SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule: [Special] Ten things changed when Arthit was an office worker.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule: [Special] Ten things changed when Arthit was an office worker.


  1. Wrist.

Arthit watch was a very late riser. (Which he himself knows well).

But when you are an office worker, time is of the utmost importance.

If you scan your attendance card for even a second too late, it will be late and may have a direct impact on your salary.

For this reason, Arthit was very skeptical about time, whether it was a break, lunch, a meeting, he had to be diligent in checking the hands of time so as to not to miss.

So Arthit decided to invest in a new watch and put it on him on a regular basis, which led him to discover that his watch is one of the wonders of the world.

Because sometimes the minute hand moves more slowly like a snail crawling in the desert, especially in the late afternoon, dazzled the computer with numeric keystrokes and Arthit had to shake his watch several times to see if it still worked.

On the other hand, sometimes the minute hand is like a wingtip running finger flying through quickly, especially when a new bill of material has to be opened at half an hour to end with an order from above saying.

“Hurry up!

  1. Coffee mug

Arthit likes to drink cold pinkmilk.

A favorite drink helps to refresh and rejuvenate the body and move on to work.

However, setting up a glass of sweet pink cold pinkmilk on the table every day seems to be a waste of the young office man’s looks.

So Arthit bought a simple, simple tall stainless steel coffee mug to put on cold pinkmilk, so his colleague passed by and couldn’t see what the drink was inside, which resulted in him. You can pretend to be holding a coffee cup and sipping to work with a small, dark air.

… But people come up with a plan, forget one weakness, even if you buy a coffee mug to hide, you won’t be able to change the color of the drink in the cup.

As a final result, the entire Purchasing Department has always perceived other that…

  1. Shoulder pain

The new employee has been working for hours after sitting at his desks.

In simple terms, he began to suffer from office syndrome. The shoulder muscles tend to contract because the purchasing work forced him to sit still for a long time rather than to move around like the Production Department.

So Arthit came up with a solution by being a running document boy who used it to get things from different departments or to check stock at a warehouse, he often helped just to help his body move and stretch. In addition to reducing the pain in the shoulder, Arthit is known to many brothers and sisters.

It was a one-handed shooting with a whole herd of birds, which was worth it for the lazy to go to the gymnasium Arthit.

  1. Bike

Arthit likes to bike because he felt that he was very close to the road.

The classic black vintage bike was retired after he graduated.

When working, Arthit has to choose from a variety of transportation services such as buses, taxis, vans, office vans and motorcycles to reach the company.

On the way back, he had to overcome heavy traffic that he almost got to know the road surface on every road and when he was unfortunate it was during the heavy rain, if he was able to sleep in the car, he believed he had been doing it for a long time.

Arthit craved for a chill when he rode his bike to college, recalling the feeling of the cool breeze blowing in front of the slow-life atmosphere that was able to admire the trees and grass beside the road. Of course, the black smoke from the exhaust pipe and the green and red color on the signal poles are incomparable.

Today, when it’s time to get off work, Arthit is in no hurry to go back to rest, instead choosing to wait at the company to get on the bus after it passed the traffic past the peak hours. Want to hurry back to find a soft bed. The year of the pig is more in my room than anyway.


  1. Shirt

Arthit doesn’t feel good about wearing a shirt.

As a student of the Faculty of Engineering, he was often dressed simply by wearing a T-shirt (not ironed), standing trousers (one pair which Arthit washed once) and covered with a crimson shop shirt (which was never exposed to detergent).

The condition that was close to ruffian was his style.

But when you are an office worker, his image cannot be overlooked.

After being told by Phii John about the belt brand, Arthit turned (a little) more into her outfit.

Every night, Arthit had to iron his shirt and pants and leave it in place for fear of not getting up in the morning.

But sometimes when working late at night, come back to the dormitory, head to the pillow and sleep till the morning and the next day he woke up late, so he had to put on a wrinkled shirt and secretly put on a company winter jacket over it. Instead, even if the temperature of the day was so hot that the fried egg was cooked.

When Arthit had to dress for work, he peeked at his own shop-hangers that were left in the closet.

With eyes mourned every time.

  1. the Office refrigerator.

The office refrigerator is a sacred black hole area that can be absorbed in mystery.

Phii Somoo defines this for Arthit. One day, Arthit discovers that the layer of confectionery he bought has been soaked in a mysterious way.

“Oh! Do not mind, but the bread crust is gone, the size of the fresh milk is still punctured, leaving only half a box!”

The secretary woman murmured.

“Here, Phii is going to bring incense and candles to pay homage to it. A lot of pray is good.”

Arthit would like to suggest that you don’t have to bring incense and candles to worship. Just try mixing the croton in the dessert and leaving it aside, it should make the godfather who lives in the fridge less and less greedy for other peoples foods, but for fear of being too sinful. So he thought quietly in his heart, as if the skeptics did not escape the loneliness of it to enter his stomach.

  1. The copier

The copier, was Arthit’s archenemy.

In addition to the fax machine, there was this device was ganging up on him.

The man argues with it regularly because it does not make for good cooperation.

… I want to copy one page and the things make two pages… I want to use landscape, then Xerox will come out to be vertical. A challenge for him, Phii Earth was often a mediator, mediating the peace between him and the copier.

Arthit wanted to propose an educational policy draft for every university. “Copy 101 “Go into the compulsory curriculum because it is practical and must be applied in working life. In addition, there may be additional courses that follow, for example. “The skill of scanning your finger into the office at once, the strategy of snoozing in the bathroom ‘Internet hacking’ when a company blocks a YouTube website.

He is confident that all students will benefit from it in the future.

  1. The rooftop

Arthit has a secret place to relax.

Ocean Electric Company has an incredibly beautiful rooftop garden hidden away.

The glass flower bush emits a soft scent. The flowerpot that has colorful flowers, where it clumped large fern leaves that looked fresh and comfortable.

This place is truly an oasis in the barren desert. When Arthit wants to escape from the nook and recharges, he always picks up the rooftop and sometimes sees Phii Danai, who is strict with the task of watering the flowers

Phii Danai had previously told him that before becoming a Purchasing Manager, he had a dream to open a small coffee shop in a green garden, but because his wife was pregnant with her first child and he had to go looking for a stable future, he couldn’t quit my job. You can do it.

Still, the love for nature still persisted, so Phii Danai was the one who proposed the rooftop gardening company.

For this reason, every time Arthit came up on deck, Arthit was deeply grateful to Phii Danai.

  1. Bonus

Arthit had never raised a fish before, at his home the fish was kept even though it had been gloated. A guppy fish is considered a resistant fish, easy to breed, quick to breed, as opposed to red fingered betta fish, it would be lonely.

Arthit thought to himself like that, so he was diligent in taking care of feeding bonus, changing water, buying a guidebook on how to raise a betta fish.

He liked to sit and read and get more information and he found out  that bonus is a popular Chinese breed of betta fish. But for Arthit, although he could not communicate in fish language with bonus, understand.

If he still assumes… bonus is also a member of the Purchasing Team.

  1. A pen

Arthit has one pen that he used mostly.

A fine silver ballpoint pen engraved with the side name I-AOON, it is a gift received from someone.

He didn’t know what to think about by himself or not… But Arthit felt that using this pen would help him to work more smoothly.

Is it because of the magic in the pen or the magic from the giver? I’m not sure.

But every time he is tired from work, he picks up a pen just by looking at it and he can fully feel his additional support.

Moreover… it reminds him of important people that he must be secretly smoked.

Even though you are far away, you are always close to you… Thank you very much… Kongpop.


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