The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 6: Interest on a slap in the face

The Rise of Phoenixes 《 凰权 》Huang Quan

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 6: Interest on a slap in the face

“What the hell are you doing here boy?!”

As soon as Auntie An finished speaking, another servant woman suddenly screamed, she was shocked by Auntie An’s slap and took a step back, hitting the half-open window and faintly heard a low scream under the window, looking back to find the Feng family’s two boys squatting under the window.

Someone immediately went over and took Feng Hao in, he had already gone white with fright, he couldn’t say anything, Feng Zhiwei frowned but Auntie An, as if she had found a treasure, said sharply: “What is young master Hao doing here? Are you also here to steal?”

Feng Hao was so shocked by the word” steal” that he trembled all over, looked at Feng Zhiwei and lowered his head timidly.

The old lady’s gaze flickered with joy as she smiled and said: “Young master is young and ignorant, it’s fine if he is instigated to make some mistakes.”

Feng Hao hesitated, his fingers unconsciously twisted together in his sleeve, a little fragrance was emitted and a little golden object could be seen at his fingertips.

“Young Master Hao, we have to be clear about right and wrong.” Auntie An is smiling but not smiling, her chin is pointing towards the front of the house. Even if His Majesty doesn’t condemn you tomorrow, if the Master knows, he will expel you from the house.”

Her voice was long, causing Feng Hao to tremble and she took a timid step back.

Feng Zhi sucked in a small breath and slowly lowered her hand to her face, staring at Feng Hao.

That’s the brother she grew up with…

Feng Hao was shaken by her eyes, his knees involuntarily softened but he immediately dropped his head and took a step back from her side, then said vaguely and quickly: “…. Sister said there is good food here, she asked me to meet her here…”

Aunt Ann breathed a sigh of relief and a grim smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

All the women around, they all raised their lips.

Feng Zhiwei turned her head, no longer looking at Feng Hao.

“Young Master Hao!” The lady who spoke just now, Madam Feng, was standing at her side, looking at Feng Hao furiously.

As soon as Feng Hao saw Madam Feng, he immediately jumped over and shouted, “Mother! They have been hurting me so much!”

When she saw Feng Hao pouncing on her, her sleeves were windless and she moved her feet slightly but then she stopped her footing and raised her arm stiffly to catch him.

Feng Zhiwei looked on with indifference, her eyes flickered: her mother’s posture just now was a bit strange…

  But as if it were an illusion, in a flash Madame Feng had taken her son in her arms and was whispering to him.

  Lady Qiu looked at all this calmly, listening to Auntie An who was in a hurry to catch up with her, suddenly turned her head and asked Feng Hao, “Hao’er, did Zhiwei ask you to wait under the window?”

  The room was silent and Feng Hao, who was busy pampering himself, looked up stiffly, his lips mumbled a few times and looked at Lady Feng.

  Lady Feng’s fingers trembled and when she looked away, she saw that she had quietly scraped off a bit of golden food from her cuff, which had been stuck to her by Feng Hao when he came over to her.

  Feng Hao looked a little confused as if he did not understand his mother’s meaning but Lady Feng’s decision not to stop him had already strengthened his courage and he did not want to face the fate of being expelled from the house.

  But Lady Feng suddenly stopped him, turned around and bowed to Lady Qiu.

  Lady Qiu returned the courtesy and a small smile appeared on her lips.

  Feng Zhiwei, who had been looking at her mother the whole time, suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, a bit of happiness appearing in her eyes.

  There are still people in the world who will defend her…

Then she heard Madam Feng whisper, “Madam… Zhiwei is young and ignorant, she is greedy, I hope you’ll be more forgiving towards her…”

Feng Zhiwei suddenly stepped back.

  As if thunder had struck at the bottom of my heart, leaving a deep, dark slit, charred and bloody.

  The face has a faint smile on it, clear and shallow, not like a smile but like an ink brush on it, with a perfect curve but stiff but the eyebrows are raised lightly and the eyes are shimmering and between a movement and a stillness, there is a sly and brilliant charm, like a colorful figurine that makes the heart feel cold.

  Lady Qiu was startled, she knew the Feng siblings well, especially the rich connected but not wealthy Feng Hao. Today’s incident was obviously caused by Feng Hao’s greed and he blamed his own sister. I can’t believe this is what happened.

  It’s the son who is more important… Lady Qiu thought indifferently and then she thought about the daughter of the Feng family, who seemed to be gentle and obedient, living indifferently in the Qiu residence, yet no one could get any advantage from her and her daughter.

  She suddenly remembered the time when her sister-in-law knelt down in front of the house with her son and daughter and ordered everyone in the family not to report it to the Master, who pretended not to know. Sigh, after only one day of kneeling, Qiu couldn’t stand the criticism, so he took the mother and son into his house.

  He knew that he was too young to put pressure on the Qiu residence and chose the time when his mother froze, so that the world would not blame Madam Feng for using the child to gain access.

But the boy didn’t say no to her but he bumped into the Master and said, “Third Miss is interested in Ji Wei’s jade hairpin, so she gave it to him.” The Master asked her about the jade hairpin.

  She then replied, “It’s from the Liu family, it’s rare that my sister likes it.”

  Afterwards, the Master was furious and accused her of not being a good housekeeper and of revealing the meaning of the mistress to the ladies.

  For many years this child has been in an awkward position in this house, yet he has managed to keep himself from being manipulated and not to show his face.

  Now, that’s a real opportunity.

“It’s no big deal, by the way.” Lady Qiu smiled, almost kindly, “Why would you be embarrassed by your own family, when the Emperor arrives tomorrow, if it were the other way around?”

Lady Feng’s face was pleased and she turned her head to look at Feng Zhiwei, who, without moving a muscle, looked at a flower swaying in the wind beneath the window and put her hand in her sleeve.

“It’s just that… It’s just that…” Lady Qiu changed her tune, “There’s no guarantee which one of her servants will talk fast, if word gets out, it won’t end well and the Master is a strong man and a strict ruler, if he gets angry, I’m afraid my niece will be at a disadvantage…” She smiled and looked at Feng Zhiwei, “Should I leave the house for a while? Don’t worry, your aunt will take care of everything for you.”

This is still expulsion from the house and the people catch the meaning and float a thin smile.

Even though Feng Zhiwei is not respected, she was raised in a private house (branch family), so what will happen to such a delicate young lady if she is expelled? Even if she were to be brought back to the house, she would never be able to marry again, even if her reputation were to spread.

Auntie An smiled, removed the thorn in her side and it was a pleasure.

Lady Feng looked anxious, was about to say something but Lady Qiu suddenly side-stepped, personally fixed her temples and took a red jeweled flower off her temples and put it on Lady Feng’s temples, smiling: “Hao’er has not yet grown up and Wei’er is not very sensible, sister worries too much and she looks old.”

She raised her hand to touch the pearl flower and her fingers trembled a little.

Then she lowered her eyes, whispering, “Thank you for your sister-in-law’s care…”

The light of dusk penetrated into the house and reflected the faces of all the people vividly; the woman, who was rumored to be strong and bright, was sunk in the shadow of a corner and the glow of the sun on her cheeks was as white as the cold moonlight.

  In the winter dusk, Feng Zhiwei stood, feeling cold, she couldn’t help but tighten her sleeves, her eyes flowed over to Feng Hao’s face and she turned her eyes to the beads on his temples, which were gorgeous and pressed against his temples, which were no longer green.

  This is her brother and this is her mother.

  Feng Zhiwei lowered her eyes, a moment actually bloomed a little smile, not cold, not sad, not sarcastic, not angry, very peaceful smile.

  They were all on guard against her seizure, begging or crying but she looked like this and they were all a bit stunned but Feng Zhiwei suddenly turned around and walked out without saying a word.

  Even Lady Qiu was startled this time.

  Feng Zhiwei didn’t look back until she came to a stop in front of Aunt An.

  Her temples were slightly messed up by a slap from An-Niang earlier, the fingerprints on her temples were still there, An-Niang looked at her with fear, then she remembered that she had already violated the ban by bullying her master, now the Feng girl was about to be expelled, so she took revenge and slapped her before leaving.

  She cowered and stepped back, then Feng Zhiwei stood in front of her and raised his hand.

  The crowd is waiting for that crisp slap on the wrist.

  Feng Zhiwei, however, smiled slightly.

  She smiled with a radiant glow and her yellow face, though unimpressive, was so radiant that it was dazzling.

  In a breathless silence, Feng Zhiwei raised her hand… She touched the fingerprints on her face.

  She looked almost nostalgic, as if she wanted to experience the pain of the slap again through the touch of her fingertips.

Then she lowered her hand, smiled gently, leaned close to the stunned Aunt Ann’s ear and whispered: “A slap on the wrist for interest… Wait for me to collect it.”

She smiled, patted Aunt Ann’s face at an angle that no one could see and then stepped out of the door.

  The sunset in front of her was warm, the astonished eyes of the crowd behind her were cold and she was in the middle, returning to the thinness of her back.

  But she never looked back.

  Not to see your brother’s unfeeling look, not to see the bitterness in your mother’s eyes, not to think of your betrayal, not to think of what you are about to face out of this door.

  She just stepped into the great sunset, almost at peace and inhaled deeply in the golden light.

  Said to herself.

“I’ll be back.”




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