SOTUS S, Lover’s Law No. 6: Show your spirit.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s Law No. 6: Show your spirit.

After the end of head hazer status, Kongpop became a full-time third-year engineering student in preparation for the mission that this year’s students will face.

That is… a compulsory course for professional experience in industrial engineering.

The hazers were more tensed than when holding First Year at a cheer meeting when they had to consider the details of the recruitment requirements from many leading companies. Plus, the problem wasn’t just where they chose to intern because after being called to interview when these company saw their resume and telling the grades, they might have accidentally thrown their applications in the trash after seeing their resume telling them the grades. Few have been able to hold on by showing the history of education, beautiful academics, without blemishes.

A close friend who has come up with a shortcut and some must hurry and cling to the perfect human being.

“Where is Kong going to do an internship or are you going to practice at home you can get a salary…”

EM was holding a two-inch photograph of himself waiting to be posted on the application form as they gathered together a list of companies in the library.

“I would rather go out and find a new experience outside, so I think it should be here…”

Kongpop turns the screen into a laptop with the name of the country’s largest integrated food manufacturing company..

“Hoeei! You aimed to go here, so I’ll go with you.”

The listeners decided immediately and finished the plan.

“If you want to find a hostel nearby for yourself, find someone you know and with other interns are there so you can feel comfortable.”

EM spoke with relief and Kongpop did not oppose anything, because during the three-month internship in an unfamiliar location, if friends were present, they could help other.

He pressed a download to prepare to print, but stumbled upon a name on a publishing site.

 “Ocean Electric Company Limited is accepting industrial engineer trainees.”

Document management duties, contact and coordinate both inside and outside the organization and other assignments along the line of action. This is… the company that Phii Arthit works for here.

Kongpop has never actually seen this company with his eyes once, so he is not sure what the working environment will be, but he believes it will definitely be a good company.

When he realized it once again, his finger clicked to download the application form.

Ocean Electric Co., Ltd. attached.

Kongpop tried to make an excuse to himself that he downloaded it to just try to keep it aside, even deep inside his heart he knew the crazy reason he didn’t want to tell anyone.

… I couldn’t help it…

he had already imagined that.

How nice would it be… if I had the opportunity to see the face of Phii Arthit who was determined to work hard?

Arthit was almost afraid to look at his haggard self in the mirror. On his younger-than-young face, his eyes looked as if he hadn’t slept for days and his hair, which had been cut short to the nape of his neck, had become so disheveled that he always had to run his hands through it. He looks like this because Ocean Electric is about to start a new quarter and has been speeding up its inventory cleanup, so everyone in the Purchasing Department is busy checking thousands of materials to make sure they’re being used instead of re-purchased and contacting other suppliers for materials that are still missing.

Every morning Danai’s manager held a departmental meeting to assign tasks according to each person’s ability.

“Early next month, our company will launch the DS-C19, the new generation of cookware.” A sleek Teflon-coated electric cooker designed by Product Design was shown on the projection screen but when he heard about the launch date, John disagreed: “But now we have a line of cookware that won’t be ready until the DS-C19 is ready. It’s all full for the middle of next month, isn’t it?”

“Yes. So we’re going to commission another factory to make this electric cooker for us.” Normally the Purchasing Department is not just about buying materials but also about making agreements with small outside factories to produce what we need when we can’t. This kind of task should have been handled by an experienced employee like John but this time the head of the department let the others have a go.

“Earth, you’re coming with me today, to work out how to check the quality of supplier factories.”

“Yes,” she said.” The girl agreed with interest, like a career woman eager to take on a new job.

“John, why don’t you finish up the work you’ve been putting off.” The man who’s just been robbed of his job, nods his head, dilly-dallying.

“And Arthit”

“Yes”, the lad answered with a straight face. Although this week he would be fighting a heavy workload on the battlefield, he was ready for a new assignment.

“I need you to look up the prices of all the electric cookers we’ve produced over the years and when you’re done, print out a list for tomorrow’s meeting.”

“What about me?”

Somoo, the department’s only female secretary, raised her hand and asked.

“Well, while I’m gone, take over for me.”

“Understood.” After the work was assigned, everyone was dismissed. Danai and Earth left the office and the rest of them went back to their desks to do their work. John put the file on Arthit’s desk and said with a serious face: “Arthit, I have an urgent favour to ask you.”

“Suddenly one of our suppliers is having problems and we’ve had to cancel production, so I need you to find a new supplier with this sample.”

The sample they brought over was a clear, long-handled spoon that was part of the company’s stock-clearing program for the cooking machine promotion.

“But I still have Phii Danai’s work to do.” On Arthit’s computer screen, there was a half-finished electric cooker but this was not on the minds of the people assigned to the task.

“It’s a real emergency, the supplier was supposed to deliver in two days but the production line hasn’t been packaged yet, so we need to find a new supplier as soon as possible, otherwise the whole company will be affected.”

This was an urgent matter and it would be too much to ask him to do nothing, the group’s interests outweighed his own, so he finally agreed.



John patted him on the shoulder and gave him encouragement but Arthit had the feeling of being” slapped and given a candy”. When the job was suddenly changed, the purchasing engineer had to close the data file on the electric cooker, then open the supplier book and make a phone call. No matter how many suppliers were contacted, either the product did not meet the specifications, or the production line was full and could not be rushed out within the next two days.

“No?  Okay, thanks a lot.”

He hung up the phone, tired and worked from two in the afternoon until six in the evening, when Arthit had a chance to rest. The first job was still unfinished and the new one hadn’t progressed either. He recalled a lesson that crossed his mind: “In work, you don’t have only one choice. If you don’t like it or can’t take it anymore, you have other options, don’t do something out of habit.”

If you can’t find a supplier yet, why don’t you switch jobs and give your brain a rest? So he opened the company’s electric cookers, check again but a picture in the file made him stunned: “DS-C08 electric cooker (with special gift)”.

The gift was a long-handled spoon, the color of which was very similar to the long-handled spoon he was looking for.  He found it! He immediately compared the spoon with the picture on the screen.

“It is also important to consolidate information and if we are not careful in this work and make mistakes, it will cost the company. Purchasing is not a simple job.”


It’s not as easy as it sounds. Arthit opened the file and checked that the electric cooker should still be in stock. So he printed out the details and took the sample spoons to the warehouse. In a few minutes, he was delighted to find that the plastic spoon was made of the same material as the table spoon sample that John had brought in.  Now the question was, which factory was the manufacturer? As Arthit was browsing through the resources, he heard a voice calling him.

“Ow! What’s Arthit doing here?”

A tall engineer greeted the small white man who seemed to have come to the wrong place.

“I’m looking for the factory that made this spoon.” Yong frowned when he saw the spoon.

“Hey? Didn’t we already order all of these dinner spoons?”

“Phii John said the supplier who ordered it canceled all production.”

“Huh? Here we go again.” Such a serious problem and a full production line collide and the second-in-command of the Purchasing Department throws the burden on a young employee! It’s a good thing Yong knows Arthit’s character – if he takes responsibility, he’ll do his best. That’s why the problem was solved to a certain extent.

“I found a supplier who should be able to produce it, Siam Polymers, Win. The person who made the order at that time signed the name Win.””  A large hand strokes his goatee, recalling the past.

“Win.” Yeah, right! Since he left here, we don’t order from this company anymore. This company has a large production line and if we can order it, I think this problem can be solved in time.”“ The guy who worked with Win is Earth, ask Earth for the contact number of this company.” Arthit took the advice and immediately dialed the phone of the super tough lady in the Purchasing Department. The phone was picked up after just one ring, from a person who used a mobile phone as his 33rd organ! In ancient times, Thais believed that a human being had 32 organs and a mobile phone was compared to the 33rd organ of the human body to describe the state of a person who never leaves his mobile phone.


Earth sounded a little unnatural,” Siam Polymer Group, right?  All right, I’ll get back to you” and hung up on her, hard. I don’t know if he called her at the wrong time, when she was talking about something but the phone number was sent to her via text message shortly after. Arthit immediately called and tried to get in touch but no one answered, so Yong suggested: “So you want to go directly to the company and meet in person? I’ll drive you there later, before they finish work if you’re driving.”

“What about your job?”

Those who felt they were disturbing their predecessors asked with a sense of relief.

“Just leave it to someone else, after all, if it doesn’t get delivered, I can’t get the job done.”  No matter in which department, the company’s problems will be solved by everyone together. So Arthit gets into Yong’s bus and speeds off towards his destination. It’s 4:38 p.m. if the company closes at 5 p.m., then time is running out and Thailand’s traffic is notoriously bad. While passing through the traffic, Yong and Arthit have a chat to pass the time.

“By the way, this Win guy is just like you, he started working in the production department, then he was transferred to the Purchasing Department.” Hearing about someone with a story similar to his own, Arthit got interested.

“What kind of a man is Mr. Win?”

“Ho! Win was amazing, he ordered everything to spec, every single thing and wrote down all the details of the materials produced in the factory, like a moving catalog but unfortunately, he left the company.” I can’t believe there was such a thing as a god in the Purchasing Department.

“Then why did he leave?”

“I’m not sure why. Didn’t Earth mention it to you?”

A name that shouldn’t be involved in the conversation appears, making Arthit ask,” No. Why? Why do you say that?”

“Because of Win and Earth, let’s not talk about it. Take a left, it’s just up ahead.” Yong ended the conversation and reversed the wheel to Siam Polymers. But as soon as he parked the car, the phone rang.

“What? The belt on the machine broke?  Did you get someone to fix it?”

It seemed that there was an emergency in the production department, which would take a long time and it was the senior engineer’s responsibility to take care of it. So Arthit gestured to Yong to take care of the matter himself, as it was also the responsibility of the Purchasing Department. The front wall of the large office building was lined with very elaborate glass and a number of office workers started to come out, except for this young man who walked away with a bag of samples and a plastic spoon. He went in, went to the Public Relations desk on the first floor but there was no one to be seen there, only a serious-looking security officer who approached him and asked: “Hello! What can I do for you?”

“I wanted to talk to the sales department about something.”

“Do you have an appointment, please?”


“In that case, please come back tomorrow, everyone should have gone home by now.” The security boss is as relentless in his duties as a robot.

“I’m so sorry I’m really in a hurry, please let me ask if there’s anyone to take over the job.” Arthit pleaded with all his might and perhaps God wouldn’t want to interrupt his insistence.

“No, I have to play by the company’s rules too.”

“Guard, what’s going on?”

A voice interrupted the conversation and asked. The voice came from a middle-aged man, he was very dignified, with calm eyes and a dignified manner, probably one of the senior staff, because he saw the security brother turned around and replied respectfully: “Because he came here to discuss business with the sales department but I told him that the company is closed.”

“Let him come in first, I’ll take over personally.” The subordinate did as he was told and moved his body to make way for Arthit said: “” Please!” Arthit hurriedly raised his hand and saluted the security guard and the person who allowed him to enter. The man led Arthit to a sitting room but before the formal meeting took place, the purchasing agent introduced himself to the executive, as Ms. Phaka had taught him.

“Thank you very much for letting me in and I apologize for this unexpected visit. My name is Arthit, I am a buyer from the Ocean Electric Company Limited.” Arthit bowed down with dignity and handed over his card. This was a very good choice, because the person he was talking to was no ordinary person!

“I am Krirkkai, the general manager here, what is it you want to talk to the sales department about?”

He’s a real boss, gets right to the point, doesn’t waste any time.

“Our company had made a mistake in ordering the material, so I had to find a new supplier who could produce it to the specifications of the product.” Mr. Krirkkai took the samples and studied the documents and Arthit, unwilling to leave this gap, explained: “Our company has to use this material within two days. I know that I’m jumping the queue and bothering your production department by coming to business like this. As a buyer, I would like to solve the problem as it is my responsibility to do so and I leave it to you Mr. Krirkkai!”

While others would have bowed 90 degrees to show their heartfelt plea, Arthit chose to show his heartfelt plea by looking at the CEO with his eyes. Although it seems that he read his eyes, he still managed to play a little businessman’s trick.

“As you know, the price for such an emergency job is higher than usual.” Arthit himself knew what was at stake, so he came prepared for it.

“Don’t worry, I’ll try to meet your price.”

“But you don’t have the power to make the final decision. Can you do what you say?”

The inexperienced office worker was slightly stunned, it is true that he did not control the funds and had no authority to approve the price but” I’ll do my best to make it happen!”

This is a very straightforward statement that can be said to be very heartfelt.  There is a saying that goes like this: “Nothing is difficult in this world, except for those who want it”. And Mr. Krirkkai saw that in this young man as well. It can be assumed that he had already visited several companies but instead of slandering or blaming the companies that refused to cooperate, he took it upon himself to come here and plead. His decisiveness and responsible attitude to his work is commendable and these qualities are hard to see in the new generation of employees.

“Your name is Arthit, isn’t it?”


“I haven’t met anyone like you in a long time and we used to be a supplier for Ocean Electric. In that case, I’ll take care of it for you.” Arthit’s heart cheered with joy when he saw the results of the negotiations. He raised his hand and thanked the CEO for his generosity.

“Many thanks to Mr. Krirkkai for stepping in to help!”

“Only because I saw your efforts.” Mr. Krirkkai pointed out to him the real reason for his willingness to help. Arthit then exchanged executive materials and contact details with the Managing Director of Siam Polymers and Krirkkai promised to be in touch from time to time. When he emerged from the office building, the sky, which was reflected in the glass of the building, had turned a pale orange. The unkempt young man breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Yong waiting anxiously by his car, thumbing his head in the air. One mission accomplished but there’s another to be dealt with as soon as possible. Yong drove Arthit back to the office but since it was rush hour, there were hundreds of cars on the road. By the time he got back to Ocean Electrics, the sky had turned from orange to black. The bus stopped in front of the reinforced concrete building and the younger generation said goodbye to the” driver” who tried to help.

“Don’t think too much, you may work in the Purchasing Department but you’re my boy, so if you need anything, come talk to me.”

Yong’s words almost made him kneel down, swore a blood oath, swore an oath of loyalty, shared the good fortune, shared the bad!

After they parted, the senior drove home to rest and his body protested, missing his bed at home, so Arthit immediately pressed the elevator and went up to the fifth floor.

The lights were turned off in the office of the Purchasing Department after 6 p.m. and it was so dark and frightening that it was completely different from the daytime light. He pressed the switch and simply switched on the light on his desk, not knowing if it was a mistake or not but it raised the chilling atmosphere by ten levels.

The more you’re alone, the more you think. It’s often said that when you work late at night in the office, you don’t have to worry about being alone because you’ll be accompanied by the sound of keystrokes, copiers and chairs creaking. But for Arthit at this time, he was more afraid of not getting his work done than he was of ghosts. It would have been nice if there was a ghost, just in time to grab a hold of him.. and crunch – from nowhere, a sound made his heart drop to the floor.

Wait a minute! I’m just thinking, I don’t want to play with the real thing! Frightened, he looked to his right and left, desperately trying to find the source of the sound. On the bright side, it could be a rat or a cockroach, at least a living thing, not something that doesn’t breathe. However, the whole floor is still silent.  Maybe he’s hearing voices! Arthit sighed and was about to turn back to his desk and sit down. At that moment, a big shadow appeared in front of him!


He was so frightened that he almost screamed, almost fainted. But when he looked, the shadow was someone he knew.

“Ow! Phii Earth.”  Phii Earth suddenly appeared at the desk, holding a glass bottle of fighting fish in her hand and first asked, “Arthit hasn’t gone back yet?”

“Just got back from ordering plastic dinner spoons from the factory. Where’s Earth?”

With a puzzled glance at the bottle of fighting fish in his eyes, as if the other man had been caught red-handed, Earth reacted and explained, “Oh, I just came back to get some information. Well and I saw the water in Bonus’s bottle was dirty, so I took it to get it changed. I’ll be back in a minute. You want to come with me?” I’ll be right back, you want to come with me?”

“I still have to check the price of the electric cooker that Phii Danai ordered, I have to stay here to finish it, Phii Earth go back first.”

“It’s okay, let me help you, it’ll be done as soon as possible, then we’ll leave together, it’s getting late.” If Phii Yong is the Big Phii, then Phii Earth is the Second Phii, who rescued the little brother from the fire. Thanks to the help, the efficiency was doubled and the work proceeded swiftly and smoothly. Arthit printed out the documents, bound them in sets and sent them to Earth to indicate in the header which set would be used in the meeting. But the ink faded as the pen went on, so much so that the tiny hands had to shake it out to continue writing.

“Here, take mine first.” A new, brand-new pen was handed over from the man who happened to be stapling the information.

“Are you done with yours? Then it’s ready to be packed and I’ve got a little bit left to do.” Earth also picked up the pace. And instead of shutting down the computer, the junior went into the pantry and took out a coffee cup with hot water in it.

“Miss Earth, give me the pen that broke the ink.” Although she didn’t know what was going on, the girl handed over the pen. Arthit soaked the pen in hot water for a while, then picked it up and drew lines on a blank piece of paper. Judging by the result, the pen was already writing as smoothly as before.

“It should be ready to go.” Earth took the pen back with a lazy look.

“There’s no need to do that, I told you, if you can’t write it, just throw it away.”

“I just feel sorry for him.” Arthit laughed dryly, in a way that made the other man murmur: “You’re just like the previous owner of this table, always complicating things.”

“The previous owner of this table?”

The exquisite face nodded towards the glass bottle, in which the red fighting fish swam in the clear water.

“The owner of Bonus, his name is Win, the guy you called this afternoon asking for my number.” He heard the former employee’s name again. However, he had the distinct feeling that when the name came out of Earth’s mouth, it was with a lot of memories and sadness. Combined with the information he got from Yong, it didn’t take much time to guess that the two men shared a bond that went beyond that of colleagues. But the love story of the Purchasing Department does not seem to have ended well, especially for the one who was left behind, who had to dwell on the past, surrounded by memories and worse, when someone who behaved like him appeared in front of her, making the bitterness in her heart to reappear.

“At first, I hated you so much. I couldn’t help it, you acted so much like my ex-boyfriend, that I had to give you a hard time.”

That’s it? And that’s why he was forced to accept the” orientation” for months? Arthit’s mouth almost closed in surprise when he found out that he was just a scapegoat for his ex’s personal vendetta.

“When you first came here, you were like a lost child, with no confidence in your face. But now that you’re a member of the Purchasing Department, have you noticed?”

Now he’s a full-fledged member of the Purchasing Department. Yes, it’s been a long time since he felt out of place sitting at his desk and sorting out documents and he’s also used to wearing the” Purchasing Engineer” badge around his neck. Talking to Mr. Krirkkai, he was also naturally brave enough to bargain with the managing director, because for Arthit, he only wanted to do his best work. Every lesson learnt was a lesson to be learnt, a lesson to be learned and a lesson to be taken with pride. Just this minute, it was clear to Arthit that he had finally become a member of the purchasing team. Seeing that he was accepted, he dared to open his heart to his colleagues.

“At first I was scared of Phii Earth too. Because of her. Hoeei! Earth always had a scary face.” Arthit quickly changed the nickname that he had accidentally uttered and called by heart a thousand times but it was too late, for the other man had already caught him with his two pretty eyebrows raised.

“Huh? Where does my face scary? I look as virtuous as a lady!”

The strong lady praised herself but her palm reached out and slapped the person next to her on the shoulder, so loudly that she was about to vomit blood.

“All right! Hurry up and pack your things, I’ll walk you back to the dorm, I’m afraid I’ll be described as a ‘fierce lady’ again!”

So they helped each other turn off the computer and the lights but when they pressed the elevator to go down, Earth wanted to go to the bathroom first. Just then, Arthit’s phone rang and a familiar name appeared on the screen.

“Where’s Phii Arthit? Can we talk?”

“I’m still in the office, I’ve just finished my work, I’m on my way back.” The clock says it’s almost 8 p.m., so the voice on the other end of the line asks worriedly,” Does Phii Arthit work so late every day?”

“No, it’s just that today’s work is a little messy. Is there something you want to talk to me about?”

“Is Arthit free Friday evening? Phii Fon called and asked us to have a dinner with him.”

“Well I guess I’ll have to come after work.”

Arthit didn’t want to turn down the offer, after all,” work is fun”, there’s no need to make yourself a hard worker. The principle of “Work Hard, Play Hard”, the right balance between rest and work, was another lesson Arthit had learned in the workplace. At that moment Earth came out of the bathroom and he ended the conversation.

“I’m leaving and you should get some rest.”

“Yes.” Kongpop listened to the signal being cut off.

Despite the fact that he had another story that he hadn’t been told. In the afternoon, he and EM handed over his job application documents to an advisor and happened to meet May.

“Oh May, have you come to submit your application documents first? It won’t wait for us.”

Even though he hurts his lover, EM doesn’t dare to hold it more than that because he belongs to a club member who is afraid of his lover.

“Well, EM wants to wait and ask Kong first. Okay, where did Kong go?”

When telling the name of the company he had chosen, May’s expression turned into nervousness.

“Eh! But the teacher told me that this company receives the quota of the university by two people, what should I do? We just submit it to the same place.”

It is said that this does not deter the new couple, so Kongpop chooses to sacrifice to retire.

“It’s okay, we can try to deliver elsewhere.”

“Hoeei but… “EM, who knows the purpose and good hope of a friend, shows a dilemma expression.

“Come on… don’t worry about it.”

The noble figure gave a comfortable smile to his close friend. Before the ringing of the smartphone interrupted, he took a break.

“You can hurry and file, I’ll ask for the phone first.”

The screen list states that the caller is Pee Fon, a senior graduate Code 0062, who is now the mother of a two-year-old son named Nong Ton and comes to schedule an appointment.

“Kong, this Friday, I think you will invite a party, leave us a code to spread the news.”


It was late at night so he called Phii Arthit, intending to discuss finding a new internship as well, but listening from the other person’s voice and just finished working until now it must have been tiring, so he didn’t want to bother any more.

Kongpop glanced at Ocean Electric Co., Ltd.’s internship application that was completed on the table, thinking to himself in his heart.

… It’s okay, just tell Phii Arthit later.







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