SOTUS S, [Special] When Kongpop interviewed for internship.

SOTUS S: The Third Year and the Office Worker

SOTUS S, [Special] When Kongpop interviewed for internship.

The taxi turned into the Siam Polymer Group at around 10 p.m. before being stopped by security personnel for strict surveillance, but after seeing who the passenger in the car was, the guard opened the barricade and allowed the cab to get through with ease, the yellow vehicle slowly moved into a road deep behind the factory where a house was strategically hidden, surrounded by shady trees.

Kongpop paid his fare and got off the car straight to unlock the house keys. He walked past family pictures hanging on the wall until he reached the living room, before embracing a woman watching television from behind in nostalgia.

“Sawadee khrap Mom ”, the waiting party raised a hand to pat the son’s head with ffection.

“Come late, have you eaten something yet?”

“Yes mom… and Dad, or has he gone to bed?

Just then a voice rang from the stairs of the second-floor house.

“How can I sleep? Your mother said that you will come home, so I just kept working and waiting for you.”

Krirkkrai came down to join the conversation since he was one the pioneer of the plastics industry, doing a good job, both the supervisor and the family head, without fail, this highly responsible DNA was passed on to his son because Kongpop explained the reasons for himself.

“Right, I was caught in university activities and stayed in tutoring so I arrived a little late.”

“Are you caught in activities or with your lover?” The mother joked.

“Where is this lover are you talking about? Aren’t I stuck with my lovely mother”

Even in his twenties as the youngest child and almost seven and eight years apart from the two sisters Kongpop still has a hidden personality and it has become such a young man’s charm that he is not even aware of.

“And is this close to school holidays yet?”

“At the end of this month, but during school holidays, I have to do an internship.

“Come and practice at home so that you can learn the job first.”

Krirkkrai suggested as a man who wanted his son to inherit the business since both sisters also took part in the management of the company.

But Kongpop showed a hesitant expression.

“Well… I would like to do an internship outside, if I go elsewhere, I should learn something new so I can apply it to our factory.”

There is a reason for saying that, so parents did not want to interrupt and his father said, “and choose where to go.”

“Still watching.”

After giving EM the number one company to training with May, he continued to search for other companies that were open for cheer meet. There were a few interesting companies, yet he still couldn’t decide.

“Well, last month, someone from Ocean Electric came to my company and he was an interesting sorta worker. He was frazzled and didn’t look good. When I saw that he came in contact and asked me for help… Actually, this company is interesting and they were a partner with our company before, if your child hasn’t made up your mind yet, you can try going to this company.”

Ocean Electric Company… the company where Arthit works, he never expected to hear it from his father.

It’s a coincidence or fate is uncertain, but it motivates him to take a risk.

“Yes, I will try to submit an application.”

The application process, as well as the outstanding student writing exam such as Kongpop, has been achieved through the interview.

The appointed time according to the schedule is 2 PM, where he arrived at the company where Arthit is already working, so he wanted to take a chance to meet his face.

So the tall figure picked up the smartphone, took a deep call and he felt a little nervous because the other party was at work, but he couldn’t forbid his own thinking. Wait, just a moment, the call was answered.

“Hello, whatsapp Kong?”

“Excuse me, I’m going to interview for an internship…”

“You called to ask for encouragement?”

The speaker intervened first, although this was not the main reason for the call, but it was close.

“… Do that.”

“You can do it already.”

It’s not a sweet word, it’s a blunt encouragement in Arthit’s style, if it’s enough to recharge him like a battery charger.

“Well… this evening, I might be going to seeing the factory outside.”

“Yes, I’ll tell everyone.”

It seemed that the talker was in a hurry because next to him he heard a call from the office guy from the other end of the line.

“Just this first, I have to go, see you tonight.”

The signal was cut off, so he had not yet talked about coming to the same company for an internship exam, so he decided to pass the exam first and then tell Artht before it was not too late.

The young man made a simple thought before turning his body, pushing the elevator up to the fourth floor, the location of the scheduled personnel department, but when the elevator door opened, the inside rushed out of the garden, hurriedly hitting him.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, I didn’t even look at my path.”

Kongpop was not sure if the other person was a student for an interview or a full time employee, because he was so busy keeping his eyes on the drop that he had to bend down to help.

When he handed the file to the innocent face, he smiled brightly in lieu of thanks before he left the other way.

Kongpop then took the elevator to the same destination, waited for a moment and was summoned into the interview room.

He knocked on the door, asking for permission before opening it. The committee was already waiting, three people, leaving a chair in the middle of the room for the candidate to sit.

The young student does not forget to pay respect to his manners, the atmosphere and the pressure that surrounds him cannot make him afraid.

The first step in the interview is introducing yourself.

Kongpop speaks every sentence in a polite and clear tone, just as it was a former head hazer. In addition, his academic performance was excellent. He passed the writings so high that one of the committee members was a middle-aged man.

“This history is good, many companies should be within your choice, why did they choose this company?”

“I think that many of Ocean Electric’s products are constantly being developed as an indication that this company is not ceasing to innovate, so I would like to study the working system and learn how to think from people that developed these products directly.”

The committee kept a calm expression, showing no signs of being satisfied with the answer or not, before a woman in glasses who sat on the far right would send a question of suppression.

“So what is the reason why we should choose you for an internship here?”

“I think I have the potential to help this company develop even further. Even though I’m just an apprentice, it’s like a little cog, but it is essential to help larger machines. It works efficiently and I want to be one of the gear drivers for this Ocean Electric Company.”

The answer was as if it were a prepared speech. Kongpop was unaware that he had already been rated at a high level. A child with such a talent would be deplorable if it hadn’t been assigned the right duties, but anything could happen in the world of socialism. Work.

“And if it happened for you to train in the department that was not something you are good at, will you be able to do it?”

The last referee was a male senior and experienced Kongpop chose to respond cautiously.

“Yes, I think every department has something new to teach and it will definitely be useful in the future for me.”

After that, four and five questions were followed, which Kongpop was able to answer so eloquently that the jury was almost unable to keep a satisfied expression until the last question was reached.

“In five years, what do you see your future like?”

Kongpop was a little paused at what he still couldn’t give himself an exact answer.

One heart wants to continue to study, but the other wants to work and gain experience.

But… there was one thing that he was sure of and tried to keep it true.

“… with someone I love,” mumbles the sentence as quickly as a thought when one person’s face appears so vividly.

This is the first answer that does not go through the brain, but comes straight from the heart.

Having said that, he was worried that the committee would find fault with the slightest reaction, but everyone let go, shut the file down, nodded with a smile.

“Okay, the interview has been completed.”

“Thank you very much.”

Kongpop raised his hand to say goodbye to the end before walking out of the room in relief.

I don’t know what the outcome will be, but hopefully he’ll be able to work with people who want to be with not just the next five years, but he wants to be with Arthit every day.

From today… and forever.



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