Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 99: Say it again

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 99: Say it again

Zhan Beitian suddenly rolled over and crushed Mu Yifan underneath him.

His eyes were as hot as fire, staring firmly at the man beneath him and he said huskily, “Say that again.”

“…” Mu Yifan looked into the deep dark eyes that were only a foot away from him, unaware of the distraction.

For the first time, he found Zhan Beitian’s eyes so captivating, like a dazzling black star in the night sky, that they drew his attention to them.

Mu Yifan couldn’t help but raise his gloved hand, extend his index finger and gently flick his opponent’s long, dark, thick eyelashes, like a little black fan, flicking them incessantly.

Zhan Beitian grabbed the mischievous hand and repeated once more in a hushed voice, “Mumu, repeat what you just said.”

Mu Yifan found Zhan Beitian’s voice to be very beautiful, deep and husky, with an unexplainable charm, which fascinated him.

    He pulled back his grasped hand and touched Zhan Beitian’s Adam’s apple.

    Zhan Beitian’s breathing was getting heavier and heavier, realizing that he has been touched by Mu Yifan, his Adam’s apple rolls up and down, his eyes become hotter and hotter and he can’t help but lower his head as he looks at the other party’s pale lips.

Just as he was about to touch the other’s lips, he heard the other murmur, “Beitian, you smell good.”

Zhan Beitian came to his senses instantly and quickly looked up at Mu Yifan, realizing that his eyes had become a bit dull.

He raised an eyebrow and then, when he saw Mu Yifan swallowing at himself, he was even more amused, as the other man looked like he obviously wanted to eat him.

Mu Yifan propped up his upper body and sniffed at Zhan Beitian’s neck and face and said: “Smells delicious.”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

He just said, ‘I’ll bite anyone and I won’t bite you’ and now, after a few seconds, I think he’s delicious.

He could see that Mu Yifan’s consciousness was getting less and less and he hadn’t eaten for more than 20 days, so it was good that he could endure it.

 Zhan Beitian didn’t move, letting him sniff his body, trying to see what he would do to himself next.

    Mu Yifan grabbed Zhan Beitian’s neck, pulled him down and kept on sniffing and rubbing on Zhan Beitian’s face, the smell of people on his body was very fragrant to him, with indescribable deadly temptation but he didn’t open his mouth to bite down, not even sticking out his tongue to lick it.

    He was getting more and more confused but it was clear who was with him.

    Mu Yifan felt so bad, he wanted to eat meat but he couldn’t eat the meat in front of him. Finally, he pushed Zhan Beitian away from him and ran to the bathroom.

    Slammed the bathroom door and locked himself in.

    Zhan Beitian got up and stood still, staring at the bathroom door.

    Having lived through this life, he knows how tempting human flesh can be to a zombie, especially one that is losing consciousness.

    If one is desperately trying to stop eating, it is like being addicted to drugs and having to quit, it is very unpleasant and painful.

“Daddy, I’m home.” A young, happy voice came in from outside the room.

And then, a little figure ran into the room with cute little steps.

Mu Qingtian saw that Zhan Beitian was the only one in the room and pouted his lips in displeasure, expressing a look of disgust and said: “Why are you the only one here.”

Zhan Beitian came back to his senses and picked up Mu Qingtian with one arrow step and said: “Qingtian, do you know of any way to turn a zombie back into a human again?”

For a moment, he forgot about Mu Yifan’s zombie status and almost kissed Mu Yifan’s lips.

It’s okay if it’s just lip-to-lip but if one accidentally gets zombie saliva in their mouth, they’ll get infected as a human.

Mu Qingtian shook his head and said: “For the time being, there is nothing we can do but rely on you humans to develop an agent to expel the toxins from the zombies.”

Zhan Beitian’s brow furrowed even more and said: “If even the spring water in the space spirit spring can’t expel the virus from the zombie’s body?”

“The spring water from the Spirit Spring only makes the zombies stronger and more ferocious. Didn’t you give Dad water from the Spirit Spring before? That’s why Dad was able to jump straight from human to mid-level zombie.”


Zhan Beitian’s eyes darkened as he carried the child out of the room and as he descended the stairs, a carp suddenly appeared out of nowhere in his hand.

When he came to the hall, he handed the carp to Mao Yu to make sashimi and then he brought it to the room for Mu Yifan to eat.

    Mu Yifan gradually came back to his senses after eating the sashimi.

    He thought to myself that the sashimi that Zhang Le sent me tasted exactly the same as the one I’m eating now, as Zhan Beitian asked Zhang Le to send it.

    Then he remembered what had happened and he became even worse.

    He was obviously trying to test Zhan Beitian’s attitude towards him, to see how Zhan Beitian would react when he tried to bite him and how he would treat himself.

    But he never thought that Zhan Beitian would test him, so he couldn’t even find out what kind of attitude Zhan Beitian had towards him and how much he trusted him.

Zhan Beitian, who was sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling window thinking about things, heard Mu Yifan put down his chopsticks, turned around and saw that he had finished the sashimi on his plate and said, “We have to leave G City tomorrow morning.”


After hearing this, Mu Yifan became even more distracted.

    He’s leaving G City tomorrow, so before he leaves G City, he’ll have to get out of here before Zhan Beitian notices.

    Because he was so engrossed in his thoughts, he didn’t notice that the little baby in his arms was looking up at him with its round eyes.

    The next morning, at the crack of dawn, the villa was in full boil.

    After Zhan Beitian left the room, Mu Yifan got up, brushed his teeth, washed his face and put the clothes he normally wears in his back pocket.

    Then, after kissing the sleeping baby, he gently left the room and closed the door, just in time to meet Zheng Guozong, who was returning from outside.

Zheng Guozong immediately stepped forward and lowered his voice and said, “We’ve all gone to help in this villa, so how are you going to leave? There are people outside, it’s impossible for you to leave secretly.”

Mu Yifan said and said: “I can leave by the back, just avoid people who know me.”

Zheng Guozong patted him on the shoulder and said, “I don’t know what you want to do but you should be careful yourself, don’t be brazen just because you’re also a zombie, okay?”

Mu Yifan nodded.

“Also, when you see Jiaming, tell him to be careful that he doesn’t lose his little life just because he wants to eat live flesh, you know, he’s not as tolerant as you are.”

Mu Yifan gave him a hug and said: “I’ll tell him, don’t worry, your son is not as useless as you think.”

How can he be the right-hand man of the King of the Zombies?

Zheng Guozong didn’t say much either and said: “Go, do what you have to do and remember to come to us, understand?”


Mu Yifan stopped talking to him and quickly walked down the first floor and left through the back door before anyone came back.

    Now everyone is busy moving things to the car to leave, so the patrol team in the villa area is relatively less than usual, only a team of three people patrolling the garden and only every five minutes or so, a team of the team passed by.

    The rest of the people walking around the garden were survivors but they were too busy carrying things to notice Mu Yifan.

    Mu Yifan scurried out of the backyard after the patrol passed and ran quickly to the fence on the other side of the villa block.

    And then, the farther you get from his villa, the fewer people there are.

    By the time he got to the walled area of the villa, there were hardly any people walking around, which was perfect for him.

    However, the fences in the villa area have been raised by Zhan Beitian’s men to prevent zombies from climbing in from outside.

    Mu Yifan looked up at the nearly five meter high fence, scratched his head in frustration and walked around the area to find a shorter and easier place to climb.

Then, with great effort, he climbed the fence, looked down to see how high he was off the ground and, unexpectedly, was confronted by a small, smiling face and said: “Daddy, if you don’t take me with you, I’m going to call my father.”

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