SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 5: Doing good requires reward.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s Rule No. 5: Doing good requires reward.

“First Year students who have just arrived, hurry to get on the bus, we have let go until the last minute.”

… last minute.


“Last minute”. Kongpop, who was standing beside the bus that was going to take the engineering students off campus for orientation, understood the meaning of the word.

He was expecting to see someone and although he had already received a negative answer, it was clear that he would not be there: “I have to work on the 30th of this Saturday.”

Arthit had told him this brief message via LINE a few days ago, knowing that for him “work is more important than anything else” but he couldn’t help but have a little hope.

“Kong, you can get in! You’re the only one left!”


May, who was trying to get the freshmen on the bus, called out. The junior faculty member, who had heard the urging, put her heart away and boarded the bus.


… His head hazer position is going to be completely closed tonight’s night. In any case, he had promised to do his best to do his head hazer…. work diligently until the last minute.

Kongpop chose to sit at the back of the bus, where the hazer gangs were. Everyone was full of energy, probably because they had passed the mid-hell exam, so they were determined to let the stress of being thrown into the sea in Rayong Province, which is their aim. Except for a member of the hazing team who had no fun, he again showed a blatant expression of frustration.

“Why don’t we go directly to the sea?!”

“I will answer that because we changed the purpose of our activities for the students to the conservation tourism project to plant mangrove forests, so the Dean only agreed to approve because of that… or was I supposed to answer that because Thailand has summer every month, the students come out with the same voice that they want to play in the water and enjoy the sea breeze and chill?”

Kongpop offered a two-choice option if it was still unable to make EM calm next to the seat next to it.

“How easy it is to just go to the beach, the women choose the wrong kind of clothes, some wear clothes flutter the wind, if they get wet in the sea, what is there hidden and look… how can a woman wear pants that short.”

The reason seems gentlemanly or a person who cares for the welfare of girls. But the gentleman’s eyes were fixed on the head nurse who stood in shorty shorts directing the number of people in front of the car, according to Kongpop’s point of view, May was dressed in a simple T-shirt, short pants, a little bit above the knee because they had to go to the mangrove reforestation. Wearing trousers would be inconvenient, but showing off this smooth white skin has accelerated EM’s reaction to the jealousy.

“The Dean should have told us to go to the mountains which would e better than to wear something concise, therefore, Kong… Hoeei! Kong areyou listening?”

The talker called for a friend who had moved to adjust the air vent above his head to blow towards him.

“Even if all the air conditioners have been adjusted you should still come to find me.”

“Are you hearing me?”

Kongpop answered simply. While the side reverted to whining again, trying to argue next door

“So you didn’t see the boys, First Year students looked at May when they signed up.

“And even if she is different from the First Year, they can look at her it is all the same.”

EM was hit by a black heart, a man who acted as a dog, always looked at the window crushed his whining.

“But the First Year students look unimpressed, how can we change the activities? Let the First Year students men go in the sea for half a day so that they know who the seniors are.”

“You know, we can’t hold a risky cheer meet activity, our generation has  been so complaining, don’t you remember what happened when we were First Year?”

Kongpop revived memories.

… When he used to be First Year, Phii Arthit ordered all men to take off their shirts and float in the sea and let them watch the hazers sit and sing together with the girls. Until he could not stand up and ask for the reason for this activity then Phii Arthit chased him to go diving in the sea, his mood cool, but it turned out that when he disappeared into the sea, Phii Arthit hurried and jumped down into the sea and dragged him. This landed Kongpop in shock because Arthit thought he was really drowned.

That incident turned into a big story. Phii Arthit was furious and he himself felt guilty in part.

He decided to do it, not from wanting to claim justice alone…..

Jealous is poison… how powerful it is, he knows it so well, he doesn’t want his friends to repeat that important trait, they are not kids anymore.

“If you want your younger brother to consider you a senior instead of punishing them, then prove to them that you are.”

EM remained silent, not arguing again, hitting hard with a hard stick. It works in two ways.

… It encourages courage to stand up and fight or help get used to the pain.

Kongpop could only hope that his friend made the first choice, the bus finally arrived at the mangrove plantation site.

Despite having spent many hours traveling, all students were still enthusiastic about volunteer activities. They listened carefully to the lecturer before helping other to plant mangrove seedlings into the soil. Therefore it has a somewhat messy condition, especially for young head hazer like Kongpop is somewhat concerned about everyone.

“Are you OK? I will come and help.”

“It’s alright, Phii Kong here, I can do this by yourself, an engineering woman, must be strong, tough, hard to die.”

Bob rolled her sleeves up to find a suitable location. But as she was walking, one of her legs became stuck in the mud lane so that she could not move and the more she pulled, the more she sank

Kongpop had to come and help resolve the situation gradually. Little by little, the girl’s legs moved up from the mud until she came out.

“Thank you very much.”

Khaofang was a little embarrassed when she made a big gesture a moment ago if being a strong woman, but finally had to let her senior code really help.

“I know that the engineering woman is strong, but the duty to take care of women must belong to men anyway.”

Kongpop lovingly teased the other person.

If this sentence is not too exaggerated because the engineering youths are spreading out to help women where labor is required.

“Phii May, let me help you.”

The beautiful woman of the Third Year hazing team nurse was surrounded by a young First Year who hopes to flirt with the other in front of EM!

The man who was just standing and looking from a distance…. Just broke inside – the feeling of one-sided secret lover overflowing in the chest and continued until they got at the beach resort…..

EM still sat in silence, listening to the staff, preparing meetings, planning the most important highlights of the night.

“… The show of the Third Year, Kongpop will be represented.”

Say your heart to the First Year students. After that we will give you a wayout and wait to get the gear.

May clarifies the sequence of steps for all parties to understand before starting to disperse to deal with other’s duties.

Kongpop prepares to think over what to say to the children. In order to complete head hazer status, he was pulled back by a friend.

“Kong, I have a request…..”

… There seems to be someone who wants to end a certain status quo as well.

“Hello First Year students, now you guys want everyone to be at peace because we are going to enter the important part of the night.”

May held the mic as the host and spoke on stage according to the script laid out.

“… But first, we have a representative for the Third Year of seniors who will speak in our hearts to all the younger people.”

She turned her hand to the side of the stage for Kongpop, but the person who walked up turned out to be someone else.

“Sawadee khrap, today I have a feeling of confession to you.”

EM started the sentence in a serious tone, eyes full of determination before conveying every refined feeling.

“When I was a First Year student, I got to know a woman and I was really impressed with her. But I am not very good at talking, so I kept that feeling for three years, but today I have decided that I will tell her hoping she will listen…”

In this moment, for EM, he is not as a hazer, but as an ordinary man, who embodies all the courage, turns to face the young woman he is passionate about with a deep confession?

“EM loves May na… loves May more than friends… can May be EM’s girlfriend.”

The whole room was breathless, not expecting to watch the sweetest romantic scene among hundreds of people.

All eyes fixed on the woman, who bowed in shyness before nodding slowly.

“Oh… okay… because… May thinks the same as EM.”

Only then, the sound of mouths shouting for joy was loud Kong.

“Hoooei!!! We introduce a new couple of the Faculty of Engineering!”

Friends hit EM on the shoulder, who seemed to be in shock, synonymous with a longtime crush.

Kongpop, too, was delighted, but the specials of tonight’s value were not over yet, when the head hazer’s turn had to go on stage to announce his duties.

“From now on it will be a gear handing ceremony, we ask First Year students everyone to stand up in a single row deep and walk straight to the beach.”

First Year students gradually crossed the Hand Bridge, which was caused by the coordination of the senior’s interlocking hands to send the children to pick up the gear.

Which is a symbol of the Faculty of Engineering proudly

The atmosphere filled with joy and impressions between the seniors and the juniors before it turned into a lively, fun because after the gear handover ceremony was over, it was time for the unity party of the people.

Kongpop walks out on the beach, the night sea breeze blows gently Hear the sound of the crashing waves, a beautiful ending to the head hazer duty.

… Unfortunately, someone didn’t come together, remembering that two years ago, Phii Arthit disappeared like this and left him muddled up and wandering around the beach until he wanted to apologize for the incident he had caused again. The other party was angry, but instead of seeing the front left, Kongpop saw the worried face of the First Year girl using her smartphone to light up the beach.

“What is Khaofang looking for?”

“Khaofang, what are you looking for?”

Surprised by the greeting, she opens her mouth but finally decides to tell the truth and looks like she’s about to cry.

“I… I lost the gear!”

She had just gotten this gear from a senior and it was a symbol of freshman pride, so it was a serious matter for her to lose it and since the beach was dark at night, she couldn’t find it.

“Where did you drop it? I’ll help you find it.” The big guy also took out his cell phone and turned on his flashlight to look for it. Two pairs of eyes are better than one, naturally. Because it didn’t take long for Kongpop to find the silver cog stuck in the sand.

“Found it!”

Khaofang happily hurried to take the gears from the seniors.

“Thank you, Phii! Senior Kong helps me every time.”

“You’re welcome, I’d love to. If there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know, no matter what.” Kongpop smiled, not expecting to be asked for a favor right away.

“Well, then, could the seniors keep the gear for me? I’m afraid I’ll risk losing it again!”

Kongpop’s heart thudded at these profound words, the sincerity in his partner’s eyes, he could see from her expression that she knew exactly what it meant to attach a cog to someone else but he couldn’t accept it.

“Khaofang is sorry but I have accepted someone else gear.” The refusal was gentle and the meaning of the words was obvious, making it clear that the senior’s heart was already in someone else’s, leaving no room for anyone else. The door of opportunity was closed and it would be futile to pursue the matter further.

“I understand. Thank you, Phii.” Khaofang said “thank you” again but this time it was different, because this time she endured the heartache and restrained her feelings and from then on she was only related to him as a senior and a sister of the same number.

“Then, I’ll go first.”

Then he saw a figure walking in the other direction. Although he knew how she felt, Kongpop knew that he should give her time, so he didn’t try to console her, because he was in the same situation when Arthit had chosen to avoid him. He still remembers clearly the horrible feeling when he thought he would never have the chance to talk to Arthit again.  And that was the first time he realized how important Phii Arthit was to him. Who would have thought that a few minutes later a cold can of beer would touch his neck and a voice would ask: “Drink?”

Kongpop felt the cold sensation and at the same time, turned back to look for the owner of the voice. He stared at the man with the cold beer in front of him, his mind confused, unable to tell if it was a memory or a real thing. Until Arthit smiled at him and muttered, “Sorry, I’m late.” And so the feeling of two years ago was brought back to the present.  I’m glad that Arthit is by my side again.

“What are you doing here?”

Kongpop took a beer from the white collar guy and they sat down together on the beach with their drinks in their hands. Arthit took a sip of his beer to quench his thirst and as if to clear his mind, he explained: “That guy Knot wanted to come and he called me and drove all the way to the office to pick me up. Done.”

And Kongpop wouldn’t know, that there were places where “Arthit” and, “Knot” names had to be swapped to get the perfect truth. But no matter how much the tough talker tried to hide the truth, the little wolf dog inside the big hazer would wag his tail happily.

“If only Arthit had come, it would have been good enough. Hundreds of kilometers away, hours away, just to get together for a short time, to get to know each other without having to say a word,” said the old alumnus, who was still complaining about missing important moments.

“What a pity we missed the gear giving ceremony.”  So Kongpop reported to Arthit said: “” Everything is in order, don’t worry!”

“Who said I was worried about that, I’m just sorry I didn’t get to see you do your duties one last time.”  So that’s what this is all about! Arthit’s sudden directness, as he always says something, makes Kongpop smile. And Arthit escalated the conversation to a compliment.

“You’re tired all the time, studying and training. But I know you’ve been doing very, very well!”

Good work deserves a reward. So Kongpop started leaning over to Arthit and opened his mouth to ask,” So can I get the promised reward?”

“What reward? No such thing was promised!”

It seemed as if the other’s memory had suddenly gone bad but the reddened ears could not escape the cunning little wolf-dog’s attention as he leaned his face down to lean closer and closer to the other.


There was only a little distance between our lips and we could feel each other’s warm breath.  We were far apart, so that we could be closer in the future; we couldn’t see each other, so that we could save our thoughts for you! They slowly closed their eyes and let the feeling drive their bodies.

“Hey! Arthit! Where the hell are you?”

The two, emotionally interrupted by the loud shout, bounced away from each other of their own volition and then a tall figure appeared.

“Ow! Here it is.”

“Hello, Phii Knot.” Kongpop bowed to the senior he hadn’t seen for a long time. The former hazer had shed his impulsive student look and become a more trustworthy person. But some things remain the same, especially the answer that is only used by grannies when receiving the salute.

“Oh, let’s make it like worshiping Buddha”. And then, he seemed to realize something “Wait! I did not spoil the mood, did I?”

Arthit and Kongpop’s relationship has been openly known to everyone in the circle of friends and Knot was not only the first one to notice but also acted as a big brother to his friend, who has not changed his stubborn personality at all. We didn’t do anything! But why did you call me?”

“I came to find you at the table! I told the others you were coming but they didn’t believe me, because when you arrived you disappeared into thin air. You called me and dragged me here, you forced me to drive you.”

“Hoeei! Stop it, I’m just going over there!”

Arthit hurriedly interrupted Knot before his secret became no longer a secret but he was too late, for the moment he turned around, he saw Kongpop’s smiling face.

To the party table that has

Soon, the group of friends and juniors were all together, when the liquor group saw the arrival of the former head hazer, they made an angry voice.

“Hey, Ai Arthit has disappeared. I haven’t seen my friend for a long time.”

“Sorry, my work has been a bit more busy lately.”

When the work noun is introduced, one word is like a turner screw, turning on a tap, allowing the complaint to flow continuously from the surrounding friends.

“Well, I made some time for us getting together.” Arthit solved the problems  made by other people (John), but he didn’t get even a single reward.

“Just yesterday I got cursed by my boss who asked if I really graduated from my Bachelor’s degree. Why? Why do I work worse than elementary school children?”

“You guys are fine, I’m still unemployed.”

“Sigh… when studying it was the most fun and when working there is a lot of responsibility.”

Nott concluded and everyone nodded in agreement, not to mention Arthit, who was quietly drinking beer, felt its bitter taste more clearly than before. This drunk water turned into a drink to help relieve the group’s tension.


… This must be the taste of maturity.

“Oh, seeing you guys complain like this.., is why I don’t want to finish my studies.”

EM, who was sitting in the band listening, showed a frightened expression. Wrong with the symptoms of fear. “And is there an aim to saying that? Well, Arthit’s company is fine.”

Nott suggested, but Arthit went back again. “Not really that much.”

A secret gesture made friends in the group who knew about Arthit and Kongpop’s couple status.

“It’s not that even if you hide it, he will have to go for an internship.

“No! It’s just Kong. He’s good. He should choose a top company to intern. It’s better to go to…”

Even though he clearly denied his position, he didn’t stop being teased again.

“Oh no, bless your lover, and be considerate, younger brothers with lovers. I’m completely jealous!”

That sentence made everyone just realize that the First Year students were arrogant, perhaps because it was a table with all the stars, so they received special attention.

Kongpop saw Khaofang sitting at a nearby table as well, he smiled to let her know who owns the gear that Head hazer has kept.

He, too, does not intend to hide his same-sex relationship because for him it is not about women.

Or a men, but it is important to know who that person is.

… and of course, he is proud to have Phii Arthit as his lover, even though the liquor has been around until the end of the day, but the busy alumni have begun to withdraw in reverse first.

Arthit walked apart from the group. With Kongpop following along the way to the parking lot.

“When you arrive, anyway, Line tell me.”

“When you get home, by all means, LINE me home.”

“Don’t worry, Knot’s not drinking, he’ll be safe.” And then, in his usual style, he simply said goodbye: “Goodbye!”

“Good.” The big guy smiled at him, then turned and strode right back to the area” Kongpop!”

The owner of the name paused in his steps, about to turn to find the one who called his name and at the same time he felt a softness on his cheek. The two men looked at each other, one full of surprise, the other full of shyness.


Gaining unpreparedly what one would have thought the other had forgotten, brought a big smile to Campus Moon’s handsome face and the greedy man didn’t think it was enough.

“This is my reward for being a hazer, right?  What about as a boyfriend?”

“Next time.” Arthit decisively refused, for it made him feel hot and bothered, as if every drop of blood in his body had rushed to his face.

The white-collar guy ducked into Knot’s parked bus and brought a message of encouragement for the rest of the day, so that he could continue to struggle with his work. Kongpop stood there and watched them go far away, out of sight. 

No fancy gifts, no sweet words, no passionate kisses just the knowledge that the two of them were” inseparable” was the most beautiful way to end Kongpop’s head hazer career.



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