SOTUS S, [Special] Q and A.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] Q and A.

First meeting? 

Kongpop: During the college entrance interview , I met Arthit in the bathroom…. a place that doesn’t look very romantic (laughs) but after being encouraged by a certain stranger he made me feel better. So I remembered him.

Arthit: When this boy announced that he would take me for a wife in the middle of the cheer meeting room, it was a very negative first impression, but it made me remember the name and code 0062 as well.

When did you fall in love?

Kongpop: Every time Phii Arthit gives me something to eat (laughs), from Sompad Thai basil, spicy chili… What? Phii is soo kind.

Arthit: I don’t remember this.

Which part of the other person do you like the most?

Kongpop: Arthit’s smile.

Arthit: All of him, do you think he has any disadvantage part?

Kongpop: When he is embarrassed Phii Arthit is especially cute… Eh? Isn’t that a disadvantage? Yes, because when Phii Arthit is like, I can’t wait to hug and kiss him and….

Arthit: Hoeei! How can you answer like this!

Kongpop: It’s true, for example, right now you are very cute (Arthit suddenly moved away).

Arthit: Kongpop, he likes to tease and he is also a little stalker.

Kongpop: Me? A stalker?

Arthit: Yeah! For example, when I was in the university dormitory, when it was raining, I left my clothes on the balcony and Kongpop would call me every time to tell me to go collect my clothes. After moving in the dormitory, he still follow me and got an apartment next to me, if not called a stalker, what should I call it?

Kongpop: It is called worried. Usually couples have a special word for other if they have it.

What do you want to call the other person?

Kongpop: “Ai Aon” or “dear.

Arthit: Nightmare!

If you had to stick to an island and you could choose one item, what would it be?

Kongpop: Phii Arthit

Arthit: How am I a thing?

Kongpop: Just having Phii Arthit is enough and anywhere is okay.

Arthit: I chose to have someone pick me up as soon as possible.

Kongpop: That’s not a thing either.

Your favorite menu?

Kongpop: Phii Arthit.

Arthit: Can you answer something else? And that’s not something someone can eat! Ahem… for me I like cold pinkmilk, stir-fried basil, chicken, fried egg and… Uh… poached egg.

What moment do you like the most when you studied at the university?

Arthit: When riding a bicycle, cycling around in a motorbike.

Kongpop: I thought Phii Arthit would reply that it was when he was a head hazer and he had ordered punishment for juniors.

Arthit: I’m not a psychopath, I don’t like violence.

Kongpop: But… I like it when I argue with Phii Arthit in the meeting room cheering and I like being punished by Arthit.

Arthit: Psycho!

Choose one place for a perfect date?

Arthit: How about the bedroom?

Kongpop: Eh? I didn’t think Phii Arthit thinks of me like this.

Arthit: Hoeei! No, don’t think other things, I just want to stay in a place that is ours, sleep, read cartoons, watch movies together, I don’t want to go out, outside is chaotic.

Kongpop: I like the bedroom too, but I would have more activities than Phii Arthit said though… eh! Phii Arthit, don’t get mad… an activity that I mean like eat together.

[Kinkan means each together or eat each other… it’s a play of words]

Do you like the sea?

Arthit: I like it, but at one time I was afraid of the sea.

Kongpop: When was it?

Arthit: I shouldn’t have asked, but at that time I was wrong for ordering you to dive in but didn’t think you were going crazy enough to really follow through.

Kongpop: But because Phii Arthit is always looking at me, did you think I drowned?

Arthit: Who looked at you, I just wanted to my job… and do you like the sea?

Kongpop: I like it because at sea let me know that someone is worried about me.

Something that must be carried with you all the time?

Kongpop: Here (holding a pair of silver and brown gears that are cut in half, hanging in a string of silver).

Arthit: Same (Arthit moved the collar open to reveal a necklace with the same type hanging).

Kongpop: It is like a wedding ring that you must have in your pocket.

Arthit: What goes on in that brain of yours?!

Have you ever feel like you want to lie to the other?

Arthit: Oh! No!!!

Kongpop: Don’t lie, it’s easy for other people to cause a mountain out of a mole.

Arthit: You don’t have to say anything, I will just be by your side.

Kongpop: I will hold on tight.

The first thing you do in the morning when you wake up together?

Kongpop: Peeking at Arthit’s face while sleeping.

Arthit: Scream at Kongpop for not waking me up.

Kongpop: I really try to wake you up Phii Arthit.

Arthit: And why am I always getting up late?!

Kongpop: Or because sometimes you don’t sleep much? Why don’t you sleep enough? Uh… is…

Arthit: Oh yeah!

The next question, I gave up, but actually there was a spoiler of other episodes, but could not be broadcasted.

Arthit: Oh yeah! Oh, yeah!!! Today I hurt my throat a little.

How do you like to dress?

Arthit: In the past, I thought that a white shirt would look good but when I saw him in a red jacket he looked cool again.

Kongpop: Not wearing much is the best… Ouch! Brother Arthit, don’t hit me.

Do you believe in fate?

Kongpop: In the past, I didn’t believe it but now I start to think about it as well because some things come in the right way and at the right time.

Arthit: I believe in efforts rather than like just luck.

What if the other party disappears?

Kongpop: I will search for him… no matter how far away he goes I will search until I find him.

Arthit: In just one pass, Kongpop will come back.

Kongpop: And if I don’t come back?

Arthit: You can’t stand to see me worried.

What is the definition of love?

Arthit: Love is love

Kongpop: Phii Arthit.

Arthit: Huh? Why do you call that love?

Kongpop No, I didn’t call it anything and I answered the question.

What do you want to say to the other per?

Arthit:  Kongpop… I love you.

Kongpop: Can you tell me more clearly?

Arthit: Well… I will tell you when we are alone.

Kongpop: But I want to hear it right now so you can just whisper it.

Arthit: Oh… it’s a lot. So tilt your ears.

(Kongpop turns side to let Arthit move his face closer, but as soon as he whispers, Kongpop turns around and their lips touch lightly).

Kongpop: I can hear it clearly, Phii Arthit (smiling).

Arthit: (blushing) Kongpop!!!

(Arthit screamed loudly, Kongpop hurried to escape and the two of them chased after other, ending the interview).



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