Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 101: Don’t feel bad

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 101: Don’t feel bad

Mu Yifan heard a noise, stood up and hit the roof of the car with a thud.

He rubbed his head in frustration and got out of the car.

As there were so many high-rise apartments around, it was impossible to see exactly what was going on and we could only guess that the army was bombing the zombies they drew out according to the plot of the novel.

The sound of the bombing was so loud that it was like a thunderclap, deafening and even the ground shook like an earthquake of several magnitudes.

After the explosions, the smoke billowed, a huge amount of black smoke rising into the sky.

Before long, another bombing sounded on the other side and the ground shook violently again.

This time the bombing is nearby, the glass of the surrounding buildings cannot withstand the vibration of the bombing, have been shattered and cracked, even Mu Yifan’s car on the glass windows also appeared cracked.

Mu Qingtian jabbed it with his pinky finger and instantly, a chunk of the glass shard came off.

Mu Yifan, fearing that it might blow up here, quickly returned to the car.

He was about to drive away when he heard a rumble overhead.

He peered out the window, looked up into the sky and saw a dozen helicopters flying overhead.

The aircrafts were carrying a liquid in transparent plastic bags with a rapid burning effect to the incineration site.

Mu Yifan was sitting in the car, depressed, the front was burning, the left, the right and the back were blowing up zombies, now it’s hard to find a safe place to hide.

He thought about it and chose to drive his car to the dump to see what was going on but he saw a group of conscious, low-level zombies near the dump.

They still move stiffly, no different from normal zombies, as if they’re hiding on this side of the dump for fear of being hit by army bombs.

After all, the army wouldn’t have brought the zombies all the way out here to blow it up if there was going to be a fire.

The low level zombies realized that Mu Yifan’s rank was higher than theirs and didn’t dare to move around, even some of the more timid zombies hid in the corner.

Mu Yifan also didn’t dare to go too close to the dump and watched from a distance as helicopters threw plastic bags with liquid in them from high up in the air.

The moment it hits the body, the plastic bag bursts and the liquid inside splashes around.

After all the plastic bags have been dropped, the helicopters will go back again and bring more plastic bags filled with liquid and after all the bodies are almost covered with burning liquid, the helicopters will evacuate G City.

Immediately afterwards, a small explosion exploded in the center bottom of the pile of bodies, sparks shooting out and landing on top of the incendiary liquid.

In an instant, the fire spread so rapidly that in less than fifteen seconds, the entire junkyard city was in flames.

The smoke was billowing, the fire was very hot and the heat was spreading all around.

Mu Yifan and the other zombies saw the heat and smoke coming and withdrew 20 meters away, looking at the charred corpses bit by bit, the conscious low-level zombies all let out a ’ow’ of grief.

The piles of corpses, with their loved ones probably inside, were burned alive, so how could they not feel sad and grief-stricken?

The constant sound of bombardment from the army not far away made them feel helpless, as if the whole world could not accommodate them and they had no place to stay.

Mu Yifan was infected by them and gripped the steering wheel in his hand.

“Daddy, don’t be sad.” Mu Qingtian, sensing his mood, crawled to Mu Yifan’s side and placed his small white hand on the back of Mu Yifan’s cold hand.

Mu Yifan took the child into his lap, kissed the top of the child’s hair and murmured, “You don’t understand.”

The burning burned a lot of bodies and blew up a lot of zombies but it didn’t end there.

On the contrary, the burning is the key to the beginning of the end times and the number of zombies will not decrease but increase.

Plants and animals will mutate, human survival will become more difficult and the death toll will rise.

More than half an hour later, the fire ahead was still burning like a volcano and the distant bombing was still going on, comparable to a world war with explosions everywhere.

Mu Yifan watched as the bodies were reduced to ashes and it was only after the fire had diminished that he drove his car a few dozen meters forward to find a place to park it.

He waited an hour before he got out of the car when he heard no more explosions.

Mu Yifan didn’t dare to leave the child alone in the car because of the low-level zombies around him, so he took the child out of the car and took him with him. Then, he brought a thick stick and walked to the dump.

The area around the garbage dump was too hot for the fire to spread, so that some of the bodies did not burn, while others were half charred and half intact and looked disgusting.

Mu Yifan went straight past the unburnt bodies and into the ash heap.

According to his novel, the core should be in the center of the ash pile, so if he looks in the center, he should be able to find it.

It’s a big junkyard but it’s not so small. The ground was covered with ashes, making it soft.

Mu Yifan walking on it is like walking in the snow, as soon as you step on it, your calves will sink deep into the ashes, making it extremely difficult to walk.

Just as he was about to arrive in the middle of the dump, suddenly, there was a movement around him, as if a more advanced zombie was approaching.

Mu Yifan was so shocked that he grabbed the child off his shoulders and crawled to the ground.

Then, a dark shadow flashed in the distance, standing on top of the highest ash pile in the dump, like a king, looking down on the entire land.

    The zombies near the junkyard are also aware of the presence of high-ranking zombies and are hiding, not daring to appear.

    Mu Yifan snuck a peek.

    Seeing the tallest figure fifty meters away from him, he knitted his eyebrows in a frown in frustration.

    He had already guessed that a zombie superior to him would probably appear in the dump but how was he going to get the crystals and get out of here unharmed from under this zombie’s nose.

    The zombie seemed to have sensed Mu Yifan’s presence and suddenly, with a sudden turn, he looked in the direction Mu Yifan was staying.

    Mu Yifan’s heart was pounding as he drew his head back in fear.

    No way.

    He can’t stay here any longer.

    Otherwise, he’ll find it sooner or later but what if he doesn’t find the core yet?

    Mu Yifan has some urgency and dilemma.

    He’s not leaving without the crystals.

    Mu Yifan didn’t hear the footsteps of the advanced zombie coming this way and his mind was puzzled.

    He sneaked out again and looked over in the direction of the zombie and saw that the zombie was looking for something at their feet with their heads down.


Mu Yifan pressed his voice and shouted anxiously.

    Otherwise, the zombie wouldn’t have found the core so easily in the ashes of the trash.

    The senior zombie kicked at the ashes at its feet with its foot but didn’t see anything it sensed, so it raised its head and looked around.

    Mu Yifan ducked his head again, terrified that the zombie would come but at the same time, pleasantly surprised.

    Because of the sight of a colorful flash of light in the ashes of the senior zombie caught his eyes as he moved the ashes with his feet.

    He didn’t know if it was because of the angle he was standing at but the light was so bright that it almost blinded him.

    If I’m not mistaken, that bright light should be the core he’s looking for, however, the zombie higher than him didn’t even find the core, it’s most likely because the turn and its shadow above blocked the core’ light, so he didn’t notice this.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Mu Qingtian whispered.

Mu Yifan said excitedly, “I saw what I was looking for.”

“Where is it?”

Mu Yifan immediately wept and said: “It’s at the feet of that advanced zombie, it would be a disaster if he found us.”

He’s watching the senior zombie, watching his every move.

    The senior zombie seems to have sensed Mu Yifan hiding 50 meters away and turned around and walked towards Mu Yifan’s direction.

    But as soon as it took a step, it stopped.

    It felt as if it had stepped on something, lowered its head and kicked the ashes beneath its feet, immediately revealing a sparkling multicolored core.


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