SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 2: Follow your duty without fail.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 2: Follow your duty without fail.

‘Cheer meeting’

Many First Year students cheering meetings, hearing this word, were frightened.

Some of them sudden got headaches became feverish, as if they were fainting and therefore had to seek medical advice from the doctor, some of them said that the pregnant dog at the house was close to giving birth, had to hurry back and take care of it.

Various excuses came up to avoid the compulsory activities that the seniors advertised as teaching activities, singing and hilarious inter-relations building exercise.

… But when they get in and sit for half an hour, a harsh truth will emerge.

The exit door was shut down, the wicked demons were released. Suddenly, the Heavenly Realm had turned into hell with a curse shouting taunt, putting pressure before it.

A punishment game given to First Year kids torturing until the brothers are satisfied.

Therefore, it is not strange if the number of people attending the cheer meeting will be half of the total number of First Year students.

… except First Year students from the Department of Industry, Faculty of Engineering this year, who attended almost all meetings to cheer together, it was a surprise to the freshmen.

Especially the ladies who might not like the harsh adoption of the rules, but the girls seem eager to bring their hand in hand in here. In addition, when someone asks, they will deny that this year’s cheer meeting was cruel.

Moreover, the head hazer is handsome, charming, suitable for a crush lover and popular positions, how could they missed such a good thing.

Today is no different…..

The First Year student of the industrial engineering department sat in a cheering meeting room, with a young man wearing a red shop shirt patrolling the line before stopping in front of a young woman.

“Would you please get up,” head hazer Kongpop issued a command when he noticed something. “Where is your name tag?”

“Well… I forgot to bring it.”

The answer of a short girl with a bang is respectful in its honesty, even though it came with a trembling sound with a bit of awe, knowing that the name tag is something that Phii warns from on the first day to cme to the meeting to cheer every time.

“If so, would you please step forward a little line.”

An engineering woman dared to take it, walked out of the line and stopped and turned to face her friends as he heard a question from the head hazer.

“Please tell your friends your name and code.”

“Khaofang code 0062.”

“I have a question, I want to ask you, please answer honestly.”

The entire meeting room was silent and everyone was breathless, imagining what kind of psychological pressure this friend would undergo in order to realize his responsibility.

Finally, the questions that were waiting were finally revealed…

“What do you like to do in your free time?”

The entire meeting room was quieter than before, not because of hope… but because of the shock, even the person being asked had a confused expression, but when she saw the head hazer, he was still waiting for an answer.

“A… uh… likes watching movies.”

“Oh? I like to watch movies as well.”

Kongpop continues to talk in a comfortable position. “What kind of movies do you like to watch?”

“Sci-fi style.”

“You are like me then.”

The conversation was as if listening to a young couple flirting with other in a coffee shop until everyone was confused, but then the head hazer suddenly turned and fired a question to Nong First Year students sitting in a row.

“Is there anyone here who likes to watch sci-fi movies? Please raise your hand.”

With a hand held in the air, as well as more than a dozen other year-old seniors who stood in line next to them, Kongpop turned back to the same target. “Do you know the other people who raised their hands?”

“Not at all.”

“… Then it’s a pity.”

The young man muttered before turning to speak to Brother First Year students in a loud and clear voice.

“I used to tell you to bring your name tag to every cheering meeting to make it easier for everyone to remember your name, but the tag on your neck is only written on your name and code, it doesn’t say you like it or don’t like, have an aptitude or interest in any way, if you just hang it without getting to know someone… these name tags would be useless.”

People are rethinking the perspective that the head hazer explains.

… Attending the cheer meeting is not aimed for seniors to show their prestige to the younger generation, but the purpose of it is for all First Year students to interact with those around them in number of activities.

When they first came to university, everyone came from different directions, different backgrounds, they went from their old school friends to a new society. Of course, it may be difficult for some to find a suitable group of friends for themselves.

For this reason, we can say that “Get to know” Someone is not just memorizing his student’s name or code, but also discussing other aspects of conversation in order to study quirks. The topics of conversation are easy to continue and lead to friendship building.

Two years ago… Kongpop used to be a First Year kid who didn’t understand the purpose of the activities to attend a cheer meeting.

He just wanted to resist the senior who unreasonably punished the juniors and act as a hero to protect their friends, but then the Third Year head hazer came to teach him a lesson that going solo is not the solution to everyone’s problems. For example, when we look around, we will find that many more friends are here to help and want to exchange ideas and work together.

It is important that if we get to know the identity of each friend deeply, we may not be able to make a good discovery.

Something that is hidden.

Like he did “Know” the real head hazer and understand the other person even more when he stands as a head hazer today.

Kongpop turned around and spoke to First Year, Bob again.

“Next time, if you forget to bring your name tag again, it’s fine, but don’t forget to get to know the friend who raised your hand just now.”

Khaofang was stunned because instead of being yelled at by the head hazer Kongpop, he taught her to think and pay more attention to the details of what she had forgotten than a name tag.

“Oh and it’s nice to meet you. Nong Code 0062, I am your Third Year senior code… Get back to your seat now.”

The tall figure also revealed shocking information and sent a gentle smile and a gentle look.

“I… thank you.”

First Year girl’s face turned pale as soon as she could she hurried to sit in line, remembering the teachings and smiles of the handsome senior in her heart precisely, after the cheer meeting room returned in order, the head hazer added an important announcement.

“Next Friday there will be an event to win the flag, please everyone prepare and come together… As for today, we can stop the cheer meet.”

The First Year students thanked the hazers and stood up and headed home to the dormitory, while the hazers had finished their cheering meeting but they had to stay together to recap. Kongpop was looking for a seat to write a report on today’s activities. There was a hand on the shoulder from the back with a greeting.

“Hey Kong right now, you are so handsome someone is going to steal you.”

One member of the hazing team, EM, praised someone who made a great decision to solve a problem.

“Over a moment, someone took this story to share it on another Facebook page.”

A close friend guesses because it’s not the first time.

… Their cheer meet activities were so full of innovative ideas that they became famous both within and outside the Faculty of Engineering, where most of the ideas originated from head hazer. This was spread when head hazer Kongpop FC group ‘head hazer Kongpop FC’ was created on Facebook, they posted photos of their life schedule, as well as the words used in the cheering meeting in detail.

“It’s good to continue sharing so that the teacher will know that we are organizing a creative recruitment so that he doesn’t have to focus on canceling the cheer activity again.”

In fact, this year the Dean issued an order forbidding the university cheer meeting, but together they pleaded and pledged that no violence would be used and would write a report on the objectives of all activities for audit from the faculty, the Dean, therefore agreed to approve a special case.

“I said so, I want to come and shout that I mean, I can’t do it.”

EM nodded in agreement if looking at the other’s personality would not be a hazer, but the reason for taking the position was partly because it was invited by Kongpop and partly because of other reasons…..

“Bring the rice to deliver!”

Two boxes of bento were handed over from May, a round-eyed woman who switched to contact lenses and became the sweetest nurse head of the Third Year, but the memories of First Year were still in my heart.

“About the name tag, just remember when we were on First Year students… when our name tags were torn, we were so scared.”

“Excuse me. It started because you forgot to bring the name tag.”

EM hurriedly said, guilty of guilt, a simple indiscretion was the trigger for escalation of events.

“It’s fine, it’s been a long time since then. In the end, Kong came to help get us a name tag instead of Kong, so we suffered more punishment than everyone else.”

“It’s not related because we were already targeted by the seniors before.”

Kongpop responded honestly to his many times of uncontrollable heroism, it is not strange to be watched by the brothers.

“But it’s good that this year isn’t like that. We don’t want the young First Year students to be so afraid of us that we don’t dare to come and scream.”

May said, with a smile, as she was from the Department of Industry, she was a major contributor to the Dean to organize a cheer meet activity and to serve as a mentor to her teammates.

“So have some food to another person first… There is fruit at the welfare table too, if you are not full, you can get more.”

May walked further away and seemed to be taking someone’s heart with her.

“Hoeei! Where has your mind gone?”

Kongpop called up his best friend who is lost in love. He knows that EM has liked May since they were First Year students, but never thought of flirting and let the relationship continue as friends.

“Like, tell her, it’s going to be three years with your sad forlorn love face.”

The matchmaker tried to encourage, but the fanged man shook his head.

“Who’s going to be as bold as you, debut as a lover with Phii Arthit from the first year.”

The story of the male student First Year student making a brutal head hazer his lover, everyone was shocked, but fortunately, friends around did not disdain this form of relationship and since Kongpop did not announce that he was dating someone over time, many of them. In the faculties, including the new children don’t know about the epic love story that occurs during cheer meet

“Hoeei Ai Kong!”

The call made the owner of the name turn to look… Tew, another hazing teammate, who was coming straight in to ask with something in hand.

“Did we get the cheer flag? Does it have to be washed first? Or shall I just leave it like this? I’m afraid it’s not aweing.”

Tew raised a fabric banner that he was honored to be the first flag bearer of his generation in preparation for the event next Saturday.

“Hey… the cheer flag? At the beginning of the first year, I was excited, but in the Third Year I became used to everything, it looked nothing new, right?”

EM’s clumsy words fell into his ears. Kongpop nodded in agreement.

… Time has passed very quickly, the buildings, faculties, cafeterias and classrooms are familiar in everyday life, from before he had to pay homage to his seniors and now he had to change to accept the younger generation under this small society. They unknowingly became the top rankers.

Yet, outside the university campus, there is a much larger society than those who are just starting out and confronting it without experience are likely to be no different from the fresh ones who have to come. “Getting to learn everything again.”

When I think about it here…

“Won’t you eat? Kong, We’ll have a meeting later. Even if I stand in control of my younger brother, I’m still very hungry.”

EM warns while opening the box of hot fried rice, but the head hazer pushes to his feet instead.

“Let me go call someone.”

Kongpop said, while he went to a quiet place in a corner of the room, while he grabbed his smartphone, scrolled for a contact, was about to dial out, but stopped when he glanced at something on the food table. Suddenly he came up with an idea. He hurriedly picked up the chemical pen that he had left nearby before setting up the camera mode and attaching a message to it through the LINE application.

… but hopefully his feelings will reach that person as a form of encouragement.

Just keep in mind that there are still people who care and miss. you

Arthit is about to transform into an invisible human… I miss you.

Especially people in Ocean Electric company.

At ten o’clock in the morning, all the employees were doing their jobs in a hurry, like heavy rappers, with the exception of the new clerk in the Purchasing Department, only his table was lulled with lights, as if time had stopped.

Not that Arthit did not want to go out to paint, show his skills, but after submitting documents at the accounting department on the first day the following day, there was no assignment to him again.

When he was training was in the Production Department, Arthit remembered that there was work to circulate that there was little time to rest.

He had to check the production line until his legs were tired, some days he had to hold a pen to write down the details of the machine’s settings throughout the factory and he had to stress his brain to calculate dozens of statistics numbers in order to plan the production of the product. He is the most effective in the heat of the environment and the noisy machine is like energy yet he is fully ready for the job and extends his mastery of engineering.

But when moved to work in a high-rise office with cool air conditioning, sitting at a comfortable table, which many people would like to be at, why did he feel that he was in the wrong place?

But… to sit around and burn the oxygen of the company for fun, it would not be correct, so the new employee decided to get up and walk and make a request.

“Phii John, what can I help you with?”

“Oh, there isn’t yet.”

The young man with dark eyebrows knocked on the keyboard fiercely, the letters on the computer screen appeared in Chinese, it seemed that the other party was in contact with the foreign company shipping, a job beyond Arthit’s ability to comprehend, but he kept trying. per.

“Uh… really not? Any work, I can.”

Phii John stopped his hand as he had a special mystical sense, sensing that if he didn’t assign any mission, there would have been a ghost guarding the edge of the table and refused to go anywhere, so he talked to the pile of papers before handing out a piece of post-it paper on top. give.

“Then please fax the PO slip to the company number here in the last place.”


Arthit responded with great enthusiasm and when he finally got a job, he hurriedly carried the PO slip, which stands for “Purchase Order” goes to the photocopy room where the company’s fax machine is, but when it stops in front of the machine, it just realized one thing.

… He doesn’t know how to send a fax!

It is unusual for the world in the twenty-first century, technology has evolved so far that humans choose to communicate via email or other chat applications.

Instead, because it is a faster and more convenient way than when studying at university, the professor also regularly sends homework to students through Facebook, so the fax machine is like a different-dimensional device in his eyes. The fax, which appears to be three-in-one, can scan, copy and has a built-in printer, with dazzling buttons that fill the device panel. The one to nine buttons on the left are familiar. Up to the five and six red green buttons on the right side… where should he start to press?

Uh… Either way, when loading documents should it top the page with information or is the page facing up?

… And when I press to send a fax, do I have to pick up the phone at the same time as well? Many questions popped up in my brain, so there was no instruction manual in this area and left it as an endeavor. Accepting the word of course that he can do everything, he wants to make it work smoothly.

… Come on! I don’t know. Arthit picked up a piece of paper, turned it upside down, closed his ears, closed his eyes, poked the red button immediately, the fax machine emitted a non-stop cry as if anger was awakened the wrong way.

… Oh, Shit!

Arthit was unsure of what hit the forbidden button, but one thing I was sure of was that if the company fax machine broke up… he had to pay for the damage until his head was big!

The battle between the ordinary villagers and the demons of the fax machine seemed difficult, while trying to find a solution to an emergency situation, the document room door opened and the voice of a woman talking on the phone hastily.

“… Okay. Earth will send a fax to you… wait a moment.”

The senior clenched the smartphone stuck in her ear until it almost became the thirtieth-third of the organ and the other hand was flicking what strokes were on the paper, but the ink faded until she had to shake the pen while writing. While standing in line at the back

“… Please wait to receive the documents in front of the machine… Yes… Thank you.”

Earth pressed the cable down and raised his head, frowned upon the person still standing in the way.

“have you finished with it? Will you continue to use it?”

Arthit automatically diverted to the side and tried to communicate that the fax machine was in trouble.

“Is… I press send but the device still beeps….”

The talk was not over yet, with a few push of a button by a pro, the machine’s howls stopped immediately, before Earth turned to see a pair of eyes blinking with dignity.

“Hey, you have never sent a fax before.”

“Uh… Yes.” The new kid accepts. “Do you have a destination fax number yet? “He nodded his head, hurriedly handed a Post-it out to show. “Look at me doing it and remember.”

Faxing 101 students hurriedly watched the teachers’ teaching start now by submitting their own documents, starting from turning the page with the word data into the machine and then pressing the green button for the Start signal followed by the ten digit telephone number. Finally, by pressing the green button again to send, the disobedient fax machine slowly sucks the paper in as instructed, like a tame animal.

The steps are a lot easier than expected, but Arthit still doesn’t doubt.

“Phii Earth, why does our office still have to fax instead of email?”

“It’s the company’s policy and…..”

The slender hand used a pen to knock on the name of the end of a document she had just written.

“The most important part of the purchasing documents is the signature and if sent by email, there will be no evidence here.”

… Oh… I understand.

I have heard that some bureaucrats still have to use a fax to confirm Ocean Electric Company, although they are private companies, but their working customs will vary from place to place. More than that, Arthit was delighted to learn more from his seniors.

He admits that paperwork has been a weakness of his since his college days, in practice-oriented subjects, he swept and the subjects that had to make paper reports, he had often thrown Nott to help the review because he was once sent by a teacher. Return work for reasons that the bibliography was wrong.

However, Arthit believed that he had a potentially useful experience when he glanced over something forgotten near a fax machine.

“Phii Earth, then pen.”

“It won’t write on and you can just throw it away.”

Despite the simple answer, if he noticed that the blue ink cartridge still had almost half left, he could not help giving advice as an engineering child.

“If you try to dip a pen in hot water for five seconds and put it in cold water again, it may be able to write again.”

Not knowing where in the sentence made the face of Earth still silent, yet answered with a stuck voice, becoming colder than usual.

“Let it be… easier to replace.” Before the young lady left the photocopy room, not just a pen that had been dropped… but Earth also left the young engineer and good hope on the ground.

… I am happy that my senior has given me a job teaching or the process of cheer meet a new freshman is not over yet, so he has not been accepted as part of the Purchasing Department. He thought and then accidentally compared it with the competition process. Department Banner Before he was accepted by his seniors, he had to pass a number of brutal trials to prove himself as well.

And the next checkpoint arrived sooner than expected, as after returning the faxed order to Phii John, the manager Danai beckoned him to a table in the glass room and assigned an important task.

“Arthit, will you please make an order to order office equipment according to this list.”

In the filing that was submitted, there was a list of office supplies, such as A4 paper, fifty reams, a thousand pens. (hmm… he started to understand why Phii Earth threw the pens in the trash easily). One hundred boxes including brooms, bathroom scrubbers, washers.”

It seems like a mother is shopping at home and has nothing to do with electronics, but since this was really a purchasing event for the first time, he was more excited than he thought.

“Price according to the original PO slip, can you do that?”

Manager Danai asked again, which he accepted with confidence.


This time… a purchasing engineer like him will prove his skill!

As if it were a top secret, Arthit walked back to the desk before starting to type the number of orders on the company order form, deliberately, until time passed. Until the lunch break, all the employees have gone down, almost to the end of the office.

“Nong Arthit, if you haven’t gone down to rest again, if you don’t eat on time, you will have stomach disease.”

Phii Somoo stopped by and greeted him while walking past to prepare for lunch.

“I have left to order and print and it’s done. “He turned to answer while moving his mouse to save the job.

“Oh… this kind of diligence is rewarding… Do you like eating egg rolls?”

Just noticed that the other person was holding a food box in his hand. Phii Somoo placed it on his desk and opened the lid of the box to reveal the food beautifully arranged like a Japanese character, with bear and rabbit shaped rice balls adorned with seaweed.

“Oh, did you make it all by yourself? “Arthit praised her with excitement.

“Right now I’m trying to keep my figure, so I cook a low-calorie bento for myself.”

Somoo dipped a softly seasoned egg roll with a fork and gave it to the younger man proudly.

“Oh, open your mouth, I’ll let you wake up at 5 am to do it yourself.


If a large egg roll hasn’t reached its destination, it first fell off the fork onto the work table.

“Crap! Sorry, I will… tissue…..”

A woman scrambled for a piece of paper to wipe away the fragments of an egg that had landed next to the keyboard. Arthit glanced over to see the tissue boxes on the table next to other. Now that Phii Earth was away, he borrowed it first, hoping that he wouldn’t get angry later.

“Wait a moment, I’ll wipe it myself.”

He manages to clean the table completely and Phii Somoo tried to make excuses again.

“Would you like another one?”

“Ah… Phii Somoo better go eat, so she will have any energy to work.”

Even though the food in the box was well placed to eat, he noticed that it was very small and the egg rolls were just the last one.

“Okay… then hurry up and follow down, the time will run out.”

The secretary didn’t forget before walking down the elevator to the cafeteria in the Purchasing Department, so there was only a new employee left.

In fact, he felt his stomach started protesting a little, so he quickly pressed the print job and handed the document to the front of Manager Danai’s desk.

Everything is done according to steps, no errors.

… You see, people are not good since birth, but they also have the potential to develop as well. Arthit thoughtfully smiled, went down to rest for lunch with ease.

Without knowing that the background of the test is not as easy as you think…..

In the afternoon, the young man was called by Manager Danai to the table again.

“Arthit, come this way.”

He walked into the same clear glass room, but the chilling mass was more than usual, probably because the head of the supervisor had not issued any instructions but turned into a strange question.

“You think that one pen will run out of ink.

How long does it take?

Although still confused, if the child finishes the engineering, it responds according to predictions.

“If you use it for regular writing, it will take about one to two months… Oh, but if you can’t use it and you think the ink is running out, Phii Danai try to dip the pen in hot water and put it in cold water again. May be able to come back to write and stick as before.”

… What is it like to be a good person? Sri Siam is generous, plus additional information, as I said to Phii Earth.

Fortunately, this time the audience smiled. “Thank you for the advice.”

But unfortunately, the other party’s question was not over.

“Just a moment ago, you answered that one pen runs out of ink and one takes one to two months before its done being used to write, right?”

“Yes,” Arthit nodded in confirmation.

“And then how long will the ten thousand pens take to use?”

The order he was conducting was picked up and placed on the table, marked with a red circle to reveal a large error.

… The order list of 1,000 pens turned out to be 10,000 bars because the number of zeros was added to one after the end.

The purchasing engineer widened his eyes in shock.

Hoeei! How did he have overbook the number of orders, even though he thought he checked it well? Let’s look back and look at the reason. Whether it was because he had lost the key in the first place or it was some other terrible accident, in the end, ten thousand pen numbers were displayed on the front of the document and it was his responsibility.

“I’m sorry because I’m not careful.”

Manager Danai let out a sigh and hinted as a hot bath person.

“I know that you studied engineering and are probably more familiar with production, but paperwork is an important task, if we don’t pay attention to it the mistakes damage the company. Purchasing is not an easy job.”

The new employee bowed his head to accept the teaching, wanting to shake his skull hard.

You are really stupid Ai Arthit, dear! Always wanting to prove his skill and make him feel careless, then what is it?

“But I consider this the first time, so be careful next time.”


Realizing his inexperience, Arthit went downhill, dragging his legs back to the spotlessly clean table. Unlike other people who are busy working in chaos that betta fish in a glass bowl, they still swam vigorously like the beats of office men.

… As for the theme song EM V, the life of Khun. Arthit?

He believed it was definitely the saddest song in the office.

The second day, Arthit returned to the dormitory, exhausted.

… This body is not that much, but this heart is so exhausted.

Should I move the department back to the Production Department? Ocean Company is an assembly factory. Large electronics might have some work as a manufacturing engineer to do, but it would be nice to be a small assistant, but if rejected again, there is only one option left…..

 Two simple words “resignation”, simple but difficult to do. Although Arthit was the only son and his home finances position was not difficult, he wanted to make money from his own toil and hard work without disturbing his parents.

Therefore, even if it is bad or bad, you have to be patient enough, as you look around the room and see the fan, TV and refrigerator, it seems like you can hear the sound of your appliances shouting out loud.

“You can’t change department. If you change, what are you going to show for it?”

Even though his stomach was still crying out warnings, commenting on him, but now he is sleeping and resting, he doesn’t want to move around in the room. Just like a lazy person, he finally bend his head up from the pillow when he felt the gentle vibrations from the masters.

Smartphone – Line application bounces off incoming messages, it is sent from the user profile as a brown gear that has never changed since his school days, First Year students and of course the true owner of the gear is him.

Arthit hurriedly pressed to open the first message. “Reach out your hand in front of you.”

Puzzled by a strange order, but then he immediately changed to understand after the submission was a picture.

… Orange leaf with a pen mark, eyes and smiley emoticon. Arthit knows what it means. “Why did you send oranges to me?”

After dating, there was one day when Kongpop suddenly brought up all these things.

“At that time, you could let us go, but you still called for the oranges to come back.”

“Why do you ask?”

“I just want to know, Phii Arthit if he knows, EM was afraid to death, thought he’d been ordered to push-ups.”

“Oh, at that time I should have ordered the pushups instead.”

“Come on now.”

“Well… I see you guys looked tired, oranges contain vitamins that can help nourish the body to recover from fatigue.”


“True, if you don’t believe you, go run around ten laps and I’ll buy you ten oranges for you to eat.”

“No need, I believe, because at that time I was completely exhausted… plus those four oranges were just “very sweet too.”

The last sentence has sparkling eyes emoji sent to confirm how much sweetness is.

… Bastard, the more we get together, the more you try to get more and when I open the channel a bit, this younger can diligently drop his flirting every day, just like when he was really betraying him. I thought I could not do it because I would wake up early to practice hard and stay connected to a late-night planning meeting every night and also have to deal with annoying children who like to tease him often. But in the end, he was able to carry out his assignments until he passed, glancing at the citrus fruit in the smartphone screen again, perhaps the fact that the oranges were exhausted because he felt a lot of grip. The old, semi-successful (from) image, fueled faster than any other food.

So Arthit decided to type back some letters, not the answer… but the former head hazer style order.

“Are you free tomorrow? We were going to go on a date.”

Dating places are usually divided into a few categories depending on the couple’s lifestyle; shopping malls may be a shopper’s choice, if the foodie likes to eat, patrol the restaurants, while health-conscious people may take a bike ride or go play in the park.

But as for the dating place of an engineering young couple… They ended up going straight to the “Bookstore.”

As a rule, Arthit was not a frequent visitor to the bookstore except for the comic book shop next to the university where he was a VIP member when he was in school.

But today, in the evening after work, he chose to meet Kongpop in a large bookstore in the middle of the city and determined to keep his eyes on the cover one by one, tilting down the floor several times, as if he was hunting for a treasure that It was hidden until the date was greeted with suspicion.

“What is Phii Arthit looking for?”

“They are books about the work that I do. “Answered while still flipping the pages open and reading roughly.

Before I send my favorite book to my assistant who stands free.

“Oh, this book… and this book too. Please hold on.”

Kongpop accepted three books of different sizes and had to blow his eyebrows after reading the letters on the cover and raised his head to ask, questioning again.

“At Phii Arthit, choose books “Logistics management, I understand it, but a simple weight loss book can be done immediately. “It’s about the work you do as well.”

“Well, it is necessary.”

“What about the Betta fish farming manual?

“Well… that is necessary as well.”

The answers didn’t clear up the doubt, the books selected were all dazzling. Kongpop couldn’t guess how Phii Arthit used the selection criteria, but he could have guessed today that he would have spent a long time in the bookstore. When the Line text invited him to date, he tries to dream of going to eat in the dim lights dinner, watch a late-night movie, or go on a private trip but the picture image he hoped doesn’t come close to the truth.

However, Kongpop has never thought of being bored with this kind of head hazer dating style because he always finds the other person’s romantic side.

… Looks like a serious face focused on the book, which for a long time has seen him turn to seek help with a softer tone.

“Kong… can you find a book on how to build relationships with people.”

“How to build relationships with people? Why should Phii Arthit find it? Eh? Or is there someone at work vying for Arthit!“


A book suddenly dropped to the ground like a man holding a soft wooden hand, with an impromptu refusal of his imagination.

“How do you go from me looking for a book to that?!”

“Fine.” Kongpop smiled like a relieved person as he bent down to collect the book and handed it to “Here.”

“Thank you.” Arthit was about to reach for it, but it turned out that he was grabbed by the hand until he was startled.


Forgetfulness, exclaimed loudly, fortunately, they stood in a corner of a psychology book, which was rarely passed by, yet had not been the target of customers in the store, but Arthit had only been pinned down by a single pair of dazzling eyes.

“Well, that’s fine… I don’t have someone to flirt with because I’m a very fierce lover and also a head hazer.”

The person who took the position, threatened to overthrow the crafty of the former head hazer, had to hurry up in a fierce voice as well.

“Let me go!”


“Well, we are in a bookstore.”

“I haven’t seen anyone looking here.”

“It’s in a public place. If you want to do it, we can go back and do it (?) at the apartment!”

“So let’s hurry back to the apartment.”

“Ai…!” Again, I didn’t know what word to put on a crafty person.

… You don’t have to be careful with other people to flirt, because the most dangerous ones are right here.

In the end, Arthit had to agree and choose to meet halfway.

“Okay, fine, but I’m hungry, stop and grab something to eat first, then go back to the dormitory, okay?”

Kongpop smiled, satisfied with the offer, retracted the evil wolf’s ears and tail, took it back and freed the bonded lamb.

The survivor’s victim hurriedly grabbed all of the books towards the cash counter with a seizure of HUD, thinking that he would choose a distant restaurant to seize as much time as possible to return to the apartment!

Despite those intentions… They ended up at a regular noodle shop located just three bus stops away from the mall.

But upon arrival, they found a large letter of writing paper on the front of the sliding steel door saying urgent sale.

“Hoeei! How did the restaurant close?

The answer is too difficult to guess.

Perhaps the restaurant has a really bad income or, on the contrary, the shop may have gained a profit that exceeds the target, thus having to move the restaurant to a bigger place branch? The trees were in the provinces with their offspring instead.

There were many reasons for this conclusion, but the only reason Kongpop was dismayed.

… That is the place where the memory between him and Phii Arthit has diminished one more thing.

Not sure if Phii Arthit thinks the same, so why.

The expressions clearly show disappointment, but most likely it is due to other issues.

“I intended to come and eat here so I ate a little boiled pork noodle in the company, there is no delicious thing in the company, so where can I get some food noe?”

The office man moaned as if he was separated from his love.

So Kongpop hurried to recover the situation, looked around until he found a sign of a noodle shop in the alley not far away.

“That restaurant looks like it should be okay, let’s go and eat it.”

The lunch in the subsidiary’s cafeteria had been exhausted for a long time and it also wasted the energy of shopping for books until the stomach began to protest.

“Go, go,” Arthit decided to go and go. The shop is located in a rather poor restaurant, expected to have been open for at least ten years without renovating the boiler. There is less than half of the soup. The glass cabinet was cluttered, the chairs in the shop were empty, unmodified, unclear, unsure whether the store was open or close to ruin. The hesitant standing made a call.

“There are still things left at the restaurant so you can order them right away.”

“Do you have boiled noodles with stewed pork?”

Arthit took the guesswork out of asking, stewed pork as an ingredient, which is quite difficult to cook because it takes a long time to simmer. Some restaurants choose to use pork chops or pieces of pork according to different recipes, but the ones are too choppy. This back still has a dream menu.

“Take normal or special carry on.”

If hungry for this heavy number, he probably ordered a special one but because he was still not convinced he had to choose a play-safe.

“Normal is enough.”

Others use taste judgments based on their familiarity.

“I would like small noodles, with clear soup meatballs.”

The man nodded, wiped his hands and waistband casually and cried out to the customer to serve himself.

“Go sit first, ice with a glass behind” So they walked into the store, chose a table and sat inside.

It was cleaner and cleaner than they thought it would be, probably because the sky was getting dark and it didn’t take long for two bowls of noodles to be served.

The light brown broth looks like it and the taste may not be as bold as the style you like and when you sip it in your mouth, it is disappointed that you can’t wait to compare it. After all, the pork-toned boiled noodles aren’t as tasty as that.

He was about to open up the vine, seasoning and scooping cayenne pepper to add it, but it was forbidden.

“Wait a minute, this bowl is for Phii Arthit.”

Kongpop pulled a small bowl of meatballs in clear water, alternating with a bowl of stewed pork noodles, deliberately creating a Deja vu event.

“This joke is familiar.” Arthit was bored with a half-weary expression.

… The love language of a couple who have been in a relationship for a long time has a word called “End of the excitement stage” means that when couples go through the sweet time of their relationship, their attention will gradually diminish and their heartbeat begins to change to a little less familiar. What is left of becomes more less exotic, combined with hunger, it reduces the sweet deep moment twice.

“No, I won’t exchange.” Pretended to pull the bowl back, but Kongpop remained stubborn. “Give it a try, I’m not teasing Phii Arthit.”

He didn’t know what the other person wants, but when he meets the eye that implies that Arthit isn’t lying, Arthit will continue to pick up the soup spoon, taste it and then have to bend the face when the tongue senses the taste is as light as the water.

“I can’t tell you, I teased you.”

“Try eating meatballs and look first.”

“Won’t try!”

The loud rejection made the restaurant owner hurriedly glanced at the angry man, so he had to calm down his mouth, smiled and couldn’t eat the meatballs.

It appears that the pork ball tastes unbelievably good, although its size is smaller than usual but does not contain flour, so it was sticky as if it took time to knead and cook it well.

“Oh, meatballs are so delicious, the meat is firm and bouncy, too.”

“This meatball, probably made by the restaruant by yourself, has a price tag for sale separate as well.”

Kongpop added small paper plates placed in the wall above their heads, indicating the price of a mao-kilo pork balls, along with newspaper-cut columns and placards from the cheesy show, lined up deep inside as evidence. He could guarantee that this restaurant has meatballs that are really cool.

“Then Phii Arthit, eat that bowl.”

The sacrificed person chose a bowl of stewed pork noodle soup with only two meatballs.

Arthit hurriedly rebuked, “No need, and don’t joke again.”

Before he went and turned to the front of the restaurant, requesting additional menus, “Hey, please can we have a separate meatball for fifty baht.” Then turned around and said quietly in an annoying voice “Favorite things, anyone can eat them too.”

Kongpop shook his head and smiled a little bit like Phii Arthit’s old personality.

… Where is the new joke, since Phii Arthit has been like this for a long time, still a bad mouth, never changed…? In fact, he himself has one thing that has never changed as well.

“Then I can play a new joke.”

Kongpop introduces as hot smoky meatballs are served to the table, the listener raise his eyebrows while grabbing the meatballs.

“What joke.”

Then Arthit realized at the minute that their “excitement stage” hadn’t yet ended after hearing  the flirt sentences until the heart almost stops beating.

“No matter what will change, Phii Arthit still makes me fall in love everywhere.”


The head hazer suddenly shouted loudly and dropped the meatballs from the chopsticks and saw them rolled onto the floor until the shopkeeper flicked his sharp eyes to look again and he was stunned, but still not failing to send an angry look at the bullpen for the second time of the day.

Kongpop doesn’t seem to be acting like someone trouble, still quietly eats boiled pork noodles.

… I know that Phii Arthit doesn’t like doing anything sweet, especially in front of a lot of people, but he never stops Kongpop, even if he gets frustrated later, but for a fraction of a second he sees Arthit expression for a little shyness. There, when he realized it again, he accidentally teased him.

… I’m sorry, Phii Arthit really can’t help.

Because no matter how many years have passed… the habit of teasing the person he likes never disappears from him.

But in the end, the heavens did not take the wrong side

The bullpen was punished for having no right to shake hands under the contract because Arthit’s two hands chose to hold the book instead.

Although it was Kongpop’s familiar sight of his lover resting on his bed in his room, he couldn’t help but notice that the other side’s eyebrows were frowning, almost tied together. It looks like there will be a final exam tomorrow.

Although he still does not know how betta fish is involved in purchasing, from the many books that the other party has picked up to study further, it can be assumed that the work is quite difficult.

“If you are tired, take a rest. Don’t overdo it. I will be worried.”

Even if it was a machine, there was a time to rest, but this salaryman had plenty of energy.

“Oh, it’s alright, just reading by yourself already… Well, how about you? How are you?

Is the flag challenge, isn’t it?”

“Yes, next Friday, is Phii Arthit free?

“Yes, I can see the same method you use on your generation.”

“We are still meeting together, but we still cannot reach a conclusion.”

As head hazer, Kongpop wanted to create the same impressive activities that their own generation had encountered, remembering that they had to unite their strengths through unity and unity in order to find the meaning of each SOTUS letter until finally getting the flag. The generation proudly took possession of the idea owners who came up with this test, one of which was not beyond the hazing team leader who gave further advice.

“If you choose to use any method, be sure to adapt it to your younger generation as well. The old SOTUS theme is nice, but if you don’t change it to fit into the era, where the younger sibling would want to join, you have to remember. Also keep in mind that this activity is for whom.”

The message from the seniors is good advice for Kongpop to think, right… The person who will benefit the most from the cheer meet activities is the First Year students. When you can see the activity pattern more clearly… because if you don’t have the younger, you probably won’t have a head hazer as well…..

He almost forgot an important purpose, but someone still does not ignore it even after he has been down from office a long time ago.

For him… no matter when, the Phii Arthit is always the ultimate head hazer.

Wanting to set a goal to prove himself to be like that, Kongpop turned to the idea that had just come to mind.

“Phii Arthit, if I use the method to win the flag like…”

There is no need to complete the explanation, because the answer is completely asleep, the tall eyes look at their lover languidly, before pulling up the Betta Fish Farming Manual, which is still in the other hand and gently covering it with a cloth.

… Phii Arthit must be tired.

Even if he didn’t tell the story about his work, he still noticed his fatigue. Over the course of two years, they became more familiar with other.

Phii Arthit never asked for more, continued to love with dignity and strength that sometimes he became a lover who rarely need to be helped on anything, at least wanting to look after what he could do now. Kongpop bowed down to tell “Good night” like a lover does.

In the course of two years, things have changed and things that never change.

But come tomorrow… their love will remain one of the things that are as stable as ever.


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