The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 5: A slap in the face

The Rise of Phoenixes 《 凰权 》Huang Quan

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 5: A slap in the face

Feng Zhiwei was shocked, immediately retracted her hand, quickly straight up, no matter how hot the buns, a grab into the arms, a twist and run towards the back window: Two steps away is the back window of the kitchen, the window is very low, out of which is a flowering stone dwarf forest, as long as she can flip out, she has a way to get out, no matter what, She’s not supposed to be here right now.

  But she was too late.

It wasn’t that she didn’t react fast enough but as soon as she ran out of the window, she saw someone else running in that direction ahead of her, climbing over the edge of the window, probably too frightened and broke her foot just before she landed and faintly heard a cry of” Ouch!”.” Ouch!” was heard.

A familiar voice.

Feng Zhiwei stopped walking.

She was standing in front of the window, her eyes downcast and for a moment a complex mixture of anger, frustration, worry and hatred crossed her face.

Then she took a deep breath, turned back and put the dumpling back into the pot in a quick and steady motion.

Now it was impossible to climb out of the window, the painful breaths under the window told her that the person who had stolen the food couldn’t go any further and if she went out, she would be discovered too and then it would be even more confusing.

By this time the kitchen had burst into a ruckus and the stewards and cooks from outside were rushing over.

“It’s you…” The first half-aged Xu-Niang looked at Feng Zhiwei, who was standing with her back to the window, in a tone of annoyance and surprise but a hint of smugness flitted across her eyes.

[1]Niang means just means a woman ina higher position but this is ambiguous Niang can mean madam or lady but when said twice this means Empress

Feng Zhiwei’s heart screamed inwardly: this was the old widow An, the woman in charge of the kitchen, who had lost her husband a long time ago and had always wanted to sleep in the same bunk with the powerful steward Liu but steward Liu didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t even put powder on her old face like an orange peel, so she wanted to sleep with the young Feng Zhiwei and the old woman had been looking down on her for a long time.

Auntie An’s eyes quickly turned on the case, suddenly turned pale and jumped over.

“How dare you destroy the golden swallow fruit offered to the princess?”

As the window was opened, the steam dissipated, revealing a jade chalice carefully covered with a silver silk hood, only now the silver hood was tipped over, the jade chalice was half tilted and the half-curdled cheese substance inside was spilling all over the table, leaving a few black fingerprints on the edge of the jade chalice, looking very dirty.

The sweet fragrance in the air became even stronger and Feng Zhiwei inhaled slightly, her heart sank a bit, although she didn’t know what it was, it was obvious that it was an absolute treasure.

“How are we going to explain this? How are we going to explain this?” Auntie An originally wanted to embarrass Feng Zhiwei but when she found out someone had come in, she remained silent but she didn’t realize she was going to serve Shaoning’s meal.

There was an unusual noise coming from under the window, like the sound of something accidentally rubbing against the wall but it was covered by Aunt Ann’s heavy breathing.

“Miss Feng…” A middle-aged woman on Auntie An’s side has a livid complexion, “This Golden Swallow Fruits was sourced from Great Yue with great effort, one tael costs thousands of gold, then steamed and dried using secret methods, with more than ten kinds of ingredients, all made from expensive black stone wood… Not to mention the cost and effort, this is a unique treasure, what do you want us to serve the princess tomorrow? What do you want us to serve?”

[1] Great Yue is a neighboring country to DaTiancheng or the Great Tiancheng in ancient china usually called themselves Great (name of the country)… Like Dacheng just means the Great Cheng of the Cheng Dynasty… or Daming just means the Great Ming or the Ming Dynasty

Feng Zhiwei listened to the names of these ingredients that represented gold and silver mountains, secretly annoyed, took a deep breath, “I just came to heat up the steamed bread, did not touch that.”

“Who’s that?” Auntie Ann sneered, her eyes were menacing.

Feng Zhiwei’s fingers squeezed again, yet then she calmly said: “There are so many people in your kitchen, just now so quickly over, whoever touched it could….”


The crunch of palms touching skin made everyone’s eyebrows jump.

  Feng Zhiwei only felt a buzz in her head, then a numbness on her face, the numbness had not yet dissipated and then the hot pain rolled in, there was a slightly fishy sweet taste in her mouth and even her teeth were twitching with pain.

  What a slap in the face!

  Auntie An raised her hand and froze, as if she couldn’t believe she’d done it.

  She didn’t want to overdo it, after all, Feng Zhiwei was the nominal master, in the strict hierarchy of the Tiansheng Dynasty, it was a great disrespect to offend the superior but today’s incident was unusual, she was already anxious about tomorrow’s dinner party.

  There was silence.

  A long time ago, a thin line of blood slowly blossomed from the corner of Feng Zhiwei’s lips, as miserable and gorgeous as a broken flower and everyone’s faces changed.

  Feng Zhiwei raised her hand, gently pressed her finger to the corner of her lips, carefully looked at the bloodstains on her fingertips, and then… she smiled.

  Her hair was messed up and her smile was half-hidden in her auburn hair, sinking into the surrounding fog and the half-light and half-dark shadows, looking gentle and eerie, contradictory and bitter, making Auntie An, who was standing across from her staring at her, shiver with excitement.

  It was only then that she remembered that at least Feng Zhiwei was still a young lady and her mother was the rightful master of the house and was said to have a fierce temper…

  But then she got brave: she beat him up, what could she do? In the past, she was too good-natured to be caught in the wrong and she didn’t have a chance to be taught a lesson but now that she’s here and she’s taking advantage of the situation, can she still get away with stealing royal property? After all, she’s the mistress’s companion, she’s a respectable man in this house, what’s there to be afraid of when she trains a slut’s daughter from an unknown source?

This thought only passed through her mind, then Auntie An pointed at Feng Zhiwei and shouted, “Take this woman who has the audacity to steal the tribute! Send her to Madam for punishment!”




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