The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 11: You sexually assaulted me on night duty.

The Rise of Phoenixes 《 凰权 》Huang Quan

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 11: You sexually assaulted me on night duty.

That line, written by the man with the dashing handwriting.

“Shame on him who laughs.”

Feng Zhiwei’s shock was not a small one: was that her? The one who was smirking?

And then I felt scared, how could it be possible, looking at this tattered old book, how could the person in this book have been in the dark for so many years, how could he have predicted this.

She picked up the book and the next thing you know, she was shaking.

“Do not be alarmed, sir, for you have  the book.”

Feng Zhiwei was so shocked that she didn’t panic at all and she could already confirm that the man’s words were addressed to her.

And when a tease came into her heart, she laid the book on the fire without looking at the next line.

The official robed man seemed shocked and he hunched over to stop him but Feng Zhiwei quickly withdrew her hand.

Then she saw a line at the top and bottom of the book, where a man wrote: “This book is made of nimble leather and cannot be burned.” The next line was followed by a change of tone, as if addressing the author of the book, “This child is as naughty as you.”

The next sentence was the woman’s reply and her tone seemed a bit helpless, “Why bother to use the qi to clairvoyant what will happen hundreds of years later? Don’t scare people.”

There was no more dialogue at the bottom of the page, so Feng Zhiwei fondled the page and smiled, thinking that maybe the couple had put down their pens and gone somewhere to be together.

  She thought of the couple who flirted like this many years ago, the red sleeves and the fragrance of the moon and the two smiles and the pencil, a beautiful scene.

  The broad-robed man remained silent, his head and face hidden in his extremely large robe, seemingly unwilling to be seen and only moved when Feng Zhiwei made a gesture to burn the book.

  The smell of medicine curling in the stove, the fragrance of the old book, the wide-robed man’s eyes suddenly fell on Feng Zhiwei’s fingertips.

  At some point, Feng Zhiwei’s fingertips turned a faint shade of red, especially when she was near the cauldron and then gradually faded.

The wide-robed man’s eyes flickered but Feng Zhiwei was unaware of the change, finishing his chores and waving the booklet at the other party, “Can I take it back to read?”

Thinking about it and adding: “I’ll be careful not to give anyone the slip.”

She had a hunch that this book was more than just a miscellany, the unheard of golden sea dragon skin and the beast was unknown, whoever could write with this book must have an unusual igh identity and the writing left behind must be of great value, she would rather not take it but somehow, she was reluctant to give it up.

But the broad-robed man didn’t seem to be worried about that, so he waved his hand and asked her to leave and Feng Zhiwei put the book into her arms, suddenly startled again.

For a moment, she felt something different about herself but when she looked all over, she couldn’t find anything wrong, so she smiled and went out.

When she went out, she realized she was so absorbed in reading that she had missed the hour and it was already dusk.

Feng Zhiwei took a shortcut back, she knew of an alley that would take her to the back of Lanxiang Courtyard.

The alley was hidden behind a corner, very quiet and Feng Zhiwei could hear her own footsteps on the cobblestone road, almost hollow.

In the empty silence, there was a sudden buzz of voices from nowhere.

“Mother, give me one tael of silver.”

Feng Zhiwei’s heart was shaken– this was Feng Hao’s voice.

She hastily dodged behind the corner and held her breath, then she saw Feng Hao and his mother coming all the way here and Feng Hao kept on pestering Lady Feng with his tender feelings, asking for” one tael of silver to buy a silk lining coat.”

“You can’t wear coarse clothes when playing flyball, it sticks to your body and you smell funny.” Feng Hao smiled and said, “If I don’t get some decent clothes, they won’t want me to play anymore.”

Flying Ball is a game inherited from Dacheng, it is said that it was invented by the Empress Shenying, it was first popularized all over the country but now it’s become a luxury of nobles. Who is he playing with?

Feng Zhiwei’s eyes fell on Feng Hao and his mother’s intertwined arms, her heart was saddened and the question she had just asked passed by without a second thought.

” Then Feng Hao smiled: “they promised me that they would recommend me to go to the Qingming Academy. Mother, didn’t you say that the Qingming Academy is the best academy in the world…”

The light of the setting sun shone into the alley, blending the backs of the two people walking past into one, while her figure, slanting and long, was reflected on the ground, far away from that back, far away from the rest of the world.

  Feng Zhiwei held her arms, the chill from the night she was expelled from the Qiu Residence came back and she trembled slightly in the dusk of early spring.

  When he saw his mother stroking Feng Hao’s head lovingly, he couldn’t stand his pettiness any longer, so he carefully took out one tael of silver and when he saw that Feng Hao had sent his mother away with a few words, he looked around furtively and a sneer bloomed on his lips.

  My mother’s monthly salary is only one tael of silver but if she were to spend it on lingerie for Jiao’er, she’d be afraid to send it to the girls at Lanxiang Courtyard.

  A month’s savings, sent to buy half-eaten and half-thrown candy melon seeds for prostitutes.

  She didn’t want to run into her brother in the courtyard, so she leaned against the corner and broke off a piece of cold glutinous rice sweet root to eat.

  Halfway through the meal, Feng Zhiwei was startled when he accidentally looked over.

  On this back wall, how many footsteps are there?

  The crown of the tree was against the top of the wall and by looking at the footsteps on the wall, it was obvious that someone had climbed from the tree to the wall and then entered the Lanxiang Courtyard.

  A prostitute? Or is it a girl who’s been seeing a poor, broke lover?

  As I was speculating, I suddenly heard the leaves shaking overhead, revealing a pair of thin-soled shoes.

  Feng Zhiwei leaned against it with great interest, wanting to see the man behind her buttocks.

She faintly saw the buttocks swinging endlessly and the man said, “Chrysanthemum, the heavens will never change, this love is unquenchable. Take care, take care, take care of yourself, take care… Don’t lose your clothes for me…”

Feng Zhiwei held her stomach in her hands, thinking that she hadn’t eaten too much glutinous rice, so why did she want to puke so badly?

She was not the only one who didn’t show up. Someone pushed her inside the wall and the leaves shook. I’ve lost my life, just a few twilights… Chrysanthemum, you are so cruel…”

The man recited love poems, including not only ancient and modern poems but also poems of his own and recited a lot of beautiful lines at random, really agile and brilliant, Feng Zhiwei sighed – such a rare talent, used in a brothel of third-rate prostitutes, is not a sin.

As he was carrying on, suddenly a drumming noise, the front and back doors of the Lanxiang Courtyard were sounding the sound of a strong collision, faintly men yelling at women crying, noisy shouting: “Give me that shameless killer of a thousand knives!”


The one who was reciting a poem at the top of the tree, stopped abruptly, shouted in alarm and scampered up but forgot that he was still on the tree and as he scampered up, his clothes puffed and the leaves shook in disorder.

Feng Zhiwei bowed his head: what an amorous uncle face!

The uncle fell heavily but immediately got up from the dust, looking around in fear and the back door of the ring door people, also faintly heard the movement of this side of the back wall, then someone far away shouted: “go over there and look!”

Feng Zhiwei was about to leave when she heard this, she was about to be caught.

The man on the ground in the mud pit raised his face like a white lotus flower and smiled flatteringly at her: “Brother, at least save me!”

Feng Zhiwei squatted down, smiled and the man looked at her hopefully, smiled at her and gently reached out his hand, as if to lift him up, the man was even more ecstatic and loosened her trousers, to take her hand.

Feng Zhiwei immediately withdrew her hand, turned around and left.

The man’s half-raised body fell to the dust with a thud again…

Seeing that Feng Zhiwei was ruthless and merciless and would not save her from death and that footsteps were approaching at the back door, the man shouted, “Don’t you dare leave?”

Feng Zhiwei didn’t listen but she didn’t stop.

A sudden tightness on her waist, her body was already held by someone and there was the scent of an elegant man coming and then she heard the man behind me yell:

“If you don’t save me, I’ll say you sexually assaulted me on night duty!”




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