The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 14: The rouge mole

The Rise of Phoenixes 《 凰权 》Huang Quan

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 14: The rouge mole

Feng Zhiwei looked at his eyes that were completely devoid of smiles and also slowly smiled, saying: “Not going anywhere, waiting for the Lord Commander to find the real killer.”

“Exactly, you and I want it together.” Ning Yi smiled more kindly.

Feng Zhiwei smiled, thinking that she was still alive, so why should His Highness come here? She stood against his horse and looked at the black horse with admiration, smiling, “Your Highness, is this the black horse from Great Yue? It’s a rare breed in the world and I heard that Dacheng doesn’t send many of them every year.”

The Tenth Prince Ning Ji’s eyes suddenly turned to the side and he looked at Ning Yi with concern.

The woman tilted her head slightly and although she was a pale boy, her eyes were still calm and clear, so it was hard to see anything unusual.

His eyes sank a little, he gave a very brief” hmm”, turned his face away from the scene.

Feng Zhiwei didn’t seem to notice the sudden change in his mood and reached out to pet the horse in high spirits. Huh?”

That strange horse suddenly changed his temperament today and gave way to Feng Zhiwei’s touch, then moved his body slightly and even came closer to her.

At this time, Ning Yi had also turned his head, there was some surprise in his eyes, Feng Zhiwei withdrew her hand, accosted with a smile: “Sorry, this horse is really beautiful, so I didn’t hold back.”

She was smiling, innocent-looking, innocent thinking, not long ago the official-robbed guest was chatting with her, saying that the Second and Sixth Prince had fought over the great horse of Yue and that the Emperor had almost violated the family law and that the Sixth Prince had been grounded for three months, which seemed to be a good thing.


  Before they could finish their words, the officer who received the order to search the courtyard was about to kick open the door, when a loud bang was heard inside the courtyard.

  The wall of the courtyard collapsed in half and the stove that had been frying the medicine by the wall flew up and hit several officers in front, who jumped away screaming and more were knocked to the ground by the wave.

  In the midst of the ashes and smoke, two figures suddenly flew out of the ruins of the courtyard, one in a broad robe and black clothes, wearing an ebony mask, the same broad-robed mysterious guest who had been tormenting Feng Zhiwei for a while, the other, unknown to him, looked slender from afar, wearing a gauze hat, his heavenly blue body flying like a flowing cloud, his body was extremely strange, rising straight out of the smoke and dust, his body was as quiet as an abyss and dusk! When the sunlight hit his shoulders, the blue of the water glowed with a pale water-colored glow, like a jade statue rising from the dazzling light.

  In a split second, everyone on the ground looked up and even Feng Zhiwei’s eyes narrowed, feeling that even though the man was gone, his aura was still compelling.

  The moment the people were frightened by it, those two people had already rushed in and it seemed that they were already fighting in the courtyard but they were mistakenly disturbed by Feng Zhiwei, so they broke out of the house and skittled outside.

  But the man in the blue hat was chasing after him like smoke and his hand was placed on the wide-robed man’s shoulder.

  The fingers were like jade in the sunlight but the tips were coral red.

  This person’s speed is amazingly fast, Feng Zhiwei was already forced to face a blur of strong wind before her eyes, just as she is lamenting that her beautiful face will never be the same again, Ning Yi on her side suddenly scoffed coldly.

  Before the humming was over, his sleeves were already swept up in the wind and in a flash of blue light.

  There was a light in the sky and on the earth.

  The light was so bright that everyone closed their eyes for a moment, including Feng Zhiwei but she tried to open her eyes a little to see what was going on and suddenly there was a soft cloth on her face, a sky-clear blue, like the color of the sky after it had been washed by rain and wind. Dreams.

  Then feeling the white light of the moon, dense as a dream of celestial green faded, a gorgeous turquoise color from the eyes of the horizontal traverse, pale gold mandala flowers enchanting a bloom, suddenly drops of moist water between the eyebrows.

  The drops were red in color and stuck to the brow, like a rouge that fate had inadvertently nudged.

  All these changes happened in a split second, Feng Zhiwei suddenly felt a trance in her heart, she didn’t understand what was happening but a faint coldness rose in her heart, then she felt her body light and was dragged out of the room.

  Three figures, fade away in an instant.

  There was a dead silence.

For a long time, someone hummed softly, then it was Ning Ji’s voice, with a bit of shock and uneasiness who said: “Sixth Brother, you’re injured!”

The commander of the Nine Cities was shocked and rushed over to ask, Ning Yi was expressionless and looked indifferently at the direction where Feng Zhiwei had disappeared, he was no longer sitting on his horse and his original saddle, he somehow, had turned over.

  Just a moment ago, when he was clapping hands with the man in blue, subconsciously trying to save her face, the bastard woman, first, made a move on his saddle.

  Apparently, she had deliberately brought up the old story of the Dayue horses to distract him and had placed a simple barb in his saddle so that when he swung down to intercept the woman, the barb flipped and stung his horse.

  She and the man in blue know each other? They’re going to attack him together?

  Ning Yi’s face was expressionless but there was an eerie coldness between his eyebrows and he did not say a word to the commander’s concern. He slowly took out a silk scarf from his sleeve and wiped the blood stains on his hands and threw it away smoothly and the scarf fell to the ground.

  Then he turned and trampled the beautifully embroidered handkerchief into the mud without a care in the world.

  The evening sun looks like a rosy day but it is a barrier and the smile on his lips is cold.

  Okay, okay…




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