The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Capital Chapter 4: It’s all because of the steamed buns

The Rise of Phoenixes 《 凰权 》Huang Quan

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Capital Chapter 4: It’s all because of the steamed buns

In the most remote northwest corner of the Qiu residence, there is a small courtyard with a half-open door, it has no name, it used to be part of the servants’ quarters, then it was allocated to the Qiu’s aunt, she was at least a master, so she separated it from the servants’ quarters with a low wall, it was a little bit of dignity for the original Qiu’s eldest daughter but that was all, apart from that, all other furnishings and expenses were the same as those of the servants. It’s the same over there.

  However, after Lady Feng ran away from home and returned many years later with her children, she changed her temperament and accepted her brother’s and sister-in-law’s arrangements.

  Well, who’s to say that a man who once disgraced his family and has nowhere else to go to get it back?

  Feng Zhiwei went into the courtyard and went straight to the table: having killed, drowned, and been cuddled in the morning, she was so hungry that her belly was already touching her ribs.

  On the table was a bowl of cabbage and vermicelli and two steamed buns, both cold, the vermicelli turned to muddy soup and the steamed buns hardened into wall tiles.

Seeing Feng Zhiwei enter, she carefully took a steamed bun and called out to Feng Zhiwei, “Wei’er, come and eat.”

Feng Zhiwei frowned and sat down, “Obviously three people, why are you giving two steamed buns?”

“Steward Zhao said the King will come to the Qiu Residence tomorrow and the kitchen is very busy, so this is all we have.” Lady Feng did not touch the buns but carefully poured a little vermicelli soup and drank it slowly.

Feng Zhiwei did not speak, biting into a steamed dumpling to look at her, a pair of eyes exposed on the steamed dumpling were enigmatic, seemingly revealing a bit of soft charm and brightness, when the eyes are fixed but the sparkling nobility of their own.

  Lady Feng had no choice but to say, “It is said that Princess Shaoning will also come.”

  Feng Zhiwei” Oh”, immediately took back his eyes, continued to nibble steamed bread.

The whole house is busy trying to please the visitors: the kitchens are going to serve the picky princess: and you’re stuck with the next night’s food.

  It’s normal, you get used to it.

  Mother and daughter eating and talking.

“What is His Majesty doing out of the palace?”

“A few days ago, a cold spell killed many people in the capital and the Nine Cities government offices are giving out porridge, so Your Majesty should go and see what’s going on.”

“It’s not true about the disaster relief but it’s true about the negligence of the government departments under the Prince of Chu, isn’t it?” Feng Zhiwei tore the skin of a steamed dumpling with all her might. The Prince was impeached a few days ago for having a few beauties from Western Liao and the Prince’s seal was suspended. The wind in the court was in chaos again.”

“Zhiwei.” Lady Feng put down her chopsticks, “How many times have I told you, woman, not to speak freely of the government.”

“What a strange thing to say.” Feng Zhiwei put down the dumpling and looked at Lady Feng with a smile.” If people didn’t know, they would have thought that Lady Feng was a gentle, virtuous woman who had no knowledge of state affairs but was devoted to her children.”

“Isn’t it?” Lady Feng ignored her and picked up a chopstick of vermicelli, frowning at the similarities in the world. The leg is wrapped in lotus leaves and stewed, the finished product is delicate and fragrant… And that man, Zhiwei and Shaoning look alike but they’re in different situations… Forget it. It’s all fate.

She ate her meal with a fragrant smell without lifting her head, Feng Zhiwei eyed her and said in a soft voice, “Yes, there’s nothing wrong with her, Lady Feng has always been like this. Heads rolled and blood danced in the yellow sands, a battle to become famous and admired by the world, known as the Fire Feng…”

“That’s enough.” Lady Feng calmly interrupted her, deliberated over the amount of cabbage vermicelli and carefully poured a little more.

Feng Zhiwei seemed to have not heard of it.

“The… Qiu Mingyu, the so-called” Fire Feng” suddenly stood up, supported the table, put a face like a delicate flower piled with snow on Lady Feng’s face and looked straight into her eyes, “… Dead, she is already dead.”


The dishes on the table shook, clanking chaos, hand pressed on the table, Lady Feng eyebrows erect stare, the moment the gaze of lightning fierce force, vaguely is the year’s all-powerful woman marshal style.

But Feng Zhiwei only smiled and didn’t move.

Before the aftershocks stopped, the cabbage bowl, which was half broken, tilted and the soup poured straight at Feng Zhiwei, who looked down and smiled.

When she looked at her face, she suddenly sighed and stretched out her finger, the dishes on the table immediately stopped.

“Well, it’s… It’s all over now.” The fierce female commander disappeared for a moment and the woman sitting opposite Feng Zhiwei was still holding a broken bowl of vegetable soup, “Eat quickly and then go help, Grandma Zhao, at the front.”

Feng Zhiwei gazed at Lady Feng beautiful but already slightly pale face, slowly retracted the hand supporting the table, sighing and was about to sit down, behind suddenly someone slammed the door, with the bone-chilling air rolled in, a butt to sit beside her, grabbed Lady Feng has not moved the steamed bread on nibbling, a slurred mumbling: “Buns again!”

“Feng Hao, what’s the hurry, be careful of biting your tongue.” Lady Feng immediately reached out her hand lovingly to stroke the child’s hair, “is it cold? Let me warm it up for you?”

Feng Zhiwei looked down at the buns in her hand… Warm them up? That’s easy for you to say, the kitchen is so busy right now, how can I heat up buns for you?

  The bun in your hand is as hard as iron, so why didn’t you tell me to heat it?

“How can I eat this cold?” Feng Hao took a bite, frowned and threw the steamed buns out with a single throw of his hand, the hard buns hitting the ground with a resounding sound, “No more!”

Feng Zhiwei stared at the dumpling: it was this morning’s breakfast, two dumplings for the three of us and Mother hadn’t even touched it, only the soup from the night before and now, this precious dumpling, smashed by her brother’s rash hand, was covered in dust.

Then she turned her head slowly, staring at Feng Hao.

“Pick up.”

Feng Zhiwei’s tone of voice is always gentle and soft and her eyes seem to have a smile in them, she is born with dense and hazy eyes, so she doesn’t look overbearing.

  Feng Hao shrank back, somehow, every time his sister talked to him like this with a smile, he felt a chill in his heart for no reason.

  He took a step back, out of Feng Zhiwei’s vicinity, before raising his head and snorting disdainfully from his nose.

Feng Zhiwei looked at him, her eyes were still smiling, she sat down with a smile and continued to eat her dumpling. Cheng, you’re old enough to have your own ideas now. Tomorrow, I’ll ask Madam to let you accompany the Third Young Master to study with her. You’re so smart, you can’t be sure that our family will still count on you.”

“No!” Feng Hao turned pale and glared at her, “You’re still my sister, aren’t you? Send me to the fire pit? You wicked woman, you can’t live long and you want to piggyback on me…”


Feng Hao was surprised by the stern voice and was angry with him but Lady Feng looked straight at him and then at Feng Zhiwei.

“It’s just a steamed bun, isn’t it?” Lady Feng smiled, hurried to the corner, picked up the steamed bread, blew on it carefully and put it in her hand, “I’ll have the kitchen heat it up.”

Feng Zhiwei lowered her eyes, looking at her hands, once smooth and fine but now all rough cracks in her hands and then look at her hair on her temples, I do not know when, the black hair and blue hair has been replaced by stars on the temples, that a little white, stinging her eyes.

  After decades of frost and stars, looking back, the former heroine of the generation, the legendary heroine of fire, has been buried in the past, leaving her silhouette vivid, looking back alone in the legends of the past.

  She didn’t even know what kind of experience had smoothed out that gloriously tough edge and replaced it with a life of seclusion and hardship.

“I’ll go.” She didn’t want to see her mother begging and being stabbed by the blade of words again.

When he stepped out of the threshold, Feng Hao chased after him with a loud and airy command.

“See what’s good to eat and bring back some!”

Feng Zhiwei’s footsteps stopped on the threshold for a moment, then she left without looking back, faintly hearing behind her, her mother seemed to hug Feng Hao in her arms, whispering reassurances.

  Feng Zhiwei had no expression: as an adopted daughter, she shouldn’t express any dissatisfaction with someone’s son being favored.

  Although, she was the only one who knew that Feng Hao was only an adopted son but he was a male, the one who would carry on the family name.

  Frankly speaking, she was thankful enough that Lady Feng was able to take her with her in the most difficult times and never told anyone that she wasn’t her own daughter, so she could stay in the snobbish Qiu’s house.

  And all that love and warmth… Well, what else can you hope for when you don’t even have your life in your hands?

  The kitchen was in chaos, preparing the most exquisite snacks for the fussy princess. Princess Shaoning was the favorite daughter of the kingdom. She’s always been a blessing to her and she’s been doted on.

  Feng Zhiwei quietly entered the kitchen through the side door, her face was still yellow and the ends of her eyebrows were drawn in such a way that with just a few alterations, her entire appearance and temperament had changed so drastically that people were not interested in looking at her anymore.

  There was a strange sweet smell in the air and no one knew what new dessert was being made. Feng Zhiwei didn’t want to disturb anyone, so she quietly found an empty stove and poured water into the pot to reheat the dumplings.

  There was some delicious food on the table but Feng Zhiwei didn’t even take a second glance at it: Feng Hao was ignorant when he asked her to bring something delicious, so he didn’t need to cause any trouble.

  It’s just the smell, it’s unbearable… Feng Zhiwei felt her belly and felt even hungrier.

  She was so engrossed in waiting for the water to boil that she didn’t notice that someone had slipped in at the kitchen door, nor did she notice that a few cooks, who seemed to be busy in earnest, were glancing in this direction.

The water in the pot was gurgling and bubbling with heat and Feng Zhiwei did not dare to stay, so she went to lift the pot after the water boiled for a while, figuring that the steamed buns would be ready when they were half-hot and her hand was just touching the skin of the steamed buns when she heard a bang.


At the same time, as quickly as if waiting, the cook’s screams rang out.

“Thief! The royal meal has been stolen!”




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