SOTUS, Rule 9: Keeping the promise made to the senior

The First Year and the Evil Senior: พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง

SOTUS, Rule 9: Keeping the promise made to the senior

“Hey! Kong! Kong! Kongpop! What are you looking at, I’ve been calling you for so long and you haven’t responded.”

With a lot of effort, M had managed to summon the spirit of the stunned man back to the basketball court, where everyone was preparing for the upcoming game, except Kongpop, who couldn’t concentrate at all, because he was waiting for someone to show up.

…the one who always reminded him of the beginning.



The whistle blows which means the basketball game between the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Education is officially over and in an instant the arena erupts with cheers for the cheering team and the winning team.

“Winning! We’re in the finals, wow!”

Kongpop heard M shouting in excitement, running to the bench and high-fiving himself while Kongpop, on the other hand, was out of place. Seeing this, M asks with a frown on his face.

“What’s wrong with you Kong, you look so sad, we won! Cheer up.”

“No, I just didn’t see any seniors come to the game today.”

Kongpop shrugged his shoulders but he couldn’t help but say what was on his mind.

In fact, not only today, since the beginning of the freshmen sports day yesterday, he had only seen freshmen and sophomores coming in but the seniors in the engineering faculty seemed to be in a different routine from the other faculties, they didn’t seem to be interested in the competition at all, even though they were the ones who had made it a rule for the freshmen to win all the events.

“Hey hey, it’s probably because we’re afraid of getting hit in the face, what about the way we were squeezed before, when we really do it, they won’t be as nice as they said before, just wait and see… then if dad doesn’t smash their eyes out with the trophy, let’s see if they still dare to be that arrogant.”

The guy who kept talking about the seniors while wiping his sweat is called “Wad”, he’s a big-eyed, single-eyed Chinese, he’s Kongpop’s new friend and he made a revolutionary friendship when they stood up to the seniors in the gym together.

Kongpop got to know Wad better during basketball practice and as far as Kongpop knew, Wad was a chemistry major, hated the Sotus System and didn’t like practice much but was only willing to play out of love for the game. It’s not surprising that Wad was chosen to be the team captain because he’s a good player, except for the fact that he’s a bit of a hothead and gets angry easily, so it’s not surprising that he dared to call out the seniors but after that, Wad made up his mind to save face and that’s what drove him to lead his teammates to the finals.

“Go home and get some rest, tomorrow is the last battle, the seniors and the others can come or not, as long as we win, they will definitely know in the end anyway, you should not persevere in your search.”

M tapped Kongpop on the shoulder and walked out of the stadium, Kongpop also stood up and walked out with his friends but he still had his eyes on the cheering stand but the truth was, he still saw only the freshmen singing on the cheering stand and some of them were moving to other games to continue cheering…

The faculty’s freshman sports meet is usually held over three days, with the competition starting in the late afternoon and the students are allotted time slots to take turns cheering for the various sports, including soccer, volleyball, table tennis and badminton. These sports are still in the stage of elimination but from the latest update, none of them have been eliminated, which shows that the “intimidation” from the seniors of the third year still works, like a long whip, always spurring the freshmen, so that they do not dare to slack off at all and fight to the death.

In Kongpop’s case, even though he’s only a substitute, he’s been practicing hard this past week because he wants to make good on his promise to show the seniors the dignity of being a freshman and that’s why he’s trying so hard to do his best. of the year. But even now that they’ve made it to the finals, the seniors haven’t even shown up once.

…including that guy.

For some reason, throughout the game, his eyes would keep searching for someone and even though he knew the chances of them coming were slim to none, he still kept praying in his heart, hoping to meet those cold eyes. But every time he accidentally looked at them for too long, Kongpop had to drag his mind back to the game and scold himself every time.

…he’s probably really crazy, Kongpop ugh!

The man with the wildest thoughts shook his head to get them out of his head and warned himself that he should go home and get some rest for tomorrow’s game.

Kongpop said goodbye to his friends and drove his motorcycle back to the dormitory at around 8pm, a little before the end of the freshmen sports day. Kongpop didn’t go straight to the dormitory but turned around and drove his motorcycle to a foodshed not far away. Kongpop had actually eaten something to fill up his stomach before the game but by this point, his energy had been depleted, so he drove here, looking for a snack to replenish his energy. Suddenly the aroma of barbecue enters Kongpop’s nose and it turns out it’s the owner of the pork kebab restaurant grilling skewers, so there’s no need to bother, so this is the place.

“Boss, 10 kebabs of roast pork, a bag of sticky rice.”

“Can you wait a minute, the pork is still cooking, it’ll be done in a minute.”

The barbecue man was turning the skewers over as he spoke. I didn’t check to see if there was any meat already cooked but now that I’m here, I don’t feel like walking to look for other food, since I won’t lose any meat later.


Kongpop nodded and decided to just stand there and wait. He took the coins out of his coin purse to pay later and was calculating how much he would have to pay when suddenly another customer’s voice came from behind him.

“Uncle, 10 skewers of roast pork and a bag of sticky rice…”

“Can you wait a minute, the pork is still cooking, it’ll be done in a minute.”

The conversation was just like a copy and paste from earlier, making Kongpop shift his eyes from the coin purse to the person who was walking this way, who was answering the old man’s questions with a cheerful tone.

“No problem~” but the long winding sound suddenly stopped in the sky, just as the hazer suddenly realized who was standing in front of the stall, the person in question hid the pink milk that he was still swallowing behind his back with a thunderbolt and as Kongpop was giving himself the salute, he quickly changed his face, immediately removed his playful smile and replaced it with a serious face.

“Sawadee khrap, Phii Arthit.”


Arthit’s short, snappy reply, as if he was not caring, turned him into a cool guy, as if he had a magical switch installed in his body that could switch between comic and cool in an instant, without any sense of discomfort. However, this change in his face made the previously relaxed atmosphere tense and strange and Kongpop had to find something to say to defuse the awkwardness.

“Our basketball game made it to the finals, as did all the other sports I heard.”

“So why did you come to tell me?”

Kongpop was startled by the question of a man who had searched the basketball court but found no one but who had finally found him in front of the barbecue but he chose to try to explain.

“I didn’t see the seniors come to the game, so I thought you didn’t know.”

“Well, it’s only the finals, so don’t report to me, I only care if you win in the end.”

That’s why the seniors didn’t come to the game once, because they think everything is worthless if the freshmen haven’t won the final game. I don’t know.

“Don’t worry, I’ll win.”

Another line from the idol hero, with his overwhelmingly confident attitude, it was really annoying! Arthit couldn’t help but look at his mouth.

…your sister-in-law’s foot, your sister-in-law’s perfect man but he probably hasn’t heard the phrase,” No one is perfect”. No one is invincible, he must have weaknesses, otherwise, how can the word” loser” exist in this world.

“Do you think you can really do it? I heard you’re going to represent the faculty in the Campus Star Competition, right.”

Arthit’s words sounded like an ordinary question but to Kongpop, who was already familiar with Arthit’s patterns, he could instantly tell that Arthit had something to say. Just as Kongpop expected, before he could answer, the questioner, with a wry expression on his face, replied with a smirk.

“So you remember what I once said, we never lose to anyone in engineering, if you want my approval, you have to win every project.”

…to win every project and for Kongpop… to be crowned Campus Moon and Star but please don’t underestimate the difficulty of the Campus Moon and Star competition, because it’s not just about the face but also about the individual’s talent and other aspects.

Even though it was just a competition to spice up the orientation and the winner of the title didn’t win any prizes and wouldn’t be chosen to compete in the Miss Universe Contest, it was a battle of academies against each other. If it wasn’t for that, Mini wouldn’t have used her power of attorney to allow Kongpop to become a representative of the faculty without having to go through a vote of the freshmen.

And the point is, from the very beginning, Kongpop didn’t give any thought to the Campus Star and it was very difficult to be the first one among the more than ten faculties, so it seems that the conditions that the hazer asked for were extremely harsh.

Arthit couldn’t help but feel happy when he saw Kongpop standing there for a long time unable to say anything.

He’s sure Kongpop will lose… he’s average looking, no talent but he likes to act like a pig’s foot all day long. When he loses the Campus Star competition, Arthit will use this as a pretext to punish all the freshmen, because even if he wins all the sports events, if the Campus Star loses, it will be considered a breach of the promise. In this way, the hopes of all the freshmen of the Engineering Faculty were pinned on Kongpop alone. So it’s normal for Kongpop to remain silent and not smile.

“The pork roast is ready!” A moment of embarrassment was broken by the roast pork man.

He handed over a bag with 10 skewers of roast pork and a bag of sticky rice, Arthit reached for the bag and paid for it, then made a gorgeous turn leaving only his handsome back behind.

You see, that’s what real leading men are like. No matter how sure he is now, the only one who can laugh out loud is the one who holds the ace in the hole, ha ha.

Arthit, now possessed by the hero, celebrated his victory by sucking on the powdered milk he had hidden behind his body for so long but as soon as he took two steps away, he was startled by a voice from behind him.

“And if I do win, what will you give me?”

Arthit almost spewed out a mouthful of pink milk drink, choking on his” ahem”. He turned around with a question mark on his face and immediately asked the speaker if his ears were ringing in his ears.

“Huh? What do you mean,” Huh? Why would I want to give you something?”

He exhaled and said with a relaxed expression.

“Consider this a little wager between us, okay? If I lose, I’ll do one thing for you but if I win, you have to do one thing for me.”

After hearing Kongpop’s words, now it was Arthit’s turn to be stunned and speechless and only after a long time did he realize that war had been declared on him, he became furious.

“Kongpop! You’re the one who dares to bargain with me now, are you!”

The hazer was furious, his voice raised an octave and his voice was shaking. But the man opposite, instead of being afraid, smiled and began to explain.

“I’m not bargaining, I’m just making a suggestion and it’s up to you whether you accept it or not. I’m at a disadvantage either way. Unless…you’re afraid I’ll win.”

At first it sounded fine but then Arthit felt like he had been punched in the heart, which was fine.

…This guy looks harmless on the outside but he’s a scheming bastard, full of mischief! That’s why he’s not afraid to die. Well, fine… if you dare to give this challenge, then I will certainly take it… Look carefully, kid, a man like me, Arthit, has never been afraid of anyone

“All right, I’ll take your advice, because I’m pretty sure and certain that a man like you will lose, no matter what the competition.”

The hazer accepted the offer, while not forgetting to take a dig at the other side but Kongpop’s side, still full of energy, responded by extending an invitation to Arthit.

“In that case, don’t forget to come see me tomorrow, so you can see for yourself if I’m really going to lose or not.”


This was the first time, I don’t know how many times, that Arthit could not find any words to curse in front of this man, so he could only turn and flee in anger. Kongpop was left on the spot, staring at Arthit’s back but he never got an answer.

…Actually, Kongpop didn’t mean to declare war on the senior but when he saw his face, he forgot who he was for a moment and couldn’t help but make fun of him. And on the other hand, Kongpop just wanted the senior to come and watch the game, not just basketball but all the other sports, so that he could see how hard the freshmen had worked to win.

As for the condition that the loser has to agree to a request from the opponent, it’s just to make the bet more fun and to motivate himself to take the game more seriously. Kongpop admits that it’s a risky bet for him but since he’s already got half a foot in the door, he’s got to put his heart and soul into it and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

…depends on tomorrow.

“Hey! Kong! Kong! Kongpop! What are you staring at, you’ve been so distracted since just now, it’s almost time for the game!”

M brought back Kongpop’s spirit again and now Kongpop is at the basketball finals, starting the first half of the game, why only the first half, because Kongpop has to keep his energy up for the Faculty Star game. But right now he’s in a completely detached state and all he can think about is the cheering section but so far, there’s no sign of anyone in the arena.

In the end, it never came…

He should’ve known this would happen but what was he expecting, a hazer like Arthit wouldn’t care as long as the freshman didn’t win. But deep down in his heart, Kongpop was still hoping that he would get a little result by provoking the seniors with his drastic offer yesterday but now it seems that all his efforts were in vain.

…his plan may have failed.

So Kongpop had no choice but to stop waiting. He walked towards his teammates, leaned over his shoulder and formed a circle with them and started to prepare for the pre-game cheer. But before it could begin, there was a commotion and screaming from the Kobo Yard pep rally, so much so that the captain looked up and asked what was going on.

“What’s happening?”

At once, all the players looked towards the source of the noise and found that the one who caused the commotion was a group of people who had just walked into the gym – nearly 20 seniors from the third and fourth year of Engineering Faculty. They walked right up to the edge of the stadium, ignoring the stares of others, as if they were here to take over the territory. But given the current situation, it’s more appropriate to say they’re here to put pressure on the juniors.

“Heh, I thought they weren’t going to come, now that’s good, let’s show those annoying  how we win!”

Kongpop heard Wad’s hateful words and then accidentally saw the man he had been searching for so long beside the senior Wad considered his enemy. The captain called all the men together and with a voice more passionate and full of morale than the previous one, he raised the cheer again.

“Engineering Faculty! Go! Cheer! Let’s go! Go, go, go!!”

   The loud voices and the booming of the drums raised the morale of the teams, which could be considered as a prelude to the competitive match between the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science. The Faculty of Science had always been the fierce rival of the Faculty of Engineering in the Welcome Games, so the match between the two was a tiger and tiger and the climax of the game was so intense that the audience was sometimes breathless, sometimes blood curdling. The tense atmosphere lasted until the final whistle blew.


All eyes were on the scoreboard and the result was clear: engineering won, 83-76.

“Oh yeah! I did it! We won!!!!”

Kongpop saw that M had already raised his hand to give him a high five but this time, before M could reach the bench, Kongpop was already bouncing in the middle of the field but the good news wasn’t over yet, Kongpop heard one of the staff yelling at the cheering section.

“Hey! Good news! That soccer game over there, we won on penalty kicks!”


The arena was instantly covered with screams of excitement, because today was the last day of the games and all other games had ended in the evening, so basketball and football were the last two games of the games. Winning these two games would mean that ITRC had won the championship of all the games in the New Year Games and this is the pride and glory of all the students of ITRC!

Kongpop stole a glance at the seniors, some of them were quite happy but most of them still had a cold look on their faces, especially the seniors but Kongpop was used to it. The first thing that happened was that Kongpop’s face was so cold, he couldn’t see any emotions, especially the seniors but Kongpop was used to that.

“Nong Kong, where’s nong Kong?…Huh! So there it is, go with sister to make up, you have to enter the faculty star competition later.”

Mini didn’t have time to explain, so she grabbed the representative’s arm and walked out, dragging him right through the middle of the crowd of seniors but it was because of this that Kongpop got a chance to pass someone by.

“Don’t forget to come and see me play.”

The moment Arthit looked up and saw his eyes meet his own, Kongpop said quietly. Although he was quickly dragged out of sight by Mini, it was enough for Kongpop to understand why he was looking for someone on the paddock and couldn’t concentrate on the race and why he was so determined to win.

…because he wanted something from this man, something seemingly ordinary but vital to him.

That thing is called… “Encouragement”.


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