The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 13: Ning Yi the Prince of Chu

The Rise of Phoenixes 《 凰权 》Huang Quan

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 13: Ning Yi the Prince of Chu

Blood everywhere, the man lying on the ground unknown, the crowd shouting, the brother once again planted and escaped.

  It happened so quickly and unexpectedly, Feng Zhiwei, who had always been calm, was also stunned.

  Standing there, she looked at Feng Hao’s disappeared direction, her heart raged for a moment and then heard a slight” click” in her hand.

  A sound, a cloud of dust in the air and the raging crowd suddenly stopped.

  As soon as Feng Zhiwei lowered her head, she saw that half of the brick in her hand had broken into a thousand pieces and fell to the ground.

  Feng Zhiwei raised her hand in disbelief but she couldn’t see what was wrong after looking at it for half a day.

  She tries to get back the sudden rush of blood, gives it another squeeze and the cinder block doesn’t budge.

  As soon as she let go of her hand, the cinder blocks fell to the ground and she crushed them with her foot, leaving only a pile of ashes on the ground.

Then she smiled and said, “Oh my, why did this man suddenly fall down? Get medical help!”


Everyone was staring at the ‘murderer’ who was holding a bloody brick a moment ago but now he was trying to save others but they couldn’t follow Feng Zhiwei’s strange thoughts.

“I’m just a poor man, “Feng Zhiwei slapped the ashes in her palm, immediately forcing the first gentleman to take a step back, “If I don’t have money to pay the medical fee, I won’t bother, this gentleman’s injury is not serious, please, everyone, please.”

With a smile, Feng Zhiwei smiled at the stunned people and then calmly turned around and left the stage.

 A cold breeze blew through and the clothes on my back were chilly.

  Just a few more steps and I’ll be out of sight of the crowd…

“Pop, pop, pop.”

Three slow, measured applause, bursting out in a strange silence.

  When Feng Zhiwei turned her head, she saw two men sitting on two horses not far away, followed by a large group of officials and magistrates.

  On the left side of the white horse was a young man, in a purple brocade robe, handsome and somewhat childish, with eyes as bright as black pearls, staring at her with wide eyes.

  On the right side of the black horse, the man looked down at her carelessly, his moon white and blue mountain demon robe was as elegant as a beam of moonlight and his face temperament reflected each other but his cape was deep black, embroidered with a large group of light gold mandala, flowing on the shoulders, demonic and cold, the whole person had a kind of contradictory beauty of seduction.

  His eyes were still and deep, staring at Feng Zhiwei and no ripples could be seen.

  Feng Zhiwei was embarrassed and tugged at the corners of her mouth: last time she promised not to cause any trouble or kill anyone and now she encounters this kind of situation again.

  This time it was worse, she hit him with a brick in the street and then she drove him off.

  After all, she’s a lady, she’s always followed the rules, so why is it so coincidental that she meets him every time? Hey, maybe it’s not his fortune.

  The purple-clothed boy glared at the horse, pointed at Feng Zhiwei and ate, “You–you–”

  Feng Zhiwei’s heart sank, knowing that these people must have seen her holding the brick, so it would be hard to muddle through today.

  When the young man saw Feng Zhiwei destroy the weapon and deny the debt, he subconsciously said something but somehow, seeing Feng Zhiwei’s calm but angry eyes at that critical moment, he opened his mouth and blocked the words in his throat.

  He looked to his side and felt that Sixth Brother, who was usually very deep, was looking at people in a strange way.

The horse’s whip cracked softly on the gilded saddle blanket and the man on the black horse, not letting his young brother finish his sentence, spoke up, “What’s the fuss?”

“Your Highness!” As if seeing a savior, those gentlemen rushed over but didn’t dare to get too close to that horse, “The young master of the Wu family has been killed!”

Feng Zhiwei’s heart was heavy again: Wu, the youngest son, obviously a direct descendant of the current dynasty’s Prince Fu family, Feng Hao had actually hit a noble younger brother at this level and caused such a big trouble again!

  And the man with three faces, which prince is he? Rumor has it that the Crown Prince is unpredictable, the second prince is domineering, the fifth prince is cold and unapproachable, the sixth prince is a member of the Crown Prince’s gang and is known for his beauty and flirtatious personality, the seventh prince is friends with the fifth prince and has a good reputation and is the first among the princes to be crowned king and the tenth prince is young.

  Depending on the age, he is either six or seven.

“Fool.” The man’s upturned eyes were full of scorn and the whip was pointed at the boy, “dead or alive, don’t you know?”

The people swarmed to see the wounded underground again and a few dukes hurriedly carried the man away for treatment and the commander of the Nine Cities Capital Guard, who was in charge of the security of the capital, drove his horse to the man’s side and frowned, asking, “Do you know who the murderer is?”

“Him!” The rest of them all pointed at Feng Zhiwei.

Feng Zhiwei looked surprised, took a step back, innocent stare, “Passerby curious, unintentionally involved, clambering and biting indiscriminately, how can I prove innocent!”

“You deserve trouble because of the suddenness of the incident and your inability to avoid it.” The man looked down on her and was so quick and fluent that he blocked Feng Zhiwei.

Raising their eyes, their gazes met again, one wary, the other cold and for a while Feng Zhiwei lowered her eyes, taking the initiative to avoid.

The situation is better than the person, even if he has a smart mouth, it’s better not to show it off at this time.

This one is inscrutable but at least she was able to clear up some of the connections in that sentence.

The Commander of the Nine Cities looked slightly embarrassed and bowed to the man: “Your Highness, there must be an explanation from Lord Fu, this person is under suspicion…”

The phoenix eyes flew obliquely, glancing at Feng Zhiwei, the man said indifferently, “If you say you are innocent, then who might testify against the murderer?”

  Feng Zhiwei was startled, her mind was racing, she gritted her teeth for a while and resisted the urge to recruit Feng Hao, what’s the use of recruiting him? What’s the point of recruiting him? If the identity of the brothel servant is involved, if Qiu Residence finds out about it, they may even make an insult to him and if that happens, will the mother choose between herself and her brother again?

A sore heart but not a trace of a face, frankly smiling and pointing behind him: “Just now, I saw a man with blood on his hands, crossing the wall, heading west.”

The young man on the white horse choked, suddenly couldn’t stop coughing, the man on the black horse turned to look at him, the young man accosted: “Uh, Sixth Brother, it’s okay, the wind I flashed my tongue.”

Sixth Brother… It’s the Sixth Prince, Prince of Chu, and the Tenth Prince, Ning Ji.

There is a poem in the capital: “Early plum blossoms on the high tree, reflecting the blue of the Chu sky.” Alluding to the title of Prince of Chu, Ning Yi.

 It was not the Crown Prince, nor the Seventh Prince, who was called the Wise King, who was the most popular of all the princes but the Sixth Prince, who was so young and bright that when he was born, the court heard the sound of music in the sky but the legend did not seem to bring him luck. But for some reason, he was soon given to his own sister, the Princess Yao, to raise.

  It is rumored that Ning Yi was very late to speak his first words at the age of three but it seems that his late words opened his eyes to a lifetime of wisdom and at the age of five, he beat the national Paishou player Zhenlong game and at the age of seven, he had a poem with the world’s most talented and amazing Xin Ziyan and in a short period of time, he composed “The Righteous Manner”, a thousand words long poem, which made Xin Ziyan amazed, He became the best friend of Ning Yi and was invited by the royal family to be the head of the first academy in the world, which made him a sensation in the capital.

After the founding of the Tiansheng Kingdom at the seventh year of reign, a serious illness buried the child’s infinite talent and Ning Yi’s temperament changed. The courtesan’s red lips and teeth are always calling out to him.

Therefore, Xin Ziyan once sighed to a friend: “I want to give away ten thousand miles, far and wide, separated by mountains and rivers”, which is the next line of the poem that mirrors Ning Yi’s poem.”  and for Ning Yi today, it has no meaning anymore.

Because of that illness, Ning Yi never went to Chu, located in the northwest of Tiansheng and stayed in the capital to recuperate. Of course, whether to use medicine or beauty fragrance to recuperate, it’s still worth considering.

But Feng Zhiwei would never speculate on this question now and she pointed in that direction with great seriousness, Ning Yi glanced at her and before she could say anything, the Tenth Prince Ning Ji, the “windy one”, was already smiling and laughing: “So, can you lead the way, sir?”

He smiled wryly, his dark eyes twinkled as if he was watching a good show, thinking that Feng Zhiwei must have a guilty conscience but when he nodded, he turned and left.

“Keep up!” Ning Ji was stunned but he reacted quickly.

The constables hurriedly followed and Feng Zhiwei led them left and right, into an alley, saying, “I saw someone going down this alley.”

She was referring to the broad-robed man’s house-Ning Yi was willing to give her another chance to save herself and she instantly thought of this mysterious man and if she gave up Feng Hao, she might even get herself involved and if she gave up this man, at least he would be able to save himself and if he started to fight, she would be able to fish her way out.

  Thinking this, Feng Zhiwei quietly retreated a few steps, waiting to run away once the chaos started.

  She moved backwards facing the officer and felt a coldness in her back and something hard gripped her waist.

Turned around and saw the gold inlaid jade horse whip across his back, the horse Ning Yi lowered eyebrows and elegant face, smiling almost kindly to look at her, “Where are you going?”




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