Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 90: You disappoint me too much

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 90: You disappoint me too much

“What is it?”

Lu Lin took his flashlight and shone it in Mu Yifan’s possible direction and sure enough, he saw a black shadow flashing by so fast that he couldn’t see what it was.

    Moreover, he didn’t have time to fire his gun or warn those around him, only to see the shadows flee to them and attack them.

    Lu Lin was unable to react and could only watch the other side come out.

    Just at this moment, a figure flew in front of him, followed by a loud ’Bang’ sound.

    The deafening sound made Lu Lin instantly regain consciousness and saw Mu Yifan blocking the attack with a shovel, leaving a deep slap mark on the top of the shovel.

Mu Yifan strained to withstand the attack and yelled to the man behind him, “Get moving.”

It’s a zombie with powers. Speed powers.

But why is it like this? The burning hasn’t even started yet, so why are there zombies with powers?

    When Lu Lin came back to his senses, he quickly raised his gun and shot at the shadow.

    The shadow disappeared in front of them in a flash, followed by appearing at Lu Lin’s front.

    Mu Yifan was shocked, sensing that the shadow was behind him, quickly turned around, picked up the shovel and slapped it over, passing over Lu Lin’s head.

    The shadow reacted faster than he did and dodged the attack before the shovel could hit him, disappearing in front of Mu Yifan again.

“Get back, get back to the door.” Mu Yifan said in a hurry.

Lu Lin knew that their team was no match for the zombie and ordered the soldiers to evacuate to the entrance.

This action seemed to anger the shadow, which roared to the sky.

The astonishing roar and the ear-piercing sound immediately made everyone and the zombies feel a headache, even to the point of pain.

Many were unable to withstand the roar and fell to the ground, even those outside the grain depot but not as bad as those who were inside.

Mu Yifan struggled to keep his eyes open, looking at the screaming zombies not far away.

At that moment, not only did his head hurt but his stomach also hurt like it was about to explode.

He clutched his stomach and tried to brace himself with the shovel, then, with all his might, he rushed at the zombie who was superior to him and swung the shovel.

The zombie was shocked and immediately stopped roaring to dodge Mu Yifan’s attack.

The others were suddenly relieved but, without the strength to hold their bodies together, they all fell to the ground.

The zombie appeared not far away from the gnawing young Mu Yifan, his mouth emitting owlish sounds, as if to ask Mu Yifan why he is helping humans.

Mu Yifan ignored it and swung the shovel again.

He didn’t take it easy. He went for his brain.

Mu Yifan guessed his intention and immediately grabbed a shovel, narrowly avoiding the attack.

But the handle of the shovel in my hand was dented and the straight steel shovel became a curved one.

After that, Mu Yifan could sense the movements of the zombies but he could only manage to avoid them and in the end, he fell to the ground because it was too hard to move with his stomach.

    The zombie took advantage of the situation and dodged in front of Mu Yifan and attacked him.

    He was about to hit Mu Yifan’s brain when suddenly, a purple-red electric current shot out from Mu Yifan’s body and hit the zombie.

    The zombies opened his eyes wide and dodged in a panic. He was shocked to see Mu Yifan, who was emitting purple-red electricity all over his body.

    Mu Yifan didn’t notice any electricity in his body and he slowly got up after he was sure that the zombies had left the store.

    When he saw where the zombie had disappeared, he patted the dust off his body and wondered who it was. Besides, the light was too dark and the bangs were too long, so he couldn’t see the face clearly.

    And why did he leave all of a sudden?

Mu Yifan thought of Lu Lin and the others, quickly turned to Lu Lin, squatted down with difficulty and patted Lu Lin’s face and said: “Lu Lin? Lu Lin?”

Just then, someone at the door said, “Major General, the rice at the door has been moved.”

Mu Yifan turned around, looked at the people outside the door and then, with his hands on his legs, tried to stand up but his stomach was too heavy and he fell on top of Lu Lin.

When he braced himself again, he heard Zhan Beitian’s cold rage and said: “Mu Yifan, what are you doing?”

Then Mu Yifan was kicked away by the attacker and rolled to the other side and then something cold was pressed against his head.

When he saw it was a pistol, he raised his head and met Zhan Beitian’s cold, terrifying eyes.

Mu Yifan looked at Zhan Beitian in a daze, wondering why the male protagonist suddenly wanted to kill him.

“Mu Yifan, you disappoint me so much.”

Zhan Beitian said furiously and quickly opened the safety of the pistol.

”Wait… wait… Wait, boss.” A waking Lu Lin rushed to stop Zhan Beitian’s move.

Zhan Beitian turned his head, saw Lu Lin struggling to get up, quickly retrieved his pistol, quickly walked forward to help Lu Lin, concerned and said: “Lu Lin, are you okay?”.”

Lu Lin shook his head, “No… Nothing.”

He coughed, blood flowing from his mouth and said: “We… We were just attacked by zombies and one of them was particularly strong, it was so fast that you could see a shadow and it was so powerful that it could leave a mark on the shovel with one slap and… Ahem… Cough… Ahem.”

Lu Lin coughed very badly in the back and when her breathing cleared up, then said, “And its roar, it can give you a headache, I passed out because of it.”

At that moment, Sun Zihao came over anxiously, “Lu Lin, are you okay?”

Lu Lin shook his head.

“Is Mu Yifan playing tricks on you again and hurting you like this? I told you that Mu Yifan shouldn’t have been asked to join our team but…”

Sun Zihao looked at the cold-faced Zhan Beitian beside him and didn’t continue but changed his words and said: “Didn’t the boss tell you to monitor Mu Yifan’s every move? If anything goes wrong, give him a bullet. Why don’t you do what the boss says?”

Lu Lin and said: “It’s none of Mu Yifan’s business, Mu Yifan didn’t do anything to us, on the contrary, he kind of saved my life, otherwise, what you might see of me now is a corpse.”

“Wha…” Sun Zihao was in disbelief and said: “Mu Yifan really saved you?”

Lu Lin nodded, “It’s not just me, it’s the others, if he hadn’t rushed up to fight the zombies, a bunch of us would have been done for.”

 He fainted in the back but he knew exactly what happened before he fainted.

    Zhan Beitian was startled.

    He misunderstood Mu Yifan.

    Before, he thought Mu Yifan was going to eat Lu Lin because, when he came in, Mu Yifan’s posture was too much like he was lying on top of Lu Lin, nibbling on Lu Lin’s flesh.

    The reason why he misunderstood Mu Yifan indiscriminately is because the last zombie king Mu Yifan ate the flesh and bones of his comrades in front of him, and that memory was too profound and still vivid in his mind, which led him to attack Mu Yifan without seeing and asking the truth.

    If Lu Lin hadn’t stopped him in time, he would ‘ve…

    Zhan Beitian thought of this and quickly turned to Mu Yifan.

    Well, there’s no sign of Mu Yifan there.

    He frantically swept around the grain depot but Mu Yifan was nowhere to be found.

 In the passageway outside the grain store, Mu Yifan left the store step by step, holding his aching stomach.

    To be honest, it’s not just his stomach that’s hurting, his heart is hurting too, especially after hearing Sun Zihao’s words and he doesn’t know what to do.

    So this mission was to test whether he would take action against his comrades, no wonder the male protagonist came in, they were worried that he would do harm to Lu Lin and didn’t ask what was going on, they pointed the gun at him, if Lu Lin didn’t wake up fast, he might…

    Mu Yifan smiled bitterly.

    The male protagonist does not trust him, in fact, should be like this, who let Mu Yifan in the last life, did so many things to make the male protagonist hate him to the bone, how can not kill him to feel happy.

“Ah~~ Help~~ Help~~ Ah~~”

The sound of a woman screaming interrupted Mu Yifan’s thoughts.

When Mu Yifan turned around, he saw Rong Xue running out of one of the forks in the road and then, running towards him.

“Mr. Mu, Mr. Mu, help! Help!”

Mu Yifan saw Rong Xue followed by a large group of zombies and quickly ran too, holding his stomach and said: “Come.”

He did it because he didn’t want Rong Xue to find out that he was a zombie and that’s why he ran after her.

    They quickly headed for the gate but one of them was wearing high heels and had little energy and the other had a heavy belly, so neither could run fast enough.

    Rong Xue screamed as the zombies caught up to her and got more and more scared as she looked at the useless man who only knew how to run.

    Suddenly, with a twinkle in his eye, she reached out to Mu Yifan, pushed him towards the zombies and then took off her heels and ran away.


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