The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 9: Let the eggs fly

The Rise of Phoenixes 《 凰权 》Huang Quan

The Rise of Phoenixes, Volume 1: Memories of the Imperial Capital Chapter 9: Let the eggs fly

Feng Zhiwei followed Yin’er and her friends to a small, secluded garden in the backyard.

  She’s wondering why prostitute and the man don’t go to the rooms. Is this man a wild man wanting to get frisky in the open?

  After a clump of spring flowers, the two men stopped, then there was the sound of a man’s heavy breathing, a woman’s whispering, the sound of clothes unraveling, the sound of saliva mingling.

  Feng Zhiwei blushed, turned her back and thought to herself, Why are you so paranoid? How dare she follow a client who is a prostitute!

  She lifted her foot and was about to leave, when she felt something strange about the small cry behind her, not like a murmur of emotion but more like an endurance of pain.

  She hesitated for a moment but turned around to look. Through the golden flowers, she saw the man with his clothes gone, picking a rose and thrusting it into her breast.

  The man sharpened the end of the stem of the rose and tried with all his might to drive the flower into the little blush on the bosom of Yin’er.

  Yin’er’s shouts have turned into screams.

  Feng Zhiwei suddenly walked over.

She came over, actually with a smile on her face, patted the man on the shoulder, smiled and said, “Hello.”

The man was enjoying his game and was surprised to be greeted by someone in this place and turned his head in surprise.

A cold flash of light.

  A round, bloody object flew out and landed in Feng Zhiwei’s palm.

  Feng Zhiwei was still laughing, standing in front of the man, one hand is a cold dagger, the other hand is bloodied, very nimbly grabbed the thing and retrieved it from the crotch.

  Just a moment ago, after that greeting, she slashed open someone’s grandson’s pouch, gave it a quick squeeze and squeezed a baby egg out.

  She moves too fast and too neatly, causing her hand to pull back and then the other guy feels the pain, catches his crotch with an owl and jumps ten feet.

  However, the cry of pain could not be rushed out, just as he jumped up from the pain, Feng Zhiwei grabbed the rose and stuffed it into his mouth.

  The tiny thorns of the rose instantly pierced the mouth, the wounds were countless, the man rolled his eyes in pain, his whole body convulsed, he couldn’t even scream.

  Only then did Feng Zhiwei withdraw her hand, pulling a few leaves to wipe off the blood.

  She was so shocked that she couldn’t speak but Feng Zhiwei was kind enough to help her out. She took a purse from her waist and put her egg in it.

  Then she dangled the purse with the precious eggs in it, in front of the man.

“You… you… You… You…” That gentleman was gasping for breath, directly knocked down by Feng Zhiwei’s unmoving fierceness, shaking in pain and fear and unable to speak properly.

“I’m fine.” Feng Zhi smiled, “But you’re not.”

“You… I’ll kill you…” The other jerked, hissing through his teeth, words of gnashing hatred, “I’ll skin you! I’ll cut off… Your bones! Your whole family… Your whole family…”

Feng Zhiwei ignored him, turned around and asked Yin’er a few words, then laughed. “I’m not sure how Master Li would feel if he knew that his grandson, who is the only grandson in his family for three generations, has lost his son’s grandchildren’s pouch to prostitutes.”

The man shuddered, his face went pale and his legs weakened as he thought of his strict grandfather.

“I wonder if Master Li’s old friends in the imperial court will ask Your Majesty to help control you if they know that Master Li is not a good governor and his grandson was nearly castrated for whoring?”

He was so startled that he seemed to have remembered something and his face was even more pale, he was about to faint from the pain but now he didn’t dare to faint either.

  Feng Zhi smiled more and more gently.

  He’s not the only one who knows who he is but he’s also a member of a powerful group and that’s why he’ll be attacked.

  Besides, the bachelor is a noble civil servant, responsible for selecting the most talented and pure people in the world and his integrity is of utmost importance.

Feng Zhiwei was very satisfied that Young Master Li didn’t seem to be a straw man, so she immediately understood what was at stake. She smiled gently, held up the purse and said softly, “I won’t make it difficult for you, we won’t tell anyone about your filthy deeds, as long as you show some sincerity…”

“What… Sincerity…” Young Master Li had a white face and blue lips and was on the verge of weeping.

“In fact, even if you lose a ding-a-ling it doesn’t mean you’ll be a man forever.” Feng Zhiwei said, “It’s said that the famous doctor Xuanyuan Qing, born from the best medical family in the south of the mountain, has the ability to heal the dead and the flesh and bones. Even if it’s useless, at least you’ll be in one piece when you die. We in Tiansheng don’t want to be buried with your body incomplete, it’ll bring bad luck to your next generation!”

“That’s… That’s… that’s…” Young Master Li was dumbfounded, he wasn’t bleeding much but thanks to Feng Zhiwei’s quick hands and accurate stabbing, he was in a lot of pain but his life wasn’t in danger, he was just dizzy, so it was harder and harder to understand what Feng Zhiwei meant.

“I say… Go back to your hometown, study and leave the capital, go to that famous doctor, or go on a trip but you won’t know us and we won’t know you. When you leave the capital, you can ask someone to give you a message and I’ll sell you this treasure, so that your reputation and your body can be restored in a hundred years.”

We cut off their eggs and sell them to them…

  The unfortunate Young Master Li rolled his eyes and was about to faint but Feng Zhiwei slapped him on the face and woke him up. He was so pale that he realized that he had no guards and had to suffer a loss.

  Anyway, his eggs have been squeezed out, this is a hard fact, it’s his permanent leverage, no matter how hard he covers it up, the only thing he can do now is to go to the capital to find a famous doctor to buy his own eggs, at least get one shot and two eggs.

“How much silver…?” he asked with dull eyes.

“Not much.” Feng Zhi smiled adorably, “…pay three thousand taels.”

3,000 taels of silver was not too much, not too little, it was usually the kind of money that a gentleman like him could spend on his own without alerting his elders.

“The body… Not… It’s so much…” Young Master Li sweats profusely and looks at her like a devil, “Tomorrow I’ll have… Bring it here…”

“Deliver it to the third brick at the base of the west wall of Dongchi Alley, hoping that by the time your cheque arrives, I’ll have news of your departure from the capital.” Feng Zhiwei nodded in satisfaction, thinking of how to get the money safely.

“Don’t play tricks.” Feng Zhiwei’s calm eyes shimmered in the sunlight, causing the other man to shrink again, “Those who have wealth should never fight with a lowly citizen like me, for if we have nothing, they are no longer afraid of losing it.”

Young Master Li was sweating, biting his lip and nodding his head: if he had any thoughts at all, he would have lost his gaze at Feng Zhiwei, this young man was always calm no matter what he did, this calmness itself was already scary enough but what was even more scary was the look in his eyes, behind the misty eyes, infinitely stubborn and cruel.

  Although the man didn’t make a single threat, he was convinced that if he did try to take revenge, the boy would take him down with him when he died.

“Three days after you leave the capital, send someone to the same place to pick up your things and have them sent to you as soon as possible, it may not be too late.” Feng Zhi smiled and patted her purse, “I’ll give you the purse too, it’s free, buy one get one free.”


She summoned a passer-by to help Young Master Li back to his house and Feng Zhiwei believed that the Prince was too angry and panicked to kill him.

  Feng Zhiwei sent her away, standing alone in front of the spring flowers, pondering over the situation.

  In the early spring sunlight, the yellow-faced boy had a beautiful face, his eyes were soft and moist and he looked at the flowers with a kind and cherished look.

  It’s also very kind and precious in the hand, holding the eggs


After a long moment she smiled and said, “Have you seen enough?”




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