SOTUS S, [Special] The Story of Prem.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] The Story of Prem.

After graduation, I do not know what I am going to do. This is the question of the broken world of the great man Prem.

Some people say that you can apply for a job on the line you graduated from.

Hmm… it sounds good, but the point of blaming yourself for failing to study hard seems too late.

An important addition… He didn’t want to have a career as a civil worker at all.

He likes to take pictures.

The moment he was holding the camera made him more excited than holding a shutter sounding ruler passing through his ears because more than the sound of drilling concrete on site.

However, the freelance photographer career is quite risky and if the skill is really good, you can get a job quickly enough to make a living. You cannot eat  just instant noodles to sustain life for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sigh… just thinking about it will end your dreams.

Someone once said that when studying is the most comfortable because the more you grow up, the more responsibility you make, so he wants to stop his status as a student, but of course. It is a little too fantasy. This is true, so only the memory stops in the photograph.

This morning, it would not be strange if many of the First Year students would see a male senior wearing a red shopper, carrying a backpack, a DSLR camera and taking a photo survey on every corner of the university.

The school building, cafeteria, benches under the faculty building, not even a bathroom.

Every place is full of uneasy bonds.

I thought that the tears would flow for those who spent four years together, but let’s be honest, who would be this desperate.

The grateful people swept their eyes across the university as if they were playing the hero EM V. Sad songs were about to raise the camera to capture images of the stadium that used to compete in basketball when it was still fresh.

“Hoeei! Watch out!”


It was not just a memory, but the whole skin touched when a tall figure was hit by a basketball.

“Watch it.”

The owner of the basketball hurriedly apologized to the victim after he accidentally shot three points, but missed the ball, bounced off the field and went to the head instead of someone else far away.



The parties shouted together after other saw their faces.

Prem immediately remembered that this boy was one of his memories when he went to the Junior Psycho, First Year students, at a basketball game and it rose to strenuously, if guessed correctly, the name… Wad.

The same face, the pale, pale figure, the same lizard and it still messed up him again, for as soon as Prem glanced at an object on the ground, he shouted loudly.

“Hoeei, camera!”

The young engineering man hurriedly grabbed his dearest and most possessive body tool to find that when he tried to shake or press any button, the DSLR screen turned off completely unresponsive.

“Mother, gosh!”

He shouldn’t have let go of the camera because he was shocked when the basketball hit him right now and he is hurts both in his head and in his heart.

The one who was causing him, seeing what his destructive power was causing, hurriedly reassessed his conscience.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

But Prem suddenly turned to look with frustrated eyes like a shouting voice.

“Excuse me. The camera is damaged!” The tail of the eyebrows on the face suddenly twitched. What do you want to talk about?

“How much can I pay back?”

It is unfortunate that such a statement, in addition to being ineffective, also stimulates the emotions of the opposite side to break through the boiling point even further.

“This camera, I have been collecting money for a year, buy it…. since I just entered the university, it is worth much and I can’t get it back!”

He drew in a sigh after realizing that this item was important, but he decided that it was just a normal camera and chose a simple solution to cut back on it, it should be angry. Thinking, so he decided to bow his head “I’m really sorry Phii.”

The heartfelt gesture that Prem began to relax his emotions, even if he was angry, but not in the heart.

“Well, let it be. What have you done? I hope the camera memory is okay.”

An amateur photographer gave a deep sigh as he nodded a memory card containing his own memories.

“What did you shoot?” Wad asked. Even though their personalities were tough, when the feud was put down, the conversation continued naturally.

“The picture of the university in general, after graduation, I want to take it as a souvenir.”

Prem was willing to explain not only that, but he also offered questions.

“Can I see?”

Before reaching out to pick up a few photo albums from inside the backpack, the small eyes widened.

“Oh… it’s so rare, people will record photos and make albums, now we take all pictures and upload them online.”

And still can take very beautiful pictures as well. The latter sentence can only be thought of in the mind while looking at each image, which looks like a story in it, clearly indicating that the photographer is really good and really loves to press the shutter.

Until he caught the eye in one of the pictures, “Hoeei! When did you take it since?”

Wad was looking at himself in a sports wear as he was soaring off to score a goal that he seemed to hang in midair.

The contestants competing for the basketball and the intensity of the game and the determination to win the man preparing to shoot the ball to score.

Prem leaned over to look at the picture before remembering that it was two years old.

“Oh, during the Basketball First Year students game… your face was so cocky, so I took a picture and keep it as if I lose, I will take it for me.”

Wad hurried to reply back. “But in the end we won.”

“Well… good, do you want me to clap your hands, too?” The senior teased, flattering, provocative, but admitted that Wad was really good. He heard that Wad is now a college basketball player. He does not know why I have to devote myself to that.

“Why do you like playing basketball?”

“And why do you like taking pictures?”

An arrogant child is still a cocky boy, but the answer is not inaccurate, the same question is persistent, if it makes him think about himself until he gets a simple answer.

As usual, the graduates did not expect the second-year to gain a deeper understanding of what the speaker was talking about silent with his eyes looking at an empty stadium.

“Actually, I hate the basketball game.” Prem stopped what he was doing after he had just heard.

“It’s fun when practicing alone, but when you go on the track as a team, it feels stressful and if it’s really stressful, I’ll play badly, sometimes wanting to walk off the pitch in the middle of the game again.”

Wad continued to share a secret he hadn’t told anyone before.

The captain draws brutally on the racetrack and in truth, deep down he is terrified, it will not be easy to bear the heavy expectations of both himself and others.

“But I’m still playing basketball because I want to know… how far it will take me.”

At least you can do bette… If you don’t start walking you won’t be able to move forward…

As if the media implied that for Prem, who was about to compete in the field of life, he wanted to know that his career as how far photography would take him.

“But why don’t you have a picture of yourself?”

The issue was changed as Wad kept flipping the album in his hands while observing.

“I like taking pictures of other people more.”

“So, how about I take one of yours?” Strangely, this little boy suddenly tuspy turvied the sistuation, Prem said, “the camera was broken.”

“The camera wis broken, but there was still this one.”

Wad took the smartphone out of his pocket and turned on the camera mode before chasing the Naai to pose.

“Hold on. What angle should I take a picture…”

“Hoeei! No! “Prem refused immediately, yet the other party was still not giving up. “Then let’s shoot together.”

The mode adjuster is a front camera raised, hoping to capture a couple photos, but because of the uncomfortable position, the frame was wobbling, the focus can only be reached down to the shoulder, until photography lover had to recommend it.

“Holding it like that, how can you use it? Give it here. I will take it for you.” Then he pressed the shutter repeatedly and backed the phone… While Prem took the phone Wad took the DSLR camera

“I’ll get the camera and I will go fix it myself.”

“No need.”

“It is my responsibility anyway, after the repair is complete, I will call to tell ya.”

One thing the two of them have in common is stubbornness. In the end, the senior had to give up.

“Well, okay.”

It is unbelievable that two years ago they had an argument where they almost exchanged fists, but now they are talking well, just like the seniors and the juniors who join the engineering group that have been close to other for a long time. After exchanging phone numbers, Prem made a move to prepare to return to the dormitory, since the memory-saving mission had failed, he would regret not achieving the full intention, which draws by himself, it must be noticed.

“If you are not going back. When you’re bored, you can come back here. Even if you take a picture its cool.”

“You already know. At basketball games, you don’t stop until the last bell.”

“I won’t!”

Prem smiled at the slightest bit of annoyance that he was able to pull off his teeth, but the arrogant boy was right, even though the four years had become just a memory, it did not mean that he was unable to create new memories. He can come here and create new ones.

Just like this time…

The smartphone vibrated lightly in the pocket of his pants. On the way, Prem walked away from him, the application line bounced, warning that someone sent a picture. For a moment, the Prem’s lips stretched in a thin smile.

Well, when he graduated, he did not know what he was going to do, but at least no matter what path he chose or faced, he believed that he had a place to go back to with someone to support and listen to him.

T/N I think aside from Kongpop/ Arthit … Prem Wad is the most interesting couple ever


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