SOTUS S, [Special] Apprentice’s Rule No. 1: Don’t make your senior get a headache.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] Apprentice’s Rule No. 1: Don’t make your senior get a headache.

“Sawadee khrap I… Naai Veerawat Muangkaew is from Chiangmai. I look forward to your guidance!”

Too bad, he accidentally put down his voice at the end of his sentence a bit because of excitement, but to suppress his emotions would be difficult now that he has stood in the meeting room within Ocean Electric Company, it was a dream come true. As an intern, he had to apply for approval from a counselor several times and also faced objections from his family, who wanted their only son to do an internship in the north, yet nothing could stop his intentions and not just him.  There was someone else awake because the trainee next door looked no different?

“Excited to come to an internship? I have not seen a stressful face on you since earlier.”

The greeted person turned their gaze… very good looking, just like the stars seen in teenage television series, the personality is quite calm but doesn’t radiate arrogance or set any wall.

… A deep sense inside told him that this person would definitely be a good friend.

When introducing himself, he felt like his name was… Kongpop… right? So he smiled at the urge to make friends.

“I am also excited too. There’s a lot to learn.” Before asking questions, “I want to do an internship at the Production Department, where does Kong want to train?”

“Hmm… I haven’t made a decision yet so I have to choose to look at it again first.”

When asked to talk, the other person became more relaxed, making it easier to get closer together. The conversation between the two of them went smoothly after exploring the company together. He didn’t stop, he noticed that Kongpop had been eyeing the Purchasing Department for a while, but an interesting point for him was the showroom that Ocean Electric Company produced.

… Well! This rice cooker is the same one as the one at his house also has a hot water kettle… Even if it’s different colors, whoa… fanless fans are awesome!

Naai walked in to explore the metallic colored fan, the empty circular air vent in the center, inviting you to try and play with your hands, but eh? He hurriedly poked the person next to him to help other listen. “I think this fan is strange, Kong…”

Not yet a word of speech, the sparks flashed before the wireless fan exploded, blasting a loud sound and the smoke flew up.

… That’s really it! “What are you playing? Do you know that it can be dangerous!”

A terrible noise sounded from behind, he saw a man wearing a bear suit, a goatee, about twenty-seven twenty-eight years old, his face in hand with a power outlet of the fan machine removed.

“Well… I didn’t do anything, I just heard a strange sound coming from the machine, but I haven’t been able to tell it yet, it’s what you see here.”

He hurriedly explained that the man in front of the fair, when he listened to the reason, raised the fan, surveyed it and saw that it was a defect, which the other employee had brought for a temporary display. The apprentice again with a softer posture.

“I’m sorry about that.”

“Ma… It’s okay.”

… I have to answer like that, who dares to curse your brother back?

“The two of us are new trainees, right? As we can see, here produce a lot of electronic products before we move to interns. The risk is high, so you have to be very careful and remember.”

After completing the warning, Yong walked away easily.

“What a fierce man.”

… There is an older brother like this in the Production Department that dreamed of it, wouldn’t it turn into hell?

He deeply expected that he would never face that person again, but then fate joked when the first assignment arrived.

“I’ll go send it myself.”

Kongpop picked up the circular letter, chose the department that you want to go first… I want to go in the Purchasing Department.

“Well… then I can go to the Production Department.”

… Wherever you are, you will have the opportunity to explore additional production lines as well, because the company toured in the past was not satisfied as well.

Naai then split up with Kongpop, pushing the elevator down from the HR office, sneaking up inside the factory warehouse to find someone who could pick up the documents, but the people in the area near the office desk were just the old fierce engineer. Looking down on him, doing something, all alone.

“Uh… I brought the department interning letter.”

Naai handed the documents to him if the tall figure did not take his hand from the soldering of the electronic circuit board.

“I’ll put it on the table and find something on top of it.”

The apprentice followed the instructions and he saw half of the black coffee cup he had eaten on the table and next to it was a laptop computer and a regular folder. There was no special thing that indicated the character of the owner of the table. Be serious and organized.

“Is there anything else?” Seeing that someone was still wrying, Yong raised his head to say hello.”

“No, uh… just wondering what the Production Department has to do.”

Naai introduces himself as usual to people who are already interested in this department.

“I didn’t do it. It exploded.”

I hurry to correct the misunderstanding, fearful of being repressed by my senior, but it is just a prodigy of the brutal man.

“You know, I am kidding…” that while picking up the circuit board to accompany the explanation, “Well, the mechanic, he soldered it over the line, the fire was due to a short circuit.”

When he saw an electronic panel, his big eyes glistened like a child, seeing a toy inadvertently he started to ask questions.

“… And like this, do you have to check the motor and the circuit board again or not, whether it’s short or not, because at that time I heard a strange sound coming from the machine, or maybe it was broken in the soundproof compartment. You can also… Ah… sorry, I said too much.”

Naai hurriedly shut his mouth after being stared at with sharp eyes.

But in truth, Yong was not angry, but felt that the apprentices of this period seemed eager to learn and were observant. To submit only, seeing the entire production process is an opportunity to gain valuable experience.

When he became interested, he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s your name, Naai?”

“Me?” The young student pointed to himself. “Well, yes, Phii’s name is Yong, ok, what’s Naai’s name.”


“Don’t you have a nickname?”

[1] Naai is what you call an early twenty late thirty guy is a slight official title

“You already know, right?”

“Huh? Your nickname is Veerawat?”

“No, my name is Naai… I saw you call me many times, I thought I already knew.”

Is he messing with him? Was he wrong that this apprentice seemed to Yong with a headache?

In contrast to Naai, who was secretly relieved after talking to other man found that the other party did not seem ashamed of it, their initial fear gradually subsided automatically.

“So I won’t bother you anymore and thank you very much, Phii Yong.” The trainee walked away in a good mood.

Yong had just looked at him, imagining how he had already planned to deal with the kid.

If the boy named Naai got to work in the Production Department when, he would have to keep an eye on him, but the next day… The intern who had worked in the department first became a kid with a prudent appearance, a brilliant expression and a quick learning curve. At this age, Yong was left behind.

“I used to help out at home for some time, but still wanted to gain new experiences from the outside so I could use it to develop home businesses.”

He is the son of an industrial factory owner already, but does not hold back and still has a great attitude… not really ordinary.

“Where is the other kid going to?” Mistakenly asked about another unusual person.

“Oh, Naai is training in the QC department.”

Hmm… that kid is already very observant, maybe he can inspect the product through a stencil?

… and his assumptions were correct when accidental he met Somrak who was the head of the QC department when he came to send the documents.

“Yong, the stove’s power supply unit… there is a problem, here is the test report, please check it out.”


“That intern… he just caught this particular situation this morning but the products were checked in detail and precision. Good sense people like this are hard to find. I want to pull him into the QC department.”

Using senses? When a fan without a blade was on, that kid seems to use intuition to tell him that there was something wrong with it but for Yong, he is a logical believer, everything has to be calculated carefully. It is prudent and verifiable according to scientific rules.

Their thinking was therefore completely opposite.

This behavior is especially evident after work.

Yong was walking with the keys to the car, but on the way, he found a young boy walking out of the company and holding an umbrella in his hand, ready to open at any moment, while the evening sky was shining bright without a shadow of the rain. When he met him he had to  say hello.

“Why didn’t Naai take out the umbrella?”

“Oh, umbrella? I think it will rain in half an hour for sure… Yesterday I had a prediction that it would rain, but I forgot to bring an umbrella, so I have to wait for several hours at the company until the rain stops so I could leave.”

Huh? Just because you guessed it was going to rain so you were afraid to go home?

“Where is Naai living?” Hearing the other person tell him the name of the accommodation, he was surprised but… more surprising is that he dared to invite him. “Oh, that is one the same way I am going, want a lift?”

“Really? Phii! Thank you!”

Big eyes flickered, hurriedly raised their hands undeniably to pay homage to the kindness.

Today, the black car of the production engineer took one more passenger and it was still crying and not stopping.

“Astrologer say if you use air freshener, a certain scent smells good… smell like this, if I guess it is not wrong, I think lavender is your smell right?”

“There is something in front of the traffic jam, but I think it is not a car crash. It must be aroad repairing my sense said so.”

Do you want to guess what this building will be built for? I think it is a ninety-nine point, nine-nine percent condo. Like guessing like this, it’s more likely to go to an intern as a fortune teller rather than an engineer.

“Why did Naai come to study engineering?”

Yong made a curious decision as his car stopped at a red light.

“If I tell you about it, please don’t laugh at me.”

Naai had a hesitant expression, the more he saw this, the more frustrated it became.

“No, tell me about it.”

The face of the person who spoke continuously all the way turned to fumbling before gradually composing the story.

“Well… when I was a kid, I was wondering how the fan could spin, so I bought it out and took it apart, but when I finished I couldn’t put it together.”

“Then what next…?”

“I waited until my mom came home and when she saw the fan split in pieces, I was hit by her.”

The sound of laughter chasing after the mistakes that had been promised that people confess their shameful history must hurry.

“You said you won’t laugh.”

“Blame it on the fact that it was funny when I thought of the mental image.”

Imagine what big things are going to happen, which is actually just a simple naughty boy.

“How about you? Why did you come to work as an engineer?”

When he was asked back some time, Yong thought to filter out his own answer.

“Hmm… it’s probably like Naai, in that you like machines, it’s honestly good, where fixes, input data, it doesn’t work like working with complicated people, unpredictable.”

“But I think working with people is fun… It’s complicated, unpredictable, but it’s fun to assemble the fan.”

It was a concept that looked at the world from different angles, yet it made Yong more understand the beginnings of the other party.

“I’m wondering why I always asked the wrong thing here.”

“Phii, don’t tease me,” Naai graciously pouted the car stopped at the red light intersection once more, so the driver reached out to the radio, the sound of the sports news that was regularly listening to the football schedule report. Tonight, the passenger seat next to him strained him ears.

“Are you cheering for the football too? I’m a Chelsea fan.” Naai said, “Which team do you support?”

“Liverpool,” Yong told his favorite team with confidence.

“Liverpool!? Which hasn’t won for almost twenty years?”

Anything that can be hated can only be disgraceful to the swan (Liverpool), this event is provoked.

“you are a Chelsea fan so get out of the car and leave, this car does not welcome the Chelsea fans.” Yong screamed.

Naai looked dejected and said, “Okay.”

Actually, he knew he should have been kicked out of the car soon or later

It’s unbelievable that the kid named Dungey followed it until the teased hurried back.

“Hoeei! Why are you getting aout of the car, Phii is joking.”

“Actually, even if you didn’t ask me to get off I still have to since you drove past my street.”

“Oh! And why didn’t you say so?”

Yong hurriedly hit the turn signal and stopped in the side, Naai loosened his belt and prepared to open the door without forgetting to turn to raise his hands to pay respect to manners.

“Thank you for driving me, Phii Yong.” When Naai was about to leave he left with a parting shot. “And tonight I will wait and see if the Swan will break his wings or not…. so lets have a bet. If you lose, you’ll be paying for my lunch.”

Yong said, “So I’ll prepare to flush my stomach and wait for a big meal…”

Naai face had a stirred smile before he moved and closed the car door and walked into the alley.

As for the driver, he just shook his head in a faint sight. Although Yong wasn’t a believer in the sense, he didn’t know why some of the deep feelings inside indicated that if this kid had come to work in the Production Department to create a stir. As he was thinking the rain dropped down on the car window, just like Naai said without any distortion.

Hmm… or does he have to believe in his instincts as well?



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