The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 12: The brick incident

The Rise of Phoenixes 《 凰权 》Huang Quan

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 12: The brick incident

Feng Zhiwei stopped, turned around slowly, pointed to her own nose and asked incredulously, “Me? Assault? Rape? You?”

The man smiled fawningly, swept his hair from his temples, nodded his head and showed his torn clothes to Feng Zhiwei: “Well, you also tore my clothes, the evidence is as strong as a mountain.”

Feng Zhiwei was so angry that she laughed back: “With your old face, you have a gash on your face that can kill a man, I? Assaulted? Violently? You?”

“Hey, do you have a conscience?” The guy gets antsy, sends a face straight to her, “I’m old face? Where is this Old face? Where is this Old face?”

When Feng Zhiwei looked at him closely, she had to admit that she was speaking out of good conscience but if he had an old face, everyone in the world would be in the coffin.

  Such a pretty face, on night duty, is very convincing for both men and women that the man is a woman.

  When things can’t be avoided, they need not be avoided.

  This is an essay from the book, which she agrees with, Feng Zhi smiles and says: “OK, to save you, you have to let go first.”

  He looked at her askance, thinking that she couldn’t trust him, so Feng Zhiwei didn’t struggle and turned around in his embrace, firstly, she knocked his hair out of its bun.

  Then she put the silk flowers she had bought on his head.

  The new foundation, the embroidered silk, was unfolded and draped over his shoulders.

  He lifted his hand and poured the ochre sauce from the porcelain jar of sugar-root on his face and with a smear of it, his jade skin immediately turned yellowish-black.

  And then elbowing him across the room, pinning him against the tree.

  A series of actions in one go and before the man knew it, Feng Zhiwei was finished and the pursuing soldiers were already approaching.

  What a fierce army of women.

  First, there was a big fat woman, knife in her left hand, a chopping board in her right, club in her left, club in her right, she looked very impressive.

  Then there was a group of women who looked similar to the woman, with a variety of weapons in their hands, ranging from large scrubbers to small spatulas.

The group came raging and the first woman wielded a knife and shouted, “You will die a thousand knives, you dare to cheat on me! If I don’t castrate you today, I’ll write my name backwards!”

The big-footed man rushed over, thinking he was sure to catch the old man but instead he saw a young man in blue, leaning over and laughing with a woman.

  The woman is wearing a silk flower and an embroidered robe, the young man covers her body and the woman’s face is half black.

  At the sound of a voice, the young man turned back, a strange, ordinary face, a little startled and unhappy.

  The woman wearing the flower, seeing so many people, seemed overwhelmed with shame, raised her sleeve to cover her face and trembled with fear.

  The two people in front of her, neither of them is related to the wrongdoer, they thought they would catch their own ghosts but they never thought they would break someone’s luck.

  Under Feng Zhiwei’s arm, the beautiful man let out a long breath.

With a smile on her face, she withdrew her arm, Feng Zhiwei stopped the other party to thank her, her hand was spread out, “Four feet of embroidered gold flower silk cloth from Jiangnan Province, five new gold powder silk flowers from Fengyizhai and one catty of glutinous rice and sugar lotus root from Sifangzhai, a total of sixteen taels and eight silver coins, thank you. Thank you.”

The man bent down and froze in mid-stride, raised his head bitterly for a while and said with a deflated mouth, “… Can I owe you?”

Feng Zhiwei narrowed her eyes: “Your Excellency, when you enter the courtyard, you don’t even bring any money?”

“What’s the point of paying for a girl? The man who can make a woman willingly fall for him is a man.”

Feng Zhiwei looked him up and down once, nodding her head in understanding, “Yes, with your looks, it’s hard to say who was taken advantage of.”

“You…”  Before the other party could show his green fangs, Feng Zhiwei had already said quickly, “You can refuse to pay for the night ferry but you can’t refuse to pay for help: your wife hasn’t gone far yet!”

The man, helpless, fumbled with his head for a while, handed over a small brick and said, “This is a Tianhuang brick, worth some money…”

It’s” worth something”, a big finger of good yellow stone on the market, worth thousands of dollars.

Feng Zhiwei accepted it, frowning:”… It’s better to take it in cash…” she put it in his pocket.

The beautiful man was watching her and suddenly said, “You’re a brothel boy? It’s a pity that a man of your talents should settle down in this smoky place. Shall we go somewhere else?”

Feng Zhiwei waved her hand disinterestedly, “Thanks, no thanks.”

“Then when you change your mind, go to Ten Mile Pine Mountain outside the city and look for Xin with this seal.”

Feng Zhiwei nodded her head perfunctorily and suddenly called out to him as Uncle Xin stalked away like a thief.

“Nosy question: what is the surname of your  wife?”

Uncle flattened his mouth and replied in sneer:”… Wang.”


It was already late, Feng Zhiwei went in through the back door, first went to Yanhong to send silk flowers, just push the door, the curtain was lifted, a man rushed out quickly and she collided with him, then heard Yanhong’s sharp voice, cursing: “Which family’s son of a bitch! How dare you ask me to spend the night with you, even for one tael of silver?”

The man was flushed with shame and turned back angrily, “Even half a tael of silver isn’t worth what this young master sees in you!”

Feng Zhiwei was startled, she didn’t expect to run into Feng Hao after hiding for half a day, she’s too embarrassed to come to a brothel.

Feng Hao didn’t notice this little boy, he was trembling with anger, he just made some decent friends earlier, took him around, saw a lot of new things and encouraged him to” taste women”, he said one tael of silver was enough..

The door curtain thrown aside, Yanhong willow eyebrows moved upside down out, her finger almost poked Feng Hao nose: “Poor sour, go back to your mother’s stomach, want to prostitute me, you are still too young!”

Feng Hao has been spoiled since childhood, how can he stand this kind of anger, reaching out to incite Yanhong slap: “Stinky cousin!”

A hand came out of nowhere, slapping him across the face.

Feng Hao blushed and struggled but he didn’t move, then he raised his eyes and saw the yellow-faced boy looking at him quietly.

Startled, Feng Hao recognized Feng Zhiwei, with an” ah”: “Sister-”

“Want to borrow money? No!”  Feng Zhiwei quickly cut him off, yawning to Yanhong, “Miss Yanhong, this is an old friend of mine…”

“What a bumpkin…” Yanhong muttered, waved her hand and Feng Hao wanted to argue but Feng Zhiwei dragged him out.

Feng Hao was still angry when he left the courtyard, cursing, “Bitch! You only know silver!”

Feng Zhiwei didn’t even have the heart to lecture him, her mother has always favored him and she’s become even more so in recent years, so what’s the use of saying a few words?

She doesn’t want to fight with Feng Hao but he won’t let her go, he’s got nowhere to vent his anger, so he looks at everyone and looks askance at Feng Zhiwei, “Sis, why are you in that dirty place? You’re an innocent girl, how can you be so shameless? Aren’t you afraid of tarnishing the reputation of the Feng family?”

Feng Zhiwei turned her head and looked at Feng Hao in an unbelievable way. In the past, she only thought that her mother favored her son, which might not be good for Feng Hao but she never thought that a person could be pampered to such an ungrateful extent.

Her dark eyes in the dusk, as cold and deep as the whirlpool of the abyss, caused Feng Hao to shrink and then heard his sister, who was always gentle, cut off the jade with every word.

“No matter how shameless I was, I wouldn’t take my mother’s hard-earned money to a brothel; no matter how disgraceful I was to my family, I was no match for the only male member of the Feng family who, at the age of fourteen, cheated his way into prostitution. I’m not as bad as the only son of the Feng family, who had a prostitute at the age of fourteen.”

“Who cheated you out of money for prostitution?” Feng Hao jumped up as if his tail had been stepped on, his white face twisted with rage, “You framed him! You framed me! Shame on you! False accusation!”

Feng Zhiwei sneered, “You seem to be better at this path.”

Feng Hao choked a little, thinking about the current situation of Feng Zhiwei, finally a little guilty, a little while na na was about to speak, suddenly a large group of people laughing over, the first one to greet Feng Hao: “Ah Hao, having a good time?”

“If a piece of silver is offered, will the girls be eager to offer you a pillow?” And a young man in a fine coat winked, with a jocular look.

“That’s right, if Young Master Hao likes it, he can take it? 1 tael of silver, that’s enough!”

The crowd laughed.

Feng Hao’s face was pale white and blue. Feng Zhiwei looked on with indifference, knowing that this was the group of sons and daughters that Mom and Hao had talked about earlier.

Feng Hao was young and energetic, how could he stand such sarcasm to his face and said angrily, “Do you think I really can’t get anything valuable? Wait!”

Feng Zhiwei’s instincts were not good, he wouldn’t go home in a rage and rummage through his mother’s private stash, would he? Hasten to stop him, shouted: “Don’t be crazy!”

Feng Hao struggled: “Out of the way! Get out of the way! A soldier can be killed but not insulted!”

Feng Zhiwei was so angry and amused that she lifted her hand and dragged him to the corner, she was doing chores for the broad-robed man and she didn’t realize that she had gained a lot of strength. Aren’t you embarrassed enough?”

Feng Hao’s neck stalked, continuing his young master’s temper: “Not to be insulted!”

Feng Zhiwei was thinking about today’s events. Feng Hao suddenly made friends with these people, suddenly went to a prostitute and now he was forced to do this, somehow, there was something strange and disturbing about this seemingly normal thing.

She was somewhat distracted, cold and unexpectedly a clay gold fan inserted between the two, the first to speak just now, the boy smiled and said: “What are you two sneaking around here discussing?”

He eyed the handsome looking Feng Hao, suddenly smiled mysteriously and said, “It’s just that I don’t have any money, I was kicked out by my cousin, don’t worry, you’re so good looking, I’ll introduce you to any prince’s house, one night with any prince, you’ll be able to buy ten cousins for a year!”


Before the end of a note, blood blossomed in the air, splashing brightly, the boy’s eyes suddenly straightened and with a short” ah” sound, he fell to the ground with a thud.

Also on the ground was half of the bloodied brick in Feng Hao’s hand.

Master Feng, at that moment, he smashed open someone’s head with a brick.


The sound of the bricks woke up the other kids waiting on the other side of the wall, one of them peeked over, saw the kids underground and screamed like a chicken.

  As soon as he reached out his hand, Feng Hao suddenly shoved the bloodied brick into her hand!

  Then he rolled over, climbed over a short wall behind him and with a bang seemed to fall over the wall but did not stop to get up and run away.

Feng Zhiwei’s first reaction was to throw the brick but it was too late, the group of rich kids had already surged over, shouting in unison:

“Get this man, he killed someone!”




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