SOTUS S, [Special] Kongpop extraordinary day

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] Kongpop extraordinary day


Kongpop woke up. The slight drizzle outside the window brought a slight coolness to the air, making one not want to get up from the bed but he still opened his eyes at the same time. He thought about lazing around for a while but his body seemed to be on its own, like an electrical circuit. So he crawled out of bed, grabbed his umbrella and went out to get breakfast. The stalls in the area were not open because of the rain, so he got on his motorcycle and went to the market far away. He bought hot soya bean milk, pork soup and white rice and brought some for his neighbors who were lazy and often did not have breakfast in time. In any case, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be skimped on. So Kongpop is very careful to rotate the menu every day but also take into account the full nutritional intake, for their own and their loved ones’ health.


Kongpop takes a shower and changes clothes. It’s raining a bit, so he washes his hair too. While waiting for his hair to dry, he had to iron his school uniform for today. It’s a good thing interns wear uniforms to work, so he doesn’t have to find a shirt and tie. But the white-collar guy made a lot of noise every morning about getting dressed, especially when he was an engineering student in college who used to get away with a T-shirt and overalls. Still, Kongpop thought the shirt would be appropriate for a purchasing engineer like Arthit. Moreover, he had thought several times about unbuttoning his partner’s tie, slowly unbuttoning his shirt, one by one, until his delicate skin was exposed. But this is just his wildest fantasy, which he will never tell Arthit.


Kongpop is ready to go to work. But instead of going left to press the elevator, he went right, then raised his hand and knocked on the door of room 508 next door, shouting,” Arthit, I’ve got soy milk for you.” He leaned his ears to hear the sound behind the white door but there was only silence. So he decided to take out his cell phone and call and waited for about ten beeps before the call was answered.

“Hello…”  The other man’s voice was muffled, as if he still had his face in the pillow.

“Wake up, Phii Arthit! It’s eight o’clock.”

“Well, eight o’clock? Hoeei! I am so going to be late!”

The person on the other end of the line was startled and screamed. The next thing I heard behind the door was a rattling sound, so the owner grabbed the towel and went to the bathroom. So before the phone was disconnected he said to the other end: “Arthit, open the door for me, I am standing in the doorway.” Soon, the white door was opened. The man inside was still in his pyjamas, his hair was in a mess and he had a towel in one hand.

“I got you pinkmilk and pork chowder.”

“Oh, put that on a plate for me, I’ll be right back to eat.”  he ordered in a frenzy and rushed into the bathroom. Kongpop walked into room 508, which he knew even better than his own room but nevertheless, he didn’t mention moving in together, because he didn’t want to interfere with Phii Arthit’s personal space.  Even for a couple,” to leave each other’s space alone” is a basic thing that cannot be ignored. Besides, it’s a morning treat for Arthit to see him lost and confused. Kongpop was barely on time at 08:55.

“I almost lost my breath.” They ran the 4 x 100 meters to the elevator and waited and Kongpop said this to the panting man next to him.

“I told you to go first.”

“If I hadn’t taken you on my motorbike, Phii Arthit you would have been late.”

“Are you asking for a reward?”

Arthit’s sharp eyes swooshed and the godhead’s spirit was once again possessed.

“Absolutely not!”

Kongpop smiled with embarrassment and joined the Wife and Wife Association completely. The elevator arrives just then and they enter with the other employees. The Purchasing Department was on the fifth floor and the interns had to sign in at the HR department on the fourth floor.

“Work hard.” Kongpop always gives this encouragement at the last moment and then walks out of the elevator.

Why does Phii Arthit look so helpless?


Kongpop started his internship in the Purchasing Department. Most of the work in the Purchasing Department is related to paperwork, which has to be very careful and thorough, so the interns are taken care of by experienced seniors, who are also assigned to simple tasks such as photocopying documents, organizing catalogues, binding faxes, etc. Kongpop performs his duties very carefully and carefully. Kongpop was very careful to carry out his responsibilities and not to let anything slip through his fingers. However, he found it difficult to concentrate because his eyes were always wandering around the purchasing engineer who was concentrating on his work. Having the opportunity to see this focused face from a different angle, Kongpop felt that Arthit’s charisma was growing every day and that he had made the right decision to come to Ocean Electric for an internship. In addition, he understood why Arthit was buying a fish breeding manual.

“Do you need me to change the water in the fighting fish tank?”

“No need.” Indifferent tone, tapping away at his keyboard, not even glancing at him, you can tell he’s not happy with him.  Had he done something wrong by not paying attention? Kongpop thinks he’s careful enough with his work but he’s still making mistakes in his relationships.


Kongpop has lunch. He meets Naai, who came with him and is now an intern in the production department and joins him at the table. Naai was one of the most curious people he had ever met but not in a gossipy, neighborhood or trivial way but to get to know each other better, to ask local questions, which he was happy to answer.

“How many brothers and sisters does your family have?”

“I have two sisters, I’m the youngest child.”

“Oh yeah? I’m an only child. Actually, I’d like to have brothers and sisters. Do you have a dog?”

“No, do you have one?”

“Well, got two, regular Thai Ridgebacks, one Silver and one Gold. Does Kong watch football? Which team do you like?”

“Yeah but no team in particular. What about Naai? What team is he a fan of?”

“I’m a Chelsea fan. Is Kong seeing anyone then?”

He was stunned at that but he answered truthfully.


“I haven’t yet. Well, do you like to play games?”

The conversation lasted throughout the meal. Maybe it was because they knew almost everything about each other, as if they had grown up together as childhood friends. At 13:00 Kongpop went back to work. He shivered as soon as the cold air blew into the office. It was probably because he had caught a chill from the morning rain. Nevertheless, he managed to get back to work, faxing the order form that John had given him. This led him to meet someone who followed him into the copy room with the document in hand.

“What’s Phii Arthit doing here?”

“Can’t you see this is a photocopy room, or are you thinking people come here to eat?”

Arthit’s answer was a bit lame but also much better than the coldness of the morning, despite how annoying the tone of the question was when he saw what Kongpop was doing.

“You still send faxes?”

“I used to send them when i was home. Doesn’t Arthit know how to send a fax?”

“Hoeei, no! Of course I do!”

The tone at the end of the sentence, so that everyone outside could hear but now Kongpop had another important thing to figure out.

“So can you tell me now, Phii Arthit why you are angry with me?”

The white-collar guy was in a depressed mood but finally lowered his head and mumbled out the reason.

“Please don’t talk so loud in the elevator.”  Oh, it’s the “work hard” line. He knew that there were many different opinions about relationships in the outside world, so it was no wonder that Arthit was so cautious. But if he wasn’t mistaken, he noticed a slight blush on the cheeks of the man with his head down.

Was it fear, or something else? When he came to find out, the big guy leaned in, pulled the senior’s arm around him, brought his face close to the other guy’s ear and said, “Then I’ll just whisper to him like this.” Her cheeks, which had just been puffed up, swished red and then she snapped.


But he had already escaped from the photocopy room and he had the answer.  It’s true that he’s angry but he’s also a little shy. At 15:00 Kongpop was called to the HR department. The rotation ends this week and from next week, they will be assigned to the company’s assigned departments.

“It would be nice if we could both be in the same department Kong, don’t you think?”

“Yes, hopefully we’ll both get an internship in the production department.” But as it turned out, he was the only one who could stay in the production department and Naai was placed in the Quality Control Department.

“Naai, are you okay?”

He was worried that his fellow trainees might be disappointed but they still acted as if it was okay.

“Of course, quality control is fun.”  I can’t tell if he really thinks so, or if he’s just smiling. Not only this one but he was also worried about the other one’s feelings.

“What department do you go to?”

As soon as he walked out of HR, the sun head on the line sent a message.

“Ministry of Production.”

“Ho! Really?”

“How’s Phii Arthit?”

Kongpop sent a worrying message, because he knew that the production department was the dream place for the guy who was assigned to the Purchasing Department. But they didn’t think much of it and were even happy to support him.

“Of course! I’ve thought about it and the production department is perfect for you.” The big guy was relieved and now he’s in the mood for a joke.

“From now on, Arthit, don’t miss me too much, or you won’t be able to work.” Needless to say, this message was answered very quickly.

“No way! Who would think of you that way!”

He also included a cartoon face with his tongue hanging out, making Kongpop laugh at this super tough guy.


Kongpop was off duty. But Phii Arthit was in a meeting, so he sent him home. The young man went down to the parking lot in front of the office building, when he happened to see his fellow trainees, who had come with him for the internship, standing there hesitantly.

“Aw Naai, are we going back?”

The Chiangmai boy nodded his head, gave a short answer of” Yes” and then asked apologetically,” Well Kong, can I take your bus to the alleyway, I want to take the bus home.”

“Yes.” He quickly agreed but was still confused.

Didn’t Naai usually come back with Yong’s car, or did Yong have a meeting today?


Kongpop ate his dinner, a simple fried egg rice and the guy who likes basil leaf fried rice sent a message saying that he was going out to dinner with a senior from the company. After dinner, he took his laundry downstairs to do it. Usually, he did the laundry in the morning, so that it would dry and leave the scent of the sun. But today he’s going to try washing them at night. I wonder if the clothes hanging out to dry in the moonlight will leave a brand new aroma, just like the faint scent of the person who always likes to wash clothes at night, which makes him want to put his nose up to it.


Kongpop took a shower and changed into his pajamas. His discomfort worsened and he felt dizzy, which made him want to sleep. But only a few moments after he fell into bed, he heard a knock on the door. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see his” guest” handing him a small bag.

“I’ve got your medicine.”


“You’re sick, take your medicine.”

“How would Phii Arthit know?”

“Just when you grabbed my arm this afternoon, I noticed you were burning up and rubbing your temples all the time when you did your work, did you get a headache?”

No one knew but the man found out easily.

“If you need anything else, come knock on my door and tell me.” When he turned to go back, he grabbed him.

“Wait a minute, Phii Arthit! I want one thing.”

“What is it?”

Those who were asked thought it was porridge, porridge, or fever patches but the answers they heard were much higher than that.

“Can I sleep in Phii Arthit’s room?”

The white-collar guy stared, “Hoeei! No way!”

“If it’s late at night and my symptoms get worse, I’ll have to face the situation alone. Just let me sleep with you!”

Kongpop tried every reason to convince but the ostentatious pampering was undeniable.

“I don’t think you’re that sick.”

“Come on, Arthit, please.”


At 22:30 Kongpop arrives in room 508. After a long tussle, someone finally conceded, so he took the left side of the bed, leaving the right side of the wall to the owner of the apartment. The owner says: “Go to sleep.”

“What about Phii Arthit?”

“I’m not sleepy yet.” The young man’s hand was still holding the phone and playing games, until Kongpop reminded him in a worried tone: “If you go to bed late, you won’t be able to get up in the morning.”

“You called me.”

When it comes to patients, it’s hard to change color. But he wants to, because that’s his job and he’d like to wake up first thing to see the sleepy-eyed, sleepy-eyed guy, which is cute.


Kongpop is asleep. The pills he took are starting to work but he’s still half asleep and half awake. He feels a cool hand grabbing a towel and wiping his forehead.

“Get well soon.”

A voice sounded softly beside him but Kongpop didn’t open his eyes to look at the speaker. Soon after, the light in the room was switched off.

24:00 Kongpop turned around, towards the person he was sharing the bed with. The other person is already soundly asleep. Just as he reached out for a hug, the other man moved closer, instinctively burying his body in the warmth of his arms.

With a smile on his face, Kongpop said a short, “Thank you, Arthit” to the man who had taken care of him.”

Though the person in your arms cannot hear you, sometimes feelings are more important than words. Kongpop felt the love that Arthit had always expressed through his actions.  If you spend an ordinary day with someone special, then that day becomes special and on this ordinary yet special night, there are two people who should sleep well together.





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