SOTUS S, [Special] I miss you.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] I miss you.

Kongpop caught the eye of a photograph of a person in a male high school uniform that appeared on the Facebook timeline.

It was a photo that was tagged in a while back, but it was not the person who posted it, it could be seen from his sharp face that he was trying to turn away, as if he was reluctant to be in front of the camera, perhaps, the other person looked like he was in the early twenties, it would have been embarrassing to wear an outfit meant for five or six years old, yet Kongpop thought it was strangely matching.

He hurriedly pressed to save the picture and then slid open the LINE application to send it to the user, profile picture of King Arthit, the big name and attach a message to compliment it.

In less than a minute, the next few words say Read, followed by a reply message following the end. “Delete itnow!”

I saw only the letters, but I didn’t know why, I seemed to hear the sound of Dulia following the wind until Kongpop couldn’t help but smile.

“The company’s New Year’s party?

He typed in the question, even though he can guess, because in the tagged photo, there are other people in school uniforms, some shorts and some silver blue pants, which the poster shared in a long list of details.

“Yes, it was a Back to School theme, so I had to dig into my old school uniform. The shirt can still be worn, but the pants need to be fitted. Why have I been getting fat?

In addition to the annoying complaint that people cannot deal with the Truth of Life, because we humans cannot hold our bodies at any age, but if possible… Kongpop would like to see the other person as a student.

Though of something and typed automatically.

“I would like to see pictures of you in high school, can you send me some?”

“Yes, just one picture is fine.”

“No, like the one you at the end of the second year I want to see those.”

“You saw me wearing a school uniform?” When I applied for an interview with the faculty.

At a time when he was hesitant about choosing what he wanted to study or choosing to study for the future, a senior Faculty of Engineering suddenly greeted him and shared his own experience during an interview. The smile consoled him not to be stressed, as well as the words of encouragement to welcome him as a junior. It turned out to be a brutal head hazer and without any memories of that incident.

“Oh, why did you not tell me about? Did you tell me and I can’t remember?”

“You don’t remember, it’s fine, you just made me remember, just one person is enough.”

If instead of feeling hurt, Kongpop felt that it was a special story for him.

“That day you are lucky that it was me. If it was someone else, they would think that you are weird and you suddenly come and beat him too.”


In the LINE, there was no reply, but the smartphone’s ringtone sounded immediately until he had to hurry to answer. “Phii Arthit.”

“Kongpop! What do you mean? Are you teasing me?! “At the end of the call, the one who was angry, spoke loudly as he used to be a head hazer, made the tease, hurriedly refused, even though inwardly he kept laughing.

“No, I’m not teasing you, I’m just…”

The sentence paused as he recalled what he had heard that day.

“Because I like it here.”

It is unbelievable that a single word can influence him today.

Phii Arthit knows that… he also like it here.

Because besides being a place where the two of us meet, it is also the beginning of a precious relationship.

And it also allows him to make a special discovery in someone.

“Just what?” The speaker asked, he knew that if the answer was going, he would be scolded again, but this was the truth he wanted to tell the other person to hear.

“Just… I don’t want Phii Arthit to go and act cute like this with anyone. It’s just that.”

As expected, the outcry sounded, but this time Kongpop laughed without being able to hold back.



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