SOTUS S, [Special] Apprentice’s Rule No. 2: Don’t make your senior get hurt.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] Apprentice Rules No. 2: Don’t make your senior get hurt.

“Phii Yong, what is this for?”

“Phii Yong there is a red button here, can I press it?”

“Phii Yong, if changing the value here it will speed it up.”

“Phii Yong… Phii Yong…” Ouch! Jesus

The production engineer wanted to bang a head to the wall, but not his head… It must be the head of the youngster who had not stopped asking this nun since the day he stepped into the Production Department. Instead, it was seen that this messed up kid was not more than five years old to become overly energetic, like seeing a production line as an amusement park that he had to use a lure to hit the ball.

“Let’s play a game?” Naai’s big eyes flashed with excitement. “What game?”

“Whoever is silent the longest wins.”

“Oh… so difficult.”

It’s not difficult at all, but the challenged will know their personality well.

“I don’t want to play.”

“If Naai wins, I will feed you,” he added another negotiation condition.

“To raise when the swan (Liverpool) that has broken wings, it’s enough.”

Oh, other matters can be touched, but the team, dear children, have to do with dignity.

“Okay, please, who knows, at the end of the season, the swan (Liverpool) (Liverpool) may be able to spread the wings of a silver lion (Chelsea).”

FC Chelsea fan smiled. “It must be difficult. How about the next appointment, the Swan will lose.”

“How do you know?”

“I sensed it!”

… The more the sense, the more they worked together, Yong found out that Naai liked to ask and inquire about everything, was also a strong believer in his own instincts and proud to present to show his understanding, tell the last two numbers to the employees who work in the production line until they win a lottery for dozens of people.

“I always sensed the number at the lottery card for mom, she won in many draws.”

“Why don’t leave and open the Spirit Call Center?” It seems that when Yong tease him, the person who receives the advice nodded his head.


Although it was a headache, there was one thing that Yong could not deny was that when he saw the boy laughing with a naive face, the world around it seemed to be a little brighter. Unable to refuse to take the other party home as well, the black car is implicitly a transport vehicle for trainees. Today is the same…

Yong noticed that the person sitting next to the seat was obsessed with playing games on his smartphone and then greeted lightly.

“Hey, playing this mobile game on the phone while you are the car and you will fall asleep.”

Statistically, people who play cell phones in their cars are at increased risk of dizziness and fatigue, as they have to adjust their eyesight according to the movement of the vehicle.

“But now the car is about move, Phii.”

Suddenly, the traffic light from red turned green, the driver stepped on the accelerator to move the car forward, so Naai put the smartphone in his pocket.

He didn’t know if Yong was wrong to warn him, because when there was nothing in his hand, the little boy’s attention was directed towards him.

“Phii Yong is a Bangkok resident, right?”

“Yes, why?”

“You are luck to be born here.”

“Well, look, the car is stuck.”

Yong touched the brake again, when the red light flashed after a few seconds of green light, the car had not moved past this intersection.

“Well, Phii… This place has everything, a lot of shopping malls and lots of food… I tried to come to Bangkok  more than ten times before I could ask my mother to come here for almost a month. Fortunately, I am stubborn. I got an internship here.”

Yong raised his eyebrows and listened to the other person bragging… Anyone who compliments himself is stubborn.

“So how’s it going with training?”

“Great! Even in the production line, I saw the equipment that we used since the first step of the assembly, I was totally goosebumped!”

Listen to the voice telling with excitement as if he had taken a big adventure. Yong did not know whether he was tired or good, but for the production engineer who had been in the company for almost six years, the work was more like a familiar routine of the body. Fulfilling his own dreams, to be honest… He too had long forgotten the first thrill of work.

“Do you like production work that much?”

The question seemed to be satisfying because the other party nodded his head up and down as a woodpecker.

“Yes, I really want to come to the production to intern, do you know how to do it to stay?”

“Hmm… Well, if you do well and diligently, the company has to choose Naai to come to the Production Department.”

“Really! Then I’ll try.”

A sincere expression that will be seen for a long time clearly indicates determination because if it had not been like that, the person would not have invested in interning far away from home.

“Didn’t you come to live far from home?”

The man words were followed by a big smile, “Besides… with some friends, I am not lonely.”

Do children in Chiang Mai know, around Bangkok, they call this action “drop?”

“Hoeei! Phii you drove past the alley.”

The sound of warning from a distant person, Yong hurriedly turned to the side.

“Thank you for giving me a life Phii Yong aka a broken winged swan (Liverpool) ”… Looks, the child is still stirring with teasing and not quitting.

Yong thought tiredly as he looked after the frustrated apprentice student got out of the car. He doesn’t know why, his gaze was always looking for this kid during his lunch break in the drink shop next to the office building. Yong was determined to just walk by, but accidentally saw someone on the bench. Before the naive face stared at the line of thoughtful queues to buy water, other people might guess Naai.

Just sitting in his temper, but Yong knows what in your head the wonder boy is thinking.

“Ai Arthit likes to drink cold pinkmilk.”

Yong hinted at him as he saw a junior of the Purchasing Department ordering water with the salesperson in an awkward manner, as though he didn’t want anyone to know that he liked the sweet drink despite the fact that this secret was revealed. Well, it’s been a long time since even the new trainees had guessed.

“About that, I know.”

Naai turned to the production engineer, who sat down next to the wooden chair, not surprised that she was caught playing a game over and over again.

“Phii Yong want to compete with me… ? ”

“Guess which person will buy what drinks?” Naai nodded and raised his eyebrows. “Scared of losing…”

“Okay, okay.”

The drink-guessing gambling began and the two of them stared at the water shop and the next customer to order was the plump figure, the secretary of the Purchasing Department.

“I think Phii Somoo will order a green tea smoothie,” Naai started placing bets first.

“The reason?”

“Sensed it.”

“To make any predictions, there must be a reason to support it.” Yong dismisses the person using his instincts as simple as ever, he pokes his finger on his chin, short beard, while processing the information.

“I heard that Somoo is dieting, I think… Somoo will order a fruit shake.”

When both of them had made a fortune, they sat in anticipation of the outcome.

And finally… the lady secretary held a glass of green tea blended with whipped cream and walked past them.

“See, I told you!” Naai smirked confidently. “Phii Somoo has complained about dieting for a long time, but when I went to the purchasing internship, I saw his Phii always enjoys drinking sweet things.”

“Oh… like this, it’s an advantage.”

Yong protested because he didn’t work closely with the Purchasing Department to the extent that he did not know the daily routine of all employees.

“Alright, then the next one is Somrak… I work with him.

“You should have an advantage over me.”

Naai relented when he saw from afar that the QC manager was ordering something before using his sense to guess without wasting any time to think.

“I think Phii Somrak ordered cold black tea.”

Yong saw differently. “I said… Like Somrak, you have to order cold cappuccinos because he is doing inspections and he has to pay attention to details every day. Iced cappuccino with smooth milk froth on top is perfect.”

“Oh Phii Yong… according to statistics again, you will be wrong again.”

Not only did Naai follow their familiarity, but the production engineer who believed in principle and reason also chose to think according to his own expertise.

They sat looking at the water shop and suddenly the sales person raised a pink mug.

“Who’s the one taking the strawberry?”

Then Phii Somrak reached out to receive a glass of strawberries and drink it with freshness face.

Yong and Naai looked at each other… The result was both of them were wrong.

During that time, the cleaning aunt walked towards the water shop in a frustrated manner.

“I think Aunt Duean will order cold pinkmilk tea.”

“She looks upset like this, you definitely order lemon tea.”

You do not have to wait for a long time because the maids of the forest cry out loudly to be heard all around.

“Red Bull Brothers!”

The water seller hurriedly picked up the energy drink for Aunt Duean, who managed to lift and chug the bottle clean in a row. Yong and Naai looked at other again before they laughed together.

This game is actually more fun than they thought.

“Right now, I lead by 1 to 0, Phii.” The younger person calls the points, urging the adult not to give up. “So this time… Naai, guess what drink is the next order.”

Yong tried to change the rules, he argued that it was not fair, what kind of drink would the person order?

Then the person chose to change the new rules by himself.

“Well, it’s better this way… I’m going to order a drink for you myself and let you come and tell me if it’s right, okay?

“That is fine.”

“Phii, don’t tease me.”

“Oh… not teasing, let’s go and buy it.”

The apprentice then stood up in line, soon returned with some drink and handed it to Yong to look at the drink in the glass and unexpectedly looked up at the buyer.

“How about it, did I guess correctly?”

The dark hot coffee is exactly what he has in mind.

“That’s right, I told you not to cheat.”

The tall figure didn’t say anything, but just that was enough for all the answers.

“Two against zero, Phii Yong.”

The frizzy boy grinned before getting up and walked away from the bench.

Personally, he could only pick up that cup of hot coffee and drink the unique rich flavor that flowed down his throat, just like the sensation he saw in this young boy’s intriguing identity.

He didn’t know how many more things will surprise him, but of course, there is one thing Yong knows for sure… Naai was able to predict correctly, not because of his intuition alone, but because of him being observant, which he discovered…

“During the regular internship Somrak, do you want Naai to go to the QC department?”

The head of QC, who likes to eat strawberry juice, gave a stern opinion against the image of the person holding his favorite drink.

“Um, Naai is a very observant kid, probably suitable for the QC department. I asked the other department and he said it was fine. If Yong doesn’t say no, I would like to bring Naai to QC department.”

“Uh… I won’t say no.”

Yong gave such an answer, even in his heart he gave the opposite opinion.

And like this, how will he tell someone who wants to do an internship in the Production Department?

“Phii Yong tonight, go see Chelsea kicking with Swans?”

He concentrated on driving to deliver passengers, who asked for a ride as usual and decided to decline.

“I probably won’t go.”

“Oh, do you have plans? Phii.”


“But that is your favorite team, isn’t it? I think it shouldn’t be missed.” Naai is still trying to convice him.

“I am really busy.” The obvious disclaimer made the washing machine talker silent.

When there was no sound, the atmosphere in the car was so dull that Yong had to reach out to turn on the radio to the sound of the music playing softly, but it didn’t seem to help the situation. Close to the front of the street, without driving it off the road.

“Thank you very much, Phii Yong.”

There was no joke behind him. The intern took off his belt and easily stepped out of the car.

Yong stepped on the accelerator to move the car off again, reaching for his hand to press the radio, the sound from his favorite sports channels.

“Before Chelsea and Liverpool play tonight, let’s analyze how the two teams will play the game…”

The young man pressed the radio off, all of which he was not in the mood to listen.

Even though I have been driving alone for a long time, why today he felt… the car was more lonely.

At the Personnel Department, Ocean Electric Company, Kongpop and Naai were excitedly awaiting the decision in front of the room.

“If we were to go to the same department to train, which one would it be Kong?” Naai turned his hand around and waited for the results until he could barely sit.”

Kongpop seems to remember what a friend from Chiangmai had hope for.

Finally… the Human Resources opens the door and reports the results.

“Nong Kongpop, go to the Production Department.” As for Nong Veerawat…”

Naai breathlessly stopped after his fateful decision.

“… QC department”

The Production Department this week was a bit busier than before, because at the end of the Electric Grill Ideas Idea Contest, they had to rush to produce this lot in time.

Yet, the company was comforted by the good news that it would be arranged in return for the tired employees.

Everyone was thrilled, except for the cruel hazing-producing engineer who was hiding in the electronic circuit board.

“Phii Yong, please sign this document.”

“Oh… Oh, okay.”

Yong took the document from Kongpop which was put into an intern at the Production Department since today, he was preparing to write the name but instead was poked.

“It’s… Phii Yong, that’s soldering pen.”

Not holding a pen in hand, but holding the soldering iron until almost poking a hole in paper.

“Hoeei! Sorry”

The forgotten person quickly changed the device to the correct one with the withdrawal symptoms.

“Is Phii Yong okay?” Kongpop asked worriedly. “Okay, uh… just yet today I haven’t had coffee yet.”

Yong replied to cover before handing out the signed documents to the intern.

In fact, Kongpop was a promising kid and was a great help with the production. He didn’t feel the slightest bit shaken to get this kid, but he couldn’t help but worry when he thought of another trainee. I don’t know what will be like this day

In the company cafeteria at noon, employees spent their lunch hours so they could return to work in the afternoon. The empty tables were almost full, so many people had to share tables.

“Please sit down, too.”

Naai paused from scooping fried rice, looked up, saw a tall figure in a bear suit holding a bowl of Yentafo, so the apprentice nodded lightly and then bent down to continue eating.

Yong sat down with permission and started a conversation with the opposite person.

“The other two Arthit offices are going to go out together, will Naai go?”


“Uh… and how are you doing an internship at QC department?”


Answering no more than three words, the mechanic clearly negotiates, but in the end, the other person is uncomfortable, unable to make the mark, the youngster does not shoot the question directly… and is the one he does not want to answer the most.

“Did you know that I had to go to the QC department?”

Yong was dumbfounded if other was still true… He knew, he did not think of objection, but his actions had principles and reasons.

“Well, that…” had not yet been explained, the talked was suddenly interrupted. “I would like to go back to work.”

Naai scooped the last word of fried rice into his mouth and quickly stood up, grabbed the plate and left someone to do just by looking after.

Without knowing which theory to use to help solve the current situation.




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