Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 88: Don’t bullshit with him

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 88: Don’t bullshit with him

As soon as Rong Xue heard that she could see Zhan Beitian, she didn’t care about her own mother’s persuasion and didn’t pay attention to what was called looking for supplies, he directly listened to Lu Lin’s arrangement and followed a group of soldiers onto the truck.

In the beginning, she was very excited to meet Zhan Beitian soon.

But when she saw that Zhan Beitian was in a Land Cruiser and that the entire group was either soldiers or men, she was terrified.

Especially when she saw the hordes of zombies chasing after the car, she couldn’t stop shaking.

It wasn’t until he reached his destination that he came to his senses and quickly got out of the car and rushed towards Zhan Beitian and said: “Mr. Zhan, I want to talk to you.”

Zhan Beitian didn’t even give her a glance, listening intently to Lu Lin’s report and said: “One of the survivors from last night’s batch rescued by the soldiers was an employee of the grain depot and according to him, the underground warehouse here holds over 100,000 tons of grain.”

Mao Yu whispered, “More than 100,000 tons of grain? That’s quite a lot, then why hasn’t anyone come to take away this large amount of rice grain?”

“The staff member said that the zombies here are so ferocious that almost everyone who comes here has lost their lives and he thought that only a large army team like ours would be able to take away the large amounts of food…”

Mu Yifan frowned.

In his novels, there’s no mention of the male protagonist coming to the grain depot to get food.

But it’s not surprising that the plot is so twisted that there’s a lot more to it than he knows.

“Mr. Zhan, I want to talk to you.” Rong Xue, who was stopped by the soldiers, shouted again but no one paid any attention to her.

Zhan Beitian scanned the surroundings, where not a single zombie could be seen and pursed his lips, “The staff member said the zombies here are fierce? And did he say how fierce the zombies are?”

“He didn’t know much about it but he heard it all from someone who came to the grain depot.” Lu Lin handed Zhan Beitian a few sheets of drawing paper in his hand and said: “These are the drawings of the grain depot infrastructure that the staff member rushed out overnight.”

Zhan Beitian took a look at it.

Rong Xue took the opportunity to shout again, “Mr. Zhan, Zhan Beitian…”

Mu Yifan saw Rong Xue persistently calling out Zhan Beitian and found the female antagonist in his book really stalking.

However, she reminded him of his own sister, who also liked Zhan Beitian and had liked him for more than ten years and who had tried to show her affection for him as many times as Rong Xue had.

So, now seeing such a Rong Xue made him feel some sympathy, so he called out, “Miss Rong…”

Before he could say anything, Zhan Beitian spoke up, “Mu Yifan, you’re on Lu Lin’s team.”

“Huh? Oh.” Mu Yifan looked at Lu Lin, who immediately glared at him.

Zhan Beitian rejoined, “Miss Rong, you’re with me, the rest is the same arrangement as before.”

As soon as Rong Xue heard that she could be with Zhan Beitian, she smiled and nodded her head.

Mu Yifan sighed when he saw how happy Rong Xue was and wondered how Zhan Beitian would torture Rong Xue next. the male protagonist in the book would not make it easy for Rong Xue, nor would he let her die so easily, in any case, it would only make her worse than dead.

    Next, the team went into the underground grain depot.

    Suddenly a cool breeze came to his face, Zhan Beitian immediately felt that something was very wrong inside and his footsteps could not help but pause.

    The others, seeing Zhan Beitian’s movements, followed suit.

    Zhan Beitian eyed Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan, however, looked down the dark tunnel and said, “There seems to be a lot of zombies in there.”

Sun Zihao smirked, “How many zombies do you know there are in there before you even go in?”

Mu Yifan stroked his round belly, without speaking.

Of course, he didn’t know how many zombies were inside but he sensed that there were many of his own kind and the number was unmatched and very strong.

Zhan Beitian was hesitant, wondering whether to go in or not.

He looked back at the number of his team, there were hundreds of people, except for more than 10 people who were not soldiers trained by him, the rest were elite warriors, which should be more than enough to deal with zombies without mutant powers.

“Be careful, everyone.” Zhan Beitian ordered.


The long passageway was very cold, as it was too empty and the sound of footsteps echoed in the passageway.

The light ahead was dim and everyone was on alert, fearing a zombie might suddenly appear and scratch or bite someone.

Zhan Beitian suddenly noticed some pain in his left arm and turned around to see Rong Xue holding his left arm tightly out of fear.

He went cold and tried to pull Rong Xue’s hand away but suddenly remembered that someone had said he was also afraid of the zombies that had suddenly appeared.

Zhan Beitian turned to Mu Yifan.

Sure enough, that guy was holding Lu Lin’s arm tightly.

Lu Lin’s attention was on the front and he didn’t notice anyone holding his hand tightly.

“Lu Lin.”

Lu Lin heard Zhan Beitian call out to him and immediately came back to his senses, “Yes.”

Zhan Beitian shouted face and said: “Change your position.”

“Yes.” Lu Lin was walking towards Zhan Beitian when he noticed someone holding his arm in a death grip.

He looked back and saw that it was Mu Yifan who was holding his arm, his face darkened and said: “I say you… a grown man, why are you holding another man’s arm.”

Mu Yifan let go of Lu Lin and said nothing.

The others weren’t in the mood to make fun of Mu Yifan at this point.

Zhan Beitian shrugged off Rong Xue’s hand and stepped in front of Mu Yifan, blocking his view in front of him, saying, “Keep going.”


After that, after about 300 meters, they saw five forks in the road and then, as they had been assigned, each of us led a group into a small passage.

Mu Yifan, Lu Lin and the others walked about 20 meters, Mu Yifan then stopped and said, “I don’t think we need to go in.”

The feeling he had when he was at the entrance of the grain depot was getting stronger and stronger, he felt that there were not only many zombies in there but they were not simple, they should be intermediate or higher, maybe even higher.

Lu Lin stopped and sneered, “Mu Yifan, I’ve noticed that after you left the army, not only have you gotten fat, you’ve even become a coward, no matter how scary the enemy was, you were never afraid but now? You haven’t even seen a zombie yet and you’re going back? It’s not funny.”

The others got tired of it and said, “If you’re afraid, go back yourself and don’t get in the way of our search for food.”

Mu Yifan felt helpless as everyone rejected him.

He knew that what the old Mu Yifan had done was really too much, even if he died a hundred times, it wouldn’t relieve Lu Lin’s hatred, so he couldn’t blame Lu Lin and the others for hating him so much.

“Boss Lu, don’t bullshit with him, let’s get in there, find the food and leave immediately.”

Lu Lin saw that this was indeed not the place to talk, and no longer paid attention to Mu Yifan, ordered to continue to walk.

Mu Yifan couldn’t stop them, so he followed them.

The last soldier to walk in the last saw Mu Yifan holding his belly while holding his waist, walking slowly, can’t help but depressed and said: “I don’t know what Major General think, why let him follow, you see him even walk with great difficulty, simply to get in the way.”

His voice, though it was the lowest of voices, was clearly audible to those who walked in front of him.

Lu Lin looked at Mu Yifan, who was walking with his belly and said coldly and said: “Mu Yifan, if you encounter any special circumstances, you won’t be able to run fast enough, we won’t care and we will leave you.”

Mu Yifan stopped suddenly and said in a deep voice, “Careful, there’s a zombie up ahead.”

Lu Lin immediately took a flashlight and shone it in front of the room, there was a lot of space and a mountain of rice bags but there were no zombies that Mu Yifan was talking about.

“Did you see the zombies?” Lu Lin wondered.

Mu Yifan made a random excuse and said: “Well, I think I just saw a zombie shadow.”

“Don’t zombies jump on humans when they see them? Why are they hiding?”

“How do I know?”

Mu Yifan said that but how could he not know the reason in his heart, that if the low-level zombies didn’t jump on them, the higher-level zombies were controlling the lower-level zombie and that was his biggest fear.

Lu Lin is not the kind of person who doesn’t believe Mu Yifan just because he’s prejudiced against him.

When he saw Mu Yifan’s pale face, he immediately picked up the gun and whispered, “Be careful, everyone.”

The others grabbed their guns and pointed them forward.

The men moved cautiously step by step, especially on the two sides beyond the hole, where their guns were pointed.

Just as they were about to walk out of the hole, suddenly, several shadows jumped at them.


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