SOTUS S, [Special] Apprentice’s Rule No. 3: Smile at seniors often enough.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] Apprentice’s Rule No. 3: Smile at seniors often.

After the internship party was over, the other employees began to disperse.

Yong got in his car, preparing to drive away, but while turning through the gates he accidentally saw someone standing at the footpath. The young man hurriedly slid the car window and greeted the other person immediately, “Naai.”

“Oh, Phii Yong,”

The interns smiled at familiar people. “Get in the car, I’ll send you off.”

He spoke spontaneously and the invited nodded gladly, hurried to open the door to the car, as he always did.

It’s only wrong that… This may be the last ride between them on the radio waves, sports news channels, which are always open on an annual basis.

At the time of the break, the love song was played softly, making Yong think of his past stage performance.

“I just realized that you can play guitar too.”

“Oh, I’ve been practicing playing since the beginning of high school, you know… a friend of mine is very good looking, the girl is addicted to him and he can play guitar so I wanted to learn how to play.”

Your personality, regardless of how young or old it is, has never changed.

“So what’s the result?”

“I am single until today. I forgot that my friend was so good-looking, the thing about him playing the guitar was not related,” the young man laughed at his youthful craziness. Yong would like to confess that the theory Naai suspected might be correct, because throughout the night of the party he was unable to take his eyes off the guitarist on stage.

Even now, he feels that he has a hard time concentrating on the road rather than the passenger seat next to him, so he quickly distracts other questions.

“So, do you know what you will do after graduating?”

“Hmm… I’m not sure at all.”

A reluctant expression appeared in Naai’s face for a long time to see once, he turned Yong to be surprised instead.

“Oh? I thought I would use my sense to guess.”

“Oh… something like this, it takes a lot of thought. In addition, I am afraid that this is something is too big for me. If it does not come true, I will be disappointed in vain.”

It seemed that the clues in the heart of being sent to the QC department instead of the Production Department would not fade away easily, so the adults tried to comfort it.

“David Beckham once said… You can be one in a million, don’t let the discouragement ruin your success.”

“Uh huh. So sharp, Phii Yong, but David Beckham, he once crashed Liverpool, didn’t he?”

Striving to encourage it, it still doesn’t stop, but it does go back and it is followed by the word Naai.

“But… there is one thing that I can use sense to guess”


“Phii Yong will be lonely when I’m away.” Oh!

The driver accidentally stepped on the brakes a little too hard. Fortunately, the car was slowing down to the red light, so he had to try to keep the steering wheel as steady.

“Where is this lonely you guessing coming from, do not guess anything foolish.”

“But I will be lonely.”

Again, this kid… would you like to see him with a heart attack or death?

“Well, from now on, there will be no one to get free food from and my stomach will be lonely.”

As if the daydream was shut down, Yong hurriedly shouted vengeance for the selfish person.

“Yes! I pray for Chelsea to have many consecutive losses.”

“It must be difficult, Phii Yong.”

The silver lion child, undaunted by the curse, laughed again until his laughter almost drowned out the love song on the radio. The moment they had a lot of talk was a very simple moment, it was so relaxing.

The street is actually the same road but today Yong thought that it would stretch a little further.

But… that kind of unimaginable matter would not be possible because soon the car had to be parked at the place where it had been stopping regularly.

Naai took off his seat belt and turned to say the last word.

“I will go first, thank you for a good experience.”

The words were filled with sincerity, without any arguments, probably because the other party was also aware that this was like a farewell, when I did not know when I would meet again, so it was only a small smile.

“Well, good luck.”

Honestly, Yong would like to say more if all his words were stuck in his throat and refused through his lips.

He watched the car door closed, allowing the apprentice’s figure to walk away from the distance…

The next day, the cruel hazer production engineer was still living a normal life.

Wearing the same old gray bear, walking through the old production lines, stricter with traditional safety systems, but unlike the original… he was thinking of someone, unable to get away from the brain.

“A cup of hot coffee.”

Even after lunch, the effects of the caffeine in the same drink could not cause him to tremble as much as the memories he had played with the youngster.

What kind of crazy thing is this he is, it makes no sense at all, he knows other for three months, the other person is still a man who is younger for many years, his attitude seems to be very different?

Yet… Something inside Naai made him feel shaken like never before.

And Yong decided to do things that even he did not expect…

He grabbed the key of the starter car, hurriedly drove off to the alley where he had sent an apprentice, only to faintly hope that he would see a naive face, although the percentage of success was almost zero because He doesn’t know where Naai’s dorm is.

Yong tries to use his sense of guesswork while driving in a circular motion if it is useless, unlike Naai’s sense that Naai craftsmen are accurate.

How did that boy know that he would… be lonely…?

I want to praise respectfully but will never have a chance to tell or even see the bright smile that he likes to look at anymore…

Yong returned to the production warehouse downheartedly to focus on the job because this was the only way.

That will help alleviate the loneliness of the heart.

While welding and soldering needed his concentrated, a piece of paper was attached to his side.

“Broughte the department circular letter.”

The focused engineer refused to let go of the soldering iron, and gave a brief order to the intern.

“Put it on the table and find something on top of it so it doesnt fluter.”

Then he paused when he felt a Deja vu-like event, wait, this was in the company, there were no more students to train, a sharp face immediately looked up, his heart pounded in shock.

“Why are you here.”

A long-sought-after person unexpectedly appears in front of him.

“Oh, I came to get an internship certificate from the HR department and they wanted someone to send the department circular letter from the Production Department, so I volunteered to send it.

Naai explained before preparing to leave when the business is done. “So, I will go back.”

“I’ll drive you.”

Yong hurriedly spoke according to his usual duties, but this was not going to the front of the alley.”

“But I’m going to go home to Chiangmai, Phii.”

Naai turned around to show off, he was carrying a big bag, preparing to get on the long journey bus but the driver still insisted.

“Oh, I said I will drive you.”

Just knowing that the road stretches a little longer is a joy for Yong, because now he wants to use his own sense to guide the way for his heart and to stick with the theory of flirting. Younger years to practice, he will use only at the same time to do enough of it enough.



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