Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 92: Giving birth

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 92: Giving birth

When Mu Yifan woke up, he saw the familiar ceiling and asked with a frown, is this his room?

When he turned his head, he saw Zheng Guozong’s happy face, opened his dry lips and called out in a mute voice and said: “Quack… Quack.”

Zheng Guozong said excitedly and said: “Great, you’ve finally woken up, if you hadn’t, others would have wondered if I was a quack.”

“What’s wrong with me?” All Mu Yifan remembers is the pain in his stomach and eventually he became less and less conscious and he didn’t know what happened afterwards, in short, he felt like he had been asleep for a long time.

Zheng Guozong sighed, “You’ve moved the fetus…”

Thinking that Mu Yifan didn’t believe he was pregnant at all, he quickly changed the subject, “Do you know how long you slept?”

Mu Yifan then asked him, “How long did I sleep?”

Zheng Guozong held out two fingers and said: “Twenty days, a full twenty days of sleep.”

For twenty days, he didn’t know how he lived and he was lucky not to freeze to death from Zhan Beitian’s eyes.

“Damn, I can’t believe I slept for so long.”

Mu Yifan thought of something and anxiously tried to sit up but his stomach was so heavy that he fell back down again before sitting up.

“Aww, my little ancestor, what’s your hurry to get up, lie down, lie down.”

Zheng Guozong quickly put a pillow on him.

Mu Yifan touched his belly in tears, “Quack, my belly seems to be big again and it seems to be heavy again, so hurry up and check what’s wrong?”

Zheng Guozong looked at the bulging belly underneath his blanket and muttered, “It’s just like a pregnant woman in the tenth month, can it be too big or too heavy?”

Mu Yifan didn’t hear, confused, “What are you?”

“It’s nothing, you’re just gas bloated.”

Mu Yifan said, “Are you kidding me, where does this look like stomach gas? Is your stomach this big when you’re bloated?”

Zheng Guozong rolled his eyes and said: “You’re the one who told me that it was stomach gas.”

Mu Yifan: “…”

Zheng Guozong quickly reassured him and said: “Okay, okay, don’t think too much, you’ll be fine in a few days. By the way, Major General Zhan doesn’t know you’re awake yet, I’ll go get him up here.”

“Wait.” Mu Yifan quickly grabbed Zheng Guozong’s hand and said: “Don’t go calling him.”

Zheng Guozong asked with a frown, “What’s wrong?”

Mu Yifan still feels sad when he thinks of Zhan Beitian’s misunderstanding and his distrust of him and said: “Quack, I don’t want to see Zhan Beitian for a while.”

Outside the room, Zhan Beitian stopped entering the door after hearing these words.

It was because he heard voices coming from the room that he rushed up to see what was going on, not that he heard them.

Zhan Beitian’s eyes darkened and he turned sideways, leaning lightly against the wall outside the door.

It seems that it wasn’t Mu Yifan who let him down that day at the grain depot but he was the one who let Mu Yifan down.

Zheng Guozong saw Mu Yifan’s sad face and thought that Major General Zhan must have broken Mumu’s heart the day he went to collect the supplies.

He sighed and rubbed Mu Yifan’s head, “Fine, you won’t see him.”


Mu Yifan nodded, not happy that he didn’t have to see Zhan Beitian, on the contrary, he was even more disappointed.

Zheng Guozong noticed that he was even more depressed than before, so he teased him, “What? Aren’t you glad you don’t have to see him anymore?”

Mu Yifan snorted, “Who said anything about being upset?”

He didn’t want to talk about it, so he changed the subject and said, “Quack, I want to ask you for a favor.”

Zheng Guozong looked at him with great interest as he used the word ’ask’ and said: “What is it? I’ll help you if I can.”

Mu Yifan quickly said, “I have a pearl in my stomach and I want you to operate and take it out, then return it to Zhan Beitian for me, okay?”

Zheng Guozong asked with a frown, “What pearl?”

When he examined Mu Yifan, he didn’t see any pearls in his belly.

“It’s a red pearl, it’s important to Zhan Beitian, so, I wanted to take it out and give it back to him.”

Zheng Guozong stared at him and said, “Why do I get the feeling that you’re returning the pearl to him as if you’re cutting off and relations.”

Mu Yifan lowered his eyelids and said: “You could say that.”

The biggest reason is that the Qingtian Pearl is making his belly so big and heavy that if he doesn’t get it out, it’s going to crush him.

On hearing this, Zhan Beitian clenched his fist at the door.

Zheng Guozong sighed slightly and said: “You’ve just woken up, it’s not advisable to use a knife for surgery lightly, let’s talk about this later.”

When the baby is born, maybe the pearl will come out too.

Zheng Guozong took another look at Mu Yifan’s stomach, the baby will be born in a few days.

Mu Yifan felt that Zheng Guozong’s words made sense and agreed that this matter would be opened in a few days and said: “OK, then we’ll talk about it in a few days, I want to go out for a walk now.”

Zhan Beitian, who was outside the door, heard this and turned away.

 In the room, Mu Yifan was once again propped up, his belly heavy enough to make it difficult for him.

    Zheng Guozong held him up and put his shoes on.

    Mu Yifan stood up with difficulty and walked step by step towards the door in Zheng Guozong.

“Mumu, is your stomach really that heavy?” Zheng Guozong asked curiously, seeing how hard he was walking.

Mu Yifan rolled his eyes and said: “You try hanging a 60- or 70-pound bag of water on your stomach and see if it weighs anything.”

“But, when my wife was pregnant with Jiaming, she never looked tired as you did.”

“I’m not pregnant, it’s hard to compare.”

“…” Zheng Guozong has wisely chosen not to talk about pregnancy anymore.

They went down to the first floor and saw Lu Lin pushing a wheelchair through the door.

Lu Lin looked at them and immediately asked, “Mu Yifan, you’re awake, where are you going with Dr. Zheng?”

Mu Yifan said: “Going out for a casual walk.”

He doesn’t know if it’s because he saved Lu Lin’s life at the grain depot but he feels that Lu Lin is treating him a little better.

Lu Lin looked at him and said, “I see you have difficulty walking, do you want to take this wheelchair and go out?”

Mu Yifan nodded quickly at the availability of a wheelchair, then hesitated, “Who made this wheelchair and doesn’t anyone else need it?”

Lu Lin explained and said: “A few days ago, a soldier had injured his leg, so he borrowed a wheelchair for a few days but now that his leg is better, he returned it….”

“That’s good, then please put the wheelchair outside, thanks.”

Lu Lin pushed the wheelchair out again and then, grabbed Zheng Guozong and tried to push Mu Yifan to the garden.

After they left the villa, Mao Yu, Xiang Guo and Sun Zihao, who were hiding in the kitchen, came out and went to the floor-to-ceiling window to watch Lu Lin push Mu Yifan out the front door.

“I wonder why Boss is suddenly so nice to Mu Yifan.” Xiang Guo asked with a frown, “Is it because Mu Yifan saved Lu Lin at the grain depot?”

Sun Zihao said, “I guess so but I’m even more surprised why the boss needs Lu Lin to make excuses for sending a wheelchair, Mao Yu.”

Mao Yu said, “What can I think, I only know that when Mu Yifan was in a coma, the boss stayed with him day and night and when there was any noise in the room, he would immediately run to the room, as well as the fact that during Mu Yifan’s unconsciousness, the boss was often distracted and unsure of what was going on… Anyway, the boss gives me the impression that he cares a lot about Mu Yifan.”

Xiang Guo snorted, “Mao Yu, are you kidding? Boss cares about Mu Yifan?”

“Yeah, I didn’t think so either.”

“So tell me why the boss is abnormal?”

Xiang Guo: “…”

Sun Zihao: “…”

While they were talking about Mu Yifan, Mu Yifan was being pushed around the garden by Lu Lin.

At first, he was a little uncomfortable, Lu Lin obviously hated him to death but now he was pushing him in the garden walk, how to think of it is a little strange.

Later, Mu Yifan immediately put this discomfort behind him as he remembered an important matter and asked Lu Lin.

“Lu Lin, is the national army now sending teams to clean up the zombies’ bodies?”

Lu Lin didn’t expect Mu Yifan to ask such a question and froze and said: “Yes.”

Surprise and anxiety flashed in Mu Yifan’s eyes and he asked, “Do you know on what day the army plans to start burning the bodies? And do you know where to burn the corpses?”

In his book, he describes the body burned in the junkyard on June 10, so I don’t know if the time and place have changed.

“Burned at the junkyard on June 5th. What’s your interest in that? Wanna go see it?”

Mu Yifan shook his head and said: “What day is it now?”

“June 1st.”

Mu Yifan’s eyes are wide open and it’s June 1st but he’s still heavily pregnant, what to do?

How is he going to find or grab that big core?

Mu Yifan even turned to Zheng Guozong and asked, “Quack, can you operate tomorrow to remove the pearl from my stomach?”

Zheng Guozong rejected him without thinking and said: “No.”

Mu Yifan was in a bit of a hurry and said: “But, I have important things to do and I can’t have a big belly, it’s inconvenient.”

“No matter what’s important, it’s not as important as your body.”

  It’s all right. I’m a zombie…

Mu Yifan wanted to be angry that Lu Lin was still around, so he kept his mouth shut.

Lu Lin asked, “Mu Yifan, what’s so important that you have to work on? If I can help, I will help you.”

He promised the boss that he’d do anything Mu Yifan asked of him.

Mu Yifan shook his head and said: “You can’t help me, I’ll have to do this myself.”

He originally wanted to find some people to help him but he only found Zheng Jiaming but after the incident at the grain depot where he encountered a zombie superior to him, Zheng Jiaming was no longer useful.

    If he asks Zheng Jiaming to go with him, it will only become a burden, they both may be controlled by the zombie that is higher than them at the same time.

Thinking about it, Mu Yifan was in no mood to stroll around even for a moment and said: “Go back.”

Zheng Guozong was surprised, “Didn’t we just get out? What are we doing going back for?”

Lu Lin said, “You’ve just woken up, you’d better take a turn and go back.”

Mu Yifan had no problem letting Lu Lin and the others push him around the garden and then turned the other way back to the villa where he was staying.

On the way, he saw many survivors, whose safety was ensured by Zhan Beitian’s arrangements and who were not left hungry or cold.

Immediately, a familiar figure in one of the villas caught Mu Yifan’s attention and he turned to Zheng Guozong and said and said: “Quack, I think I saw that Little Zhang from your village.”

Zheng Guozong turned his head to look around and said: “Where is he?”

Mu Yifan looked back in the previous direction, where there was no one there anymore and said: “Hey, why is he gone? Could it be that I was mistaken?”

“It must be your mistake, how could Little Zhang be here.”


Just then, a voice came from the sky and said: “Attention, survivors, please evacuate G City and head to the north by the fifth…”

When the people in the villa heard this, they all ran out and looked up to see a small remote-controlled plane flying in the sky, constantly replaying what they had seen before.

“What’s going on? Why did you bomb G City?” Zheng Guozong asked anxiously.

Mu Yifan raised an eyebrow and said: “It’s not to bomb G City, it’s to draw a horde of zombies into one place and burn them. Not exactly destroying the entire city.”

Lu Lin nodded and said: “Indeed.”

Zheng Guozong said anxiously, “No, I’m going to find Jiaming.”

Mu Yifan even spoke out to stop Zheng Guozong who was leaving and said: “Quack, you wait, ah…”

Zheng Guozong heard Mu Yifan’s yell and ran back and said: “What’s wrong with you, Mumu?”

Mu Yifan clutched his stomach and said in distress, “I… My stomach hurts…”

Zheng Guozong was shocked, quickly came back to his senses, touched Mu Yifan’s stomach and said anxiously, “It’s coming, it might be coming!”


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