SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 4: Do not carry everything just like that.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 4: Do not carry everything just like that.

If Ocean Electric’s work was compared to ocean waves for the rest of the week, Arthit would have been hit by a giant tsunami that led to a lot of water intake. In the beginning, as he tried to examine everything carefully, and in his work he began to make fewer mistakes and worked so he could move to help ease the burden of others.

… and that caused him to have one word on his mouth.

“Arthit, please call on the items from the company Rango for me.”


“This is a phone number to contact with the items ordered.”


“And do not forget to mention that way that the product must be delivered by the end of this month only.”

“Okay… Uh… but Phii John. In this form it is typed that the delivery deadline is on the first Monday.”

Arthit protested after noticing the details in the order for the stainless steel thermos flask that was handed over. Senior staff wavering shoulders explained with a saddened expression.

“Well, yes, but the production team hastily rushed other and I don’t know what  did they have to hurry us to call and negotiate for a bit.”

John patted on the shoulder to insist the freshman, who is now almost a personal right-hand man and, of course, the only word his subordinates chose to answer.


But when the phone calls go through what is received, the opposite is true.


 The word of denial is firm, clear and makes it difficult for people to listen.

… Someone once said that the Purchasing Department is like a customer who can hold a bargaining power with any vendor company because suppliers tend to indulge them in principle. Customer is God, but Arthit didn’t feel that. He felt that his own power grew smaller and smaller when the people from that company knocked back.

“Ocean company’s delivery deadline has already been placed here, if you ask to interrupt the queue like this, the system will lose all the way, I will have trouble as well.”

Even though it is polite to say, the voice implies resentment as if to blame it indirectly.

“I’m really sorry. How can you hurry up by the end of this month?”

… If he could bow down and begged over the phone, he would have done it.

Hearing the end of the call, a sigh of sighs, as if not daring to accept a hundred.

“Hold it, I’ll check it and call back and inform again.”

“Thank you very much!”

Arthit hurriedly said with gratitude, at least a little bit more of his heart.

You know… how bad manners it is to ask to interrupt the queue, but since it is a job, there is always a need to do so inevitably.

One mission cleared if only.

He had not yet sat to take a rest and breathe and the new instruction followed continuously.

“Arthit, go fax this for me.”

The man used to bounce to pick up the PO slip from the cousin’s desk with another large file.

“Then please check the balance in these files as well so you can send them to the account for withdrawal.”

“Yes, Phii John.”

He responded like a programmed automatic robot, carrying his pile of belongings back to the table, before concentrating on the amoeba-like missions sprouted one by one.

It started by taking the PO slip to the photocopying room for faxing, where the senior sister sitting at the next table was standing up and leading him in the same direction.

Earth arrived in the room first, she skillfully activated the copier but then suddenly it made a homo! It was a sign that the paper had run out, if this just didn’t cause the professional staff to stumble, she turned to the closet, lifted the crate and put the heavier A4 paper and prepared to unwrap it. So there was no way to leave it.

“I’ll change for a moment. “He hurriedly took the cardboard box from the man still holding on. “It’s okay, I can change by myself.”

“Don’t do that, it’s heavy.”

In the end, Earth lost its stubborn force. Just stand and watch the younger generation unwrap the paper and fill it in the copier until it works.

“It is done.”

“Thank you.”

Preparing to accept the shift, he replied manly that “It’s fine, just like this, it’s very comfortable. If you haven’t opened your mouth yet, then a sentence comes up.

“… But later, it would be better not to bother other people’s affairs.”

… eh?

Room with orders that have not yet been faxed.

… He doesn’t understand at all what he has done wrong, where he or she is not over yet, even after several weeks he still feels that he has a gap apart from others, especially Elder sister, a strong woman in the Purchasing Department, despite her diligent efforts to help her, because she wants to be more intimate with her department mates, but seems too difficult to expect…..

Tired people wrap their shoulders in sorrow, shrink their ears.

When negative thoughts are like all energy, you will be dragged down accordingly. There is only one way to regain that energy.

… As a car has to add oil, Arthit has to add cold pinkmilk!

During the lunch break, the young man leapt outside the company, intending to change the atmosphere, look for something to eat outside the cafeteria, but he was mistaken because when going straight to the only pottery shop in the neighborhood, he found that there were customers waiting to buy. It was full, so he had to write down a list, put it on paper and stand there for a while, it was almost full and suddenly he heard a loud voice from behind.

“Oh, Arthit, came and buy some drink… well, please get me a glass of green tea.”

Phii John said as he reached out to pick up the wallet before raising his eyebrows.

“I don’t have any change, you have to pay first and then please bring it up to the office.”

It felt like he was hit by karma, he was fond of asking to interrupt the queue, but he had no choice but to accept…..


In the end, we have to bring a piece of paper to write more items and continue to wait, while the drinks ordered at the beginning are just right.

“I got cold pinkmilk.” He reached out to pick up a glass of sweet pink drink, but…” Oh, not my sister… of this young woman will.”

The salesman nodded at the person standing behind him and when he turned to look, he was shocked because the owner was a colleague at the side table.

“Do you like eating cold pinkmilk?”

Earth greeted directly as he accepted the drink with a calm expression.

“Yes… Yes.”

It was Arthit who had a scowling face, not knowing whether she would be laughing at him or not for the fact that he liked to eat sweet, non-suitable drinks for himself as a head hazer, so he tried to avoid drinking it in front of his First Year students, but unexpectedly… Seeing is normal.

“I also like to eat cold pinkmilk when I’m tired, it refreshes… What about you?”

Never expected to be asked on this point, Arthit had to reverse the memory of the answer.

“Well, when I was a kid at school, I had only two flavors of milk. It was strawberry milk and chocolate milk, but I used to eat chocolate milk and had diarrhea… Since then I have chosen to drink it. But the strawberry flavored milk was so used to make the pink milk until now.”

The origin which he had never told anyone before, many would consider it a different starting point, not even Earth.

“Oddly, most people start eating out of their liking, but you eat because of the familiarity.”

“Probably because there was only one option at that time and when I ate it, I really liked the pink milk.”

Earth nodded to understand. “Well, if you like pink milk from the story. This is good…..”

Before changing to speaking with some hidden tone.

“… But with work, you don’t have one option, if you don’t really like it or can’t, we have other options, just don’t do it because you feel used to it.”

The warning sentence was similar to the one in the document room, yet after carefully reviewing it, it was not a word, but a word to think about and he gradually began to understand the meaning that his senior wanted to convey.

“Cold pinkmilk has arrived.”

A voice from a beverage wholesaler in the queue, Arthit is about to pick up his wallet and take out the money.

“You don’t need a mentor yourself.”

Slender hands put the bank note in front of the ban and not only the cold pinkmilk, but also Phii John’s molded green tea.

“Thank you, Phii Earth.”

Arthit speaks with such a feeling… both about the cost of the drink and the useful advice.

Elder sister, a tough woman, smiled back before she walked up to the office building.

Perhaps… I used to think that I would never have a close relationship with my colleagues.

In the Purchasing Department, he might be mistaken.

Arthit raised a glass of cold pinkmilk to suck.

… Its taste makes you feel refreshed and heals both your body and mind.

Kongpop raised the coffee cup to suck.

… Its taste does not make it feel fresh again, it also makes me feel even more tired because of a huge problem that cannot be solved.

“Or do you really have to cancel the gear party at the sea? We will need to go out to get rid some of the stress after the exam a little bit, this is so hopeless!” EM’s eyes fell into despair on his way back to the faculty building after being informed that the university announced that the university had announced the suspension of offsite admissions activities, causing the annual faculty of engineering tradition to end in this edition.

“Well… but don’t worry, I will be with the group for a long time, I will tell you the history of gear party at sea for future generations.”

EM speaks quietly as people see the truth that it is unlikely to escape from the clutches of mechanics that are ready to take his life for him to fall as a grandfather to the faculty.

“You…. we need to go, there must be a way to go through it.”

“First-class honors boys like you can say, but like me, I have to rely entirely on luck, so please think that I have to get on the head of a pig to pass.”

The gloomy eyes shifted, looking up in the sky as if trying to find an angel as an anchor without noticing that the bottom was about to collide with a young woman who had carried a bag of documents in both hands until the girl clashed with Kongpop, who supported her properly from falling.

“What’s wrong? Khaofang?” The tall figure asked politely to the girl herself. “Ma… It’s fine.”

The man was wrapped around her waist, she was stunned, her face turned red, hurriedly moved away from the head hazer’s bosom, but with her hands still caught in his fingers, the bag was fluttered so she almost lost her balance again.

“Be careful, are you okay?”


She seemed to have regained consciousness and then returned to her own balance, even though she looked awkward.

“What sheet? Why? Why are there so many?”

“Oh Chee, tutoring for the calculus class, I’ll come to help tutoring for me.”

Fortunately, one more routine for the students of engineering remains to be passed on, so Kongpop sends out advice to the juniors, just as he had received from the seniors.

“Cal exam, teacher likes to go out in the area under the graph, let’s go look a lot.”

Handsome, smart and generous… worthy of being the person that the young and old ladies secretly admire.

“I… Thank you very much. I’ll take the sheet to my friend first.”

Some bodies tried to force their heart not to flutter, if it was secretly exposed in a trembling sound. Before she hurriedly excused herself to walk away, the whole incident was in the eye of EM, who observed…..

“I think she likes you.”

“Probably not.”

“I’m sure.”

“But anyway, I already have someone.”

Kongpop spoke out untouched and firmly on the matter, leaving the ridiculers with a look of disgust.

“Oh, yes! I’m so jealous! And me, I’m not even sure if I’m a spare tire.”

“Then hurry up and accumulate more points in front of people!”

Kongpop instructed. But once again his good friend looked away like a dog looking at the sky and sighed, as if to say that it was all up to fate.

“If there is a scoreboard, I’d like to see it to see where I’ve been scoring points and where I’ve been missing points, so I can work towards getting a perfect score in that direction!”

His words touched Kongpop, reminding him of the time when even after the prayer at the flag-raiding ceremony two weeks ago, Phii Arthit came in a hurry and although he said it was okay, his dirty clothes clearly indicated that he was having problems at work. Even so, he came to himself as fast as he could without complaining.

As for himself, did he do anything for Phii Arthit? If the relationship was really measured in points, Kongpop wanted to know if he was a good lover for Arthit.  Arthit’s dormitory was quite far away from the school, so Kongpop turned to Arthit as soon as he got out of class at four o’clock and he had to face the long traffic jam at the end of the day. Office workers go through this every day and spend a lot of time on the road before rushing home to rest. The thought of this hardship made him even more worried about the man who wasn’t taking care of himself and he wanted to see him even more soon.

“I’ll wait for you in front of the hostel.” Actually, Kongpop sent this message to Arthit after talking to Aim, a decision taken in the heat of the moment without any prior appointment, which was sure to get a lot of mutterings. But in the end, he got an answer in a short reply.

“Be right there, give me ten minutes.” He saw that it was almost six o’clock and already the office workers and students from the nearby schools were coming back with their credit cards. But he was still wandering alone downstairs and people were suspicious of him, so the building manager came to him and asked: “Are you here to see the room?”

“No, I’m waiting for someone.”

If you say you’re waiting for your boyfriend, you’ll still be worried about your senior image.

“Oh! Then come in and have a seat.” The building manager nodded at the chair under the notice board and generously invited him in. He was about to unpack his satchel, put down his things for Arthit but before he could sit down, he heard a voice calling him from behind.

“Kongpop” who told him to wait ten minutes, showed up five minutes later, much to his surprise.

“Phii Arthit you came back so fast!”

The young office white-collar shrugged his brow, as if he’d heard a clumsy pleasantries that only came in handy when meeting someone for the first time. Couldn’t he be faster! As the road was very congested, the bus did not move, so he jumped off the bus halfway, to get a motorcycle taxi but also let the driver of the motorcycle driver” biker soul” possessed and he clung to the back seat like a gecko, let the motorcycle in the traffic in the left cut right cut, people look worried will not see death in advance it. It took a lot of hard work to get here but when I heard this, it sounded a little cold.

“If you want to sit here for a while longer, so be it.” Then he immediately turned around and swiped his card to enter the dormitory. Kongpop rushed into the elevator with his stuff in his arms and in the time before the numbers jumped to the 5th floor, Kongpop started to coax Arthit.

“I’m sorry, I know I’ve come out of the blue but I said I’d come to Arthit too, I don’t want you to get tired of coming to me every time.”

Tease, he’s good at it. This sly little dog knows exactly what to do to soften an angry man’s heart. He also has a trick up his sleeve: “Or is it that Arthit doesn’t want to see me?”

Once this was done, the opponent had no choice but to admit defeat. Arthit’s anger subsided a little but he also said, “No, it’s not that. It’s just that next time you should tell me in advance if you want to come, so that I don’t show up unexpectedly. My room is a mess.”

“It’s okay.” Kongpop didn’t mind, because he knew the man in front of him hadn’t been clean since school. But when he actually walked into room 508, he was stunned by what he saw inside.  The laundry was all piled up in the laundry basket, spilling out onto the floor; the documents were in a mess all over the desk; the sheets were crumpled up and the pillows were scattered one by one; the lockers were stuffed with instant noodles, canned fish, canned nail snails and there were even about ten used convenience store plastic bags thrown in there haphazardly. There were two kinds of people who lived in this room: those who simply used it for sleeping and those who had experienced a natural disaster and had accumulated enough dry food to last a lifetime.

“You see, I told you it was a mess. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to wash my clothes, I’ve run out of clothes to change into.” The purchasing engineer is extremely serious about his work but his housekeeping is a different story.

“Then let me do it for you.”

“No, I’ll do it myself.” Arthit hurriedly stuffed the fallen clothes back into the basket, hoping to save his image, which was a bit disheveled compared to his neat, tidy and homemaker-like counterpart. And when he happened to glance at what was in his” guest’s” hand, he asked: “What’s in that bag?”

“Oh! That’s what I brought you.” Kongpop took the lunchbox out of the bag and opened it, the smell of the food he used to eat at the shop in front of the school hitting his nose.

“Thud! Thud! Scrambled eggs and basil leaf fried rice!”

“Where’s the slippery egg? All I see is empty basil leaf fried rice.” The man in question reached into another bag and pulled out the eggs. Arthit glared at me” Don’t tell me you’re going to make it yourself? You told me that you could fry an egg!”

“I learned it on the Internet and it’s simple enough to use the microwave. But I’ve improved the recipe and put in lots and lots of ingredients to make the eggs steam better and make sure that Phii Arthit never eat them!”

Seeing this engineering student in a work uniform transformed into a chef and taking it so seriously, Arthit didn’t know whether to laugh or be touched.

“Need help?”

“Phii Arthit take the clothes down and wash them.”

“All right.” The owner of the room agreed but as if he was ordered by his mother, he had an unexplainable feeling. But it was good, because it gave him time to clean up the room. The cleaning went on with the sound of cooking and banging. And so almost half an hour passed, “The food is ready!”

Finally, the chef brought out the bowl with the steamed eggs, decorated with crab fillets and corn, carrots and fava beans, which were sprinkled everywhere, making the steamed eggs look like they weren’t meant to be.

“Well really never seen that before!”

Arthit laughed at this and didn’t stop laughing, he laughed out loud.

“Taste it first, it might taste good.” Kongpop handed the bowl over, watched expectantly as the other took it and scooped up the soft steamed egg and put it in his mouth.

“How does it taste?”

“Bland and tasteless” was the short and straightforward comment of the taster. In fact, this chef does not like heavy dishes and has no experience in cooking, so it is impossible for him to achieve the level of a three-star Michelin chef.

“If it tastes bad, Phii Arthit should stop eating it.” The handsome face, momentarily dismayed, was about to move the bowl of steamed eggs, when a spoon inexplicably struck his hand.

“Where are you trying to take it to?”

Arthit quickly pulled the bowl back and asked, “Did I say it tasted bad? Did I say it’s not good?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the owner of the house opened the lunch box with the basil fried rice, scooped up the steamed egg and ate it. Then he looked up and asked the man who was staring at him blankly, “Ow! You’re not eating?”


Kongpop quickly scoops up a spoonful of steamed egg and with a happy smile on his face, it’s worth spending the afternoon learning how to make the simple dish online. Don’t take it all on your own. You’re not a superhero who can do it all on your own, after all.

“So, are you going to the gear party? We’re supposed to do it on Saturday at the end of the month after the exams.”

“Oh, Phii Arthit. Now, my generation is facing a problem and is banned from picking up First Year students outside the place.”

“Oh, the normal thing in the university is concerned about the safety of the children and it is the same thing I encountered.”

“So how did you get your approval?”

“Hmm… At that time, the teacher had been staying for several days and had to promise that there would be no serious adoption of children. Having learned that as well, you have to stop at the herb garden first, remember?”


“That’s it, try to find a place to promote educational activities. Tell the teacher that you want First Year students to have the same experience because many First Year students probably won’t have the opportunity to see it and it will benefit learning as well…”

… I was really right. That came to consult this person.

Good advice from the past head hazer helped Kongpop see the light path until he started to have hope. Besides that, there was one hope.

“And will you come to the gear party? We should be able to arrange it after the exams are finished during the Saturday…or Sunday near the end of the month.”


The spoon that was ladling the eggs paused.

“I’m not sure yet as I’ve been busy with work.” Though disappointed, Kongpop is not going to pester Arthit to go, as he is well aware that the seniors have duties to perform at work.

“I understand but don’t work too hard, Phii.”

The listeners nodded as they scooped the last spoonful of fried rice with eggs and basil leaves into their mouths.

“The clothes in the washing machine should be done.”

Quickly finishing his meal, Arthit got up and went downstairs to get the laundry. When he came up, he opened the door and saw that Kongpop had already washed the bowl of steamed eggs, put the lunch box in the garbage and was waiting to help him hang the clothes on the narrow balcony outside the house. So the two big boys were clumsily hanging out the clothes and the hangers seemed to be a little insufficient because there were too many clothes. But the night breeze was cool and soothing. As Arthit concentrated on drying the clothes, he felt a bug crawling on the back of his head, he reached out and grabbed something.

“Hoeei! What’s up na?”

Kongpop is eating his hair with a big clothespin.

“Don’t move! If Phii Arthit’s hair had been longer, it could have been pinned up like it was.”

“Stop it hey!”

He yelled, turning to return fire with a clothespin. The moment he turned around, he stopped when he was asked a question.

“Can I sleep here tonight?”

The question was rhetorical and the eyes that came to me were sincere.

“Don’t you have class tomorrow?”

“I happen to have afternoon classes.”

“It feels like it was planned in advance.”

Even though Kongpop knew that he wouldn’t refuse, his sincere eyes were averted, as if the plan had been revealed.

“Suit yourself, let’s call it a payback for tonight’s meal.” When Kongpop heard the promise, he smiled happily and the extra egg was well worth the money! They hung up their clothes, cleaned up their room, watched TV, took a shower and were ready for bed.

“I switched off the light.” Arthit pressed the switch and climbed into bed in the dark. As soon as he lay down, a force held him behind him and whispered to him: “May you have a nightmare!”

  Hoeei! Don’t curse like that. Is that wrong? (LAUGHS)

“It should be ‘Have a good night’s sleep’ shouldn’t it?”

“’Have a nightmare’ is the right word, so I can enter the dream and rescue Phii!”

There it is again. He’s turned on again. But no matter how many years go by, sweet words like that always get him.

“Oh, so you should have a nightmare too.”

Arthit returned the greeting and fell asleep in a warm embrace.  That’s all, nothing special, just a simple and comfortable life, where two people can feel the warmth in their hearts and that’s all that matters. And tonight, it was another night of sleep till dawn for the two lovers.

“Phii Arthit! Phii Arthit!”

The sleepless man glanced at the light at the edge of his eye, reminding him of the noise in his ear.

… Such bright light must already be morning, what would be so excited and shocked about it.

He was about to curl up in the blanket to sleep comfortably when another round of yelling continued to become clearer.

“Phii Arthit! Phii Arthit you are late!” That’s it, the person in bed bounced the baby up in the wake of the smoke, grabbed the smartphone, looked at the 8:30 time displayed on the screen, brightening the eyes.

“Hoeei! Kongpop, why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I have woken up several times, but you won’t wake up.”

The person in charge of the wake up duty spoke with a faint heartbeat, thinking about the previous time when he stayed in the dormitory, he was like this and caused Phii Arthit to go to work late, knowing that the other party was quite lethargic and difficult to wake up.

Nevertheless, the traffic during rush hour is no different from taking a fortune. There is no guarantee whether you will catch up or not – so the office workers rushed to shower, get dressed at speed, beat the record, grab a bag and jump into socks. Prepare to leave the room.

“Phii Arthit, won’t you eat anything before leaving?”

“I won’t be able to catch up, uh… If you’re going to go out, please lock the door.”

The order ended at the end, before Arthit reached for the knob with the sound of Kongpop saying encouraging him.

“Intended to go to work” and they simply leave other easily. That’s it… The Young Engineer just sighed in the lover’s room and looked out on the balcony, where the clothes were still left out. The sky today was more cloudy than usual.

If it was before, every time when it rains, he would always watch over the clothes drying out from across the room in the other dorm and would call Phii Arthit, who likes to do his laundry late at night to keep them in on a regular basis, but when they are far apart, chances are less likely to look after them.

… ‘I want to take care of Phii Arthit a little more’ that’s what Kongpop can only think of.

Arthit arrived at the office, scanned the card just in time, just as he sat and took a breath at his desk, thinking thanking Heaven for saving his death on the hell side.

“Arthit has got an agreement from Rango to get the items at the end of this month, right?”

Phii John followed him to the table, demanding, so he had to report the truth.

“That way I will call again to inform them.”

“Hoeei! How can you tell me that do you know this is an urgent job, we will not be on the production line in time, can you call to check again?”

Human beings can usually only have one choice, but thanks to Phii Earth’s advice, he doesn’t dare to say it everywhere. Slightly Like being a godfather by debt collection


As he was showing an annoying expression, the phone rang, interrupted, along with the awaited good news.

“The goods will be delivered as quickly as possible by Saturday the 30th.”

“Really?! Thank you very much!”

Arthit was so happy that he almost jumped on the phone and hugged the supportive partner.

When the call was over, he quickly turned to inform Phii John excitedly. Instead of rejoicing, the tech mogul picked up his smartphone, slid open the app, and checked his own schedule.

“Saturday 30th?

Chanting a series of long instructions with a slap on the shoulder in style, this time Arthit refuses to get used to it.


“John, have you finished the bill to set up a check payment statement yet.”

A call from manager Danai causes the man to be followed by the called man to leave the table and go back to their duties, leaving one more job for the younger generation to carry on by themselves.

… He was already tied up. Even if he didn’t say “Yes,” but in the end he had to carry out a mission that seemed to be a real burden. More everywhere, inevitably anyway.

Inside the factory, the production line was noisy from the work of many people and machines at first glance. It seems full of chaos, but if you look carefully It will be found that every production process is planned systematically by the skill of engineers who carefully calculate the steps to maximize potential and one of the talented engineers is a young man with a goatee who smiles as soon as he sees him

“Are you having less work to stop by to visit here?”

“I am not Phii Yong, I will inform you that the stainless steel cover of the thermos from the company Rango will come on Saturday the thirtieth.”

“Saturday? Why is it that long?”

“Well… I really tried to call to speed up but that way.”


Yong raised his eyebrows until he had to repeat the memory. “So the deadline for sending it must be early in the month.”

If this time, Arthit had to be silent when he heard the real background.

“But I submitted a request for a stainless steel cover two weeks ago.”

I ordered two weeks ago? Then why is it so late for the order to be delivered? What does this mean?

The quick-minded engineer might have guessed the stupor of the speaker, so he pieced together the origin of his source.

“You know that before the production line opens, we have to check the stock of everything in advance and prepare them for it. So I ordered supplies, electric kettle with the Purchasing Department a long time ago. But they gradually came to deliver just the stainless steel cap, so I called up to follow.”

Arthit slowly thought.

Yes… he used to train in the Production Department and knows that the stock must be thoroughly prepared because once the production line is opened, the engineer will be able to control the quantity of products to meet the target. This is the day-to-day work process that the production engineer has to do.

… then what is the item to be used in the process that is responsible for the purchasing engineer.

His expression was full of confusion, so Phii Yong had to say consolation.

“Anyway… the goods coming on Saturday are still in time, the work that requires many people to communicate might have some misunderstandings and if there is any problem, we can solve it… We are not superheroes who can do everything, just one person.”

… We are not superheroes who can do everything, people.

It seems he was familiar with this sentence from somewhere before.

 “… This place doesn’t need a hero! Do your friends have to sit alone and wait for you to help?”

The words I said in the past come back to stabbing myself deeply.

Arthit only rethinked this, during his work all day, the gloomy clouds early in the morning poured heavy rain in the evening when Arthit took the time to return to the dormitory, so it was time for dinner for a while.

Hungry until the stomach was deflated, plus the clothes that had been put aside for the time had already been put aside and he wouldn’t be in time.

But when he opened his own room, he found a pile of clean clothes ironed and folded into a perfectness. Not only that, in the refrigerator he saw a bowl of, crooked-looking eggs, ready to warm up and ready to eat.

… You don’t have to guess, you know who made it.

Arthit chose to eat poached eggs for dinner and when he scooped it into his mouth, the familiar taste stuck in his mind for a long time that he hadn’t eaten freshly cooked food every day…. nothing is not comparable to the warm feeling of a hot boiled egg. That penetrates deep into the heart.

… Where is the man? The food is delicious. But it’s a pity… now that the great chef who used to admonish his skill… went back.

Not in front of him to say thanks



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