Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 100: Dad, what a fool you are.

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 100: Dad, what a fool you are.

Mu Yifan almost fell off the fence, both hands hastily holding the fence, waving, low voice and said: “Qingtian, why are you following me? Hurry back.”

Mu Qingtian just won’t go and said: “If you don’t take me to have fun, I’ll tell my father.”

“I am not going to have fun.” Mu Yifan had never heard the little child call anyone father before, so, hearing him mention father twice in a row, he asked curiously, “And who is your father?”

“Zhan Beitian.”

Mu Yifan’s eyes snapped hard and said: “You have the nerves.”

In order not to get caught back halfway through the escape, he had to slowly crawl back to the ground and sit the little baby on my shoulders and said: “Hold steady.”

Mu Qingtian put his little arms around Mu Yifan’s head.

Mu Yifan made another effort to reach the fence and then, with great care, climbed down from it.

As soon as he hit the ground, he ran across the street, found the unowned car with the keys in it and drove away.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he was far away from the villa area, then, turning to the little child beside him, he said, “Now that I’ve brought you out, you mustn’t tip off Zhan Beitian.”

The little baby spoke in a sweet voice and said: “I want to have enough fun before I go back.”

“I said it’s not for fun.” Mu Yifan was afraid he’d be a bad influence, so he warned beforehand, “I have something very important to do and you can’t run off then.”

The boy nodded his head.

On the way to the apartment where Zheng Guozong was staying, Mu Yifan sped up his car and saw many army soldiers and people in protective suits collecting the bodies to be burned in a garbage dump.

    Mu Qingtian unbuckled his seat belt, stood up and leaned out the window to look at the world outside.

    After all, he is a newborn child, of course, he is very curious about the outside world and when he sees something that he has never seen before, his little eyes will keep staring at it until they can’t see it.

Mu Yifan came to the apartment complex, took the child in his arms, found Zheng Guozong’s floor, rapped on the door and shouted, “Jiaming, is Jiaming here, I am Yifan.”

He screamed several times but no one answered.

Mu Yifan asked with a frown, did Jiaming go out to look for food?

He thought that he didn’t have to wait for Zheng Jiaming to come back, so he found a paper and pen from his backpack and wrote on the white paper and said: After seeing this note, leave G city immediately, go north, find your father and go to Mu Yifan. He slipped it under the door.

“Hopefully Jiaming will see.”

Mu Yifan said with a sigh, turned around, left the apartment and returned to his car.

It’s only the 3rd and the 5th is two days away, so he doesn’t know where to go for a while.

Mu Yifan turned to the little toddler standing in the passenger seat, looking curiously out and said, “How about taking you to the playground?”

Mu Qingtian jumped up excitedly when he heard, “Yes.”

Mu Yifan couldn’t help but smile when he saw how happy he was, rubbed his little head and drove away from the apartment complex.

But, on the way to the amusement park, he was stopped by a soldier in the army.

Mu Yifan had to stop the car and lower the window.

One of the soldiers came over, looked at the kid in the passenger seat and asked, “Sir, where are you going?”

Mu Yifan, of course, couldn’t say he was going to the playground, so he found an excuse and said, “I’m going home.”

The soldier asked again, “Where is your house?”

“Over at the playground.”

The soldier immediately raised an eyebrow and said: “I advise you not to go back, hurry up and take your children and leave G City and head north, there are several safe zones there where you and your father can have a good time.”

As soon as Mu Yifan heard this, he knew something must have happened at the playground and said: “But, I need to go back because my wife, my child’s mother’s photo and ashes are at home and I’m going back this time to get her photo and ashes and leave.”

Mu Qingtian: “…”

The soldier looked hesitant but shook his head and said: “It’s too dangerous over there, you’d better not go back.”

“But, when I came out, I saw no danger.”

The soldier pursed his lips and said nothing.

Mu Yifan quickly asked, “Comrade, since you say it’s dangerous over there, can you tell me if something big is going on over there?”

The soldier was still frowning.

“Comrade, I won’t give up until you tell me and you should know how important posthumous photos and ashes are to us, the living.”

The soldier saw that he was in such a hurry and didn’t want to waste time with him, so he had to say honestly and said: “I don’t know the details over there, I only heard that a very powerful zombie appeared over there, the zombie is so fast that even guns can’t hit it, the people we sent there were bitten to death by it, now our army people can only stop the survivors from going over there.”

“Powerful zombies? Very fast?” Mu Yifan thought of the zombie he saw at the grain depot.

If it’s the real one, it’s not unusual for the army to be unable to take it out. It’s a zombie with powers.

“Thank you, comrade, I’m leaving with my son.”

Mu Yifan drove off, then, to Mu Qingtian, “As you heard, there are powerful zombies over there, so, we can’t go to the playground now.”

Anyway, they went there and there was nothing to play with, because most of the facilities there use electricity and you can’t play without electricity.

    Mu Qingtian pursed his lips in displeasure.

    Mu Yifan also felt like a bummer. After thinking about it, he drove to a nearby kindergarten and took the baby to play in the kindergarten for a while to satisfy the baby before finding a place to stay that was close to the garbage dump and didn’t have many zombies.

    Then, he cooked a bowl of noodles for Mu Qingtian and fed him before putting him to bed.

    For the rest of the day, they stayed in their rooms and didn’t go anywhere until the 5th came, when Mu Yifan drove to the dump with Mu Qingtian before dawn.

    At that moment, the entire garbage dump was filled with zombies and human corpses, piled as high as a mountain and the air was filled with the stench of corpses, which was very unpleasant and pungent.

    Since the corpses were to be burned at dawn, Mu Yifan found a faraway place to park his car and waited for dawn.

    Mu Qingtian couldn’t stand the stench any longer and took a small mask out of his pocket and put it on his face.

Mu Yifan saw this and said strangely, “Why do you have a mask in your pocket?”

Mu Qingtian took a white mask from his other pocket and handed it to him, saying, “Dad, how stupid are you, did you forget I have a space?”

“You have space too?” Mu Yifan looked at Mu Qingtian in surprise, then, thinking of something, he asked, “Are you sharing a space with Zhan Beitian?”


Mu Yifan’s eyes widened and said: “Then I have come out with a big walking supermarket?”

Mu Qingtian said proudly, “Now do you see the advantage of taking me out? Whatever you want, I can bring it to you.”

Mu Yifan said and said: “I want a glass of spring water that can turn zombies to humans, please give me one.”

Mu Qingtian: “…”

“You can’t, can you?” Mu Yifan was also not in the mood to joke with him, rubbed his little head and said, “After burning the corpse later, you will have to be good and wait for me here and if you encounter any danger, hide in the space immediately, okay?”

He was worried about what he’d do with the baby when he went looking for the core, whether he should stay in the car or take it with him.

    If we stay in the car, what if a zombie comes? He’s not around. They’ll probably smash the window and eat the baby.

    But it’s not safe to take the kids with you to a dangerous place.

    He’s afraid he’ll run into some advanced zombie, like the one in the grain depot or the one at the amusement park and he won’t be able to protect the kid.

    Now that he knows that the child has space, he has nothing to worry about, as long as there is danger, no one can hurt the child who can go hiding in space.

    Mu Qingtian didn’t nod, didn’t shake his head, turned his head to look out at the sky.

    As the sky dawned white, the quiet world was finally moving.

    Mu Yifan faintly heard the sound of many zombies ’ow’, as if from a distant place, probably because of the large number, so, the sound oozed unevenly.

    And then the sun rose from the sky and lit up the land.

    And then, with a loud bang, the calm of the early morning burst.


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