SOTUS S, [Special] Head hazer’s test.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] Head hazer’s test.

“Welcome all applicants applying to be head hazer!”

During a late Saturday in the scorching sun, Arthit stood prominently on the stadium stand, announcing the announcement.

Among the dozen male and female students in t-shirts and sweatpants stood in order.

One of them was Kongpop, who stood beside a close friend EM, awaiting the test of life from a head hazer in a red shirt who showed a serious expression before declaring the rules.

“The applicant will have to pass three levels of exams and whoever scores the highest score will be awarded the head hazer.”

The head hazer is the only position Kongpop intends to want to get.

The aura of steadfastness grew so prominently that it made the person standing above the eye.

In memory of Arthit once in a conversation.

Two of them have spoken about this time.

“But I also want to try being a hazer.”

“Did you think well of your choice?”

“Yes, I thought that well.”

I really want to know if the other person is capable of going through it.

Arthit smiled, the corner of his mouth moving up and then the ruthless selection begins.

“The first test will be a physical test… The rule is that you have to run five laps in twenty minutes. Anyone who completes it will pass it!”

Numbers quickly calculated in Kongpop’s head. One stadium, four hundred meters, five laps, equal to two kilometers. Normally, he spends about seven minutes per kilometer. It will still be comfortable enough to catch up.

Thinking with relief that I should be able to move, but… “But wait…” The interruption of the noise caused everything to come to a halt.

A long white cloth, like a string, was raised and waved, followed by a devil’s command.

“Because you guys have to tie one leg to your friend’s and run.”

The contestants were completely shocked, running two kilometers in twenty minutes. Whoever can do it is crazy!

But of course, the hazers did not care that they chased the candidates loudly.

“Oh! You guys hurry up, get the clothes and go and run. I have prepared a timer!”

Kongpop chose to match EM, which expresses his uncertainty.

“Will it be OK? Just running normally, I’m in a bad way and now I have to come running three legs again.”

“You have to try it. You don’t have to run. Just go at the pace that I count.”

The figure was tall as he tied the cloth tightly to the legs. Move to the rhythm of the count.

“Left, right, left, right.”

It seemed to work because, although they set off in a slow walk, for a while they passed without stumbling over others until they finally reached the finish line in the first pair. second! The best of friends tag other with joy.

The rest of the applicants followed in with some mess and trouble, most of which took more than twenty minutes, but all of them were determined to walk the finish line all the way.

But the rule is the rule: “I’m very disappointed that only two people can pass the test.”

Arthit once again stood on the stand with a smoldering mood.

“Most of you fail the exam, indicating that you don’t have the potential to be a hazer… Three-legged running is a test of unity… If you are not qualified, then you are going to teach the juniors. How can it be?”

The listeners lowered their heads, shrank, calling for points of pity until the judge had to sigh.

“But… since you all finish your spirit through the finish line, I’ll give you one more chance.”

Like the light shining at the end of the tunnel, I hope everyone hurry and listen and listen to the new rules.

“The second test will be a psychological test.”

The hazers raised a table in the center of the field with three brown jars.

“You have to pick up the jars you have chosen and pick up one coin in each one.”

This test seems to be easy, but who knows what strange things are hidden in the box.

Earthworms… cockroaches… or smooth eels?

Imagine everyone was dreadfully worried with the stuff inside.

“I’ll call it in order according to the statistics you guys finish in the first stage… Kongpop0062!”

The owner of the name stepped forward in front of three jars.

He had a worried expression, seeing the dishonest gaze of the hazer gang that had been staring at him, was more concerned about whether there was a strange object inside the jar to tease them but then decided to pick up the jar in the middle of his companions. The hazers held their breath and waited for hope as the eyebrows on the handsome face frowned after his fingers touched the slippery, disgusting slime, but finally raised a coin.

“Got it.” Arthit nodded, signaling “pass.”

Kongpop let out a sigh of relief and walked out to wait to the side.

EM was called next, he reached out, his hand trembled, he took a jar in the middle as well, his face looking for something a little awkward but he managed to pick up a coin.


The delighted man hurried to stand next to his close friend and spoke with excitement.

“Thanks god for deciding to take the same jar as you. I saw that there was nothing I caught up on, I didn’t want to touch the other jar, I am afraid of finding something strange in there.”

“There would be nothing else in the jar.”

Kongpop commented, he looked at the female candidate, fetched the right hand for a while and took out the coin without any problems.

I wonder in my heart if the second stage test will be too easy or not? Hazer wants them to understand the feelings of the children when playing the game.

Some sounds as if something broke, interrupting his thoughts.

Most of them are now scattered to the ground with green jelly fragments and coins.

Tew raised his right hand that was covered with blood because of the sharp mark of the jar.


The wounded cry out loud and frantically, running around frantically as blood spurt from the wrists never stops and their friends are shocked by the unexpected accident, but many were trying to help.

“Don’t come in just yet! There are broken jars right here on the ground so that they can cut your feet.”

Kongpop shouted forbidden, but even worse, one of the female friends in the applicant’s group saw a large amount of blood and turned pale.

“Someone fainted right here!”

The turmoil in the field was split up on two sides to provide first aid.

“Tew, calm down first.”

Kongpop tried to console the still panicked and hurriedly checked the wounds. Tew’s blood flowed down to his arm as if he had been cut deep, but the tall figure suddenly stopped after noticing.


Certain anomalies that the EMs standing close to other have to call consciousness.

“Ai Kong take this cloth to stop the bleeding quickly.”

“No!” Kongpop rejects the sound. “A wound like this must start with a scrape to prevent tetanus.”

“Eh?” E’s face looked dizzy.

Never knew there was such a remedy before and his friend’s eyes were freaking cold as if he grasped the blood-soaked wrist.

The nurse will help dig and clean the wound for you.”

Tew’s pale face looked more terrified than when he was cut, shouted, shouted loudly.

“Don’t do anything, I agree!!”

The objects hidden in the hands were revealed and there was a tiny squeeze bottle containing fake blood and the injured person’s body was free of any wrinkles.

“Is this you pretending to be hurt?” Said EM and he looked at the liar who opened his mouth to confess well.

“I was ordered by Phii Arthit  to do it and he threatened me after we finished the leg race.”

Kongpop then turned to look at a group that was looking for a paper to blow to the female friend who fell asleep as if she fainted.

“I asked you guys to pick up the jar and get some coins, what are you doing!”

A loud shout coming from the first aid stand was startled in shock and the fainted girl suddenly bounced awake.

“All of you fail the test! You can come back in line!

The declaration was decisive, playing with his heart to fall, not enough to be seen with anger.

“Even so, you cannot follow simple assignments, you can’t take charge of the hazer. No one has argued yet, because it is true you have forgotten your duties.

“We haven’t forgotten our duties yet,” Kongpop said steadily.

“… It is our duty to help those in need first and then go back to doing other duties.

“Since there is no time limit for this test and two jars are left, so… we still have the right to continue to pick up until everyone is complete.”

Arthit narrowed his eyes to the brave of the generation… This kid was getting to know him and how he thinks and how to counter Arthit… In fact, it is the test of resolving the immediate situation. When attending a cheer meeting, you have to control hundreds of siblings. We can never predict what will happen we can only deal with it wisely and apply correct first aid.

As far as he has always noticed, Kongpop and the others are able to do so smoothly.

“Well, okay.”

In the end, he had to relent, let the applicants gradually come to pick up the jars until they have all the coins.


After the announcement, everyone was thrilled again, except EM, who whispered Tew with wonder.

“Why is it hard? One coin is broken, there probably even more scary tests.”

The people answered with a look of lamentation.

“Ai Kong thought he would secretly put more coins in the second round. Ah! Why my life is only threatened with him.”

At the end of the sentence, Tew groaned while EM turned to look at the crafty man flickering the coin in his hand, realizing the proverb that above the sky, there was still the sky.

There is only one side left to complete the mission.

“The third test is a standalone exam, you have to be separated and walk into the room one by one, this time starting with the people who participate in the three-legged record from the last to the front.”

That means… Kongpop will be the last person to enter the test room. As time passes by the area was interspersed with loud noises intermittently coming out, some of the test takers crawl out with pale expressions, others run away like they want to survive. Most recently, it was EM that walked over and over aroundagain, as if the mind fell out of sight, it was murmuring.

“Pha… I was wrong. Sorry… Ya… forgive me.”

What exactly happened there?

“0062 Kongpop invites!” The sound of a hazer shouted to him into the dark square.

The fluorescent light inside the room only shone in the center, where Arthit was standing there and the rest of the hazer retreated to standby next to it, creating an atmosphereof pressure.

The big head hazer comes and stops right in front of the applicant. “Your test is…”

The eyes of the two matched before Arthit gave the order.

“You have to haze me.”

Kongpop was silent a little, not expecting to meet this test.

“I’m going to be a First Year student and you’re a hazer, you have to haze me.”

I did not have time to prepare myself, because the signal was immediately shouted.


The person acting as First Year is sitting cross-legged, wearing a spirit, playing his own role.

Kongpop saw, so he began to breathe and his hands crossed after holding himself up.

Since Phii Arthit gives this test, he will have to pass.

It goes with all the experiences he has learned.

“First Year students! Where did your generation disappear to?!”

Arthit was shocked at his sudden change in his attitude. Kongpop radiated the aura of being a hazer so awesome that he could only sit still, not daring to make any noise.

“If no one answers, I’ll randomly call one of your friends and if your friend can’t answer, you will be punished with all the punishment.

“Code 0206, stand up.”

It was not unpredictable for Arthit, he stood up straight.

“Where did all your friends go? Why didn’t you come to the meeting to cheer?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you know all of my questions? You have to answer them so you can understand!”


Kongpop put his hand in his pants pocket, picked up something. “Do you see this gear?”

Of course, Arthit knew it well because it was his own gear that was traded to the other party.

“I see.”

“This gear is a generation gear, the pride of every engineering person, not just someone’s stuff. If you guys don’t show me you’re ready to do everything to take it, get out of here! I will assume that you are no longer a junior of our group!”

Once, the meaning of this gear was explained in the same sentence, the old memory flashed like a Deja vu, especially when the head hazer Kongpop fires a question.

“Now answer me, Khun Arthit, if we don’t give gear to your model, what will you do?”

“I will take it.”

“What did you say?”

Arthit sneered in his heart when he saw the reaction of a tall figure that had been halted by being reversed.

As a hazer, he had been challenged by Kongpop before. Let’s see how if you switch roles, how would Kongpop deal with this situation?

“If you don’t give me the gear, I will have to take it for myself.”

“Do you think you can take the gear from me?”


“So what do you do?!”

“I will make you my wife!”

Arthit smiled with joy, finally speaking the sentence.

“Well, they say that the lover’s stuff is like ours, if I catch you, my wife’s gear is like my gear.”

Kongpop remained silent.

On the contrary, Arthit is one of those who laugh in their hearts over their recent vengeance victories.

How about it? Try it and see it, so that you can understand how he felt at that time. I can’t help it.

Arthit waited for the head hazer to be so angry with smoke, but unexpectedly, Kongpop asked back briefly.

“Are you sure you want to do it here.”

“Eh?” Oh, wait. It didn’t go according to plan…

Fear duplicate, the tall figure, slowly stepped forward, moving closer and closer and his eyes twinkled.

“Prepare yourself, have you prepared yourself?”

The people in a precarious situation quickly turned to look for help around the room, but the friends retreated, making expressions like “You made up this rule, so please help yourself!”

Arthit was startled as soon as he was grabbed by the cunning wolf.

“Let’s get started.”

The victim’s face was dyed in pale color, a shouting voice, “Hey!!!”

Loud voices filled the cheer room.

Arthit hurriedly flicked his hand away, retreated far away and his demeanor was completely defeated and every move made the surrounding people laugh to the point of being in poverty.

“What are you guys laughing at?”

“Who allowed you to talk to your friends?”

An actor who has yet to give up his role as a head hazer speaks with a rant.

“I will order punishment for you… Arthit code 0206, kiss my cheek two hundred times, start now!”

“I usually have to order a push-up penalty or a scoot jump, isn’t it?!”

He protested the grotesque penalties, but Kongpop kept the face off.

“Whenever you say that you want to catch me and make me your wife and so husband for a wife order you to kiss your wife’s cheek, it’s normal, isn’t it?”


He could only swear because he was angry and embarrassed because he knew for sure that now he was being bullied back, if in any case he didn’t dare to follow the punishment here.

“Kongpop, you passed! Get out of the room now!!!”

Despite being kicked out of the room, the tall figure thought of a tenderness in his heart, seeing his embarrassed expression on Arthit was worth it for him.

After a while, all the applicants were again gathered on the field to await the pivotal decision.

“Congratulations, all of you passed the exam!”

The sound of joy resounded, in fact, for each level there was nothing more difficult than it could be, just to be determined and determined to prove it.

“The person who scores the best and gets the head hazer position is… Kongpop.”

At the end of the announcement of the name, everyone applauded their congratulations because they both conceded that Kongpop was appropriate to stand in the head hazer without any objection to their eyes.

Kongpop smiled proudly.

He was finally able to take the position, just as Phii Arthit had always inspired him.

“May you act hazer with determination, set a good example for the younger generation, open up to listen and make corrections to mistakes.”

Arthit advised the new hazer.

His heart recalls his time as a head hazer and met many great experiences he will never forget, especially the experiences he had with someone who is now standing in the same position.


The owner of the name made eye contact with the man on the stand, who sent a heartfelt smile along with the obligation.

“I would like to leave the head hazer position with you.”

“You can trust it to me,” the next generation of head hazer responded with determination.

At the end of the selection ceremony it was a good auspicious time for fostering relationships according to engineering traditions

“Well! After this, let’s go celebrate to welcome the new hazer!”

The brothers hugged other’s necks slowly out of the field, while Kongpop was still waiting for someone.

“PhiiArthit,” the tall figure called for another round of commitment.

“I will try to be a good head hazer like Arthit brother.”

Listeners nodded, acknowledging their intentions, “If there is any problem, you can always consult me.

“Yes, I do.”

In addition to believing in other, there is also a sweetness that floats in the atmosphere within Arthit’s heart, full of glee, if not for being shattered by a sentence.

“But… Arthit hasn’t kissed my cheek a couple hundred times yet.”

A… Bastard! “The test is over!” He hurriedly argued, blushing, but the cunning man was still trying to find an excuse.

“It is considered a special training. In case I face this kind of situation, I will be able to deal with it right away so I need practise.”

“I don’t want it!!!” FFS, who is this Kongpop?

“… Phii Arthit doesn’t have to kiss my cheek two hundred times, just one time is fine.”

Kongpop still asked, but the embarrassed man hurried out of the field, ignoring the side who had complained along the way.



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