Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 95: The child’s slave

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 95: The child’s slave

When Mu Yifan and Zheng Guozong heard Zhan Beitian’s words, they looked at each other and then, in unison, whispered to Zhan Beitian, “He’s not mutated, is he?”

“The kid didn’t just jump to eighteen years old, did he?”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

He found them to be quite receptive and his worries just now were simply unnecessary.

Zheng Guozong glared at Mu Yifan, “How can you curse your own child like this? How can you say that your child has mutated?”

“…” Mu Yifan felt like he had been scolded quite unjustly.

 The Qingtian Pearl went from a little bead to a little baby in his belly and who knows what it will turn into again, so he can’t be blamed for being imaginative.

    Zhan Beitian, who was blocking the doorway, leaned over to let them in to see the child.

    They quickly walked into the room and saw a miniature Zhan Beitian-looking child of two or three years old sitting quietly on the edge of the bed, watching them.

Zheng Guozong said in surprise, “This… This is the baby that was born before? It’s… It’s growing so fast.”

What he said before he came in was just a casual remark, not expecting the baby to grow up so fast and said: “Will the baby keep growing up in a short time afterward?”

If it stays like this, the child will be an old man in a few days. It’s a pitiful child.

Zhan Beitian shook his head and said: “It will grow up like a normal child, this is as far as he can go right now.”

The reason why the child became like this is because he brought the child into the space to absorb the spiritual energy and soak in the spring water, otherwise, the baby could not grow so big at once.

    Well, that’s good.

    In the end of days, it was inconvenient to run around with a newborn baby but now that the baby is two or three years old and can talk and walk, they don’t have to.

Zheng Guozong relieved for the child and said: “That’s good.”

He looked at the little baby sitting on the bed, not crying, sitting as still as a ceramic doll.

    In his eyes cute and at the same time has a few small handsome, round and tender face, eyebrows thick handsome, eyes big and bright, red small mouth gently pursed, look like Zhan Beitian as a little serious, looking like a small adult, very loving, making him have the kind of want to hold the child, to tease the child’s face.

    Zhan Beitian turned to look at Mu Yifan, after entering, Mu Yifan did not say another word but from the emotion in his eyes it can be seen that his mood at this time is very complicated.

    Can Mu Yifan’s feelings not be complicated?

    The moment he saw the child, it was like going back to the time when he was playing with his childhood friend Zhan Beitian more than twenty years ago but the child in front of him was not his childhood friend but a child born from his womb.

    However, the child does not look like him at all but rather like the male protagonist Zhan Beitian but that does not stop him from loving the child, especially since he gave birth to it and it looks exactly like his friend did when he was little.

Mu Yifan crouched down in front of the child, reached out and gently touched the child’s tender little face and tried to call out, “Little ancestor?”

He just wanted to know if the child is the Qingtian Pearl.

However, Zheng Guozong, who was standing behind him, did not know the meaning of this little ancestor’s voice and he laughed out loud and said: “As soon as I saw Mumu, I knew he would be the child’s slave.”

How can you call your own child “Little Ancestor” ? Do you want to treat your own son like an ancestor?

Mu Yifan: “…”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

The little baby saw that Mu Yifan liked him and his little eyes moved and stretched out his hands towards Mu Yifan and called out sweetly, “Daddy, hug.”

Zhan Beitian was slightly startled.

    The child hasn’t made a sound since he was a baby and then a two- or three-year-old.

    He thought the child didn’t want to talk but the fact that the child doesn’t want to talk and is now willing to call Mu Yifan daddy shows that he likes Mu Yifan very much.

    Mu Yifan was startled when he heard the word “Daddy” and then, with great emotion, he picked up the child and kissed him again and again.

    Although the child was formed after the Qingtian Pearl had been in his tummy for more than a month and is not related to him in any way but it came from his tummy after all.

    Zhan Beitian was slightly relieved to see that Mu Yifan did not show any dislike for the child.

    In fact, ever since the baby was born, he has been worried that Mu Yifan would hate the child that came out of nowhere, after all, the child came out of Mu Yifan’s womb, if he hates the child, the child will be very sad.

    When Zheng Guozong saw that Mu Yifan was having so much fun with the child, he didn’t disturb the time the three of them spent together, so he whispered to Zhan Beitian that he was going to leave first, exited the room and closed the door for them.

    Mu Yifan did not notice anything for a while, then noticed that he was the only one left in the room with Zhan Beitian and the child and immediately felt a bit awkward.

    Let’s not talk about the fact that Zhan Beitian misunderstood him, let’s talk about the child, the child is obviously from his belly but it looks like Zhan Beitian, no matter who it is, everyone will think that he and Zhan Beitian have some kind of close relationship.

    The male protagonist’s position in his heart was already very complicated but now that he has a child with him, he really doesn’t know how to face this man.

    Mu Yifan did not want to be alone in a room with Zhan Beitian for the moment and walked quickly to the door with the child in his arms.

Just as he opened the door, an apology suddenly came from behind him, “I’m sorry.”

Mu Yifan was startled.

He didn’t expect Zhan Beitian to apologize to him at this point.

Besides, the real Zhan Beitian, as well as the book Zhan Beitian, rarely said sorry to anyone, so I was a little surprised.

Zhan Beitian saw him stop and continued, “The day we were looking for supplies at the grain depot, I thought you were gnawing on Lu Lin, so…”

He paused, “Mu Yifan, I misunderstood you and I’m here to say I’m sorry.”

Mu Yifan heard him say sorry again and tightened his grip on the door handle, not knowing for a moment whether to forgive Zhan Beitian or not.

    If he forgives Zhan Beitian now, then maybe he’ll misunderstand him next time.

    Because Zhan Beitian didn’t trust him, he thought he would hurt his brothers at any time.

As if sensing his hesitation, the child in his arms sweetly said, “Daddy, I’m hungry.”

Mu Yifan came back to his senses and said: “Are you hungry? Then let’s go downstairs and get something to eat.”

He opened the door, took the child and walked out of the room.

The child in his arms is holding Mu Yifan’s neck and turned to Zhan Beitian behind him, smiling a little.

Zhan Beitian: “…”

 The kid’s smile was so innocent and cute but why did he have the feeling that ’this kid interrupted his apology to Mu Yifan on purpose’?

“Boss, it’s time to eat.” Sun Zihao, who was about to go upstairs and ask Zhan Beitian to eat, saw Mu Yifan and the others coming out and immediately called out.

Zhan Beitian withdrew his gaze and looked downstairs at Sun Zihao and gave a curt response.

Mu Yifan heard Sun Zihao calling for food, so he took the opportunity to go downstairs and whispered, “Little Ancestor, do you want to eat, or do you want to suck jade?”

“Dad, I want to eat.”

Mu Yifan had to sit next to Zheng Guozong with his child in his arms.

    Immediately, the eyes of more than a dozen people fell on the child in Mu Yifan’s arms.

    Apart from Mao Yu, Sun Zihao, Lu Lin and Xiang Guo, who were staring at the child with wide eyes, the others wondered where the child had come from and how he looked more and more like a person to them.

    At that moment, Zhan Beitian, who had come down afterwards, sat in the front seat and the others, who had moved their eyes and looked at Zhan Beitian, called out to him.

    Then, as they kept staring at Zhan Beitian, they realized that their boss looked more and more like someone else.

    That’s weird.

    Today, everyone looks like someone else.

    Then they looked at the child, then at Zhan Beitian and as if they saw something, they all stared at each other.

    Oh, my God!

    Why do they think the boss looks like a kid?


    The child Mu Yifan is holding in his arms looks just like his boss, it’s like he’s from the same mold, both in appearance and look.

    They wouldn’t believe it if they said the kid didn’t have anything to do with their boss.

Mao Yu, Sun Zihao, Lu Lin and Xiang Guo looked at the child for a long time and finally, Sun Zihao couldn’t hold back and asked, “Boss, you wouldn’t happen to have an older son, do you?”


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