The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 15: You are bold enough to come with me!

The Rise of Phoenixes 《 凰权 》Huang Quan

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 15: You are bold enough to come with me!

It was a chilly early spring night, not bitterly cold but refreshingly cold and Feng Zhiwei was wrapped in the wind and soon she was frozen like a popsicle.

  She couldn’t look up, she couldn’t see the face of her captor, she could only see the clothes of Tinshui blue shimmer flowing in the wind, clearly the man who was trying to ruin her face with a veil over his face.

  This man was dressed strangely, in the rich and fashionable dynasty of Tiansheng, where it was fashionable to wear clothes that were wide and open and it was considered beautiful for a man to show a little collarbone but this man was wrapped tightly from top to bottom, with a veil that hung down to his shoulders, not even exposing a part of his neck and his sleeves were longer than the average man and fell down completely over his fingers, regardless of whether it was inconvenient or not for a fight.

  His body smell is different from Ning Yi like flowers in full bloom like snow but a kind of waterlily smell, seems to be unable to stand the smell but when you leave it can remind you of the acerbic scent and clean feeling.

  He’s holding Feng Zhiwei: with two fingers, fingertips still up, not in an artificial way but clearly, not wanting to touch any part of her body.

  Feng Zhiwei smiled bitterly, thinking that this one was probably a tough one too. The Kuan-robed man was obviously a martial artist but this one seemed to be a step above.

  But why would he want to arrest himself when he’s never met anyone before?

  Her body suddenly heaved, making her dizzy and it took her half a day to see clearly, stopping in the countryside outside the city.

  The man threw her to the ground, sealed her acupuncture points as he threw her out, then stood still and did not move.

  He stood still, silent and the moonlight was cold and frosty white, in which he shone pure and clear, more like a statue.

  Feng Zhiwei looked up at him, her heart felt furry and she suddenly wondered if she was staying with a legendary vampire with an immortal face.

Good thing the dumb hole wasn’t sealed, she tries to strike up a conversation, “Hey…”

The man didn’t move, he didn’t even turn his head. Undeterred, Feng Zhiwei continued to call out, “Hey… Master…”

The man suddenly answered, addressing the air in front of him, “Hey, warrior.”


“Who are you?”

“Who are you?”


“My name is Wei Zhi…”

“… My name is Wei Zhi.”


  Feng Zhiwei couldn’t stand it any longer, wondering with a bitter face: is this person an echo bug? Or is this really a zombie? A beautiful, non-speaking vampire?

  The man stood quietly, as if slowly thinking about something, then remembered something and shook his head.

This was the first time he gave Feng Zhiwei an action that felt” human-like”, hope was raised in his heart and he changed the subject to ask, “Warrior, we have no grudge, why did you kidnap me?”

The guy was finally a little more normal this time, answering, “Kidnap.”

What do you mean…? What do you mean?

“Kidnap who?”


Feng Zhiwei’s face was half blue: of course I know I’m human!

To put it another way: “The man you want to arrest, is it me?”

The man tilted his head, the moonlight through the veil beneath the hats, faintly the eyes were bright and still, like a jade, without flow.

“Grab the man from the yard.”

Feng Zhiwei was dumbfounded again and asked, “Whoever it was, as long as it was someone from the courtyard? The problem is that there were a lot of people in the courtyard.”

The man seemed to think for a moment, he spoke slowly and answered slowly, spitting out words one by one, his voice did not rise or fall, he did not look at anyone when answering, his eyes only fell one foot three inches in front of him, he seemed like a mentally incompetent man but Feng Zhiwei knew that it would be difficult for a mentally incompetent man to learn his martial arts like flowing clouds and water.

  Then she heard him reply, “He says, arrest the men in the yard.”

  Feng Zhiwei stayed for a long while, a little understanding, it seems that the person is ordered to come, probably to arrest the wide-robed guest, the wide-robed guest has been living alone without foreign guests, so the one-track mind, was told to just arrest the people in the yard on the line, who do not know that she bumped into and the last thing the person grabbed is wide-robed guest, wide-robed guest get out of the way and then grabbed her..

  What a mess!

  Suddenly something doesn’t feel right. Ning Yi was there. Why didn’t you arrest him?

  She said the question honestly but it seemed too difficult for the other and the man stood again as a jade statue in the moonlight and did not answer.

  The cold wind hisses, the moonlight is silent and the two men sitting at the station, staring at each other: oh no, keep calm and stare at the veil.

  Half an hour has passed.

  The moonlight is silent, the big eyes stare at the veil…

  An hour has passed.

  The cold wind hisses, the big eyes stare at the veil…


  The veil remained intact, the jade sculpture stands in perfect posture forever but Feng Zhiwei is about to collapse: what is this!

“What are you doing?”

The jade statue man answered: “Etc.”

“Waiting for who?”


Feng Zhiwei mourned, knowing that she didn’t need to ask who they were, that she couldn’t even ask, “Why aren’t they coming yet?”

Come on, it’s better to be slaughtered with a knife than to wait in the mud on a spring night with a jade statue man with her acupuncture points sealed (she was paralyzed).

At any rate, they should be normal people, with room to attack and a jade carving or stone, with no possibility of attacking.

“I don’t know.”

Feng Zhiwei’s anger was rising and her temper couldn’t withstand such a torturous test. She looked around for a long time and suddenly realized something as she saw the similarities in the scenery on all sides. Are you sure you’re going the wrong way?”

This four fields of trees and rocks, similar to a lot of places, recently heard that the expansion of the Qingming Academy outside the city, quarrying also have terrain changes, could it be that this person came to the capital for the first time, his group of partners was not able to give him a clear location, so he got lost?

The man craned his neck slowly, looked at it for a long while and slowly replied, “Maybe.”

Okay, well… Old Man Tian gave me up for the purpose of training me, testing me and finally fulfilling me… Feng Zhiwei gritted her teeth for a long time and said hatefully, “I know the way, you have to unlock my acupuncture point and I’ll lead you to where you want to go.”

“They want me to wait.”

“We are in the wrong place to wait!” Feng Zhiwei finally roared degradingly.

The man was never moved by Feng Zhiwei and without confusion, continued to reply firmly and succinctly, “We wait.”

“Then how about unlocking my acupuncture points?” The defeated Feng Zhiwei begged, “They didn’t say you can’t unlock the acupuncture points, did they?”

This finally did the trick, the man who was like a jade statue thought for a while, nodded and flicked his sleeve.

Feng Zhiwei immediately felt her body loosening up: this person could actually strike the body acupuncture points through the air! This kind of kung fu, based on her recent experience with the wide-robed Man, was absolutely astonishing.

She climbed up with a bounce, patted the ash off her body, didn’t even look at the jade carving, smiled and said, “Warrior, they didn’t say what you have to do after capturing someone, right?”

The man who was like a jade statue was silent, as if searching his memory for a fixed answer to this question and shook his head a long while ago.

“They didn’t say kill, did they?”

“They said they wanted to ask something, ask where the man was.”

The second half of the sentence was nonsensical but Feng Zhiwei didn’t understand or care about it, so she just grasped the main point, “Since they didn’t tell you what to do with them, they just asked you to wait, so you wait and I’ll go… See you later.”

Goodbye, and hope to never meet.

  With this kind of person, you’d go crazy in a day.

  Feng Zhiwei walked away without looking back but couldn’t help but look back.

  The man stood still, his shadow was long in the moonlight and his sky-blue coat was like a transparent wind in the moonlight, swaying leisurely.

  Feng Zhi snorted and kept walking.

  Only then did Feng Zhiwei recognize it as a mountain in the Ten Mile Pine Mountain outside the city. It was very remote and rarely visited by people but three miles ahead, there was a welcoming pavilion standing prominently.

If she wasn’t mistaken, the” they” he was talking about must have met him at a simple location like the welcoming pavilion but he went to the wrong side of the mountain, to the depression at the back of the mountain.

Feng Zhiwei smiled gleefully, thinking to herself, “Wait, look at you, if you don’t move a step, you’ll starve to death when they find you there.

She went on, took a few more steps.

And then suddenly sighed and stopped.


Then she turned and strode back to the side of the man, who still stood facing the moon, indifferent to her departure and her arrival.

Feng Zhiwei once again firmly believed that this person would probably die of starvation here.

She reached out to take him, the man immediately got out of the way and Feng Zhiwei said, “You’re going the wrong way, they’re waiting for you somewhere else.”

The man finally tilted his head, Feng Zhiwei smiled and took him by the sleeve, “Let’s go, let’s take you.”

And the man went with him.

Feng Zhiwei was happily leading someone else, walking in the open field but not in the direction of the welcoming pavilion, she had a plan in mind:

His clothes are of good quality and he must have a lot of money on him. She’s afraid to go back to the city, so she’s borrowing three thousand taels of silver.

He’s a good fighter and a good liar. She’s having trouble with her safety. She’s a good bodyguard…

On a dark and windy night on the third day of the second month of the year, Miss Feng Zhiwei, who thought she was making a fortune, took a mysterious man away with her…





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