!”

“Aw, that’s better! You think I wouldn’t dare!”

Prem’s words further stimulated his opponent’s sensitive nerves of anger and the provoked man moved forward with his sleeves rolled up, ready to deliver a punch to satisfy his opponent’s will but Kongpop, who was sitting next to him, locked his arm and forced him to calm down.

“Wait, calm down.”

“How can I calm down? I asked nicely and then I got yelled at.”

The crash intensifies the second half of the sentence, adding fuel to the flames of the already unhappy man’s attack.

“F-ck you! Don’t even think about staying here!”

As soon as the fist was raised, without regard for the man pulling him, Arthit lost his patience and with a furious voice ordered, startling the two men.

“Stop it, both of you! Barking like two mad dogs, aren’t you ashamed!”

When Arthit finished yelling, the world went quiet and the two quarrelling men realised that they had become the center of attention in the gym.

Arthit pulled his hand away from his friend, walked up to the two parties and asked.

“If you want to know why, you can! I’ll tell you why.”

So that everyone could clearly hear this next important reason, Hazer turned around to face the group of freshmen sitting on the floor.

“The more serious you are, the more you’ll see how serious you are about this but if you don’t take it seriously, if you don’t fight hard enough, you’ll never be able to make it to the next level. If you admit defeat at the beginning, then you are not worthy to be part of our faculty.”

Arthit’s remarks were made not as a hazer but as a senior in the engineering faculty.

…In fact, Arthit himself wasn’t quite sure if it was true that he had been the top scorer in all sports since the beginning of the freshman sports but when he was a freshman in basketball, that’s how he was pressured by the seniors and in the end they won all the sports as well… Well that and the athletic teammates.

This is like the spirit of the Engineering Faculty, to be passed down from generation to generation. Not only that, it’s the strongest proof of our students’ spirit but also to maintain our dignity as the number one faculty, if we can’t even win against a faculty with fewer students than us, we’ll be scandalized.

“We’re going to win.”

Arthit looks at the interrupter and this time it’s right, it’s the real person who likes to be the hero.

Kongpop also released his grip on his friend’s hand and walked to his level with his friend, he was not cowardly and faced the hazer face to face and looked him straight in the eyes but the hazer’s eyes were a bit dodgy and at the same time he said sarcastically again.

“Heh, don’t just talk smack, remember, you’re the representative of your year and you have a responsibility to all of your year.”

“I know, that’s why I said we’ll win, we’ll prove to the seniors that the freshmen share the same fate as the faculty and won’t let anyone underestimate us.”

Kongpop isn’t looking for a fight or a fight, you can just see the inherent confidence and determination in him.

Kongpop’s words once again lit a fire in the hearts of all the freshmen, as could be seen in the glances they cast at the seniors standing around them.

“Well, then, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

After Arthit said that, he nodded his head to his friends and the junior patrol team walked out of the gym as a group. As soon as the seniors stepped out of the gymnasium, the freshmen in the gymnasium were able to breathe a sigh of relief. Some of the seniors who had just left the gym started complaining immediately.

“What a f-cking buzzkill! I haven’t had a chance to drain the blood out of that yearling’s brain and you shouldn’t have stopped me.”

Prem had a dark face, a voice full of anger, the image of a southern man studying civil engineering. Arthit, on the other hand, listened to him complain as he walked along and when he couldn’t listen anymore, he had to explain.

“If you just did hit him, then there are over 100 witnesses present, turn around and someone will immediately go to the teacher and report it, then we’ll all be in trouble, so use your head!”

“Uh…yeah…and that good-looking guy of yours, he’s really nosy, too.”

The interlocutor started to change the subject, probably because he saw Kongpop’s conversation with himself and figured out something. Arthit could only nod his head.

“Well, that’s just the way he is and I’m getting tired of punishing him.”

Even though Arthit had warned him not to be a hero. Even though Arthit understood that this was a special case, if Kongpop hadn’t said something, the atmosphere between the freshman and the junior would have been even more awkward. And the trigger for the explosion was his own impatient friend.

“Ha, he’ll be done for sooner or later with his bravado.”

Arthit stopped as soon as he heard the scornful words coming from his side, knowing that his friend must have been out of his mind because he was so angry with the freshman who had started the trouble, that he would have bludgeoned all the freshmen to death, thinking that every one of them was a hero but Arthit knows that’s not true, Kongpop is not like that.

“…don’t underestimate him.”

The interlocutor didn’t have time to hear the words that came out of Arthit’s mouth later and asked.

“What did you say?”


Arthit stalled and moved quickly to the front of the line, acting as if nothing had happened but one thought kept repeating in his mind, without stopping and that thought must have made the other seniors angry, because Arthit was convinced that…

…Kongpop will definitely win.


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