Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 89: Something’s coming at us.

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 89: Something’s coming at us.

The soldiers were extremely responsive, shooting the shadows in the head as soon as their flashlights revealed that they were zombies.

Five of them immediately fell to the ground.

The soldiers let out a sigh of relief, “I thought they said zombies weren’t intelligent? How did they know to hide by the door wall and attack us?”

If Mu Yifan hadn’t warned them beforehand, they might have become complacent because they didn’t think the zombies were intelligent.

Lu Lin tightened her eyebrows, “Next, let’s focus.”


Lu Lin looked at Mu Yifan and saw that his hands were empty and his brow tightened even more and said: “Mu Yifan, you go to the back of the line.”

“…” Mu Yifan walked to the back of the line.

Lu Lin instructed the soldiers in the back to point their guns at both sides of the door and he was responsible for rushing through the door to make sure there were no zombies inside before letting the team in.

    They walked carefully through the warehouse to make sure there were no zombies before figuring out how to get the rice out.

    Mu Yifan raised an eyebrow and looked around with a flashlight.

    There was no sign of any other zombies in the store, except for the bags of rice that were neatly arranged and the mountains of rice that hadn’t been put into bags.

    But he sensed that there are many zombies in the store, why only five at the door?

    Even now, the strongest feeling in his head was that there were definitely zombies around but where were they hiding?

    Undeterred, Mu Yifan looked around again with his flashlight and finally, his flashlight stopped in a mountain of rice.

He quickly turned his head to Lu Lin, just wanting Lu Lin to be more careful but heard Lu Lin impatiently shouted and said: “Mu Yifan, your flashlight can not shine randomly, it’s shaking our eyes.”

“Sorry.” Mu Yifan immediately put away his flashlight and said: “Lu Lin, that…”

Lu Lin ignored him, turned to the other team members and said, “Everyone hurry up and move the rice out.”


The soldiers immediately went to the short pile of rice sacks in the middle of the depot and carried two sacks of rice each, while the strongest soldier carried three sacks.

Lu Lin saw that everyone was carrying rice, so she led the way out.

Mu Yifan, seeing that he could not be left alone in the vast darkness of the grain depot, left the grain depot as well.

When they came to the fork in the road, everyone was moving faster and faster, so Mu Yifan, who had a big belly, couldn’t keep up with them, so he shouted, “Lu Lin, you will come back later to carry rice, right? I’ll wait for you here.”

Lu Lin didn’t have the heart to say anything and he said, “Just wait here.”

Then, lead the group out quickly.

Since this was a fork in the road, Mu Yifan didn’t find it too scary since there were soldiers coming out one after another to carry rice.

He found a place to sit and the next thing he knew, he heard women screaming from the other passageways.

Mu Yifan raised his eyebrows, recognizing that it was Rong Xue’s voice and that, from the sound of it, Rong Xue was extremely scared and didn’t know what was happening to her inside there.

When the others heard Rong Xue’s shouting, they didn’t pay any attention to it and instead, because of the other party’s shouting, they quickened their steps and walked out of the passage.

Rong Xue in the other grain depot was terrified, first when she was jumped to the ground by a very ugly zombie and almost got bitten in the face by one and then when she fell, she kissed the rotting face of a zombie.

Later, Zhan Beitian gave her a dagger that was too short for her and told her to kill the zombies and to kill ten of them before he would listen to what Rong Xue wanted to say and then Zhan Beitian pushed her towards the herd and deliberately didn’t use his flashlight to illuminate her path.

A woman like her, who would dare to kill a zombie without any lights around her.

Mu Yifan, who was sitting at the fork in the road, didn’t know what was going on inside and when Lu Lin and the others came back in, he followed them into the grain depot.

This time, as soon as he entered the grain depot, he went to the pile of unbagged rice, picked up a nearby shovel and began to shovel it away.

Because the lower level was dug up, the top rice slid down, immediately attracting Lu Lin’s attention.

Lu Lin and the others, thinking it was a zombie, dropped their rice and pointed their pistols in the direction of Mu Yifan.

When they saw Mu Yifan playing with rice with a big shovel, they were very angry and put away their guns.

Lu Lin said furiously and said: “Mu Yifan, what are you doing? Even if you don’t carry the rice, you’re still making trouble for us. Do you know that if you scatter the rice, we won’t be able to clean it up later?”

Mu Yifan looked at the scattered rice and thought to himself, everything is calm now, if he gets the zombies out, he’ll make a mess.

He threw away the shovel and walked towards Lu Lin and the others.

Just then, the bags of rice on both sides of the door suddenly fell down, making a cracking sound.

When Lu Lin and the others heard the noise, they immediately took the flashlight to the door and they saw the rice sacks blocking the entrance and there were actually hundreds of zombies hiding in the rice sacks, they all looked green and decomposed and crawled out of the rice sacks with slow steps.

The crowd was shocked and said: “Zombies, zombies, there are so many zombies hidden inside the rice pile.”

When they saw the zombies crawling out of the rice bag, they quickly threw away the rice bag and began shooting, at that moment, the whole grain store was banging, the echo of the gunfire was especially loud in the store.

Then, the pile of unbagged rice behind Mu Yifan once again made a rattling sound and the mountain of rice suddenly slid down, from which a large group of zombies emerged.

“Oh my God, there’s a zombie group over there.” Several soldiers heard the noise and concentrated their fire on the rice pile.

Mu Yifan quickly squatted down, picked up the shovel he had just dropped and returned to Lu Lin’s side.

At this point, the situation was also very dangerous and sweat was pouring from everyone’s foreheads.

Lu Lin hastily pulled a pistol from his lap and tossed it to Mu Yifan and said: “If you run out of bullets, take them from me yourself.”

Mu Yifan picked up the gun hand over fist: “…”

He’s a little excited about his first time with a real gun.

Lu Lin saw him looking at the gun in his hands, not moving, furious and said: “What are you looking at? If you do not hurry to shoot, you want everyone to die here ah.”

Mu Yifan: “…”

 Oh, shit!

    He’s never used a gun before. How can he shoot?

    Mu Yifan remembered the TV show, raised the gun with one hand and pressed the trigger.



“F-ck you, Mu Yifan your gun isn’t even off safety, how long have you been off the team and you can’t even fire it.”

“…” Mu Yifan recalled the way the original owner had turned on the safety of his pistol but even if he could have, he wouldn’t have been able to shoot right and Yifan would have wasted the bullets.

He simply lowered his gun and stared at the zombies coming towards them, hinting for them to stay away.

The zombies slowed to a crawl, then backed up on their feet.

The crowd froze and said: “What’s going on?”

Lu Lin said quietly, “Never mind what’s going on, let’s blow them all up first.”

“Yes.” Everyone fired their guns with all their might.

In just three seconds, over 30 of them fell.

At the same time, an angry roar suddenly came from a dark corner in the distance.

    Mu Yifan’s head throbbed at the sound of the growl, which seemed to have a hypnotic effect and made him feel like killing all the humans around him.

    He scrambled his hands over his head, trying to stay awake.

    The zombies under Mu Yifan’s control were free and screamed a few times and then they walked towards Lu Lin and the others at a faster pace.

    Lu Lin and the other two soldiers took out their submachine guns on their backs and opened fire.

Soldiers in the other tunnels heard fierce gunfire, rushed over, saw rice bags with rice jammed in the doorway and immediately opened their voices to ask, “What’s going on inside.”

Lu Lin quickly shouted, “There are a lot of zombies inside.”

When the people outside heard this, they rushed to remove the bags of rice blocking the door.

Inside, Mu Yifan covered his head and stared at the dark corner in the distance, there was indeed a zombie more advanced than him and it seemed that the zombie was more advanced than him there.

He also had a strong sense that the other man was staring at him.

Mu Yifan has his gun in his pocket and his hands on the shovel in his left hand.

Lu Lin glanced at him out of the corner of his eye and put the gun away and said angrily, “Mu Yifan, why don’t you shoot.”

Mu Yifan saw a shadow flashing in the dark corner and said, “Something is coming at us.”


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