SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 1: Always keep your heart as the first time.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 1: Always keep your heart as the first time.

“Where have all your friends gone? Why didn’t they come to the meeting to cheer?”

… come again. This question, if a vote is given to hazer’s top ten questions. The above sentence would undoubtedly be the number one question that all First Year students had to face, but surprisingly, even if they heard it hundreds and thousands of times, no one had the courage to answer. It was a still target for the seniors to shout at the sound of a machine gun.

“Why don’t you answer? What time did I make an appointment with you guys, what time is it now!”

… The appointment was at five o’clock in the evening, but the teacher dropped the class at four and fifty.

There were ten minutes to change from a student uniform to a cheer shirt and a pair of warm pants and then had to run to a football field located six hundred meters from the Faculty of Engineering building. Seep the back completely, but believe it… even if explaining the reason in hazer’s eyes, it would be seen that this lack of discipline is a serious criminal offense.

“You guys will graduate from the Faculty of Engineering and go to be an engineer. If you come to work this late, do you know how much damage will be done to the factory?”

In spite of the fact that he still did not finish university, but was in the meeting room to cheer in front of the head hazer, it is considered the person with the most absolute power even when giving orders. How eccentric, everyone must start now. Now there is no way to avoid it.

“To teach you responsibility, I will ask First Year students to stand shoulder to shoulder with other, sit and sit until all your friends come together… Start now!”

The First Year students do not have the right to mourn, but they bow their heads, accept their fate, raise their arms, hug their necks, perform evening exercises in unison.


“One! Two! Three!”

… Suddenly Arthit thought about that day.

Despite the fact that four years have passed, the current freshman Arthit has become a rookie salaryman in his twenties, but the memory of him having to sit for so long to the knee is almost deteriorating, cursing the people in the cheer meeting. The line keeps coming back again.

It’s only wrong that… this time, he has become too late!

Arthit increased his pace at high speed like a national team athlete, competing in uniforms, white shirts, black slacks and leather shoes, while carrying a bag of high-end luggage, with the finish line at the entrance to Ocean Electric Company in front of him.

 “Wait for me too.”

He hurriedly reached out to block the door of the closing elevator, fearless of being pinched, because something even more frightening was on the wrist watch indicating at 09:30…

Immediately after inserting into the elevator, the panting person tried to adjust his breath to return to normal, if not very effective, because when his eyes glanced at the number panel, the ear seemed to hear a hallucination shouting, counting the numbers, sitting up. Floating in a sequence from 1… 2… 3… up and on and on.

His heart tells him that… Even if it starts to scare, Arthit is late, the senior staff wouldn’t order the new kid to sit up since the first day of work.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the heart beat anxiously, the knees feel tingling for the fear of being punished.

Finally, the numbers stopped on the 5th floor.

Arthit rushed out of the elevator first. Thankfully, someone left the office glass door open, so he didn’t have to wait for someone to scan the card.

The young man walked straight through numerous desks, which were partitioned into proportions and all the salaried workers were busy cleaning up their work.

It is now the middle of the week, but perhaps because it is near the end of the month, the department that has to handle accounting documents is busy, putting some of their hands on a computer keyboard, or picking up the phone, filling in a serious tone, or walking. Hold documents across the table to discuss.

However, upon reaching the innermost zone… the chaotic atmosphere seemed to be sucked away.

This area was so quiet, there was no sign of people, leaving only a table full of folders, stacks of chairs, sitting empty, looking lonely and deserted.

Eh? Did he come to the wrong department?

The confused person hurriedly tried to look for other creatures before finding a single human nearby.

Auntie, the housekeeper was pushing a cleaning cart and Arthit hurriedly went straight to ask.

“Excuse me, is this the Purchasing Department here?”

“Oh yes, but everyone is meeting in that room.”

Auntie pointed to the door of the room on the other side of the corner of the office and continued to give more attention and information.

“… I don’t know what’s urgent. I have seen it all since morning and my aunt hasn’t finished opening the meeting room yet.

“The Purchasing Department is really diligent.”

In spite of the admiration the listener felt cold and cold, how would you dare to hold your chest and smile when a freshman in the Purchasing Department was still standing over here for a while!

Arthit hurriedly bowed his head and thanked Aunt the housekeeper and hurried to his goal.

… The closer it gets, the more excitement inside the heart will erupt.

The reason was that he came to work late from the first day, yes, but deep down it was a normal symptom when he started doing new things. No different from when stepping up as a Third Year head hazer of the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, who knows how much he has to invest in a beard in his dark face to get the nickname. “The most brutal head hazer Arthit who children and cry, the thief who wants to rob him still has to think.

His visualization plan was almost perfect, but it was completely collapsed by a male student who announced that he would grab a head hazer and make him into his wife in the middle of the meeting room to get the gear. So he turned into a challenging anger that made him mad that he almost exchanged fists on the unconventional boy, admitting that there was still chaos following the formation (which wasn’t all bad), but he didn’t want to risk duplicating history in the launch of another first day of work.

So instead of plunging open the door to the meeting room, Arthit moved the clothes to be neat and tidy, stroked the short-cut hair at the back of the neck, suited to a clean, beardless face.

The brutal Third Year head hazer image cruel hazer has faded… Now only the bright-faced office worker is full of determination!

When his morale and encouragement were prepared, he reached out to knock on the door in a manner but then the door leaf opened the result first.

The woman with a square face, a fleshy figure, showed her joy as soon as she saw him.

“Oh, come here, I have been waiting.

Before hurriedly pulling his hand in, he did not even open his mouth to say anything, he could only follow the force of drag.

Inside the medium-sized conference room, there was enough space to fit a three-meter long table with dozens of chairs occupying every seat.

“Nong, come over here.”

Arthit was pulled to sit down at the front desk with a laptop waiting to be ready.

Wow… I didn’t think before that, even if you are late, you will be welcomed by the purchasing team so warmly.

I felt rejoiced in my heart, preparing to raise my hand to introduce myself to my co-workers for the first time, but I was stuck because I was interrupted.

“Nong, look at what the laptop is and the files will disappear once the flash drive is inserted.”

“Uh… is that…..”

People who are thrown to work without the bagpipes have the blinking flute.

“Can you fix it? Hurry up, you guys have to hurry and continue meeting.”

Even though he was unable to properly grasp the tip, the haste made Arthit willing to help.

… Even without graduating from Computer Engineering, at least he still has some programming skills and perhaps this is a very basic test of whether he is qualified to do a purchasing job. On top of that, if the file was edited successfully, it would be considered as an impression. Calling the opening score to compensate for the negative points he was late with. “Two birds had already shot one stone, a huge program, a virus on the website, a young man, a new office worker, so quickly clicked and investigated before quickly finding the cause.

“Oh, I suspect there is a virus in the machine.”

“What virus came from?”

The thin eyes of a senior employee gazed at the laptop screen in surprise.

“It is a virus that hides files. It is not difficult to fix, it is a scan only.”

Arthit diligently described himself as an expert programmer.

“Most of the time, these viruses are infected by downloading files and then linking to the source website…..”

He opened the website URL to show evidence, without realizing that it was a very wrong decision! Because suddenly a clip of a man and woman caressing other half-naked appeared on the computer. Coupled with a large projector screen, enlarging HD images, resulting in a meeting room atmosphere filled with loud groaning sounds.

…woeful! Everyone was in shock, the person holding the mouse consciously.

I hurriedly press to close the picture of the activity in eighteen plus rhythm immediately, the room has returned to silence again, but it is an awkward silence…..

“Uh… I’m sorry, probably because this machine has other viruses as well.”

Arthit hurried to cover up, who would have thought that he would find a jackpot, someone took a note to break into the company to load a porn site!

Of course, embarrassment was not on him alone, for a huge bomb was thrown into the Purchasing Department.


“How did you prepare for the event? Do you think I have time to sit and wait all day for you? Why don’t you get it done!”

The blame came from some of my men, who had the most senior personality and power, who took over the seat of the presidency at the head of the table, making the First Year students shut their mouths, silent in fear, leaving only the plump girl who hurries to negotiate and negotiate instead?

“I’m really sorry, Khun Pairot,” before turning to chase down the cause of the disturbance. “Did you finish solving it? Thank you very much. Then it can be done.”

“Well, I’m not from the IT department.” All eyes turned to the mysterious person in a puzzled manner. Who are you? Why did you enter this room?”

“… My name is Arthit, Rojnapat, a new employee, I came to the Purchasing Department and this is my first day.”

The introductory person smiles, the embankment is over, the desperate plan to create the image when everything collapsed.

The more he looked in the eyes of the meeting room, the more he recalled the cursing eyes of a friend who hugged his neck and sat up without telling him what impression he made on his coworker on the first day he would turn to blame. It would have been futile when this mess he was in was his own fault.

The experience launched as a purchasing clerk is overlaid with the launch image in the head hazer position.

It’s only wrong that… he didn’t get caught cheating… but instead saw someone cheating.

Oh… Ai Arthit, you are really damn crazy.

After an unexpected crisis, the meeting ended and soon everyone left the room and Arthit’s side hurriedly followed up to speak to the Muay-sisters again.

“Excuse me for what caused the matter just now.”

“It’s alright, I was the one who dragged you in and didn’t look up to confirm who you are. Oh, I saw a soft and clear face. I thought that it was an IT employee.”

She sent a big smile, full of cheeks, full of cheeks and was one of the hospitable employees of the same age.

“Your name is Arthit, right? My name is Somoo, I’m the secretary of Phii Danai, Purchasing Department Manager.”

Somoo nodded to him to meet forty middle-aged men wearing silver-rimmed glasses, little belly-busting puppets, his face showing seriousness as he walked towards them.

“Khun Arthit, please follow me into the room.”


The new office man walks modestly following his adult’s back into a clear glass room, giving him the feeling of a high school parents’ room, before the manager opens his hand, inviting him to sit down in the chair opposite him and start the conversation.

“I’m Manager Danai, I’d love to work with you, Khun Arthit.

“Sawadee khrap “He humbly raised his hand with respect.

… Phii Danai has the same personality as an advisor, is straightforward and dependable and does not waste his time working as a leader by introducing questions on issues without obligation.

“You were working in the Production Department before?”

“Yes, but at the Production Department the place was full and the manager of the asked me to come to the Purchasing Department first because I saw that there was a lack of people here.”

Ocean Electric Co., Ltd., where Arthit works, is a manufacturing, assembly and repair company dealing with various electronic appliances. In the first place… he submitted an application for the position. The production engineer thought that his personality was not the kind of person who likes to sit at a table and the company gave him the opportunity to call him for a three-month trial.

He learned the planning process, walked the production line, went to the method of measuring the quality and standard of the product. Although tiring, he worked with pleasure.

When the company informed him that he passed the test, Arthit was so happy he almost jumped, but didn’t think that when he was actually a full-time employee, he had to come back to work. Office in position “Purchasing Engineer”

… and because of this accidental disintegration, manager Danai has to warn him.

“The way the Purchasing Department works may be a bit different from the Production Department, but when I picked you up, I hope you can help lighten up my team’s work.”

Although Arthit was disappointed that he did not do the job he intended, if he had already thought that he would try to take full responsibility for the purchasing task, he answered loudly.

“Of course I can!”

The new office worker’s determined eyesight made the veteran nodded in satisfaction.

“Well, then you go to an empty table in the second block and go read some old purchasing files so you can get ready to start.”

“Yes sir,” he rose upright, pretending to walk out of the room in a strong fire of work.

“Wait a minute…” The tip of the toe suddenly hurts as the chief’s voice calls her back after noticing the malfunction of one of the missing things.

“Haven’t you got to get the staff card yet?”

“Uh… not yet.”

In fact, Arthit had to bring the transcript documents to the HR department in exchange for the employee badges, but because of the high noise, he went straight to the Purchasing Department first.

“Then do not forget to stop by tomorrow so that you can start checking when entering…..”

Simple words, if there is a connotation, the heart of the people entering the office at nine and a half o’clock gives hiccups.


The new employee almost raised his hand to accept the order before hurriedly leaped out of the room to finish the paperwork, the transcript was already in his pocket because yesterday he went back to the university to get it and took the opportunity to visit the teachers and the siblings. He thought he would be there for a short time but then he got held back by someone.

“… Phii Arthit, don’t go back yet.” The voice of a semi-pleading voice, with eyes sparkling like a child.

The little dog swallowed up his first intentions, trying to direct himself to reject a hard voice for the reason that he had a morning job, but was constantly attacked by this lover of his.

“Tomorrow I can send it to you, for sure in time, but now stay with me…

… In the end, he always gave his heart to a man named… Kongpop.

It is unbelievable that there was a day when the First Year student’s 0062 will become the formidable Third Year head hazer to the extent that he is not afraid of his threat.

“If I’m late to work tomorrow, I will order you to do a hundred pushups in front of your First Year students!”

“I would agree to run around the field a hundred laps.”

Kongpop confirmed for sure that he had sent him in time to go to the office at nine, but the next morning, he woke up late at almost 8:30 and he was dropped off in the office and he had to ride a motorcycle and arrive in front of the company. And then ran four times quicker up the elevator to the department until he had a crazy hack with a ghost!

Arthit wanted to pick up his smartphone, call and ordered the kid to run around the field right away, but Paul entered.

A leather bag, some things are brought up instead.

… The pen with a clean silver handle, simple shape, with meticulousness in the selected material and durable use, the side is engraved with beautiful elaborate lettering that is his nickname I-AOON.

Thinking of yesterday, when the other party went overnight, Kongpop suddenly stuffed this stuff in a navy blue velvet box into his hands.

“My present for you.”

“Hoeei! Why did you buy it for?”

Surprise, surprise expression probably made the audience interpret it in another way.

“Don’t you like it?”

The tone of the voice was so high that the recipient had to quickly explain.

“No, but today is not my birthday or an anniversary, why buy one?”

“It’s also a present on the day that you have officially packed your work and then use it to represent me as well.

“Why is this sound too yucky sweet?”

He soothed the man’s face, the romantic glands deteriorated that the gift-giving person pretended to charge.

“Then I wil take it back.”

“No! You gave it and I will keep it!”

Arthit quickly put the pen in his backpack as if he was afraid of being seized, letting Kongpop tease him with a smile.

“Phii Arthit, you are always the same.”

“Oh yeah, we’ve been dating for a long time, don’t you know me yyet?”

“I know.”

The eye-catching answers reassured Arthit that his speaker spoke the truth.

… Because Kongpop probably knows how his heart is pulsating right now.

Unthinkable, he fell in love with a man so much that even though he never thought of deviating from his gender and love a man, but the closer he got to Kongpop, the more his heart felt a bond.

Throughout their relationship, their love for the two has been very simple, although they may have seen other very rarely due to their busy schedule, but Kongpop is still a great support. Arthit had the opportunity to use this special pen to sign a contract at the Human Resources Department to get an employee card to hang around his neck, becoming a full-fledged person in the Purchasing Department. Returning to the office, he looked for a table. Empty in the second block, as informed by manager Danai and saw an unoccupied table at the end of the aisle, which was separated by a thin partition. The items were all ready for use, including one old-fashioned desktop computer, a file box and a fish bowl.

… Yes. I saw it right.

He was glistened by the clear eyes of “A red betta fish is staring at the other side of a tall glass bowl, half of the water is put underneath each dozen. There is a sticker over it with English letters written over it,”


It seems that Ocean Electric Company gives employees a bonus of a betta fish, it looks a little weird and this bonus also flits its tail back and forth, as if announcing potential to new visitors, which raises many questions…

… How did anyone get it and why did it sit on the desk? He’s not sure if the office here allows pets or not, however, the betta fish is unlikely to be the office equipment that should be on. On the purchasing desk, by chance, my sister Qiao held her hair taut, as typical of the working woman, holding the file, walked past him to the next table, so Arthit picked up a glass bowl and asked.

“Excuse me, this betta fish doesn’t know who’s it, it’s on my table.”

“Oh, Khun Wichai.”

“Khun Wichai’s? And where is Khun Wichai sitting? I can take it to him.”

“He is in Changsha.”

“Okay, in Changsha…..”

Wait, Changsha, if I am not mistaken, is it the name of a province in China?

Arthit hurriedly turned to the answer, thinking he had been teased by his senior, but when the other party turned around, he just noticed that she was using her shoulder to hold her phone to her ear, so the previous conversation was not. Talk to him a little, even when she realizes that she is being stared at by a man and leaves her smartphone to answer the question she has left.

“Huh? What? Oh, then put it over there first.”

The late voice gets a little annoying first, the professional staff will adjust their mood more quickly than the chameleon changing color to continue talking in a polite tone.

“Oh no… Earth is searching for it… just wait a moment.”

Arthit was completely ignorant, but not surprising, because he wasn’t here just to set up the table, everyone was overloaded with work. Unlike the morning bazaar scene, the owner of the table placed a dozen of betta fish in the same place, thinking that the name was auspicious and would help the bonus money to flow to him a lot.

“Leave yourself too.”

Arthit flips a glass bowl gently, the red betta fish swims around as a sign of self-introduction. After all the personal items have been set up, the new kid is ready to go to the job to the fullest. He studied the purchasing system from old files to make sense of his new work, but perhaps because he was unfamiliar and confused with a large amount of information, he had to concentrate and recheck for a long time.

Someone saw him the new guy and came to say hello.

“Hoeei! Your eyebrows have frowned until they are already tied to a bow.” The sharp eyebrows, dark eyebrows, fragrant and cologne scent, reach out to the latest version of iwatch and pat on the shoulder to encourage the newcomer intimately.

“Purchasing is not that difficult. Don’t be serious.” Then the speaker introduces himself.

“My name is John, you can consult me with anything.”

“Thank you, Phii John.

The new employee smiled and said hello to the senior.

“But where did you graduate from?”

As Arthit told the name of the university, the audience’s eyes were amazed and delighted.

“Oh, the same university.”

“Did you study engineering too?” He hurriedly asked back in excitement.

“No, I studied international economics.”

Even though they were different groups, they were considered brothers and sisters of the same institution, so John patted the younger generation on the shoulder again.

“Well, this college student only had produced great people, as I had worked for six years and was promoted to deputy manager and I hope you wouldn’t cause shame to the university name.”

“Ah… Yes.”

… He do not know why Phii John’s sentence makes him feel strange spine tingling, the weight of the hand placed on the shoulder seems to be squeezed tighter than before, like being a hazer intimidating the First Year students indirectly to honor. The institution’s life kept the life alive and before the more stressful atmosphere surrounded Arthit, there was a sound of flurry of things to help them escape.

“Excuse me, Phii John. Are you ready to work with new kids?”

The sister who he remembers the name “Earth” appears to say hello.

“Oh no, just keep getting to know other.”

The tall figure moved out of the way and the office lady walked towards Arthit at the table.

“Then I’ll give you a new kid, give this document to Khun Phaka, the accounting department urgently.”

Earth ordered so fast that the listener was unable to hear it correctly. “Uh, Khun Phaka?”

“Yeah, it’s not hard to find, there are a few people in the accounting department, she is about forty years old and look good.”

“Yes, I do.”

The person was active, accepting the black folder in hand and walked out with enthusiasm, feeling a little excited about the first task as a purchasing clerk. John pursued his gaze after the younger generation.

“Sent to meet Master Mother from the first day beyond the boat… you are evil Earth.”

“Just go send the documents yourself, Phii John.”

Earth shook her shoulders, not interested or caring about the new kid she didn’t even call her namesake, the other little one did not even realize that the voice from heaven thought came to help.

… will literally become a voice from hell.

The working atmosphere of the fourth-floor office, the accounting department’s location is not much different from the fifth floor, except that the employees in this class seem to be somewhat more mature than Siri and the age of the entire department would be hundreds of years.

Arthit had the determination to bring the documents to Phaka, but now he has only one problem.

… He doesn’t know who Khun Phaka is.

“Excuse me, I don’t know where Khun. Phaka’s table is.”

The new employee enlisted help from passers-by who pointed wooden hands toward the office table lined up on the left.

“It’s over there.” Uh… and where is it?

The young man looked up, tried to find someone with a good attitude, still could not find him, he thought to ask about the observation point again but when he turned around, the assistant walked away in a hurry, allowing him to stand in the midst. People do not know.

… It would be nice if a new employee was ordered to hunt down all the signatures of the senior in the company so that he could memorize everyone’s names and faces. A thousand senior signatures within one Arthit. Of course, the first common thought that immediately popped into my head was… crazy?! Who can do it?

But at least he managed to hunt for hundreds of signatures and helped him to distinguish the seniors who studied in the Faculty of Engineering from the many other faculty students in the university in a matter of days. However, this giant company would never have approved such a frenzy event.

… In conclusion, he was definitely a refugee, Arthit walked over and asked an employee wearing gold-rimmed glasses, who accidentally passed her face again.

“Excuse me, don’t you know who Khun Phaka is?”

“I’m here.”

Unexpectedly, when he meets the person he’s looking for, he hurriedly hands the file to the speaker.

“Uh… this is from Khun Earth.”

The eyes of the senior employee looked at him through a pair of head-to-toe glasses like a teacher of the administration considering the student breaking the rules.

“You’re a new employee, right?”


“No wonder, but this is last time you do this and my name should be remembered, how did you come to work in this company and not know who I am?”

… If there was now a cheering notebook in hand, Arthit vowed that he would hand it over to the other person to sign it in honor of his honor, but in reality, he could only stand with his hands to hold the target.

“Next time I will remember.”

“And besides, people who are new employees have to introduce themselves to the older ones first, not this kind of fuss of throwing their work and move around in a hurry.”

The word continued as a constant hailstorm.

“Excuse me, my name is Arthit, uh… if there’s nothing, then I’ll excuse myself first.”

“Wait! Wait for me to finish checking the document, if I miss anything, I can fix it immediately. These younger generations are useless!”

… hit another punch.

In order to escape from the Accounting Department, he was like a boxer who had been knocked out by opponents since round three, almost crawling and staggered back into the corner of the ring.

It’s just a simple delivery file, why does he feel more tired than going to scrub the entire bathroom in the office building?

Right next to a desk in the Purchasing Department, Arthit discovered that the cruel hazer was fiercely knocking on the computer keyboard, but when he saw a new kid walk in, Earth raised his head.

“How are you doing?”

He did not dare to answer that… Brother, it is easier for me to do a hundred push-ups.

“… It’s fine.”

But the lie could not escape the guilt of the girl, the eyes turned up, the corners of Earth’s mouth raised slightly.

“Went to meet Phaka when you were busy, but really, you have a cute character. Our department has to carry out documents with Khun Phaka a lot, so there will be more opportunities to meet.”

… Are you truthfully speaking or joking, sister!

Confess, honestly, he can’t imagine Khun Phaka in the kind angel version, because just hearing the name, the arms and elbow bent together in submission. Only then he heard the sound of Danai summoning the army first.

“Everyone! Come over here a little bit.”

All members of the Purchasing Department walked together in the middle of the office, including the freshmen recommended by the manager.

“You probably have met Arthit, but this morning the incident was a bit hectic, I will officially introduce you to everyone again so that you know who cares which part.”

And Arthit received additional information as follows.

… Phii Danai, forty-five, the head of the Purchasing Department takes care of the whole team.

… Phii John, thirty-three, Deputy Head of Contact Supervision for Suppliers and Partners.

… Phii Earth, aged twenty-seventh, Sr. supervised purchasing both at home and abroad.

And… Phii Somoo is twenty-five, the secretary takes care of general miscellaneous documents.

He said hello with everyone and allows others to ask questions, starting with Phii Somoo who shoots the question.


“Arthit’s nickname is Arthit or not, or is there another nickname?”

… There are things that exist such as then nickname, but he’ll never tell them. “You can call me Arthit. Anyone can call it like this until I’m used to.”

He managed to survive very smoothly, but was asked to block the second round from Phii John. “Do you have a lover?” The listener immediately stopped. “Uh… is…..”

Inside Arthit’s mind was confused and hesitant.

… If I say that I have a lover and also of the same sex… it would be inappropriate.

Because even though the world is more open now, even in universities, some friends and juniors have no problem accepting MSM.

But with the outside society… he wasn’t sure if it was going to be the case.

… If confessing honestly, will the eyes of his colleague look at him change or not?

But the purpose of the question seemed to be not what he thought, because Phii John continued to ask.

“Do you have cute female friends or not? Sisters and sisters.”

“Phii John you are annoying, keep your image clean.”

Earth, an old flick senior who showed signs of overstimulation before the issue was changed when Manager Danai spoke.

“We are here for dinner this evening to get a youngster in the whole department? I’ll take care of the bill myself.”

The host made a mouthful of promise to feed cash strapped worker… who would have missed out?

Without knowing why, at six o’clock in the evening, at the buffet shabu shop, the table of the Purchasing Department gathered a total of five people.

“It’s easy to scoop. This restaurant is cheap, delicious, good value for money. The meat is very good, if you don’t believe it. Ask Somoo…”

Phii John said this to tease her as he slipped the meat into the pot and the person was pulled over and immediately retorted.

“Somoo is eating now and has no time to talk.”

“Eat smooth until the dishes are clean. So clean?”

“Phii John!”

The chatting atmosphere is hilarious and the opposite of working hours. Even a working woman like Earth has transformed into a skilled cook, making a delicious special soup for everyone to taste. Surprisingly, Arthit’s side began to feel more relaxed, able to chat with their co-workers intimately until everyone was full and stretched after filling his stomach, the phone ringing as a break bell, lifting Danai to withdraw from the table. Went back to answer the call.

“Sorry everyone, my son called and complained about the university and I saw that I had to accept anything.”

This topic of discussion caught the attention of Somoo and asked the young engineering man who was creeping morning glory from the pot.

“Arthit has just graduated here at the university, do we accept cruel younger sisters?”

“If it was my generation or before, then it would be a little harsh, but in the latter, it was not very heavy.”

… especially the grade of head hazer code 0062, current people who have received news that turning the shouting trade into a creative cheer meet activity without emphasis on violence and as if a complainer would die hard… suddenly a ringing sound Arthit’s smartphone rang and he asked to withdraw the child from the table a bit, as the name displayed on the screen had to be cleared for a long time, Arthit uttered a sentence immediately after receiving it.

“Because of you, I came to work late.”

“I’m sorry Phii.”

Hearing Kongpop’s voice replied, but there seemed to be no sign of remorse until he protested.

“You have to run a hundred laps in front of your First Year students, according to the contract.”

“I’ve run, even if it’s not a hundred laps… Today a Fourth Year senior came to the Third Year hazing so I had to do two hundred pushups, two hundred sit-ups and then run twenty more laps. It’s still less than Phii Arthit has run fifty-four laps anyway.”

The heroic act of his time as a head hazer was caused by an order for Kongpop to run fifty-four laps around the field, although he did not complete the run, but because the Fourth year head hazer had ordered the punishment he had to do as he said.

In the end, Arthit had to run fifty-four laps in the rain and was photographed and shared on social media until he became famous, even after suffering a fatal leg injury but still managed to maintain his dignity.

The person who refused to lose his form raised his nose. “Oh, it’s sure, no one can break my record.”

But the brilliant former head hazer at university got to hiccup when he faced the next question.

“So how was Phii Arthit working on the first day?”

A young office man tries to revisit today’s events.

… was blamed for being late in the job

… had to deal with the pressure of the seniors

… being used to pretend to do hard and unpleasant work

… I met a senior employee who pulled on the rank of senior, felt like myself like I was returning to being a First Year boy again and still being accepted by a poor working-age society, yet I have to keep refuse to lose my form and still try to keep my face with a shy reply.

“… Uh… all in all, it’s smooth… Before hurriedly pretending to change the conversation “But you please… accept the younger brother this year, there are no problems, right?”

“No, this year the freshmen seem to cooperate well and attend more meetings in more numbers than every year.”

… really good… I listened to the answer proudly and got a little annoyed.

“Are you picking me up? Tell me, it’s a head hazer. It’s not an easy thing that you find, it’s just the beginning.”

“So if I finish my head hazer work well, what will Phii Arthit reward me?”

… That’s it, when you do it, you will get an elbow every now and then.

“You’re fussy, asking for an award? If after the cheer activity is over, I’ll consider whether you are really good as a head hazer or not.”

“What about my role of lover? If I do this role well, there will be an award for me as well right?”

There he goes again… the little bastard.

Two hot cheeks suddenly flashed, he thought for a moment, then Arthit spoke softly.

“… That one I need to consider as well.”

“Then I’ll try harder.”

The tone of voice from the end of the line was full of determination and then turned into a sly one after the end.

“But… the second prize… I would like… a really yummy (bed?) one.”


The person blurted out to call the name… The young lover has a habit of flirting, provoking anger, Kongpop is still the same, never changing, hearing the other person Arthit started chuckling.

… Because they have been together for a long time… he has clearly felt that these conversations were filled with good feelings for other.

After a few more sentences, Arthit hung up from Kongpop and walked back to the table of the shabu pot that had now begun to eat in the second round.

“Come to eat quickly, or some people will finish the pot but don’t worry, Phii has left shrimp for you.”

Phii Somoo still does not take her hand from the colander, even though the soup in the pot was bubbling.

“Thank you.”

He sat down in a chair, but was startled as Phii John raised his eyebrows to tease.

“It’s been a long time. Have you talked to your lover? See you smile.”

Somoo quickly turned to look. “Oh, okay. Nong Arthit really has a lover. Wow. It’s a shame. What kind of lover do you have Arthit?”

… Not either a Muay Thai woman or a half woman, but a handsome man in college..

“Uh… is…..”

“Phii John, that shrimp…..”

Earth’s voice interrupted, everyone turned to see John smirk with a smile, one hand holding a chopstick with a shrimp stick as evidence.

“Oh… I’ve seen it in the pot for a long time now, I’m afraid that the shrimp will shrink completely, I’ll boil one again.”

The dark-eyed young man hurried to find an excuse to escape being slick as a thief-Somoo hurriedly frantic. “Phii John is doing this every time!”

This made people at the table laugh including Arthit… no one cared about the unanswered question, which was fine… because he wasn’t ready to break the comfort atmosphere towards the Purchasing Department, half an hour later, the shabu pot was completely finished.

Phii Danai paid for a large meal according to the regulations. The subordinates hurriedly raised their hands to thank those who were like angels to please the salaryman with black eyes. Standing in front of the store under the dark sky at 7 pm, the host did not forget to issue an order.

“Now, everyone can disperse get home safely.”

“So how is Nong Arthit returning home? “Phii Somoo asked with concern.

“It’s alright, my dorm is near here, so I can take the bus.”

“Okay, see you at work tomorrow.” Phii John patted his shoulder again and Phii Earth just nodded lightly in lieu of the goodbye.

… It’s over with his first day of work. Arthit sighed tiredly. He got some desert on the way back to the hostel.

He looked down at the newly received, well-received plastic-coated company employee sign-in card with a photo of his face with his name and print position attached to it. He had to hang around his neck every time when he was at First Year students’ cheer meeting, but surprisingly, the feeling he had was the same, excited, frightened and didn’t know what would happen next on this path, but one thing was certain he was sure…

… No matter what the road ahead is

… Khun Arthit will surely get past it!

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