SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule: Ending!

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule: Ending!

The square of the Faculty of Engineering today seemed to be busier than usual, perhaps because it was a special day for the Fourth Year students. The Department of Industrial Engineering all gathered together for a group photo to be taken into the yearbook as a memory.

“Oh! The next photo would like to give a big smile and shout out loud… I’m over!”

“Hoeei! Just finished the project exam, don’t smile too widely or maybe next year there might be another picture (reseating).”

“Oh! Who said such bad omen!”

The occasional booing tease creates a sense of intimacy, even though there is no mark on the back of a student’s shirt, just like in high school. Having been together for four years, the fun atmosphere of a group of friends turned into a dazzling one when there were hundreds of siblings walking straight into the plaza in surprise before the First Year students. Will hold hands around the senior in a large circle.

Then a voice from somewhere announced a command. “First Year cheer group start now!”

The cheer song resonated with Kong in unison, without distorting the rhythm and full of unity and unity, as well as the intense practice in the cheer meeting room in advance to congratulate the new graduates on the occasion. Many of the seniors were grateful, some raised their smartphones, recorded videos for a memento, some were reminiscent of the first day they spent at university.

As for Arthit, the front most young man in the group, he spends this moment staring at someone, Kongpop, wearing a crimson shopper, revealing a serious look, perfect for the next-generation head hazer, as well as the command holder. cheer a moment ago standing outside the circle and looking straight at him as well.

When they find that their eyes are aligned, they move their mouths.

It was a word, but unfortunately, the distance was blocked too far from his ability to understand the rhythm, the cheering melody had just stopped and was replaced by a name.


Nott’s gentle shoulder force, his best friend, drew his attention and noticed his friends, all standing in a gap in the middle, waiting for a final signal from the responsible person.

In the past, the head hazer took a deep breath without any trembling or nervousness, giving a firm, steady command as it used to be.

“Fourth Year cheer group starts now!”

Cheer songs are harmonious, powerful, just as powerful as the younger ones sung too, because it is the first song of the Faculty of Engineering, where they are trained to sing fluently and from now on, they will deliver it from generation to generation to have it remain resonant and not fade away.

Arthit raised his head after he bows his neck, finished singing a cheery song and was amazed to find that the person he had been looking for from a distance, standing in front of you.


The word, which was initially inaudible, was repurposed again, from someone else’s point of view, it may be understood that Kongpop would have been chosen as a department representative to congratulate him as a senior who was completing his studies. But Arthit knew the connotation from those dazzling eyes.

… Kongpop is talking to him with a special status rather than just a senior and a junior.


Even though he had already issued a cheer command, a loud voice sounded clear, now the former head hazer mumbled like a whisper in a hint of embarrassment, even though no one was paying attention to the two of them in the middle of the courtyard, as the surrounding friends were scattered. After leaving the group to take pictures with the First Year students, their conversation continued as Kongpop started to open up the issue.

“You have finished your studies.”


“I still remember the time myself, First Year and then you were the head hazer. Time flies so quickly.”


“Phii Arthit has already applied for the job, right? From now on we will probably rarely meet up with other, so take care of yourself.”


“Hoeei! Arthit, let’s take a picture.”

The ongoing response was interrupted by the Nott, who was standing in a nearby gang of friends, who had been asked to shout.

“Well, wait a minute.”

Then Arthit turned back to the person who was talking, even if before, he could only answer the same sentence. In fact… Arthit did not even know what he wanted to say if he was sure if he walked out.

Going from here, his university life had ended, so he wanted to hold back this period a little longer.

Just as he kept moving out of his dorm, Arthit sat quietly in an open room that had been living for four years, feeling empty and frustrated, unable to believe he was so emotional now, despite several warnings to himself. That you just go to work, not go to battle in Iraq, walk manly, smile comfortably and step out into the world like a fighter. Even if you are a real man, you know it well, but that’s it… for just a reason.

The only one that he knows


… bond to this place… the university world that helps him grow, find good friendship, a warm and comfortable shelter and of course…

bond with this person…  Who came to fill his world more completely, as if the other party felt no different, the tone of voice immediately weakened after it began to speak.

“Going to work you will find something that is harder than in the university, I understand but…..”

Kongpop pauses, using his eyes to express meaning, look at a deep spark that seems to be meaningful.

“I will miss you.”

“I know, well… me too.”

It’s not the same answer, it’s a promise that… no matter how difficult the obstacles are, they will still have one another by their side.

“Ai Arthit! They’ve taken a hundred pictures already!”

The voices from his friends sounded again, but this time, he didn’t hesitate.

“Go,” Kongpop nodded, smiled at Arthit, smiled in reply, and closed the university life to start again…..



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