SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 15: Hold hands and walk together.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 15: Hold hands and walk together.

The new semester has begun and the campus is buzzing with excitement, especially among the new students, who are seeing the world for the first time.

They will also be introduced to new subjects and they will definitely meet new people “Freshmen! Do you want to meet us your seniors?”

The voice of the current junior hazers rang out near the engineering school building. The juniors and seniors were lining up to get their assembly uniforms, standing in silence, fearing that if they did something to upset the seniors, their lives would be ruined. The Engineering School’s orientation program was known for its ruthlessness. The more no one answered, the louder the questions from the dignified dean.

“Doesn’t anyone want to know us your seniors?”

The freshmen looked at each other, not knowing what to do and just when they were ready to be punished for their inhumanity, the seniors suddenly changed their attitude.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to know us but we want to know you. So, if there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask us. We’d love to have you as our juniors.”

What’s going on? Are they dreaming? The dean’s behavior suddenly changed from satanic to angelic, causing surprise in the hearts of those present. Kongpop was not one of those surprised. The hazer used his” welcome” mode and set up a lot of activities for the new students, which Kongpop praised.  Seeing this, he was relieved and passed on the position without any worries.

“Oh, how nostalgic for the old days, are we graduating now?”

Sitting around the same table, Aim was talking to himself. They’ve become the most senior students in the academy and there’s still a year to go before they step out of their ivory towers into the world and there’s no telling what they’ll meet.

“Yeah! I went to the internship and I realized, after the real job, there’s a lot going on. After graduation, what will we be like?”

Tew was worried about it.

“I don’t know but for sure, we’ll be in touch as often as we are now”, Kongpop vowed. Even though they had grown up and were going their own ways, their friendship would not fade.

“Hmm. Want to go watch the junior cheer together tonight?”

May, the student body president, extended an invitation to everyone. Everyone nodded yes, except Kongpop.

“Sorry, I’m busy tonight.”

“What is it?”

Aim questioned her best friend with a skeptical look on her face.


And my best friend just raised the corner of his mouth and smiled, looked down at his watch and got up and said, “It’s time, let’s go to class.” So the group of seniors in uniforms stood up and put on their bags, ready to finish the last year of their university career in earnest. Over at Ocean Electric, the company’s office system was undergoing a major overhaul, which prompted Manager Danai to call his department members into the conference room.

“As you know, in order to improve convenience and keep up with the times, the Board of Directors has decided that in the future, the Purchasing Department will scan and email documents instead of faxing them.” As time goes by, everything is changing rapidly.

“The company is going through a new project but the product of the project we have never touched before.”

“What is the product?”

Earth asked with interest. Now that she’d succeeded John as Assistant Division Manager, everyone thought she was perfect for the position.

“It’s a project about ‘solar grills’ and our job might be difficult, because we don’t know the solar cell suppliers or the product standards, so we’ll have to brush up on our knowledge.”

“Don’t worry, Danai. We are all in this together and we will make this work.” Arthit was so confident of this that everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

“Yes! Let me handle the supplier search.” Todd volunteered to take on the task. Since the incident with John, the young man had not only increased his sense of caution but had also made an effort to be supplier-focused – treating his partners with care and even apologizing once again to Mr. Piti, whom he had treated so badly.

“Just tell me what you need me to do, Danai.” Somoo was enthusiastic in her support of the project. The secretary was already much slimmer than before, as she no longer indulged in her mouth like she used to but took her exercise and diet very seriously.  Since then, the Purchasing Department had become a strong and united unit. And Arthit was confident that even if the storm was strong enough, their boat would be able to ride the stormy seas of Ocean Electrics. But there was one thing that Arthit hadn’t thought of.  Not only the office system but also the relationship between the employees had evolved and made great strides forward. After the meeting, Todd stopped with a glass of frozen milk at a table with a fighting fish bowl but the owner of the table had disappeared, leaving little Bonus alone with his files, swimming and watching over them. The cosmopolitan boy looked to his left and right for someone but before he knew it he heard a voice behind him greeting him.

“What can I do for you, Todd?”

The owner of the name was shocked, immediately turned around and handed over the object in his hand, helplessly.

“Mmm, Earth. Frozen pinkmilk.” She stood still, so still, so calmly, that the caring man thought he would be rejected. Todd knew who he was, that Earth was not just a brother and sister to him but nevertheless, he wanted to take care of each other, to be nice to each other, without expecting anything in return.

“I… I went by the 7-11 store and I got you this but it’s okay if Earth doesn’t want it.” The more Todd explained, the more listless he sounded but then Earth held up a glass of iced lemon tea and cut him off.

“I also went by the 7-11 store and I bought you this.” Earth said it was his favorite drink and he didn’t think he’d remember. Todd’s joy was evident on his face and Earth smiled lightly. They exchanged glasses and in the background of the picture was a fighting fish, tail wagging, as if watching from the shadows, with a hint of shyness. But that wasn’t the only good thing that happened to Todd, as he was called to talk to his uncle after he had finished exchanging pleasantries with Earth.

“Now that the company is getting more and more involved, I’d like to add more staff to the Production Department, you’ve been thinking about the production department from the beginning, is that still the case?”

The listener didn’t answer right away, he thought for a moment but didn’t say yes.

“Still no, I want to stay in the Purchasing Department and learn more.”

“Well, then let’s do what you want.” Now that the nephew had made his decision, the uncle didn’t ask for more, he even felt the seriousness and dedication in him, so he could put the future of the company in his hands. And before Todd left, he suggested to Mr. Pairot: “Uncle, I think there is a man who is very suitable for this position.” In the production department, the machines were running in an orderly manner and the conveyors were carrying all kinds of verified materials according to the program prepared by the engineers of the production department and the products were being delivered to him in accordance with the program of the production department. The standard assembly. A young man with a background in engineering was thrilled to see this scene every time.

“What can I do for you, Arthit?”

Yong greeted his brother who showed up at the warehouse and looked around.

“Oh, you got the stuff you asked me to get done and did you hear that Nong Khongdej is quitting his job to get married?”

“Really, brother?”

“Really, nong Khongdej is going back to Surat Thani province to manage his father-in-law’s rubber plantation, tonight we are going to give him a farewell party, will you come?”

“Excuse me, I’m busy tonight.” Some of the other production staff heard that this good-looking white-collar guy declined the invitation and came to express their regret: “Ow! Arthit isn’t coming? Well, let’s go togethernext time.”

“Yes, I won’t miss it next time.” Arthit readily accepted the invitation. That day when he made his relationship with Kongpop public, the seniors who knew him didn’t laugh at him but still chatted with him as they used to.  Because friendship and working ability are not determined by one’s own gender or the gender of one’s lover. As soon as he returned to the purchasing department, he was stopped by Manager Danai, “Arthit, come to my office.”

He sat down with his boss, who told him something important with folded hands: “I’ve heard from HR that there’s a vacancy in the production department, so if you want to go there, I’ll take care of it.”

Probably because Khongdej had resigned, the opportunity he had been waiting for, Arthit was almost overwhelmed with excitement but he said, “I want to stay in the Purchasing Department. Phii John has just left, so I want to help out here.”

Arthit insisted willingly, although he knew very well that if he didn’t go now, he wouldn’t have another chance to take the position he had been longing for since he joined the company. Nevertheless, he felt that no matter how big or small the position, people could gain valuable experience from it and that it would help the whole group to move forward.

Danai saw a difference in the growth of his subordinates compared to the first day of his job and that he was a good leader who couldn’t just focus on the results but also cared deeply about the psyche of his men as a family. Arthit’s sacrifice led Danai to suggest another option.

“Okay, I’ll talk to the HR and Production department later, we’ll second you to the Purchasing Department, while we look for your replacement and when we find one, you’ll be transferred to the Production department.”

That means the position of Production Engineer will be reserved for Arthit, so that he doesn’t have to regret chasing his dream.

“Thank you so much!”

Arthit immediately said happily that he was very grateful for Danai’s concern. He nodded and assured him: “In the meantime, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Absolutely no problem!”

He agreed confidently and left the glass room, going straight to his desk. Arthit looked down at his badge around his neck and flipped out the side that said, “Purchasing Engineer” so that he could see clearly how proud he was of his department and the duties he had performed.

Now, there was one more important duty that he needed to perform. After work, Arthit went straight to a park on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, near the Rama VIII Bridge. People were coming and going, out for exercise, out for a walk with their pets and the man he was supposed to meet, in his eye-catching crimson overalls, was already standing alone, waiting. He rushed forward and said, “Have you been waiting long?”

“No, I’ve just arrived.” The breeze brought coolness and even if we had to wait an hour, Kongpop was willing to wait, because he was a lover who couldn’t see him often and he had a surprise for him.

“I have something for you.” A small box the size of a ring box was handed to Kongpop.

“What is it?”

“A prize! Didn’t you say you wanted a great prize before?”

Arthit lowered his head shyly and rubbed his nose, because he was not good at this kind of thing. Kongpop immediately opened the box with excitement and couldn’t hide his smile any longer at what was inside…it was a gear, a brown and silver half cogwheel. The two of them had been cut in two pieces and welded together.

“Today this gear no longer represents the feelings of one person but has been welded the hearts of two people together.” Arthit held up another gear of his own, which he had crafted with the help of tools in the production department, in order to communicate his feelings to the other.  Kongpop fulfilled his duty as a lover perfectly, not only filling in the missing pieces but also providing a companion for him.

“Are you ready for the future, for both of us?”

Arthit asked softly in Kongpop’s ear.

“What about Phii Arthit?”

Arthit didn’t answer but leaned in and kissed Kongpop lightly, giving him his love a super official stamp, even though this was a park and he didn’t fear being seen by anyone. Their first kiss took place on the Rama VIII Bridge, when Arthit was the one who took the initiative, oblivious of his surroundings.  It was not out of madness but out of loyalty.”

It was the drive to be true, to be honest with one’s feelings. From now on, no matter what the odds are, he will always rely on his heart to decide.

“Thank you for the reward.” As they moved away from each other, Kongpop’s face still beamed with joy,” I’ll keep it.” And speaking of tokens of affection, Arthit remembered something.

“Well the pen you gave me is no longer working, sorry, I broke it.” Arthit sadly pulled out the silver pen engraved with ‘I-AOON’, Kongpop removed the barrel to check the ink inside and he found out why.

“Of course it can’t write, it’s all out of ink like this.”

“Oh, it is out of ink? I know, how come I can’t write even after putting it in hot water.” The engineer guy scratched his head in embarrassment, feeling sorry for himself for so long.

“That means Arthit must have used this pen a lot, right?”

When Arthit heard that he was being teased in a teasing tone, he immediately yelled out.

“I’m just using something familiar because I like to use it!”

“Yes, yes, yes”, Kongpop laughed out loud at the way he was trying to hide it. He was happy that Arthit was the same as he was before, no different. And that’s why he loved Arthit so much and never changed. Then Kongpop put a hand in front of him and said, “Let’s go, I’m sure there’s a meal waiting for us at home.”


Arthit reached out and clasped Kongpop’s hand in his, felt a warmth from his palm to his heart. Their fingers were interlocked, they clung to each other, never to be separated, walking side by side on the path of life.

The days and nights we spent together, the times we went through together, the joys and the tears, there is no substitute for this feeling.

The reason I am who I am today is because of you and the reason we are so happy is because we have each other.

And the source of our happiness is our attachment to each other.

END of Secret Of True Love Between US




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