SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 3: Be ready to adjust to each other.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 3: Be ready to adjust to each other.

“The theory of evolution says that things arise from the struggle for survival and the thing adapts to itself more and more to suit the environment.”

For example, “giraffes” had a short-necked ancestor but were altered to have longer necks so they could better find leaves to eat and it also passed onto offspring and short-necked ancestors who could not forage. Nowadays, only the long-necked giraffe is left to survive.

Arthit thought he was like a giraffe… this didn’t mean he had a longer neck, but after a lot of study from books and spending a week in the office, he began to adjust to acclimatization. Purchasing Department at a glance.

“Phii Danai, I tried to classify files according to the type of material, divided into categories. Sorted alphabetically to make it easier to find Phii Danai. How do you see it?”

The new employee opened the computer screen for the chief inspector to check, who nodded in satisfaction.

“Hmm, a good idea.”

Arthit did this to reduce the workflow even further and walking past the junior secretary the man had a handful of items for her.

“Phii Somoo, yesterday I found a zero-kilocalorie jelly dessert, so I bought it for you.”

“Wow! Thank you. I am very hungry. I almost ate the order instead of rice.”

At this time, Ocean Electric Company had a lot of production orders piled up next to other on the purchasing desk’s desk, so each of them had their files piled up almost to form a tower and the heaviest would not have reached the table of Savage. GING WOMAN, who is often caught up in the phone.

“Hello, Khun Nid, Maintenance Department, right? Earth from the Purchasing Department, is it bothering to ask how many horsepower CPG reduction gears should I order to use and how many rotation ratio must they be?”

“Use a 1 horsepower motor, the ratio can be selected from 1:10 to 1:60.”

The answer came not from the end of the line, but from the owner of the next desk who had engineering knowledge.

Earth paused, looked at the younger generation and then turned back to fill the phone with a sound.

“Oh, it’s okay, now I know… Thank you.”

The senior hung her face down before greeting the new kid with her eyes.

“Did you take any drugs? You look more cheery.”

“Well, I’m just getting used to the work,” Arthit smiled dry.

… Not only did he become familiar with the job, but he also began to understand the personality of his colleagues little by observing. Manager Danai… was a dedicated team leader and was always too late to the office.

As for Phii Somoo…  she is extremely hospitable and is known to other employees in different departments during lunch break or break time. Phii Somoo often joins the gang of Chang-Mount girls to exchange various stories from Korean tv stars to the Mercedes Benz cars. As opposed to Phii Earth… Arthit defines briefly her as “Elder Sister, a tough woman, alcoholic.” Finally, Phii John… is a technology mogul, any new high-tech device he will soon have it in hand and he will be more showy than you think.

… For example, one day, while Arthit was entering the bathroom, Phii John accidentally followed him behind him to stand on a private errand, his sharp eyes still staring at him until he felt a strange spine tingling.

Uh… Khun, come, go, tilt, look, explore, what is here? I think my things look normal, not too big or too small than the standard. What’s wrong with that?

The suspicious person hurriedly pulled up, prepared to go out, wash his hands and before fear waned until he had no idea, Phii John fired a question.

“Arthit, what belt brand are you wearing?”

The person who was talked to by the fashionista police looked confused, raised eyebrows but still gazed at his own simple black belt.

“I don’t know, but I used it for a long time and it is still okay, wearing it since I was in college and haven’t listened to it yet.”

He bragged about his properties, instead of admiring Phii John, his brow was darker than before.

“Why don’t you try to buy a new line and change it? The purchasing clerk has to take care of the image as well.”

“But when we work only in the office, we don’t need to pay attention to that much.”

When commenting, the senior staff shook his head, stating that the newcomer didn’t know anything.

“Try to guess what’s most important in your purchasing job.”

He found a question to challenge him. Even though the current situation was in the men’s restroom, not a competitive examination ground, Arthit tried to put his brain on the answer.

“Well… is… probably… purchasing all the things within the budget… maybe.”

Phii John smiled, “Get them almost cheap… but not look like they are.” As he zipped up his pants, fastened his belt, the brand name Hermes was gleaming and then spoke.

“Follow me this afternoon and I’ll teach you how to do real purchasing work for yourself.”

Inside the famous chic coffee shop, after the lunch break, the office youths began to decline because they had to go back to the company for a monsoon adventure, but the purchasing engineer card holder, Arthit, was still sitting.

The table next to the glass side that offers the best view of the shop next to it is Phii John while the opposite side is a beautiful woman in white with long black hair, contrasting with a red dress showing pretty proportions according to Thai male spec.

“Hello, Khun John.”

“Sawadee khrap Khun Laila “The Deputy Manager smiles at the charm before turning away. “He is Arthit, purchasing staff and a new person of our company.”

“Sawadee khrap.” He raised his hand to pay homage to it, scanned his eyes, scanned, careful not to lose manners.

… Khun Laila is probably the same age as Phii Earth, but the personality is completely different, the face is still like a robot and this person sent a cute smile.

“Nice to meet you Khun Arthit, uh… Do you want something to drink? Let Lila go buy it.”

“It’s okay.”

“Oh, I don’t have to be considerate.”

“It’s really okay.”

So he refused to talk back and forth, so John had to speak for him instead.

“His sister is still new, maybe still tense… then get the green at Frappe @ Jelly Size Wealth like me.”

“Yes, wait a moment.”

Khun Laila was great at welcoming guest, as if he was the owner of a coffee shop, Arthit had previously heard Phii John begging manager Danai for permission to go with Arthit and let him practice talking to another company in establishing relations or else he would have done alone and there will be some misunderstandings after a beautiful girl cell walked a distance, a senior employee handed him an iPad, which opened a website for him and began to explain.

“This is the supplier that we will buy from him in this lot.”

… The name Sangchai Industrial is evident on the screen with the caption that it is a plastic pellet plant forming various electrical components before Phii John added more information.

“You know, Khun Sangchai, who owns the factory, he studied at the same university as us, Arthit might not be able to keep up with his generation, uh… Actually, you can’t catch up, but fortunately, senior and younger generation we used to stay in one dorm and it was a way to find a way to communicate with other… but it was worth it because our company was able to buy things from him for a cheap price.”

And it is followed by a solution to the previous question.

“Actually, the most important thing in doing a purchasing job is “connection”, the more you maintain connections, the more bargaining power we have… Remember that too.”

… Oh… so it is just like this.

Arthit nodded his head, squinting as if the eyes were attained. The secret of purchasing is something more complicated than it seems. If it is understandable, the business must have a long string to connect. Even if he could soar up to a high level, it was a managerial way of thinking that was different from when he was studying engineering, but for the inexperienced person like him, he would be happy to learn something new.

“I understand. So, Laila is a personnel of the Sangchai Company, right?”


John raised his thumbs when he saw that the newcomer understood the purpose, before he began to relax more, leaned down on the chair, slid the iPad screen, switched to Facebook in a comfortable manner, more like living rather than doing. Work, but these behaviors are self-rational.

“Think about it… We helped the company get a lot of benefits and we should get a little something in return. Isn’t it? This is still too little.”

Plus, by reducing the whisper of trade secrets.

“And most of the sales that our customers send to us are pretty girls… If I keep my connection well, I accidentally continue to build other relationships… Hoeei, I’m not Yuna, but you look at me and my face is not that bad, you just need to change your outfit a bit.

Arthit accidentally raised his hand to hold the belt in his heart, processing what he heard, but the sweet voice of the young woman arrived at the table interrupted him first.

“I have arrived. I’m sorry. Did you wait for a long time?”

“Oh, no, we are still discussing it.”

Phii John answered while helping to receive a large glass of beverage that was delivered.

“Eh? What are you talking about?”

“Well, after this, I think maybe Arthit will contact Khun Laila directly for me.”

“Oops, then Laila has to be entrusted with yourself.”

Matte lips, cherry-colored lipstick, unfolded, a beautiful smile, well-manicured fingers, opened the purse, Chanel picked up a business card with name and phone number.

“Laila hasn’t picked up the catalog just yet, but I’ll give you the number to contact Khun Arthit first. As for this month’s peak, Laila will have to send Khun John the same as before.”

“No problem, eh? I have just changed the watch, this one has never been seen.”

Sharp eyes focused on the watch. The elegant brown leather strap looks noble on the thin wrist, which is raised on the other side to reveal the sparkling Swarovski crystal dial. Words of humility.

“Oh, Khun John did you notice? I just bought it yesterday, but it’s the one I dn’t really play with, the price is a little cheap, just a hundred thousand.”

“But I think it’s cute, it suits Khun Laila very much.”

“Khun John has a… sweet mouth…” The young woman laughed at the office man.

Arthit quietly listened to their conversations, not daring to even glance at a glass of green tea for almost two hundred that he had not issued a penny.

Once again, in his heart, he realized that… the purchasing job was really a complicated matter for him to learn.

After that, talking became Arthit’s main task.

But calling “talk” would not be correct to use the word “I refused more because Phii John gave the instructions to be short and easy.

… If someone offers to sell anything, tell them that we will contact you back by ourselves… End.

Today, too, there was a phone calling for the Purchasing Department to meet the salespeople from two companies.

… The first one is a familiar person.

“Hello Khun Arthit, Laila brought the catalog that I talked about that time.”

The dark-makeup woman wore a sexy black lace dress with a two-pound vanilla cake box.

“And Laila brought snacks for the people in the office as well.”

“Thank you. If I am interested in any product, I will contact you.”

Despite having a gift, Arthit hurriedly cut her off, moving up, preparing to leave.

“Then I must excuse myself…..”

“Wait a minute! Khun Arthit.

The hold-down sentence made people think of the escape, carelessly looking at Khun Laila, who smiled and smiled, which looked sweeter than vanilla cake, as well as a clear, sweet voice.

“Today I intended to come directly to Khun Arthit.”

The thin figure moved closer to the scent of a faint rose fragrance. She lifted her hair up to her ears, her eyes wore a glittering big eye contact lens, like a young tiger hunting her prey before making a critical question

“I don’t know if Khun Arthit is interested in financial freedom, I now have good things to offer.”

He does not know why he suddenly sees the illusion of a crown of jewels on the head of the speaker along the bridge. “Miss Congeniality” can’t help but come up in his mind.

… It took twenty minutes to get away from the direct selling network business.

Arthit breathed her exhaustion after returning the saleswoman’s head, glancing at the clock to see the short hand pointing to the number twelve.

It’s time for lunch, Arthit wanted to rush to order his favorite cold pinkmilk to recharge, but he had  to carry the cake box with the product catalog and go back to his department first.

He opened the door of the reception room, but was surprised to find that in front of the room a forty man with a briefcase was waiting.

… Damn it! He forgot that there were two companies which had sales pitch.

“I’m sorry for the long wait.” The purchasing clerk hurriedly bowed his head and apologized.

“It’s okay, I am the one who bothered… This is the lunch break, right? You can go have a meal first, the next day I will contact you again.”

The man politely refused, in a really considerate manner. As people who understand how important breaks are for office workers, when they hear that, listeners are grateful, even though their main duty is to receive product catalogs and tell the other person to contact them back. Later that could take as little as a few seconds, but seeing that the company was patient, he switched to resting his own story.

“Oh, I am not hungry yet. Anyway, you can come and chat in the room.”

Arthit opened the door to the lounge again, put the bag of pound cake aside next to the table and waited for the guest to hand over his business card.

“Sawadee khrap, my name is Piti, I represent Piti Panich.”

On the business card, the title is the manager, not the salesperson, but the reader pokes his mind on the name that is the same as the name of the company, so try to ask.

“Uh… this manager’s position means…?”

“Oh, I am the owner of this company myself”

… Hoeei! The owner came by himself!

Never having to contact a person of such a higher position before, he even hurriedly raised his hand to greet the man.

“Sa… Sawadee khrap, I am Arthit, Purchasing Department of Ocean Electric Company.”

“Nice to meet you… Khun Arthit is a very observant person. It is fortunate for this company to have employees like you.”

The praise from the keen eyesight at the executive level made Arthit rubbed his neck.

“No, I still have a lot to study, uh… so let’s get into the story so you don’t waste your time, Khun. Piti, do you have a product catalog?”


The staple papers were handed over to him for viewing, but what he saw was not the details of the product catalog, but the history of the factory, the correct registration information, including pictures of the plant and production line.

“First of all, I would like to give a brief introduction to our company… Piti has only recently been launched, it is a small factory but we intend to produce all products to meet the ISO quality standards.”

Arthit has recently found a sales start-up by introducing factory history, because this information is often hit. They neglect or refuse to disclose, but in fact, it is the first priority to confirm what the factory environment is like and how much capacity it has. “Look at the elephants face, and look at the tails.”

Management within the factory is an indication of the quality of the product. If factory personnel are effective, the product is likely to receive great attention and this care is more evident when Khun Piti continue to speak.

“If you want to consider materials, I have an example for you.”

Like Sangchai, Piti Panich is a plastic product factory, so the materials have a similar design, but the main difference is the preset method, as the sample charts Khun. Piti picked up on the show were lined with plastics. It is well organized with complete details of information, making it easy for the viewer to read and clearly see, however, it is not the only measure of order results.

“This is a catalog of products.”

As if the other party had guessed the idea, he handed over another document, he looked at the price comparison survey, thinking that he would find an exorbitant high numerical value, but it turned out that the standard price was the same as Khun Laila’s company.

No… considering the quality of the product, this might be too cheap too.

“Oh… set a price like this, will you get a profit?”

He accidentally fell out and realized that he asked him about the profit and loss of the company, it was not his business that he had to know but Khun. Piti did not even mind telling about the beginning.

“In the past, when I was in the product development phase, I had to mortgage my house to pay the employee’s salary. At first I thought that doing it would not be worth it, but I didn’t want to stop because even though the plastic frame is just one of the components of the product. But it is a vital material to keep other parts running efficiently.”

… Awesome!

Arthit would like to stand up and applaud this wonderful attitude with joy as if he had met a master with true virtue.

After that, the conversation between them continued for forty minutes, taking twice as long as the first cell, but it was totally worth it because he had received good advice from experienced people. A veteran who teaches life and work aspects of life that he wants to apply to be his own Piti network down the line.

“In any case, I will hurry to present to the company and I will contact you.”

Arthit said goodbye to Khun. Piti, with respect to worshiping the man who built his own business.

In his heart, he is now filled with a freshly broadcast subject, yet he had to fill my stomach as well.

When he put the pound cake up and put it in the Purchasing Department, he hurriedly jumped down to the cafeteria because he didn’t have much time to rest, so he managed to buy a simple curry rice. It is important not to forget your favorite drink as intended.

“Brother, a glass of cold pinkmilk.”

“Cold pinkmilk again? Arthit.”

The question came not from a salesman, but from a tall man dressed in a gray bear, a sharp face with a goatee, typical of a production engineer standing behind him in surprise.

“Oh, Phii Yong. Good morning.”

… Phii Yong is a senior training in Arthit, training work in the Production Department, good looks, talent, perfect and easy to be close, so it feels more like a friend than a senior who is five years apart.

“Just had lunch? Why did you come to rest so late?”

“Oh, just sticking to talking to Cell.”

“Well, you’re doing a full-body purchasing job, really, I am so sorry for your skill, you should have been in the Production Department together, everyone complains and misses you.”

Most production workers are men.

Almost all the atmosphere is similar to the Faculty of Engineering.

Arthit was able to adapt to that side much faster than the current job.

“And is this used to the purchasing work yet?” Phii Yong fires out the question as if guessing the awkwardness.

“Well… enough to go.” He replied softly before turning back some questions.

“And on the production line side, are you busy? Or you just came to have lunch as well.”

“No, my work schedule is empty this afternoon, so let’s take a walk.”

“Oh? Why?”

“Well, the ordered materials have came with the wrong specification again… well, whatever and wherever. And when ordering materials, Arthit, please check it a little bit careful, if not the product will be damaged a lot, sometimes we will be having to revert the material again and again.”

Even if it’s a close senior, if it is a job, Phii Yong is always strict in order to maintain the company’s standards, which Arthit accepts.

“I understand. I will try to propose to the higher ups.”

“Leave it too. “The big hand trusts the former apprentice on the shoulders of himself.

“Cold pinkmilk has arrived.”

The seller handed over a sweet-colored drink to a tall figure and said goodbye.

“Well, let’s go have a meal… If the Purchasing Department has used it too harshly, you can come and sue this way and when you are free, we will meet up outside the round.”


Arthit responded happily and felt so reassuring that he thought when he would be close to his colleagues in the Purchasing Department like this.

But yes, no one will think of him at all…..

After returning to the department, Phii John immediately greeted him.

“Where did Arthit go? Where did the cake on the table come from?”

“Khun Laila, bought it you.”

“Oh, then you can eat it.”

The eyes of the people who were aiming for the biscuits glisten open the pound cake box without fear, so Arthit took this moment to introduce what he wanted.

“Phii John, I have an interesting company offering products. The material quality is good, the price is not very expensive too.”

“What are they selling?”

The younger generation hurriedly took out the catalogs that were just given to them, but the other party simply opened the check and saw the plastic material and he was  easily dismissed.

“You don’t have to contact them because we already have Sangchai as a supplier.”

“But don’t we need to consider them first? For example, Piti’s price is much cheaper than Sangchai Company.”Arthit is still trying.

Phii John sighed and taught him a smooth voice.

“Sangchai Company has been a partner with our company for many years. I can’t come to cancel his orders because just the price of that product is cheaper than the two.”

The reason has weight stepped on the persuasion of the newcomer to defeat, buried in the ground.

… I almost forgot that the purchasing job had to be well-thought-out because it involved business and connection.

Arthit’s withered face must have been evident, so the senior employee had to encourage them.

“We don’t have to do anything to make it more complicated… I have an easy job for you.”

John turned to get a piece of paper with numbers and stock the material and put it in his hand.

“At four o’clock in the evening, a Sangchai company car comes to pick up the product back, so please go down and check the following things, just stand there and don’t have to do anything… it’s easy to do.”

In the end, winking hints that purchasing is a casual job, no complexity… You, I think, before the deputy manager moves away to the pantry room with a cake box that he is more interested in than the product catalog.

Arthit’s desk had calmed down once again, but now he felt overwhelmed by any work.

The purchasing engineer glanced at the desk calendar, saw the red pen mark, made an appointment for an important day, he picked up the smartphone, opened the LINE application, scrolled to the owner of the gear profile and clicked to type a message.

“How’s the flag going today?”

After a while, Kongpop replied that they were having fun.

The reader then sent hand-made cartoon stickers. Okay, it’s a sign of acknowledgment.

Arthit put his smartphone down, face down against the table, never intending to maintain the image of his energetic employees.

… If possible, he really wants to disappear and appear at the university right now.

On the cheer stand at the university sports ground.

Kongpop was sitting with the other gangs in a relaxed manner, while the shadow less side of the field, First Year students stood in line, everything looked calm and quiet, as if there was no activity. “Win the prestige battle of the Faculty of Engineering.” The reason for this is because the test rules were distributed through social media already in the morning at eight in front of every student’s Facebook page. The faculties have shared links to each other as images, banners and large messages board.

“We invite all university students to play.”

A treasure hunt game, a treasure chest located at the arena, requires a five letter code unlock.

Who can turn it out will receive an unlimited number of special rewards, factions and number of players.

At 6:00 PM (the hint of the code will be hidden in the university, find something in red), the hilarity of social media is full of people interested in the special prize, which is still a mystery. First Year students, the Department of Industry knows that one of the special awards must definitely include a cheer meet flag.

The treasure hunting operation began throughout the university, from those who had fun playing and those who wanted to try things, to those who wanted to prank the students of the engineering faculty, because if any faculty could open the treasure chest first, it would be considered the First Year boy this year. But since the scope of the search engine is quite wide and the hints do not help narrow it down, the online world has become a source of information for upstarting comments.

“Someone guessed it was SOTUS again, they thought we were he was something shallow to replicate the old stuff, just like that, it’s easy!”

EM complained as people like to play games while reading posts from Facebook.

“Or are we thinking that the challenge is too hard, this is nearing the end of time? No one can open the chest yet.”

Tew began to see differently, the light of Arthit had almost gone down and even though they saw many students circling the code, there was no sign of opening it.

“The challenge is not difficult to find, I think you will find it close to you, but I will not tell others any more than that clue.”

Kongpop assumed that if no one could actually open the chest, the purpose of this event would be a failure.

“But at least there are a lot of people interested in joining together, I thought it was right that Kong told me to share it on social media, now that the number of retweets has exceeded ten thousand, it has been mentioned on Twitter.”

May raised the smartphone to show it as evidence.

After several meetings, they came to the conclusion that they would choose to use social media as a medium to spread the news because teenagers today tend to live in the online world. It was created to create a trend to attract children to join to win the flag by themselves without being forced, mainly taking into account the heart of First Year, which received a good response.

In fact… Kongpop wants to give all the credit to Phii Arthit… an ex-head hazer who has more spirit than anyone else and passes that spirit to the children.

Thinking back to his own generation of flags, he asked Phii Arthit to come down from the stand to give all of his friends the joy of thanks.

The sky started plastered with orange light, the clock hands approached at six o’clock… remember Phii Arthit got off work at five.

So Kongpop got up, walked away from the group, heard a faint sound following that the person in possession of the code started.

Gradually revealing letters in each Facebook page.

But the head hazer concentrated, pressed the smartphone, called the person waiting, but the signal was busy.

… Haven’t finished work yet or is it still on the go?

He wants to hold the line call for a little longer and at that moment he heard EM yell.

“Hoeei! Kong, someone can open the treasure chest!”

“What?” Asked Arthit, hinting to the phone speaker.

“… I’m sorry, but the car is broken, but this way is trying to fix it, so it will be a little late.”

The bad news came as the time of the end of work was approaching the office workers were packing their belongings and preparing for the return, not even the Purchasing Department.

“Nong Arthit on Friday of the weekend, haven’t you got anywhere to go?”

Phii Somoo walked past and in hand there was a small box that seemed to contain the rest of Khun Laila’s pound cake.

“I have to wait and check things, just the car that came to pick it up in the middle of the road.”

“Oh, you said, why is it so late, so please leave too?”

Phii John reached over his shoulder until he smelled the fragrance, heard more than usual, before wielding the car key, walked away, guessing that there would be an appointment with a girl somewhere with John.

“Don’t forget to turn off the lights and turn off the air conditioner as well. “Manager Danai warned.

As for Phii Earth, she nodded to him as a simple goodbye as usual.

… In the end, there was only a purchasing engineer and a betta fish in a glass bowl that had to be linked to the office.

So Arthit tried to kill time by playing games on his smartphone, opening the website, watching funny videos, feeding the bonuses and finally, near half past five, the guard called to inform him that the pick-up truck had arrived. The stock immediately went down to the warehouse. Thankfully, there were two employees and the return material was just a plastic propeller shaft that was a part of a small electric food chopper packed in a crate. The number is only ten crates so it can be easily lifted into the car in less than ten minutes.

He checked the clock again, the distance from the company to the university was almost an hour and then it was calculated to arrive at Nun, probably six and a half o’clock, probably in time for wrist tying.

… Well, let’s go up and pack up and prepare the leap better…

… Wait, someone poked him in the back.

“Uh… this crate has a scratch open, one of the propellers is missing.”

The porter pointed out the box that had been peeled off, it was his own carelessness to not check the contents of the inside, the old lesson back and repeat again.

… the purchasing work must be done in every step of the process carefully.

Arthit almost left his head, wanting to curse himself hard in his heart for why he never remembered! But the problem has already occurred, you have to find a solution to the FDA.

He hurriedly pressed the phone to find someone who would help him. “Hello.”

The response was mixed with the sound of a boom like a battlefield.

“Phii John, one of the items to be returned. Sangchai Company has lost one.”


Another call from a phone number interrupted, but Arthit was not interested in trying to add a sound effect to the sound effect from the other end of the line.

“One of the items returned is missing!”

“Huh? How can it be lost? Go check the Production Department to see if all of the items have been returned. The movie is starting.”

The smartphone has been cut off for both the Phii John line and the Kongpop line.

… I would also like to call you back, but there is a more important task to do.

So my finger slid across the Kongpop list and stopped.

The name of the manager from Production Department that is close instead.

“Phii Yong is, now I’m going to return the plastic propeller shaft to Sangchai, but one of it is missing one on the production side, have it used or not?”

“Hoeei, lost something? But it’s the wrong specification so I didn’t use it anywhere, so I’ll try calling someone else and I will hurry back.”

Hearing that someone will help, he was relieved, but the phone battery percentage was almost completely depleted, probably because he was accidentally playing a game while waiting for a while, so he had to pray for the other party to find the reason quickly. The factory on the line side has been producing for a while for awhile, the sound of heaven waiting has arrived.

“Arthit knows, when taking the sample to test, someone forgot to put it in the QC room, try asking for the key when unlocking the door and check it first, or will you go back and help?”

Phii Yong continued to ask thoughtfully, but with just this he sabres, which is enough.

“It’s alright, I’ll do it myself. Thank you very much, Phii Yong.”

Before going to divide the security guard to ask for the key to unlock the product QC room until finding the plastic propeller shaft and returning it in the box Until the confirmation document was signed completely, time passed until six and fifty.

Arthit tormented the breath with tiredness.

… Okay… At least you might be able to go back to the university just in time… What? Who is it?

“Well… the car doesn’t start. Can you push the end of the car?”

A car that was broken in the middle of the repair road but the condition was still not very good, the vehicle was completely centered, as if deliberately bullying someone in a hurry

… As long as the work you are responsible for has not finished, it cannot be returned.

One employee controls the steering wheel and starts the engine and he and the rest have to increase the transmission by pushing the back of the truck. It works.

I was happy that all the missions were done, but I looked at my condition.

… a shirt full of smokey smoke, a face stained with dust, a cell phone and the battery is dead.

The time is now seven o’clock, just on time, just on time, the treasure chest has been opened by the hands of First Year students, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industry, who deciphers the puzzle is the word.


… five letters combine to form one meaning and are also an important objective of the flagship event that hazer would like to deliver to the First Year students.

If you think about it, you will find that this main theme has been hidden from the start of the game by posting messages in the social world to press share, forward and the code is hidden all over the world. College to engage all students in sharing information.

Because what’s more sustainable than adopting a freshmen in the SOTUS system, that is, SHARE.

… Not divided, but sharing between seniors and juniors, friends and peers and faculty.

After the scavenger hunt, the hazer group had a dessert and sweet drink as a special prize to share with the people who played the game and it was also a celebration that First Year students passed the championship before the traditional ceremony of worship by There were children from different faculties participating as well, making the work bigger than every year.

Kongpop absorbed the surrounding atmosphere with a joyful feeling in his chest. Today was the closing of the cheering meeting completely, leaving only to the outside admissions activities, his head hazer will be ended.

The white thread was gradually distributed to the seniors to serve the First Year students as members of the same family, especially the tall lines which seemed to be popular among the younger generation.

Much more special than anyone.

“Phii Kong, can you tie my wrist too?”


The summoned person picked up a holy string and prepared to tie the wrists to the familiar short bob.

“I heard that you guys open the treasure chest, right?”

He greeted Nong Khaofang himself following the news that came from EM and Khaofang nodded.

“Yes, Khaofang saw from the Facebook page, so they put together the letters he posted the solutions together.”

“Very good.”

Praise gave the young First Year a shy smile before she noticed something on the opposite person’s wrist.

“Eh? Phii Kong, you have a worn out threat in your hand wrist?”

“It is a very important item, so I don’t want it to be disastrous.”

The holy thread when he was at First Year students was transformed into a braid that hung someone’s gear within reach.

“How do I get a gear?”

“There will be an outdoor cheer meet event again and if you get the gear, you must keep it well, because the gear is the heart of the engineering child.”

The head hazer teaches the meaning while tying off the holy string.

“I wish Nong Khaofang to spend four years’ to see only good things both in love and learning.”

He remembered Phii Fang’s blessing and it was a successful blessing so he took the opportunity to pass it on to the younger generation as well. At the wrist tying event, there were many seniors and alumni, resulting in a more lively atmosphere. After a while, the prepared items are not enough.

“What should I do? It’s all gone.”

“We’ll go get some from the common room, there should be some remaining.”

Kongpop volunteered to take care of the overall activity before hurriedly strutting out behind the stadium standers to return to his team. He came out of the bathroom and he hurriedly argued that the weather was so hot, so he washed his face, but the truth was that the brutal head hazer escaped and cried alone, so he couldn’t help but tease.

“If you are going to cry again, tell me, don’t secretly cry, I’ll help you wipe off the tears.”

But in the night’s speech… there was no water, no voice, no frustrated face, embarrassed or shouted out to his name of any kind.

Kongpop pulled up his smartphone, ditching its light from a lamp pole periodically checking the numbers on its screen.

… Twenty-five, past the time that someone had been appointed for more than an hour, the last time when I called and found that the line has no signal since then, deep in his heart he was always worried about pressing the call again. At that moment, the name of the person who was about to call suddenly interrupted.

He answered the call promptly and quickly filled out the question.

Where is Phii Arthit now?! What happened? Are you okay?”

“… I’m fine, still okay, good.”

Listening from the water, the voice was fine, according to the confirmation words, the impatient person gradually relaxed.

“So I am relieved, I was worried that you would have an accident on the way because I could not contact.”

“Phone ran out of battery, I was busy clearing work, so I didn’t have time to tell you… I’m sorry I didn’t catch up with the flag.”

“Just when you’re okay with anything, it’s fine. “Kongpop doesn’t mind, but the awkward person is still worried. “So how’s everything going on your side?”

“Nong First Year students have already received the flag and there is going to be a wrist tying event.”

“How could you escape from behind a stand-alone like this?”

The word foreword should cause people to be scolded if Kongpop becomes interested in something.

… How did Phii Arthit know he was standing behind the stand alone?

So the young man tried to think by making jokes.

“Phii Arthit also escaped after the stand cried alone.”

“I said that I didn’t cry!”

The outcry didn’t come from the end of the line… but it rang behind him.

Kongpop turned around to face Arthit, who was still holding the smartphone in his hand, his sharp face with black shaded eyes, but a faint trace on the side of the shirt’s cheek.

No one wears their shirts like that, it was wrinkled, covered with dirt, as if it had just been taken in the dust.

… I don’t know if I was surprised that the person who was waiting suddenly appeared or because of the other person’s demolished condition, causing Kongpop to hang up the phone and start a straight conversation.

“Phii Arthit, how did you get all this mess?”

“Oh, nothing, just a little mess from my work at the company.”

The office man tried to dust off his clothes as if he didn’t see a big deal, as opposed to a tall, sighing, moving closer with concern.

“Next time, if it is difficult, you do not have to hurry and come.”

“Where did you get that? I just wanted to meet…”

The sentence stopped in the middle of being touched by the big hand that reached out to wipe the stain on the cheeks. Hiding from the dazzling eyes of the asking party.

“…Meet someone…..Well… the nongs!”

Arthit replied again, the stain had disappeared and his palms had dropped, leaving only those eyes that were looking.

“Do those nongs include me?”

If it was in the past, when faced with such a situation, Arthit would be cruel enough to curse, but probably because he had to face a very serious story all day, so he didn’t have much energy to fight.

More importantly… have been together for such a long time, it would not have been heart shocking teasing as when they met, but after not meeting other for a while, the heart will stop beating more and being gazed at by the sharp eyes, always looking the other way, murmuring. “Well, are you younger than me?”

The self-answer questions were enough for Kongpop to spread some smiles.

“I understand, but soon I have to go to the common room, say some words and then we will go find “the nongs.”

Still, the word ‘nongs’ intentionally were meant to teased first, followed by a serious promise.

“… And for the next time, I’ll go look for Phii Arthit.”


Arthit nodded down as if it were easy, without the frustration of his head hazer.

Min repeated the exhaustion of exhaustion that had been accumulated by the gentle touch and warm words of the heavy heart, it seemed to soften and he felt full again.

… no matter how much his potential in him was developed to level up, the things that evolved the most within his heart.

Arthit believes that… it’s really Kongpop’s story.


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