Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 103: He’s here

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 103: He’s here

Mu Yifan couldn’t get the car start after trying several times, so he unbuckled the child’s seat belt, grabbed the child and ran off.

But before they could take two steps, they were being chased by an advanced zombie, blocking their path.

Suddenly, ’bang’ ‘bang’ gunshots rang out and the senior zombie standing in front of Mu Yifan dodged the overhead shots.

The bullet flew in front of Mu Yifan’s toes, scaring him so much that he jumped up, holding the child in his arms and said: “Whoa! Waa! Whoa! Whoa!”

He quickly looked up and yelled, “Comrade, can you shoot any more accurately?”

The soldier on the helicopter gave him an apologetic gesture, then attacked the senior zombie again.

Mu Yifan ran away with the baby but he couldn’t outrun the zombie with their speed.

The senior zombie kicked Mu Yifan as he ran past an open storefront, the was so hard that afterward the kicked man into the store.

Mu Yifan threw himself to the ground as he tried to protect the child in his arms.

Since he’s a zombie, he can’t feel pain, so when he falls, he can immediately get up and rush out again.

The senior zombie form darted into the store, dodging overhead shots and blocking Mu Yifan’s path.

Mu Yifan took two steps back when he saw the zombies, glancing to his left and right, thinking, “We’re dead, there’s no escape.

He whispered as he backed away, “Qingtian, you should get to the space and stay there.”

Mu Yifan fears that the advanced zombie will hurt the child.

Mu Qingtian lifted his head from his arms, turned to look outside and said in a milky sweet voice, “He’s here.”


    Mu Yifan was stunned.

    The senior zombie, seeing Mu Yifan’s distraction, squinted his fishy red eyes, jumped up, raised his sharp five fingers and covered his head.

    Mu Yifan came back to his senses and tried to dodge but was blocked by the counter behind him.

    In the reflection of the mirror on the wall, he saw that the zombie had covered his head with five sharp claws and stared at him in fear.

    As soon as the sharp five fingers were about to be inserted into his head, there was a sudden ’bang’ at the door.

    The senior zombie’s eyes snapped open and his figure dodged the bullets.

    The bullet hit the glass door of the cabinet behind the counter with a ’bang’ and the glass shattered to pieces.

    Mu Yifan stared at the handsome man standing outside the door with a cold look on his face and muttered in disbelief and said: “Beitian.”

    Oh, my God!

    What’s the male protagonist doing here?

    I am not hallucinating before I die, am I?

    That’s right!

    He doesn’t seem to be dead.

    Mu Yifan quickly touched his head but it was still intact.

    Zhan Beitian walked into the store with a sullen look on his face, firing several shots at the zombies at speed.

Upon reaching Mu Yifan, giving him a cold stare and picking up the child in his arms, he said quietly, “Not yet moving.”

“Uh-oh.” Mu Yifan stood up on his feet, a little out of breath and ran outside.

With the crystal still in his possession, the senior zombie won’t let him go that easily, the figure shifted and rushed over to Mu Yifan.

Zhan Beitian’s eyes flashed sternly and he fired three shots at the figure in quick succession.

In order to dodge, the senior zombie quickly crouched down and ran under Mu Yifan, taking the opportunity to reach out and scrape Mu Yifan’s clothes.

In the meantime, Mu Yifan’s pocket was scratched with a large gash.

Then, a colorful crystal core fell out of his pocket, fell to the ground with a clanging sound, then rolled around a few times and stopped in the middle of the hall under the four corners of the table.

Mu Yifan touched his empty pocket and, shocked, cried out, “My crystal core.”

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes at the crystal on the ground and out of the corner of his eye, he saw a senior zombie trying to pick up the crystal, so he quickly moved forward and kicked the senior zombie away before the senior zombie could touch the crystal.

The senior zombie hit the wall with a thud, immediately got up again and tried to pick up the crystal again but found that its body suddenly couldn’t move.

When he looked down, he found a thick layer of ice in his lower body, his red eyes flashed with suspicion, looked up and found that this thick layer of white ice spread from the feet of the tall man.

Zhan Beitian swept it off its feet, took two steps forward, bent down, picked up the crystal core from the ground, put it in his pocket and pointed his gun at the zombie.

When Mu Yifan saw this, he looked nervously at the senior zombie.

It was only then that he had a chance to get a good look at the advanced zombies and although they were wearing masks on their faces, there was something about their eyes that looked familiar to him.

Mu Yifan’s heart jumped when he saw Zhan Beitian about to shoot and quickly shouted, “Wait.”

Zhan Beitian looked at him quizzically.

Mu Yifan rushed forward and grabbed Zhan Beitian’s arm that was holding the gun and said: “Zhan Beitian, can you let him go.”

He knew it was too much to ask but he just couldn’t bear to see a zombie die like that.

Zhan Beitian knitted his cold brows abruptly, turned his head, gazed into the clear eyes with pleading, unconsciously put away his gun and said, “Go.”

Mu Yifan was afraid that Zhan Beitian would go back on his words, so he nodded his head and dragged Zhan Beitian out of the shop.

As he reached the door, he looked back at the thawed-out zombies and left, relieved this time.

Zhan Beitian brought Mu Yifan to a halt in front of a ramshackle, almost unrecognized car, handed the child back into Mu Yifan’s arms and put him in the car.

Mu Yifan saw the license plate number on the back of the car and asked with a frown, “Isn’t this the BMW at my villa? Why is it like this?”

This car looks like it came out of an abandoned car lot.

Zhan Beitian gave him a faint look, said nothing and got into the car.

“He was on his way here when the army bombed the zombie hordes,” said the baby in his arms.”

Mu Yifan winced and said: “You’re telling me that my car became like this because of the aftershock of the bombardment of the zombies?”

He felt terrible just thinking about that scene. What if he got hit by a bomb or something?

Mu Yifan didn’t understand and said: “Didn’t he leave G City? Why did he come back?”

The baby looked at him steadily and remained silent.

Mu Yifan suddenly thought of something, startled and said: “Was it… was it to find me?”

He became very complicated inside and couldn’t help but look at the man in the car and murmur, “Or is it to catch me?”

Zhan Beitian has not been able to wait for Mu Yifan to get on the bus, immediately get off and urge and said: “Still not getting on the car?”


Mu Yifan rushed to the passenger side with the child in his arms and pulled the door open.

Suddenly, with a click and a bang, the whole door on the passenger side fell down.

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Mu Yifan: “…”

Mu Qingtian: “…”

“You go in the back.” Zhan Beitian said.

Mu Yifan had to open the back door and get into the back seat.

Zhan Beitian started the car quickly, heading north.

In the car, it’s quiet.

Mu Qingtian got into the car and fell asleep in Mu Yifan’s arms, not knowing if he was too tired or not.

Mu Yifan didn’t dare to make any noise for fear that the male protagonist would remember his escape and shoot him if he was upset.

But the crystal is in the male protagonist’s pocket. He’ll have to get it back.

Mu Yifan took a shirt out of his back pocket and put it over the baby, then, with a glance at Zhan Beitian, who was driving carefully.

He thought it over and decided to get the crystals back while the male protagonist was still driving and before he met up with the team.

Mu Yifan quietly moved behind the driver’s seat, leaned forward and, while holding the child steady with one hand, sneaked the other into the pocket of the man in front.

As he reached into Zhan Beitian’s pocket, suddenly, the owner of the pocket grabbed his wrist.

Mu Yifan was shocked and immediately tried to break away from the other party’s hand, however, it was firmly grasped by the other party.

“Did you sneak out of the villa to find this crystal core?” Zhan Beitian asked in a deep voice without looking back.

Mu Yifan was silent.

Zhan Beitian pulled the man against the back of the chair with one force and said: “Isn’t it?”

Mu Yifan quickly said, “You have to stop pulling, the baby will be crushed by me and the chair.”

Zhan Beitian didn’t let go, still clinging to him.

Mu Yifan saw that he didn’t let up on his strength and quickly answered him, “Yes, yes, yes, that’s why I snuck away in search of this core.”

Zhan Beitian heard the answer, still not letting go and said: “Why are you looking for this core?”

“Because I don’t want to eat human flesh, I don’t want to see humans and want to gnaw on them, I don’t want to get hungry for humans, so I’m just going to use this crystal to level up and become a zombie that’s almost like a human.”

 Mu Yifan thought that the crystals were on the male protagonist, so he had to answer honestly and he was not afraid to answer him, since he had not done anything to harm God or humans.

    On hearing this, Zhan Beitian let go of his wrist.


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