Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 96: He’s not him

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 96: He’s not him

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Mu Yifan: “…”

Zheng Guozong giggled out loud.

“The eldest son?” The uninformed are staring at me.” “The eldest has a son? And, two more than that?”

“Holy shit, when did the boss give birth to a son?”

“Yeah, how come I didn’t hear the boss was married?”

“Since the boss has a son? Then who’s your wife? Why don’t you see your sister-in-law out for dinner?”

People buzzed with questions.

Mu Yifan: “…”

Mao Yu: “…”

When Zheng Guozong heard them, he laughed even more.

Zhan Beitian scanned them, his eyes falling on Sun Zihao, “The child is the same one as before.”

Sun Zihao and Mao Yu were stunned and couldn’t help but look again at the child in Mu Yifan’s arms.

This kid must be two or three years old but he can’t be the same baby he was before.

Although Sun Zihao and the others were full of doubts, they didn’t want to ask in front of so many people, so they pushed their curiosity back into their bellies.

Zhan Beitian looked to the others and said: “Eat.”

They saw that Zhan Beitian didn’t want to answer about his sister-in-law, so they changed the subject and said: “Boss, what’s the child’s name?”

Zhan Beitian raised an eyebrow.

He doesn’t even remember to name the baby.

Zhan Beitian looked at the child in Mu Yifan’s arms and was about to say something, when the little baby said, “My name is Qingtian.”

“Qingtian? Zhan Qingtian? That’s a nice name.” Everyone muttered,  “It’s only one word away from the boss.”

Mu Yifan listened to their praise and glared at Zhan Beitian in his seat with displeasure.

The Qingtian Pearl may be Zhan Beitian’s but the baby came out of his womb and now it’s wearing a war surname as if he had nothing to do with it.

Zhan Beitian gets a baffled stare from Mu Yifan.

The little child in my arms looked up at Mu Yifan and said in a tender voice, “You are wrong, uncles, my name is not Zhan Qingtian.”

People were curious and asked, “If your last name isn’t Zhan, what is it?”

“My name is Mu, Mu Qingtian.” After Mu Qingtian said that, he lifted his head to Mu Yifan and said, “Dad, I want some soup.”

 Everyone was in a tizzy.

    Why is the boss son’s name Mu instead of Zhan?

    Even if it’s Mu, why does the boss’s son call Mu Yifan his father?

    Isn’t this kid the boss’s son?

    If he’s not the boss’s son, why does he look so much like him?

Mu Yifan couldn’t help but help his forehead and whispered under his breath, “Actually, your surname Zhan is quite good.”

 Now people must be wondering about his relationship with the child and the child’s relationship with Zhan Beitian.

    Zheng Guozong laughed and took a bowl of soup and gave it to the child.

    When the others couldn’t get an answer, they ate their food quickly, pretending to be confused and then they pressured Mao Yu and Lu Lin to confess.

    Since there was no power supply at night, Mu Yifan went back to his room early in the morning after the children and Zheng Guozong had dinner.

    As the baby was just born, he couldn’t hold on any longer, so he fell asleep as soon as he got into bed.

    Mu Yifan was lying on the bed looking at the child’s sleeping face and smiling.

    Honestly, he still can’t believe this baby came out of his belly.

    When the child called him daddy one after the other, he felt happy but at the same time, he didn’t know how to treat the child.

    After all, this child is smarter than ordinary children, if you treat the child as a real two or three year old child to play, I am afraid that the child will be treated as a fool, if you treat a child with an adult attitude, it is a bit strange, at the same time, other people will also notice that the child is different.

    Just then, there was a sound of the door turning.

    Mu Yifan knew it was Zhan Beitian and immediately lay down and pretended to sleep.

    Before that, he originally wanted to sleep with Zheng Guozong but he was kicked out by Zheng Guozong, who said, ’The family should stay together more often’ and closed the door.

    Zhan Beitian came in with a flashlight and saw the two sleeping on the bed, so he stood by the bed for a while before putting on his pajamas and sitting on the other side of the bed.

    He carefully moved the child a little closer to the head of the bed, moved closer to Mu Yifan himself and then, lifting Mu Yifan’s nightgown, looked at the place where the stitches had been on his stomach.

    Mu Yifan, who is pretending to be asleep, was a little nervous but with his eyes closed, he has no idea what Zhan Beitian wants to do, so he can only guess by feeling that Zhan Beitian is gently touching his stomach which was operated on today.

    Immediately after, he felt a chill on his stomach and in a few moments, Zhan Beitian pulled his pajamas back on and then, he never heard any movement from the person next to him.

    The room was so quiet, Mu Yifan fell asleep without even realizing it.

    After he fell asleep, the person next to him moved his body.

    He was about to lie down, when suddenly a white shadow crossed his eyes and the next thing he knew, there was a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Zhan Beitian’s eyes were stern and he slapped away the little foot on his mouth with no small amount of force, lowering his voice and saying, “Why do you like to pretend to be asleep, just like your father.”

The little child sleeping on the bed, giggled, put away her little legs, crawled back to her original position and lay down, separating Mu Yifan from Zhan Beitian.

    He patted the bed, gesturing for Zhan Beitian to lie down.

    Zhan Beitian didn’t know what he was up to, so he lay down on his stomach and looked at him as he wanted.

“Sleep.” With those two words, the little baby turned around and wiggled his little ass at him.

Zhan Beitian: “…”

He thought the Qingtian Pearl had something important to tell him, like why Mu Yifan was chosen to conceive him.

    Zhan Beitian stared at the baby for a moment but he didn’t say anything else, so he turned back and turned off the flashlight on the bedside table.

Then, he heard the little baby say in a confused voice, “He’s not him.”


 Zhan Beitian turned his head but, the little baby didn’t make another sound.


    When Mu Yifan woke up, Zhan Beitian was no longer in the room and the child had been taken somewhere.

    He remembered that Zhan Beitian had touched his stomach last night, quickly lifted his pajamas, carefully pulled off the gauze attached to his stomach and saw that the place where the knife had been opened yesterday was closed.

    Mu Yifan was stunned, thinking that the male protagonist should have used the spatial spirit water to heal his wounds, and suddenly, the mood became complicated.

    He really didn’t understand what the male protagonist was thinking, he wanted to kill him so badly that he suddenly became so nice to him and used the spring water from space to heal his wounds.

    Mu Yifan lingered on the bed for a moment before getting up, brushing his teeth, washing his face and leaving the room.

    In the lobby, only Zheng Guozong sat alone on the sofa and read old magazines.

When he heard someone coming down the stairs, he looked up and said, “Major General wanted me to tell you that the kid was taken out to play by Mao Yu and the others.”

“Oh.” Mu Yifan sat next to Zheng Guozong, heard noises coming from outside the door and asked in confusion, “What’s going on outside?”

Zheng Guozong put away the magazine and said, “Everyone is packing up and getting ready to leave G City.”

“Come on, let’s go out.” Mu Yifan pulled Zheng Guozong out of the villa and saw that everyone was busy trying to make the truck comfortable for sleeping.

“I really don’t want to leave.” Zheng Guozong sighed, “After all, I’ve lived in G City for decades and I really can’t bear to move away from G City and I don’t know if I’ll have to move around like I do today, like a bum without a stable place to live.”

Mu Yifan reassured him and said: “Don’t worry, you won’t leave again until you find a place where you can settle.”

“I hope so.”

Mu Yifan watched everyone without any up and down but he and Zheng Guozong watched from the side and didn’t help, which was a bit embarrassing.

    But as soon as he turned around, he saw Rong Yan, Rong Xue and Mother Rong laughing and carrying their household goods towards them.

    Mu Yifan immediately recalled being pushed by Rong Xue into a zombie at the grain depot, when, if he hadn’t been a zombie, he would have been dead.

    Thinking about it, he had chills in his heart.

    Rong Xue was the first one to see Mu Yifan and hid behind Mother Rong with a touch of guilt in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Mother Rong saw Rong Xue’s condition and asked with concern.

“Mom, that’s Mr. Mu.” whispered Rong Xue.

 Mother Rong looked up and saw a handsome man standing next to Dr. Cheng and walked over to them with her two daughters.


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