SOTUS S, Lover’s rule No. 7: Tease and clear the mind.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, Lover’s rule No. 7: Tease and clear the mind.

“Here’s a quotation for plastic spoons, because the original supplier couldn’t make them on time for us, so I’ve found a new one, cheaper and I’ve already compared prices.”  No, that’s not Arthit’s voice. It’s a man with a thick eyebrow and a sharp face standing in front of the conference room showing the results of his hard work.

“Well, good find, John!”

Manager Danai was exaggerating about the wrong people, so that those who knew the truth could not help but stand up and raise objections.

“But Phii John, Arthit is the one who called me to ask for this supplier’s number!”

Phii was angry at his offspring but the man who took advantage of the situation was still arguing without turning a blind eye.

“But I’m the one who’s handed over the job to Arthit!”

“But…” before Earth could stand up again to argue, the department head stepped in to mediate.

“All right, all right. No matter who’s first or second, it’s everyone’s effort, as long as the result is good.”

The war of words ended, Earth sat back in her chair, John turned his face away in displeasure and Somoo in the middle was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. Arthit was still sitting quietly, hurt that his work had just been stolen by his colleagues.  Although he had heard an ironic cautionary tale that “being stabbed in the back is a common occurrence in the office”, he had never thought that it would happen to him. Dark clouds had fallen over the conference room and the storm had torn apart the Purchasing Department’s boat, each piece drifting in a different direction.

“Arthit has finished preparing the work that I have deposited yet.”

He turned to the kind Phii Earth to help him do this last night, whom he nodded to.

“It is done.”

“Then put it on the screen so you can make a board proposal.”

Arthit stood up, hooked up a computer, broke it into the projector screen, opened a file on a flash drive, showed a neatly made electric pot price and material comparison table and started explaining it to everyone in the room.

“From the chart here, you can see that…“ Jesus!

The sound of opening the door of the meeting room disrupted the presentation, two uninvited guests of two ages entered the room.

“Oh, are you meeting? I’m sorry I interrupted.”

Pairot executives said it was just like that because he came up with a more important issue.

“… I told Khun Danai that I would let my niece who just returned to Thailand to join the Purchasing Department too. So bring me to introduce myself.”

Behind the management is a young man who is estimated to be the same age as Arthit, but his appearance differs in appearance, good complexion, a tall and airy figure, suitable for shirts and suits that may not seem like any brand, but it is certain pricy, including the body, is probably quite a bit, a prominent nose, a handsome face that is comparable to an international model, even the style of greeting is like a dull finisher, eagerly extending his hand to the new boss.

“I will ask you guys to guide me through.”

Before the light brown eyes will accidentally notice the product grid on the projector screen.

“Whoa… the cost control electric pot calculated is very cheap, although the cost of materials may be a bit high, but if you try to reduce the labor cost and the transportation cost, it will cause the cost price to go down. To the truth, if we were to be more precise, we would have to include the damage caused by the production delay.”

In just a moment, he can analyze this much, without explaining the properties, I know how many brain ideas the new child has with him.

“Well, this one is a comparison chart from the old product, if offered through, will put all details.”

“Oh… I have misspoke and interfere…” The young student outside hurriedly reached out to say hello.

“I’m Arthit.”

“Nice to meet you.”

His shaking hands were sincere, sincere, like a nice smile, so bright that he was dazzled.

The Purchasing Department has added one more member, no one knows whether it will help this team’s ship survive to the dream shore or sink the sea, being eaten by a shark first, but at least… Arthit is considered a freshman to score an opening score. He was much more beautiful than he was the last time.

Arthit’s thoughts are proving true, he saw from Ocean Electric Group’s group line, which is especially bustling throughout the mornings until lunch break with the latest news.

There is a new employee named Todd, a granddaughter. Pairot holds an MBA. From America, come on.

“Are you handsome!?”


I heard that at first I would let Nong Todd go to the Production Department, but there is no vacant position so I have to go to Purchasing Department instead.

“Wow! The Purchasing Department has beautiful men, and they are so envious of us… KhunPairot, do you want a granddaughter-in-law? I’ll apply!”

The gods that were talked about, furiously stepping into the company, were all looking back.

“Hey Mr. Sun!”

Arthit turned left, turned right. Uh… Look, it shouldn’t be as close to Mr. Sun as he is the owner of the new title has to say some etiquette. Arthit means Sun as a part of saying Wan Arthit meaning Sunday

“Mr. Todd just finished eating?”

“Yes, really, you don’t have to call me you, just call me Todd it is enough.”

The tall figure smiles brightly as usual, even though the image looks like a hundred million men, but the real personality does not hold the body, easy to intimate as well, as in the Purchasing Department there are no male friends of the same age as him.

Arthit, so reduce the level of stiffness, turn on the CC mode immediately. “So, if Todd has any doubts, you can consult us.”

“Ok, Mr. Sun!”

Friendship is easily built up in the shortest amount of time the elevator arrives.

So the two of them walked in with the other office workers as the door was about to close, the last passenger jumped in anxiously.

“Wait too!”

The young woman with the tip of a clapper shoe barely blocked the elevator door, as if she was the toughest Ace of the Purchasing Department, but she had a weary face, with her hair tied up casually. Some of them are frayed, not tightened like everywhere.

“Where is Phii Earth going to hurry?”

“Well, Phii Danai called you urgently, but I’ll have to hurry to send the documents first.”

“What documents, can I help you send them instead?” Arthit quickly volunteered like a generous person, but when I knew the destination, I almost wanted to withdraw my words back.

“Khun Phaka”

The title has been around for a long time, just remembering the brutal face of the teacher, the mother of the accounting department, he felt his head shook like he was watching a horror movie, but again.

“Uh… is…”

“I will take it for myself!” All eyes turned to the hero who raised his hand.

“Oh? Yeah, are you here? “Earth just noticed that a newcomer was coming along.

“And I know Khun Phaka already.”

The angel’s father smiled confidently and his eyes sparkled strange things as he looked at Phii sister’s face.

“Don’t worry I’ll ask from Khun Sun to accompany me to send these,” Hoeei! First of all, do you consult his willingness? Arthit, who had become overwhelmed to become the hero’s assistant, wanted to shake his head and reject it, but the elevator door opened on the fourth floor, like a door to hell. Earth then managed to drag his arms together.

“Who is Khun Phaka, Mr. Sun?”

The person being asked to languish, he is unlikely to tell the other person that if in doubt, he or she can consult because this is the topic that he does not want to answer the most, but at least he does not need to waste time describing the nature of the answer. Walked to them, complete with sound and picture.

“What are you doing here, Khun? Arthit?”

The owner of the name was startled, turned around to see Master, Mother standing in the back… I do not believe it, do not disrespect it, so he must hurry and pay respect to the holy spirit.

“Sa… Sawadee khrap… Khun Phaka.”

Todd heard the name from the mouth and the man beside him grinned as he saw the person looking for him, hurriedly acted as a messenger, and handed him a brown envelope.

“Khun Phaka, right? Here is a document from the Purchasing Department.”

The face of an elder woman suddenly pulled up, changed his target to hit a poor little boy who read it badly, eyes flickered from head to toe glasses.

“Who are you? Why did you not introduce yourself to me before suddenly you would come and throw a job for the children today, do you have any usable brain?”

The same sentence is the same as the one used by Arthit, but instead of being scolded, it shows the opposite of nudging, grabbing Phaka’s hand and shaking his shaking hand.

“Oh, Sorry, I have no etiquette again. My name is Todthanaphat Kengphaisanpanich. I just worked at the Purchasing Department. Today is the first day. Nice to meet you.”

… Oh my God!

Arthit exclaimed in shock and the grandmother gasped.

“Who has instructed him to introduce himself to adults like this!!?”

The old ladies roared loudly, but fortunately, Heaven had taken their side for a while, because while about to be prayed by Khun Phaka, the other staff walked in and they were kicked out instead.

Todd continued to make a confused expression as he took the elevator to the Purchasing Department.

“Mr. Sun, what have I done wrong?”… still coming to ask.

“Later, just raise your hand to pay respect to her first.” He taught his first job to a newcomer.

In which the other party nodded in understanding, even though he looked awkward when he had to pay homage to a senior in other departments.

“Nong Todd, Phii Somoo is going to be the purchasing secretary… the desk, younger Todd is here, I’ll follow you.”

The freshman’s desk is on the third block behind his desk and Phii Earth, on the side, is the desk of a flattering deputy manager who is quick to introduce himself to the grandchildren.

“My name is John. If there is anything, you can tell me anything everything.”

Arthit clearly knew he was probably knocked out of the can, but he did not regret seeing the true essence of the opportunistic fox so clearly, now the respectable Phii for him is now another person.

“Oh, Arthit, come here… is Phii Danai for you to inspect the quality of the supplier’s factory that we will hire to produce the product. I am going to go this afternoon and tomorrow. I saw Arthit used to be in the Production Department, so I thought. Should help.”

Of course, he was willing to help Phii Earth as the other trusted him as well.


“So let me prepare these documents for permission for you, if you are ready, you can go out.”

The purchasing engineer receives the files from the senior and turns to the computer to print the information. Near 2 PM, the documents were finished and printed, while his phone rang.

“Kongpop” he raised his eyebrows in confusion, usually Kongpop didn’t call during his working hours, because he didn’t want to disturb him but why did he call today all of a sudden?

“Hello? What’s up, Kong?”

He picked up the phone and lowered his voice to ask, only to hear the other side of the tone of embarrassment said: “I’m sorry to call to bother Phii, it’s just that I’m about to attend an internship interview, so”

“Want me to cheer you up, right?”

Arthit preempted the question and after a moment’s silence, the caller admitted: “That’s right.” Arthit laughed inwardly at his lover.  He was still a kid at heart, who had been looking for encouragement at every game since the freshmen basketball tournament, even though he had become a feared junior college coach.

“You can do it!”

He simply said, “I’ll be late tonight, because I’m going out in the afternoon. Then he remembered something and asked Kongpop to deliver a message: “Well, I’m going to be late for tonight’s ‘school dinner’, because I’m going out in the afternoon to the factory.”

“Okay, I’ll tell everyone.” Then, he heard Earth calling him and ended the conversation: “I’m off, I’ll see you tonight.” Arthit just hung up the phone, no sweet words, no worries, he was sure that Kongpop would pass the internship interview without a hitch.  Because he had never underestimated this kid’s ability, not even once. Arthit was half an hour late for his appointment and as he looked around for his place, he saw someone waving at him.

“Ooun! Over here over here!”

“Phii! Didn’t I say I was to be called ‘Arthit’!”

He shouted at Tum, the senior. Phii Tum, the senior of his class, had come with his wife Fon and his mischievous son little Ton. Even though he was a father, Arthit couldn’t forget the hours he spent worshipping the banyan tree in his first year of college with the” dark brother”. And that bad temper hasn’t changed at all, because senior Tum said unconcernedly,” Geez, you’re used to talking about ‘Ooun’ and ‘Ooun’. Don’t worry about it, or your hair will turn white. Go, go sit over there.”

The chair reserved for him is next to Kongpop’s. Kongpop was in his school uniform and tie, very formal, because he had just returned from an interview. However, this is not as important as the man who spent the afternoon inspecting the factory.

“Is Phii Arthit tired?”

“More tired than tired, more hungry.” The smell of roasting meat made his stomach growl and his mouth water. But before we eat, we need to get a word in edgewise from the organizer of the school dinner.

“Alright! Today’s student numbers 0062 and 0206 are family, so let the new students introduce themselves so that the seniors can get to know them.” Phii Tum let his own number start first, the new student is a quiet boy and the other number is a short-haired girl.

“Everyone! My name is Khaofang and I’m looking forward to your guiding.”

“Why did Khaofang choose to go to engineering school?”

Fon asked a question that is regularly asked of new students.

“Since I’m not good at languages and I’m good at calculations in physics, I chose this place”, Khaofang replied.

“After real contact, is it what you thought it would be?”

“I really like it here. It makes me want to come in and see my classmates, the seniors and I feel very warm here.” Somehow, as soon as the words were out of her mouth, the starry-eyed freshman named Khaofang looked at the senior with the same number code as herself and the white-collar guy next to him. Phii Fon turned the conversation to her younger brother, who was shining brightly in his school uniform, “Has Kongpop found an internship yet? Did you submit an application?”

“I’ve applied to several companies, including MCG and…” Kongpop said before naming the first one and Tum brightened up when he heard that it was a national industrial giant.

“MCG is great! Maybe they’ll let you work for them after you graduate.” But even so, Tum said, “When you get a real job, everything is harder than at school. In any case, it’s important to gain as much experience as possible. Isn’t that right, Ooun?”

“Told you to call me Arthit. Woo-hoo… hot! Hot!”

Suddenly asked what he thought, he got burned by the bacon he’d just put in his mouth, grabbed a glass and gulped down ice water.

“Phii Arthit don’t eat so fast, I’ll cook it for you later.” Kongpop stood up to go to the buffet and give the food to a man whose stomach could spit out an elephant.

“I will go to get the meat!”

Arthit also got up and followed him. Since Tum had shouted out his name earlier, Arthit didn’t have to spend time introducing himself to his younger brothers and sisters. The buffet table was full of food but Arthit went for something that would fill his stomach, so he picked up a plate and started picking up the marinated pork. Now he had a chance to be alone with the man next to him, who asked, “How was the interview?”

“It went well, they’ll give the results in two or three days.”

“Well, that’s good. Hey! There’s no fat on that pork, so it’ll burn. Go on, pick another piece.”

“Phii Arthit, it’s just that…”

Arthit’s mobile phone then rang, interrupting Kongpop’s words. The owner of the phone held the meat plate in one hand and answered the phone with the other.

“Hello? Earth. Okay, I’ll email you the details later. I’ll meet you in front of the office at 8:30 tomorrow morning, right?” Soon the conversation was over and he turned around to pick up where he left off.

“I’m sorry, the senior in the company just called me for something, what did you just say?”

And Kongpop skipped the subject.

“Will Phii Arthit have to come down to the factory tomorrow?”

“Yes, we’ll go to the outer house, to the area around Nakhon Pathom.”

“Then can I come along? I’d like to see what Phii Arthit looks like at work, so that I can refer to it during my internship.”

“I’m going to work, not play!”

Arthit refused the request and the big guy still wouldn’t give up.

“I know Phii Arthit is going to work, I promise I won’t get in the way, okay?”

He knew exactly what it would take to get him to agree.

“All right, I’ll go ask for help later.”

“Thank you Phii!”

Kongpop had a big smile on his face like a kid whose parents had promised to take him to an amusement park.  Arthit once again realized that he was not only impressed by this kid’s ability but also by the way he talked to him! But not only did Arthit soften up, even Earth sister easily agreed to let an outsider go with them. Her reason was: “Since Saturday was not a working day either, it was good enough that Arthit came to help.” So the next morning, Arthit was coming to pick up his younger brother but he was still later than Kongpop who had arrived first. The tall man was dressed in a modest shirt, very modest and, at first glance, looked like a young office worker. He’s standing in front of the office, observing the sun-reflecting, eye-catching flat forehead of Ocean Electronics.

“Phii Arthit work in a beautiful place!”

The office building has been painted in a bright indigo colour, which fits perfectly with the “ocean” of the company’s name. The curved shape of the building, instead of the usual angles, is a subtlety hidden in the architectural language, which looks like waves in the sea. When he first came to work, Arthit was also proud of its beauty but now” I just want to say that every Monday morning, I don’t want to come here at all!”

It’s a truth that all salary earners can agree on. No matter how high the value of the company, the thought that you will have to stay here for a long time, all the good things will be lost. A Japanese bus drove up and parked in front of the company building that they had been praising, Earth opened the door and came down to see the boys.

“Excuse me, have you been waiting long?”

“No, we’ve only just arrived”, Arthit said and then he began to introduce the man next to him.

“This is Kongpop, the college kid I told you about who asked me to bring him here. Kong and this is Earth.” For some reason, Arthit felt a resemblance between the two, maybe it was the seriousness of their work, maybe it was their love of teasing. And on the way to the outer city, most of the talk was directed towards him.

“At the uni, what kind of man is Arthit?”

The person being talked about is sitting in the passenger seat, glancing at Kongpop in the back seat, trying to tell him to keep his mouth shut. But will this kid listen?” In college, Phii Arthit was a fierce hazer.”

“Arthit? He’s is a previous hazer?”

Earth looked like she couldn’t believe it and then turned her face around and wished to see the evidence.

“Then show me how you talk and see if it’s as tough as Kong says it is.” Who talks at the top of their lungs in a car! The former hazer was stoned and didn’t know how to argue and then a bigger bomb was dropped on him.

“Phii Earth, do you know that when I first stepped into the university, Arthit gave me a hard time and once made me recite something out loud in a restaurant!”

“Really? Arthit, why do you have to tease your younger brother like that? In the office you act like you’re quiet and gentle!”

“Quiet? Phii Arthit?”

“That’s right. When he first started, he was so quiet… He’s so quiet and quiet, he does everything he’s told and it’s always ‘yes’ and ‘yes’.” Behold, these two are like music to a song. Putting them together, he wondered if he had made a wrong decision. Arthit sighed in frustration and eventually, he sat there being bombarded with stories about the university and the company. The Japanese car had been in and out of several factories, checking the quality of the machinery and production. Arthit and Earth discussed with each other and on several occasions took pictures to show at meetings. But since Earth had a lot of experience in the field of purchasing, most of the work was skillfully done by her from information.

“You two wait here, I’ve got some business to attend to.” So Earth went off to talk to the factory manager, leaving them in the corner next to the production line.

“Phii Earth is really informative!”

Kongpop complimented Earth, with surprise in his voice. But there was nothing strange about it, after all, Arthit had secretly given her a nickname in his heart.

“You’ve only seen half of it. For me, Phii Earth is the toughest sister in the department!”

“But Phii Arthit is also a no less good engineer in the purchasing department.”

“Heh! You don’t have to put a top hat on me.”

“I’m serious, the more I saw Arthit’s face at work, the more I thought.” Kongpop not only leaned closer and closer to Arthit, forcing him backwards and against the wall but also raised his left hand to stop the frightened… The path of the” prey”. Though Arthit tried to stare with vicious eyes, he couldn’t keep his voice from trembling.

“K-Kongpop! What are you doing? I didn’t say that.”

“I’m not trying to do anything.”  That’s a clear lie! Arthit was about to contradict the man who denied it as if it were nothing but still the man wouldn’t stop the dangerous act and even leaned closer to him and raised his right hand to his chin and said, “A great man doesn’t let his hat fall off like that.” The jawband of the white helmet he was wearing was re-snapped by Kongpop and it was only then that the other man left his body, took a step back and on this” disgusting” face, a smile appeared on his lips.

“What does Phii Arthit think I’m going to do?”

The guy who got himself all worked up, blushed and didn’t know if it was because he was shy or because he was being teased over and over again. But one thing’s for sure, he probably has a masochistic boyfriend who can’t sleep without being scolded.


But then Earth called out to them and once again the heavens helped the other side of the incident to escape.

“Arthit! Little Kong! It’s done. Go home!”

He could only suppress his anger and walk away from it, feeling that” there is a heaven beyond the sky”. For no matter how strong he was, he was still defeated by someone’s cunning. Luckily the cool breeze from the air conditioner and the soothing music in the bus helped to calm Arthit’s agitation. Suddenly his eyelids got heavier and heavier and soon he fell asleep, without even noticing that the bus was parked in the rest area of the gas station. Earth turned around and asked the awake passenger in the back seat: “I’ll stop for a water.”

“I’ll have an iced coffee. Well, Earth, do you want me to get out of the car?”

“It’s okay, just sit down.” Phii showed a girlish charm, then opened the door and got out of the car. Only college students and sleepy white-collar workers were left in the car.

“The person you have reached is temporarily disconnected.”

 Kongpop tried to wave his hand in front of the sleeping man, as a confirmation. But then his head turned around and rested on his arm, so he tensed up and kept his arm as a pillow. Remembering what senior Tum had said about everything being harder after real work than at school.  The more he saw what had happened today, the more he understood this and the more he realized how inadequate his own abilities were.

There was a two-year age difference between him and Phii Arthit and no matter how much he followed Arthit’s footsteps, he would never be able to keep up with him. As long as he didn’t have as much experience as Arthit, he couldn’t rely on Arthit, his lover. The words that had ended abruptly at the factory, were complemented by the thought that the more he saw him at work, the more he wanted to get closer to him. While Kongpop was thinking, the sound of a bus door opening made the sleeping man open his eyes and the tall man drew back his arm and then Earth got into the bus with a drink.

“Aw, Arthit you look red! I bought you a drink.”

“Thank you Phii Earth.” As Arthit sleepily accepted the cup of pink frozen milk, he glanced in the rear-view mirror, saw someone rubbing his arm, which was sore from the pillow and secretly raised the corner of his mouth.

How’d it go? Caught you back. I’ll show you how it’s done! Seeing the success of his secret plan, the man who had pretended to be asleep was overjoyed.  But he didn’t realize that his scheme was nothing compared to Kongpop’s. For a few weeks later, in the conference room of the Ocean Electric Company, something else was about to happen that would leave Arthit dumbfounded!



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