Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 108: Don’t pretend you’re not.

Number One Zombie Wife 《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 108: Don’t pretend you’re not.

Shortly after Zhan Beitian left the room, Zheng Guozong suddenly ran into the room in a hurry and locked the door quickly.

He breathed heavily and walked to Mu Yifan’s side and said, “Mumu, do you know that Mao Yu and Lu Lin’s body… Mao Yu and Lu Lin, do you know, one of them suddenly had a lot of water coming out of his body and the other one had flowers and plants growing all over his body, it was like watching a science fiction movie, it really scared me to death.”

He patted his frightened heart, then thought of something, busy asking, “Is this the big mutation you were talking about?”

Mu Yifan was about to nod his head when he heard gunshots coming from outside the window.

Zheng Guozong was shocked and said, “Gunfire, it’s gunfire, how can there be gunfire?”

Mu Yifan got up and went to the window, where he saw Zhan Beitian with Mao Yu, Xiang Guo, Lu Lin and Sun Zihao, armed with guns, going to other houses to kill the mutated zombies.

Zheng Guozong also went to the window and saw a person who was shot in the head lying downstairs and was shocked and said: “A zombie? It’s a zombie, right?”

The man who was knocked to the ground had a blue face, purple and black lips and red eyes that made him instantly recognizable as a zombie.

But that guy was human before and now he’s a zombie.

Zheng Guozong looked puzzled.

At that moment, a woman’s terrified scream could be heard from outside and said: “Help! There are zombies! There’s a zombie!”

With a ’bang’, Zhan Beitian’s eyes turned as he shot a female zombie chasing a woman in the second floor hallway.

Soon there were chaotic screams from the surrounding houses, all screaming that there were zombies in the house, who used to live with them as companions but had somehow turned into zombies.

Now, the whole little village was screaming and shooting and confusion.

As Zheng Guozong watched one familiar face after another being gunned down, he grabbed Mu Yifan by the collar and asked, choking with sadness, “Mumu, tell me, what’s going on here? Why… why did they… Why did they suddenly turn into zombies?”

Before the rain, everyone was fine, and that one wasn’t bitten by a zombie at all, why did he suddenly turn into a zombie?

Mu Yifan knew Zheng Guozong’s heart was feeling awful. He lowered his head and whispered, “It was the burning of the corpse that caused the weather to change and the black rain to cause the mutation of humans, no, I should say plants and animals.”

“Human mutation? Is it to become a zombie?” Zheng Guozong suddenly thought of Mao Yu’s and their peculiarities and shook his head and said: “No, it should be more than just turning into a zombie, right?”

Mu Yifan explained and said: “During the black rain, if someone goes into a coma and develops a high fever, they will mutate, some will become powers, some will become a zombie and people like you who are not in a coma or a fever will still be human or…”

Zheng Guozong mumbles, “Zombies, become zombies.”

He thought about how he had seen several of his good friends turn into zombies and shook Mu Yifan excitedly, “If you knew about these things, why didn’t you tell us earlier so we could have prevented it.”

Mu Yifan raised his eyebrows and asked, “How to prevent it? You tell me how to prevent it? Hiding? Or what? Quack I know you’re upset but, I’m equally upset, no, I should say I’m more upset than you are, knowing this is going to happen and not being able to stop it, do you know what it’s like?”

Zheng Guozong was speechless and said: “But… But, if we had said it earlier, people would have…”

“Just what? They’d just be more scared, more defensive of everyone around them, worried that the other person might very well turn into a zombie, or even kill everyone while they’re unconscious and feverish and you know just what a result that would be?”

Mu Yifan looked at him with red eyes and said: “They will kill the humans who become mutants as well.”

“…” Zheng Guozong was startled and slowly loosened his hold on Mu Yifan’s collar.

Thinking about Mu Yifan’s words, he felt that he was too excited just now and said: “I’m sorry, Mumu, I… I was so excited that I…”

Mu Yifan patted him comfortingly on the shoulder, “I know how you feel.”

Zheng Guozong waited until his emotions were much more stable before asking, “Did you just say, mutant humans? What is a mutated human?”

“Just like you see Mao Yu and Lu Lin with water coming out of their bodies and flowers growing all over their bodies, they are mutated people and if I’m not mistaken, one of them is water mutant and the other is wood mutant.”

Zheng Guozong was sweating all over and said: “What’s a water power? What’s a wood power again?”

“The water power is the ability to control water and the wood power is the ability to control flowers and plants, which you’ll understand if you read more about them. In addition to water and wood, there are gold, earth, fire, lightning, wind, ice, psychic and all kinds of mutations. All of these abilities have powerful attack power, even more powerful than a cannonball and…”

Mu Yifan’s eyes darkened and said: “The mutant can also sense if the opponent is a zombie and of course, if the zombie is very powerful, it can hide its identity.”

Zheng Guozong gushed and said: “So are you and Jiaming also able to be sensed by the mutant that you are not human?”

Mu Yifan nodded.

Zheng Guozong said anxiously, “Then what are you still doing here now, why don’t you get out of here, what if someone discovers your identity?”

Mu Yifan laughed bitterly, “Where can I go? The waters out there haven’t even receded.”

Zheng Guozong thought and suddenly, calmed down and said: “But, it doesn’t matter if you don’t leave, Major General Zhan who already knew you were a zombie will definitely keep you.”

Mu Yifan: “…”

“My poor Jiaming…”

Zheng Guozong thought of his son and looked sad again.

Mu Yifan quickly said, “Quack, don’t worry, your Jiaming has powers too, he can definitely protect himself.”

Zheng Guozong was stunned and said: “Mutant power, Jiaming also has mutant power? How do you know he will have powers?”

Mu Yifan casually found a way to say, “There are mutant zombies among the zombies too, besides he was already not low ranked among the zombies, surely he could have mutant powers.”

“…” Mu Yifan now didn’t know if he had mutant powers but to put Zheng Guozong’s mind at ease, he took off his gloves and cut a long scar on his hand with his sharp fingertips and said: “Quack doctor, look.”

Zheng Guozong said anxiously, “What are you doing, you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw the long wound heal as fast as the eye could see.

Zheng Guozong stared in shock and said: “This… This…”

“See? So, you don’t need to worry about your Jiaming”

Zheng Guozong mumbles and said: “Holy shit.”

He reached out and touched Mu Yifan’s cold skin, “I see that you won’t die even if I kill you a thousand times.”

Mu Yifan: “…”

He wouldn’t dare tell a quack that a zombie can still die after being shot in the brain.

At that moment, the shooting stopped.

Everyone in the house ran out of the house in panic and gathered in the street, asking questions about what had happened.

Mu Yifan immediately turned away from Zheng Guozong’s attention and said: “Quack, you also go down and listen to the situation and find out what’s going on.”

“Okay.” Zheng Guozong rushed out of the room.

Mu Yifan saw that his door was open and walked over to him, when a weak, sweet voice entered his ears and said: “Daddy.”

He thought he had heard wrong and turned to the bed, where the child was looking at him with sleepy eyes.

Mu Yifan’s face flushed with excitement and he ran to the bedside, “Qingtian, you’re awake at last, how are you? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Mu Qingtian held out his hands and said: “Daddy, hug.”

Mu Yifan quickly picked up the child and sat him down on his lap.

Mu Qingtian rubbed his eyes with his little hand and looked up at him, “Daddy, how many days have I been sleeping?”

“Seven days, seven days of sleep, you had me worried sick. Don’t use your powers again, okay?” Mu Yifan is serious.

Mu Qingtian grieved, “I used my powers to get it back for dad because I knew it was important to him, dad, don’t be angry.”

“You child.” Mu Yifan couldn’t get angry even if he wanted to and his heart ached for him even more.

Then, something occurred to him and he sat the child facing him and said: “Qingtian, do you honestly know that I’m not the same Mu Yifan?”

Mu Qingtian looked at Mu Yifan with a rolled eye, pretending that he didn’t know what Mu Yifan was saying and said: “Daddy, what did you say?”

Mu Yifan tapped him on the butt and said: “Don’t even pretend, surely you know I’m not the same Mu Yifan, right?”

There is a reason for him to ask, he thinks that the Qingtian Pearl, who has been with the male protagonist for a lifetime, must know the original owner Mu Yifan, so he would not go into his enemy’s stomach, be born in human form and identify himself as his father.

    And also, the day he went to look for the core, when the child took the mask out of the space, he said to him, ’Dad, what a fool are you, did you forget I had a space?’

    It was obvious that the Qingtian Pearl knew who he was, because the original Mu Yifan would have had no idea that Zhan Beitian had a space, so he felt that the Qingtian Pearl knew not only that he wasn’t the original Mu Yifan but that he wasn’t from this world.

Mu Qingtian just won’t admit it, he shook his head and said: “I don’t know what daddy is talking about.”

Mu Yifan didn’t believe him until he said, “Surely you know that I’m not the original Mu Yifan and also, that I’m not from this world, right?”

    As soon as he finished speaking, there was the sound of footsteps leaving quickly from outside the door.

    Mu Yifan turned pale, quickly grabbed the child, got up and rushed to the door.


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