The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 10: Please allow me to occasionally watch

The Rise of Phoenixes 《 凰权 》Huang Quan

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 10: Please allow me to occasionally watch

There was silence on all sides, as if she were speaking to the air and Feng Zhiwei was in no hurry, smiling as if she were moving forward.

“Why is it that every time I see you, something good happens.” The eyebrows that fly obliquely are as blue as feathers and the eyes beneath them, deep and dark, are unlit by the sun.

“Let’s just say good things happen all the time around me.” When Feng Zhiwei smiled back, she was surprised that he recognized her disguise every time, wasn’t it the yellow face that marked the spot?

Hey, next time dress as a pretty boy, maybe he won’t recognize you? Feng Zhiwei thought to herself

  The mischievous thoughts passed by and the eyes of the maiden were thus streaming, fresh as spring and caused the man to look deeper into them and the light in his eyes shone but he could not see the true thoughts.

  Only then did Feng Zhiwei remember the egg packet in her hand and smiled awkwardly, subconsciously wanting to hide it but eventually chose to grip the packet tighter.

“Three times I have seen you and twice you have killed someone.” The man took a sip of his wine, his eyes far beyond the clouds, “Do you really think there is no law, that I can’t do something about it?”

“Next time you see me, I won’t kill anyone.” Feng Zhiwei replied solemnly.

The man smiled dumbly as his hand paused and took a closer look at her, the girl in front of him was clinging to the flowers, her posture was thin but her brows were open.

  Of course, that’s what it feels like, without seeing the glare.

Gently turning his glass, the man seemed to be brooding over something and suddenly said, “You’re not going back to Qiu Residence?”

“I have to return.” Feng Zhiwei answered honestly, “Tortoise work is not for me.”

“Then why do you shelter in a brothel?”  The man looked around, “How will you ever get back from such a filthy place?”

“I’m looking for the possible in the impossible.” Feng Zhiwei smiled helplessly, “No matter how much you think about it, you’d never expect me to come here, so it’s better than being caught by the Qiu family while you’re out living your life.”

“You can stay at a monastery.”

“You’re from the capital, don’t you know that a monastery is just the backyard brothel of the rich families?” Feng Zhiwei’s lips were lightly smiling, “It hides dirt and filth, no less than a brothel, once I go there, I may never leave again.”

She sighed and said, “I am a weak woman with a life of weakness and the best I can do is to protect myself.”

The man did not answer but looked at her silently and his eyes fell into hers and in the maiden’s restrained sharpness he saw her hidden wisdom.

  For some reason no one comes, not even the birds that chirp endlessly, the wind blows heavy, the flowers are silent, breath… Breathe… hold your breath until there is no sound.

  After a long time, the man lifted his sleeve, drained his cup and smiled at her.

  He smiled as if the sun was rising and the hues were steaming, the brightness was unbelievable, the wind suddenly flowed and the flowers bloomed, her breath, finally, flowed like water.

Then she heard him faintly say, “Life in the brothel is not easy and I hope that next time I see you, you’ll behave yourself.”

She bowed and was taught.

In the lowered field of vision, he saw the moonlight white elegant robe and left without any delay.

  Feng Zhiwei didn’t move but gently shook the clothes on her back.

  On my back, my clothes are sweaty, sticky and itchy.

  In that split second, he had the same murderous aura as the first time we met, even more so.

  She knew she’d had bad luck, twice she’d attacked someone under his nose, twice she’d killed someone and both times they’d seemed to have a connection to him.

  She didn’t know what he was doing, only a vague feeling that maybe she’d ruined it for him?

  Even if there’s nothing to it, a man like him would be dangerous to a man like himself; a man like him would not want to be seen behind his back and the best way to deal with those dangers is to kill her.

  She just confessed to him that she had no intention of interfering and that she was no danger to him.

  For a brief moment, she felt that she had failed to impress this elegant and beautiful man of power but inside he was as cold as stone.

  In the end, however, he let her go again.

  Feng Zhiwei stood in front of the spring flowers in a daze, the golden flowers reflecting the color of her pale lips, while dusk was approaching.


“Zhizhi, bring some extra flowers, I need them tonight!”


After that day, Feng Zhiwei successfully retrieved her silver cheque and heard the news that Master Li’s only grandson had left for a study tour in the capital. She waited carefully for a while but found that everything had returned to normal and nothing seemed to be wrong.

  Because she had helped her brothel mother and Lanxiang out of their crisis, Feng Zhiwei was now doing quite well but every day, she still went out to do shopping for the girls.

  At noon, the Tianshui Street of the capital was at its busiest, with shops and merchants milling about, carriages galloping past with shining glass and noble boys carrying fine double-barreled muskets.

  Wealthy affair.

  Tiansheng is now the largest kingdom in the world, its territory stretches from the Golden Sands Sea in the south and the island kingdoms bow down to it; to the north, the snow-capped mountains of Houzhou Gedamu are home to the untamed and fierce Twelve Tribes of Houzhou; to the east, the Suqang Plateau is overlooked by the starry sheep herd; and to the west, the ancient Chang River Road is controlled by blond and blue-eyed merchants who frequently knock at the city gate.

  From south to north, fast horses, hard to get to from one end point to the other in a year.

  During the Tiansheng reign, they developed commerce and industry, opened up the sea, reformed the currency, optimized the official system, promoted culture and education and encouraged farming. The country is growing by leaps and bounds, a hundred years ahead of the West.

  After Dacheng unified the world, the throne was formed by 32 emperors, most of them were British masters in the first period but after 19 generations, their descendants were unworthy and the country was weakened by internal disputes.

  After the establishment of the Tiansheng Dynasty, the Ning Clan strengthened the centralization of power, widened the gap in hierarchy, increased taxes at the border and controlled foreign trade.

  Just like the glass, which could have been popularized by the people but was controlled by the imperial court and became a luxury of the nobility.

  Feng Zhiwei was looking at the glass of a carriage on the street and had her hair cut in a bun, she couldn’t disguise herself but she had a natural understanding of the Tao.

  Then she rounded the carriage, turned down a winding alley and stopped in front of a dilapidated house.

  She reached for the door, her probing fingers steady and cautious.


  As the door opened, a black light shot out towards her face and Feng Zhiwei was so quick that she took a wrong step and the black light passed by her ear, taking a few strands of hair off her temples.

  Watching the hair fall to the ground, Feng Zhiwei smiled bitterly: So today it is the flying knife.

  In a flash, the hot air inside her body, which had been tormenting her meridians for a long time, suddenly cooled down a bit and with bone-chilling comfort, Feng Zhiwei squinted her eyes, feeling the rare relaxation.

  There was a soft cough from the door, as if dissatisfied with her slow reaction, when Feng Zhiwei entered the door, darkness fell upon her, there was no light in the room and in the corner sat a man in a wide robe and black clothes, wearing an ebony mask, his whole body blended into the darkness, not to mention not being able to identify a man or a woman, it was difficult to see who was there.

  When Feng Zhiwei came in, the man raised his hand and pointed to a stove in the corner of the room, so Feng Zhiwei didn’t say anything and went to boil water.

  When she first came to the Lanxiang House, she was out shopping, she accidentally bumped into a rich young man and was beaten up by the rich man’s servants. The man who she interacted with now beat up the family members who were chasing her but ordered her to compensate him for his  “Ten Continents and Ten Lands of the Golden Immortal Revival Pill.”

  The name of the elixir of life in the ten continents of the Nine Kingdoms and ten territories is very deceptive but even an idiot can see that the” elixir of life” will not be produced by boiling licorice in a ramshackle house with a muddy stove.

  But Feng Zhiwei had no choice but to accept it, she wasn’t afraid of power, she was afraid of pain from fists.

  Within a few days, she realized that the master’s behavior was horrendous and strange: He tell her to wipe the table and the corners of the table will burst out. The master asked her to do the laundry but after the laundry, she started to get spots all over her body, which didn’t fade away until three days later, so she had to cover herself up tightly and dine with him, the food smelled good in front of him but it was hard to swallow in front of her and what’s more, every day when she opened the door, there was a hidden attack, a silent finger poke, a tiger’s fist, a shining sword, or a hidden weapon. , it’s not repeated.

  How could one person have so many offensive moves? Feng Zhiwei was puzzled but as she dodged, she realized that she was becoming lighter and more agile and that the hot air inside her body seemed to have a tendency to return.

  With this realization, Feng Zhiwei was willing to be enslaved and reported here every day after she finished her shopping.

  In fact, except for the first day’s Liquorice Five Plus Pi Daluo Golden Immortal Rejuvenation Pill and all the other herbs that she cooked every day, she couldn’t tell what was in the stove! What is it?

  Feng Zhiwei patiently controlled the fire, opening the lid from time to time to check the heat, to be baptized by the unpleasant smell of medicine: one of the odd requests of this man.

  The faint red mist emitted from the pot and when it hit her face, it was slightly cool, with a pungent taste.

  She was so engrossed in this strange feeling that she couldn’t bear to leave but when the broad-robed man raised his hand, he threw something viciously at her.

  She was stunned and only then did she look down at the object in her hand but it was a tattered pamphlet with the cover peeling off. She opened it and saw that it was a miscellany, the author’s handwriting wasn’t very good but his writing style was soaring out of the corner of her eye and his words were new and interesting, unlike today’s language. , the more I read, the more I was frightened, my eyes suddenly freezing on a certain page.

In the header of that page, there suddenly appeared another person’s handwriting, with a silver hook drawn on iron, which read: “Qingqing, please allow me to occasionally watch.”

  Then there’s the original author’s handwriting, written rattlingly and looking somewhat vicious: “Shame on the peeping tom!”

  On the next line, in pretty handwriting, the answer: “It is no shame to peep.”

  The original author next line was even more vicious: “Shame and to continue to peep, it is just more shame!”

Feng Zhiwei couldn’t help but giggle, thinking that this was a wonderful couple. Somehow, she felt that the two people who left their handwriting must be a man and a woman and that they were a couple whose hearts were in harmony with each other.

But when she looked at the next line, she suddenly dropped the book in her hands!




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